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  • Marcus Paxillus May 6, 2013

    Marcus Paxillus
    <Photo Coming Soon>
    » NAME Marcus Paxillus
    » ALIAS Snag
    » AGE 27
    » BIRTH DATE 30th of Second Seed
    » BIRTH PLACE Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil
    » BIRTH SIGN The Shadow
    » RACE Imperial
    » CLASS Explorer / Adventurer / Treasure Hunter
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6’2”
    » WEIGHT 167 pounds
    » BMI 20.9
    » LATERALITY Right-handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES None; formerly small cabin in mountains south of the Rift and a rented living space in Riften
    » AFFILIATION Minor affiliation with Khajiit Caravans
    » RELIGION Cyrodiilic Pantheon
    » HABITS Reaching for a silver and emerald pendant of his mother's, that he wears at all times
    » HOBBIES Drinking and partying at the local tavern

    » HAIR Medium length black hair, falling unkempt to right below his ears, framing his face.
    » FACIAL HAIR Marcus has a thick soul patch underneath his lip, but apart from that, no other facial hair. Though, when he is traveling and unable to shave, rough stubble will grow and cover his jawline.
    » EYE COLOR Light blue
    » SKIN COLOR Light hue of chestnut
    » BUILD Moderately slender; fairly skinny, but muscles are toned from years of delving in ruins and dungeons
    » SCARS None
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] — Marcus has no casual attire; his only apparel is a set of aged, ratty leather armor.

    » POSITIVE TRAITS Outgoing, friendly, light-hearted, persistent, determined
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Womanizer, arrogant, too persistent at times; as of late, the disappearance of his father has weighed heavily on his mood, and he often is solemn and depressed.
    » LIKES All alcohol, women, company of friends, exploring and adventuring, discovering relics and artifacts, pioneering, stew, heights, dogs
    » DISLIKES Bandits, laws, governments, nobility, cheese, cabbage
    » FEARS Dwemer ruins and automatons, discovering his father is dead, frostbite spiders
    » ASPIRATIONS Marcus has never had many long-term aspirations, and has always ‘lived for the moment’. However, once he set out from Riften and began wandering and exploring the landscape of Skyrim, the prospect of perhaps locating his father has always been in the back of his mind.

    Marcus is a generally outgoing and friendly man who enjoys the company of others, frequenting social outlets as often as he can. However, once he realized his father had disappeared, and very well could be dead, he became very solemn. His previous outgoing personality still remains, just buried deep beneath the depression of the possibility of his father’s death.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Not expertly skilled in any particular field of weaponry, Marcus relies on his ability to adapt to his surroundings to survive. His skills of adaptation, along with combat diversity, allow Marcus to survive situations that other, average explorers could not. Proficient in the usage of shortswords, war axes, daggers and a bow, Marcus is able to quickly analyze the surroundings around choose a method of combat to dispatch his enemies. His style of fighting is a very solitary style, and Marcus relies only on himself to survive, given that he rarely works with companions.


    »Health – Denotes vitality and the amount of damage able to be taken.
    » Magicka – Denotes amount of magicka and the magical capacity to cast spells.
    » Stamina – Denotes amount of physical energy and the ability to perform strenuous activities.
    » Strength – Denotes physical strength and the ability to deal damage with melee attacks and block melee attacks.
    » Endurance – Denotes physical toughness, the ability to withstand pain, illness, and fatigue.
    » Agility – Denotes balance, coordination, reflex, speed, and steadiness in combat.
    » Intelligence – Denotes ability to learn, reason, plan, solve problems, strategize, ability to comprehend complex ideas and general mental capability.
    » Will – Denotes magical strength, the general ability to cast spells and magicka regeneration.
    » Spirit – Denotes mental toughness, willpower and the ability to keep fighting past fatigue, injuries and one’s own limitations.

    Health ■■■■■■□□□□
    Magicka □□□□□□□□□□
    Stamina ■■■■■■■□□□
    Strength ■■■■■□□□□□
    Endurance ■■■■■■■□□□
    Agility ■■■■■■■■■■
    Intelligence ■■■■■■■□□□
    Will □□□□□□□□□□
    Spirit ■■■■■□□□□□

    » SKILLS


    » Archery – While Marcus was living out his teen years in the mountain cabin with his father, he had a lot of spare time, to say the least. A good majority of this time was spent practicing his archery with his mother’s old hunting bow. Now, all that practice has paid off and Marcus is a fairly decent shot.

    » Speech – Charisma is one attribute Marcus has plenty of. He has no problem smooth talking his way out of—or even into—situations and can resolve most problems with others by a simple chat. Even while in his recent depression, his skill with words still remains.


    » One-Handed – Apart from practicing his skills with a bow, Marcus also spent a good amount of time in the southern mountains of the Rift training with one-handed weaponry—particularly shortswords. Now, he is very capable with one-handed weapons thanks to his diligent practicing.

    » Light Armor – Marcus has always preferred lighter clothing and garments, even when he was a small child living in the outskirts of Cheydinhal. He favors mobility and flexibility, using armor that allows him a full range of motion.


    » Sneak – The art of sneaking was an ability Marcus was born with, which makes sense, being born under the sign of the Shadow. Though he doesn’t always rely on sneaking, when he does resort to hiding in the shadows, he finds himself quite proficient at avoiding danger and maneuvering around the enemy.

    » Thalmor [NEUTRAL]– Marcus has no reason to have any positive or negative disposition towards the Thalmor, as they have never affected Marcus in any way that would drastically change his view towards them.

    » Imperial Legion[NEUTRAL]– Once again, Marcus has no reason to have any positive or negative disposition towards the Imperial Legion. Their actions have never affected him in any way that would cause a change in his opinion towards the Empire.

    » Stormcloaks[DISLIKES] – Marcus dislikes the Stormcloaks not for their cause, but for the behavior of many of their soldiers. In all occasions Marcus has come into contact with them they have acted poorly.

    » Falmer[ENEMIES]– Marcus hates the Falmer. Being an explorer, this is an unsurprising, as the Falmer occupy many subterranean ruins and caves, and are lethal adversaries who have no instinct but to kill.

    » Forsworn[ENEMIES]– Living out of the hills and mountains of the Reach, harassing passer-by and just being an overall nuisance to travelers, it is no wonder the native tribes of Forsworn are hated by Marcus. Every time he passes through the Reach while adventuring, he must always be weary of Forsworn attacks, as they are frequent and unpredictable.

    » The Thieves Guild [LIKES] – Operating out of the city that Marcus called home for many years before setting out to wander Skyrim, the Thieves Guild has been kind to Marcus, surprisingly. Since Marcus was a well-liked member of the community of Riften, the Guild engaged in dealings with him in an attempt to bolster their strength, an act that benefitted Marcus and also helped the Thieves Guild.

    »The Companions [NEUTRAL] – Marcus has had little dealings with the Companions over the years of his adventuring, and as a result has no specific disposition towards the warriors.

    » Mages College[DISLIKES] – Though Marcus has ventured to Winterhold a rare number of times, each visit usually entailed some chaos involving the College or any number of unfortunate occurrences, like one specific occasion involving a tavern wench, two college apprentices and a dozen salmon.

    »The Dark Brotherhood[DISLIKES]- Marcus has a strong dislike of the Dark Brotherhood, though it goes no further than a general dislike of their ‘morals’ and ideals.


    » BEFORE BIRTH – Marcus’ parents were an unlikely couple. His father, Darius Paxillus, was a dedicated Imperial freelance scholar, who spent much of his time poring over tomes and scrolls, trying to decipher the mysteries of the past in his small and humble abode in Skingrad. His mother, Luna Valis, was quite the opposite, however. She was a hunter and shop owner who lived in a small cabin in the outskirts of Cheydinhal, running a market stall inside the city limits with the help of some good friends and hunting wildlife in the surrounding area. She was an expert tracker and archer, and was very successful in her hunting endeavors, always bringing back plenty of game to sell at her stall.

    The two, living in separate regions of Cyrodiil, lived their own lives for many years. However, this changed when Darius made a spur of the moment decision—one that involved leaving his simple home in Skingrad and traveling across Cyrodiil, searching for unsolved mysteries of the past and uncovered secrets waiting to be revealed.

    He traveled for about a year, spending time in each of the Cyrodiilic cities, making sure that he wasn’t missing or skipping over any opportunities. Eventually, he reached Cheydinhal, where he met Luna. In an almost cheesy scenario, the two ran into each other when Darius had only just arrived, arms full of bags and provisions, satchels of scrolls slung all across his body, stacks of books towering above the Imperial scholar. She offered to help him carry his belongings in an act of simple kindness—an act that would end in the couple falling in love and settling down in Luna’s cabin, where they lived for many years.

    » CHILDHOOD [12 years] –Marcus was born an only child to the two Imperials, and lived a comfortable childhood. He helped his mother with tasks, such as cutting firewood, skinning his mother’s catch, and helping tend to the vegetable garden, among other things. Since his father was always absorbed in his studies, it was necessary that Marcus helped his mother run the household.

    Whenever he could, the young Imperial spent his free time inside the city limits, befriending the local children and playing with them—Marcus was very social, even from such a young age. His childhood was majorly uneventful, until the Imperial boy’s twelfth year.

    When Marcus was twelve, his mother, Luna, mysteriously disappeared. It was a sudden occurrence, and soon after, his father hastily packed up the family’s meager belongings and left, torching the cabin before catching a ride to Skyrim via carriage. Marcus, confused and startled, watched his childhood home slowly burn to the ground as he and his father rode away into the night.

    » TEENAGE YEARS [8 years] –Darius and Marcus settled down in an abandoned shack on the Cyrodiil-Skyrim border, nestled away in the snowy mountain ranges that divide the two provinces. There was no trace of any previous inhabitants, so the father and son made themselves at home in the empty cabin.

    Marcus lived a fairly solitary life here, much to his disliking. He filled his spare time, which he had plenty of, with plenty of archery and shortsword training. Darius would spend most, if not all, of his time in the shanty poring over his plethora of tomes and scrolls, only leaving the mountainside retreat occasionally to fetch supplies in the nearby city of Riften.

    Eventually, when Marcus was sixteen, Darius allowed him to make the supply runs, as he was too absorbed in his studies and research. Finally, he was able to venture into the cities and meet people of Skyrim. He savored his brief time in Riften, and quickly made friends with many of the shopkeepers, townspeople, and even the impoverished, gaining popularity relatively quickly.

    It was during Marcus’ nineteenth year that Darius begun his excursions. For days, even weeks, at a time, he would disappear from the mountain shack, returning with satchels brimming with brass Dwemer artifacts, strange relics and ancient texts, which he spent even more time examining and studying. Marcus began making more and more trips into Riften, even if supplies were not necessary, solely for the social interaction with the townsfolk.

    » YOUNG ADULT YEARS [~7 years] – For several years, Darius continued his excursions, leaving for extended periods of time just to return with more artifacts to study. When Marcus was 23, he finally just moved into Riften, renting out living space from a good friend. He made regular check-ups on his father—when he wasn’t delving into ruins—but he lived full-time in the bustling city of Riften; he enjoyed every moment of it.

    Marcus lived in Riften for several years, living a normal, average life, well-liked by the community of the city. However, he found he had a sudden curiosity of the world around him; at age 25, the young Imperial man began exploring the diverse landscape of Skyrim, intrigued by the call of adventure.

    Marcus is 27 now; he has begun to worry. The last time he saw his father was months ago, maybe even a year. All of his belongings and research were taken with him on this latest trip, leaving the mountainside cabin vacant and abandoned. Marcus fears that his father has met his demise in a Dwemer ruin on his latest expedition.

    Now, Marcus’ adventuring and exploring has become more of a hopeless wandering as his mood falls deeper into depression, distraught about the possible death of his father. He is a lost soul, wandering Skyrim’s wilderness, a subliminal hope of locating his father always in the back of his mind as he travels the province alone.
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