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  • Maelin - The Psychopath Jun 5, 2018


    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    "She lives down in a ribcage within the dry leaves of a heart"

    -~~{ BASIC }~~-

    NAME: Maelin

    ALIAS: Lady Armelle is how she often introduces herself to strangers, as a lack of a surname is often looked down on

    AGE: 35

    BIRTH-DATE: 16 of Rain's Hand, 4E 166

    BIRTH-PLACE: Somewhere near Wayrest, High Rock

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Breton

    CLASS: Pure Mage | Scholar | Psychopath

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous favouring her Right hand

    SEXUALITY: Asexual; she finds no attraction towards any person or gender, and in fact finds herself disgusted by most more often than anything


    FAMILY: None; orphaned at birth and the closest thing to family she has ever had is the Noble family she was sworn in service to; this is also why she has no family/surname

    PROPERTY: She owns a small home perched along the walls of Solitude, once belonging to the city's groundskeeper--a job that is no longer active [link]

    AFFILIATIONS: None; though she'll often lie about being a member of the Bard's College, and the Mage's College in Winterhold

    - Psychopathy: A disorder defined by its spectrum of many features and behaviours. It's mainly identified by an apparent lack of guilt, empathy and deep emotional attachments; narcissism and superficial charm; and impulsive and antisocial behaviours like dishonesty, manipulativeness and recklessness. Psychopathy is at risk for physical aggression, but it is not synonymous with it. More often than not psychopathic individuals are extremely rational and in touch with reality, such is the case with Maelin. More information on her Psychopathic behaviour can be found in the personality section of this CC.

    RELIGION: She worships no "god", but finds herself fascinated with their accumulation of power and worship--especially that of the many Daedric Princes


    -~~{ APPEARANCE }~~-

    HEIGHT: 5'5"

    WEIGHT: 138 lbs

    BUILD: Slim, Unassuming, Alluring, Prominent

    FACE: Inquisitive, Confident, Attractive

    EYES: Redish-Brown

    SKIN TONE: Pale-white, dotted with gentle freckles

    HAIRSTYLE: Wavy, cut just below the shoulder, usually worn tied back or in a loose braid

    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Red

    SCARS: None on her open skin large enough to be of note, though she has many across her back

    TATTOOS: She has the name "Armelle" tattooed in small red letters cutting perpendicular across her left wrist, close to the base of her palm and a small black "X" in the same position on her right wrist



    -~~{ PERSONALITY }~~-

    Maelin is a Psychopath. However, such a term brings to mind an idea that betrays the reality of what it actually means. One might assume that a psychopath has to be inherently violent, a killer, or perhaps a serial murderer or rapist. One may even believe psychopathy comes synonymous with sociopathy and sadism, but these things are far from mutually exclusive. However, they do often go hand in hand with each other, as those considered psychopaths may also be socially inept, and/or enjoy the pain of others. None of this is the case for Maelin though, she is rather plainly just a psychopath.

    This does not make her any less of a person, however, to her dismay. She's just much different than most all people, and in her mind superior in many ways. This opinion is something she keeps very deep within her mind, as to avoid any judgement or ill actions from those around her. She lacks any shred of empathy, as in her mind it serves her no proper purpose. It's a waste of her time and energy to try and understand and communicate feelings with others when the way she operates with logic is more efficient. She lacks the ability to sense remourse or guilt over anything she says and does, again because it would diminish her efficiency and logically wasting time analyzing and rethinking her actions is nothing but a waste of effort. On the topic of wasting her time and energy, she holds no room for close emotional attachments with anyone or anything. In her eyes, not only is it again wasteful, but a weakness somebody could potentially use against her.

    Previously it was said that she thinks of herself as a superior person to most of those around her, this narcissism is a telltale sign of what she is and so she masks it behind a charm and confidence that she has learned, in order to be attractive and alluring to all. She's mastered the ways of speaking and sounding like a perfectly likeable individual, one that people want to befriend and get close to. She knows how to speak to people and read them, what they think and feel, what they want and like. She knows how to give it to them, and appeal to their nature-potentially even use it to her advantage if she sees the need. When she paints them a picture of herself, it's using research, facts and experiences she has. Some of it is in the form of lies, some in the form of half truths. If one knows that she is telling lies, through knowledge and experiences of their own, she would continue to weave a web for herself until out of the spotlight of attention and speculation--or more simply just disappear and avoid further communication.

    She is, underneath all of this, rational and more often than not level-headed. Above all else, her intelligence is what sets her apart from the rest of the world, and what defines her as a Psychopath. She enjoys the manipulation of others because she is fascinated by the workings of the world and it's denizens and hopes to understand them. Manipulation is her way of exploring and researching such things. Why she has such a fascination she can only chalk up as a curiousity for understanding her differences from others. She wants to understand the minds of those who aren't like her, and perhaps even shape them and make them better. She's drawn to power, unique peoples, different cultures and experiences.

    Beneath all of this, deep down beneath it all, there is a fire that burns - if you could call it that. It burns for vengeance, and when it comes alive it's violent and destructive. It murders and tortures; dehumanizes and dissects. And she harnesses it when she needs to, when somebody deserves it and the situation calls for it. It's only come out twice in her lifetime, but it's trained and works for her rather than against her will. It doesn't come out because she wants it, or craves it though. Nor that she necessarily obsesses over it or plans it out. It comes out when necessary, like when doing business.

    Overall, it's a rather lonely and chronically bored life to live. One could say that with all of this manipulation and study of the human condition through others is everything but, however, she's always looking from the outside in. Behind a pane of glass, distant and soundless--doing her best to interpret what she sees from those around her without fully comprehending it all. There is no moral compass to guide her, only her logical idea of what is the best for her at the time. There is no connection of motivation for her outside of coming closer to being what she thinks "normal" is--even though her definition of normal could be miles off of what a regular person's definition is. Because of all this, if there were to be one feeling Maelin would ever even come close to feeling or understanding, it would be that of Melancholy.

    (This is rather cut and dry for an explanation of her personality, but for a charrie such as this, it's not an easy thing to describe. Did my very best here with this description, but her personality will show itself much more clear in the posts I crank out for her, so just keep that in mind!)

    TEMPER: Unpredictable but Even; she's always stable and rational on the surface at all times, but without warning, that could change on a dime without any difficulty--it's a tool to her, as the reactions of others towards her energy is something she can use to her advantage if need be.

    OUTLOOK: Pessimistic; the world is bleak, dark, evil and deadly--and she's a fairly large reason and contribution as to why. Fixing the world's unfixable problems is impossible, even the gods can't do it, so join in the unfixable.

    HONOR: Slim to none; respect is for those who operate with morality and empathy, she has none of that. The dead are dead, and the living are on their way to being dead-- honor is a temporary luxury and a waste of time, no person in the world has earned that from her.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral; She cares for nobody but herself, nor does she remember caring for anybody but herself--though others may occasionally consider her as an evil-doer, nothing she does is with the intention of being malicious or ill-willed.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Wise, Powerful, Strategic, Influential, Confident, Persuasive, Attractive, Alluring, Charming

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Apathetic, Selfish, False, Dishonest, Antisocial, Impulsive, Manipulative, Reckless

    LIKES: Conflict, Nighttime, Masser and Segunda, Magicka, Literature, Artwork, Alcohol, Alchemy, Writing, Drawing and Painting, Culinary Arts, History

    DISLIKES: People, Authority, Do-gooders, Gods, Worship, Temples, Poor Manners, Imperfection, Those who waste her time, Manipulators, Recklessness

    FEARS: Little to nothing phases her, though she does feel anxiety when she's confronted about her falsehoods and true nature; as if she were to ever truly fear anything--she herself would be the only person or entity worthy of such a feeling.

    PHOBIAS: Phobias for Maelin aren't felt or experienced in any way the same as most other "normal" individuals. These phobias do not fill her with a sense of fear, instead they trigger a dramatic shift in emotion and demeanour. She will quickly see herself falling apart, becoming emotionally unstable and out of control of her actions--often along with the effects and symptoms of intense psychosis (auditory and visual hallucinations, irrational and delusional behaviour, extreme volatility towards herself and others, and finally suicidal and possibly homicidal thoughts). Regardless of how these phobias affect her differently than most, she avoids them staunchly, but casually--as to not draw any unwanted attention toward them.
    - Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten or ignored, and (more prominently for her) the fear of forgetting. Her mind is her greatest tool, her most powerful weapon, and her safest refuge; and while she wishes for it never to go unappreciated or celebrated by those she deems worthy of learning from it--if she were ever to forget the things she keeps within, it would be her greatest downfall. It has never happened, nor is she sure it ever will; however, from a very young age she was assaulted, beaten for and accused of being dim-witted, forgetful, clumsy, and of limited capacity.
    - Eisoptrophobia: The persistent and irrational fear of mirrors. Tied heavily to the Spectrophobia she also experiences, for as long as she can possibly remember, every time she has ever looked in a mirror at herself all she could ever see was imperfection and something she loathed, hated and disgusted her. She saw herself as everything she ever hated, used, and controlled and over time, she began to fear the monster she saw within herself--despite how invisible it was for everybody else.
    - Spectrophobia: The fear of one's own reflection. See "Eisoptrophobia".

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She enjoys meditation, if one could even call it that--for her it's merely retracing her experiences, recalling her memories and lessons, and reviewing all the knowledge she has attained in her lifetime. She tends to do this anytime she finds herself without the distraction of others, often whilst pacing or sipping wine and listening to an elegant tune.

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: She wants some kind of power and some kind of wealth. Not that of a Jarl or the head of a Noble house, no. She'd much rather prefer the power and wealth of a position much less public and more behind the scenes--like that of a vizier or advisor, perhaps even a court wizard. Pulling strings, and manipulating fates without any target or room for judgement towards her.


    (the 2 images above and below are 98% akin to what I am imagining she'd be wearing apparel wise)

    Her clothing would be described as some informal combination of casual and elegant, aiming to portray a sense of dignity and worth without giving off an air of superiority or nobility. She always aims for comfort and is fairly good at attaining it in her attire, which allows her natural and inexplicable aura of confidence to shine through and exemplify her appearance. She prefers the comforting and neutral colours of earth tones such as greens and browns, as they compliment her figure well when in the form of flowing gowns. Dresses are her prefered choice of dress, and often the most common pick, though she is comfortable in the occasional trouser and doublet combination.

    HEAD: Nothing, outside of the occasional scarf to wrap her neck and overtop her head during harsh weather.

    OUTFIT: A comfortably fitting dress of decent quality, in the comforting tones of the forest, with a warm light jacked or sweater over top.

    WAIST: A simple leather belt in a colour able to accent that of her attire, perhaps with some ties for a hip bag or other miscellaneous items

    FEET: She prefers comfortable and elegant looking shoes, cut low on the foot just below the bones of her ankle--however the terrain of Skyrim and High Rock require boots of a much higher cut. Both of which she prefers in lighter leathers, hopefully matching that of her belt.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Nothing really, outside of the occasional tome, parchment and quill. If she finds herself travelling, however, she will carry with her the obvious things necessary: clothes, toiletries and whatnot.

    WEAPONS: None, outside of her Magicka and Spells

    MAGICKA: Maelin refuses to pick only one school of magic to practice, and prefers to use all of them. With this, she has a variety of mastered spells at her disposal that she masterfully and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ebonyflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~ Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Grand Healing, Stendar's Aura, Circle of Protection, Vampire's/Undead's Bane

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: She can be useful in almost every role of a group battle or even solo dual. Whether it be dealing damage from afar or up close, delivering cover or healing for fallen allies, or commanding the forces of those she's influenced or raised from beyond the shadow of death. Her preference if she were to pick one, however, is seeping herself into the minds of her opponents, using their thoughts against them; breaking their will, building their confidence, and harnessing their fears. She is fascinated with the thoughts and feelings of others and likes to experiment within them in many different ways.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Reliable support in both healing and kiting, formidable damage dealer from afar while only decent up close, master influencer over the tides of a battle for both those with and against her.


    -~~{ HISTORY }~~-

    LINEAGE: Her parents aren't known to her, but she suspects that they were likely of Pure Breton heritage, with little to no racial diversity. Whether her family was of any particular nobility or impoverished influence is far beyond any of her understanding, however. The family she ended up in the service of, however, was of rather intermediate nobility--despite ironically being mixed within Nordic and Imperial bloodlines. The Armelle family is of no particular power in Wayrest, but they are still of Noble roots. They, however, were unlike most other Breton noble houses in that they were well versed in the ways of "charity and generosity" however false it may be. They took in a rather large handful of orphans into their name, but not for wanting of a larger family, rather, larger service staff. Afterall, why hire servants and handmaidens when you can give them your name as payment instead?

    BACKSTORY: I've been debating whether or not to include this information in the histories of my characters, or leave it out in order to allow my writing style to better develop their pasts via discovery writing in thier development during roleplay. For Maelin, I'm going to leave this alone for now, until I feel I have her past a little better fleshed out--as I want as much detail in her backstory as I have in the rest of her CC. Cheers!


    -~~{ VOICE AND SCORE }~~-

    VOICE: Mild and Classy with an aura of Confidence, Power and Mystery subtly underneath it all

    VOICE REFERENCE: Cate Blanchett as Hela (without the evilness :p) [Reference Link]

    SCORE THEME: "Meloncholia" composed by Lucas King
    For myself, this song captures just how viduous Maelin's life is without emotions or "regular" human thinking. constantly peering in on ordinary life through a looking glass of logic and intelligence beyond normal comprehension. It does not present the air of falseness and performance she gives off to those around her, but rather what it's like for her on the inside while she's doing so. Trying so hard to apply the same logic and reason she does in everything in trying to mimic and understand the world around her--with no feedback that is truly reliable to her.

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