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  • Kjold Duria Dec 20, 2013

    Name: Kjold Duria
    Alias: Dragon Tamer
    Race: Nord
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Family: Brusik, His father.
    Religion: None
    Affiliations: None
    Expert:One Handed, Speech
    Adept:Block, light armour
    Personality: Dark and mysterious, is really careless when it comes to anything and doesn't really care what happens to anyone, But has a passionate love for dragons and will defend them with his life.
    Bio: Kjold lived by himself from the age 5. He lived in the Ratway without the notice of the thieves Guild. Onetime though, he had been caught and was prisoner, But managed to sneak back out and soon found himself on the streets rather then underground. He had made money as a beggar, but always scared people away. One time he was caught stealing jewelry from a shop stand, the guards chased him out of town, he was homeless and helpless. Two things that didn't mix. Now he wanders Skyrim looking for purpose in his life.


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