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  • Jericho May 29, 2016



    NAME Jericho, formerly Avaris Chaldux
    » AGE 27
    » BIRTH DATE 77th of Summer
    » BIRTH PLACE Dzeka, Chaill, Argylle
    » CURRENT RESIDENCE Tirga, Chaill, Argylle
    » SPECIES Human
    » CLASS Desert Rogue
    » GENDER Male
    » LATERALITY Ambidextrous
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
    » AFFILIATION Formerly the Al-Rukh Tribe
    » RELIGION Desert Mysticism
    » PHILOSOPHY The Mende Cycle
    » HABITS Sharpening or twirling his machete, chewing on toothpicks
    » HOBBIES Wood carving
    » FAMILY Disowned


    » HEIGHT 6’2”
    » WEIGHT 210
    » BUILD Built and muscular, hardy
    » HAIR LENGTH Medium length, messy and unkempt
    » HAIR COLOR Black
    » FACIAL HAIR Rough survivalist scruff
    » EYE COLOR Piercing blue
    » SKIN COLOR Bronze, very tanned
    » SCARS Large scar down through right eye, and severe burn marks across his lower torso, identifying him as an outcast
    » TATTOOS Extensive tribal tattoo patterns across his arms, chest, and back


    » TRAITS Resilient, steadfast, ruthless, loyal, aggressive, stubborn, detached, merciless, strategic, lone wolf
    » LIKES Fighting, smithing, fighting, gambling, the desert
    » DISLIKES Authority, archery, his former tribe
    » FEARS Fire, classical magic
    » ASPIRATIONS To be the best warrior he can be, setting himself apart from his old roots and becoming a figure of his own.


    » APPAREL Black leather armor, covered with flowing white garments and reinforced with steel shoulder pauldrons and leather straps. Always adorned with a hood and bandana or other headdress that protects his face from the harsh sand of Chaill, and to shield his identity.

    A blackened machete, charred by fire and cursed by the gods, named Saynora Mortem.

    Vzeki, The Artifact, a glass infused staff imbued with strange magical powers of the ancients, recovered from an old world ruin.

    A sandblasted short sword given to him by his father, and the first weapon he ever used.

    A hardy steel spear, handcrafted by Jericho after his exile.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Quick, and agile on his feet, Jericho fights fast and ruthlessly, always on the offense with both machete and short sword. His magical staff provides an alternate weapon, capable of casting long range elemental spells, and also usable as a proficient blunt melee weapon. He took up the spear as a throwing projectile after his exile, adding another deadly aspect to his arsenal.


    Jericho, originally Avaris Chaldux was born within the Al-Rukh tribe, in the small, insignificant desert settlement of Dzeka. His mother was a sand healer, while his father was one of the high shamans that made up the Tribunal—the governing body of the tribe, made up of several elite high shamans from each discipline: sand, fire, and glass.

    The Al-Rukh tribe is a medium sized tribe that exists on Chaill, stemming from Dzeka, a settlement not very far outside of Chaill Morachd, built from some of the remnants of the old civilization. The tribe is founded on Desert Mysticism, a lost art of the old world that revolves around three omnipotent deities of the desert. Different aspects of elemental magic stem from each discipline, with each aspect taking extensive studying and practice to master. There are many esoteric and hidden secrets to the arts of Desert Mysticism, which makes the Al-Rukh tribe very exclusive, elusive, and secretive, with the Tribunal holding very high standards for every member.

    » CHILDHOOD – From birth, much was expected of Avaris, with his father being a part of the Tribunal itself. He was thrust into early teachings of Desert Mysticism at a very young age, and spent his childhood enveloped in the secret arts of the desert. As a child, he wasn’t too social, because his father kept him busy with these academics. As a result, Avaris grew up distant and detached, instead always fascinated by the desert and the knowledge it bestowed upon him.

    Eventually, as Avaris reached his teen years, his early exposure to the secrets of Desert Mysticism began to pay off as he began to train in combat. His natural physical skills, paired with a much more wholesome understanding of the desert arts than other tribe children his age, helped exemplify his performance in combat training. The Tribunal noticed his outstanding skills as a young teen and soon enough, at 15, Avaris was one of the youngest tribe members to become a Dune Walker—the specially trained warriors of the Al-Rukh tribe.

    Avaris was a Dune Walker for three years, defending the tribe and patrolling the desert, before his 18th year began, and he was entrusted by the tribe the full rights, responsibilities, and privileges of a tribe member of Al-Rukh.

    Now considered an adult with full privileges and rights within the tribe, Avaris quickly rose through the ranks among the Dune Walkers. He served as a high-ranking lieutenant for several years, scouring the desert fighting hostile creatures, rival tribes, and protecting the secrets that the Al-Rukhans prided themselves with so much.

    However, when Avaris was 22, his world shattered around him. An incident occurred that scarred him and resulted in not only the death of his men but also his exile from the Al-Rukh tribe forever. In the traditional fashion of the desert mystics, Avaris was burned severely across his torso and given a large marking scar down his face before being stripped of his tribe name and cast out into the unforgiving desert, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a weapon cursed by the gods themselves.

    For a year, now-named Jericho wandered the desert, camping out in old world ruins and sheltering from the elements in small caves, fighting hostile deserts creatures and wild savages. After a year of this wandering, he stumbled upon Tirga, the large desert camp that serves as the central locale for Chaill and its various tribes and settlements.

    For five years, Jericho lived out of a tent amidst the encompassing desert camp, auctioning himself off to the highest bidder to do any dirty desert work—which there was plenty of—and competing in the plentiful arenas throughout Tirga on the side. Jericho met several other similar men through his arena fighting career, some who he even grew very close to in his time at the desert camp, and built a community around himself from the hectic desert locale.

    However, all of this changed when a seemingly random string of murders occurred that tore apart Jericho’s circles. He was stunned by what had turned out to be a calculated assassination of three of his good friends, along with four other influential forces among arena communities.

    Struck with a dangerous thought about the nature of his friends’ deaths, Jericho set out to find and uncover the mystery behind one of his most traumatic life experiences, leaving behind the island of Chaill for the first time in his life.
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