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  • Kingdom of Azar Harif Aug 12, 2013

    House Dakhlar, Sand Warriors of Azar Harif


    A region shrouded in mystery, many believe the enigmatic kingdom of Azar Harif rose from the sands of Alik’r Desert itself. Its origins unknown to most, Azar Harif is one of the most ancient kingdoms of Tamriel – and also one of the most mysterious. Spanning from the ruins of the olden city of Sentinel and the lapping waters of the Illiac Bay to the sandy shores of the Southern Sea and the capital city of Sandstone, communities and holdfasts lie nestled amongst the shifting sea of sands, thriving, despite the harshness of the unforgiving Alik’r Desert.

    The people of Azar Harif are as mysterious as the origins of their kingdom. The population consists mostly of warriors, ready to fight and die for their kingdom and the secrets the desert keeps, but the rest are mainly fishers and miners, as there is no land to farm in the unforgiving desert. Their warriors are known only for their skills as fierce warriors and their equivocal knowledge of the cryptic secrets of the desert. The dark-skinned dwellers of the Alik’r Desert and people of Azar Harif prefer war over peace, favoring their superior battle skills over diplomacy. This occasionally proves a disadvantage to the kingdom of Azar Harif; they often become embroiled in wars in conflicts, some of which could have been avoided. Not only do the dwellers of the inhospitable desert have legendary skills in the use of blades and spears, but many warriors have mastered the secrets and forbidden knowledge of the desert. Thus, these warriors earn the fitting name of “sand warriors”. Not much is known of the arcane secrets that the Alik’r Desert hides and the denizens of Azar Harif have uncovered and studied, but it gives the desert dwellers strange powers and expansive knowledge of the desert – a kind of unexplained magic. Perhaps this is how the people of Azar Harif survive the merciless desert… but no one knows.

    House Dakhlar rules the kingdom of Azar Harif with an undisputed iron fist. The King of Azar Harif is King Andromolek Dakhlar, also known as “the Scorpion”. Andromolek is rather young for the king of a kingdom; he is a deft warrior, disliking politics and diplomacy, preferring leading the battle himself. Battle-hardened, he is merciless and cruel, but he shows care for his kingdom when care is due. Andromolek is an effective ruler, taking control of affairs with an iron fist when need be. He is very involved in the secret powers of the desert, and is the most powerful sand warrior of Azar Harif, knowing how to effectively harness the power and knowledge of the desert to its fullest extent. The seat of House Dakhlar and King Andromolek is Sandstone, a city-fortress erected from the ruins of Hegathe. Other notable settlements include Sentinel, an ancient city located on the northern shore of the Alik’r Desert, and Oasis, a walled settlement built around a mystical oasis in the Alik’r Desert. Aside from the larger settlements of Sandstone, Sentinel and Oasis, many other, small communities dot the landscape of the Alik’r Desert.

    House Dakhlar

    King Andromolek Dakhlar, the Scorpion, King of Azar Harif, General of Azar Harif, a man of 36
    His Queen, Arri Dakhlar, a young woman of 31
    His eldest and only son and heir, Jericho Dakhlar, a young boy of 17
    His eldest daughter, Belisari Dakhlar, a maiden of 15
    His second daughter, Evari Dakhlar, a maiden of 13
    His third and youngest daughter, Rayari Dakhlar, a maiden of 10
    His older brother, Thuran Dakhlar, the Lord of Oasis, a man of 39
    His twin brother, Verolek Dakhlar, military advisor for King Andromolek, a man of 36
    His younger brother, Marwan Dakhlar, the Lord of Sentinel, a man of 31
    His two trusted bodyguards,
    Damahur Rehka, a woman of 27
    Myro Mezek, a man of 30, brother of Ezekiel
    His thane and political advisor, Ezekiel Mezek, a man of 26, brother of Myro
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