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  • Ignatius Varo Nov 24, 2013

    Lord Ignatius Varo
    (the face is almost 100% accurate; don't pay any mind to the clothing. Or the hat. Definitely not the hat.)
    » NAME Ignatius Varo
    » TITLE Lord
    » AGE 39
    » BIRTH DATE 12th of Frostfall
    » BIRTH PLACE Starpond
    » BIRTH SIGN The Tower
    » ORIGIN Imperial
    » CLASS Merchant / Noble
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5’10”
    » WEIGHT 142 lbs
    » BMI 20.4
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » MARTIAL STATUS Widower
    » AFFILIATION Starpond Merchants
    » RELIGION Not religious
    » HABITS Playing with a single gold septim when bored; stroking his goatee
    » HOBBIES lounging, spending money


    » HAIR LENGTH Short, close-cut
    » HAIR COLOR Black, but beginning to gray
    » FACIAL HAIR Well-kept and groomed black/graying goatee
    » EYE COLOR Hazel
    » SKIN COLOR Light tan
    » BUILD Slender; not muscular or built
    » SCARS None
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] — Ignatius can always be seen wearing a vibrant array of fine silks and velvet, and only wears the most luxurious or expensive clothing.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Kind, charming, thoughtful, polite, rational, reflective, diligent, persevering, wise
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Extravagant, bold, egotistical, grandiose, flamboyant
    » LIKES Money, luxuries, living lavishly, women, success, business
    » DISLIKES The Qashani, threats to his success and business, fighting, rodents and pests
    » FEARS Failing, losing everything, death
    » ASPIRATIONS To be successful in the merchant’s trade and make copious amounts of money.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Ignatius does not fight. He dislikes combat, and instead hires mercenaries and knights to protect him and his business from others. This leaves him vulnerable to his enemies, so to stay safe and avoid death, Ignatius always has at least one close mercenary or knight with him at all times.


    » BEFORE BIRTH – Ignatius’ parents, Adrian and Viola Varo, were average, middle class shop owners who earned an honest living running a small tailoring business in the more run-down sections of the city of Starpond. They lived humbly, but comfortably, and managed their money wisely.

    » CHILDHOOD [12 years] – Ignatius’ upbringing was strikingly average. He helped his parents run their business, learning the trade of the tailor, training to take over the shop when his parents grew old and died, leaving the shop to him, the eldest of the four children of Adrian and Viola—Ignatius, Silus, Romana, and Mariana.

    However, as Ignatius grew older and took on more responsibilities within the shop, he showed unusual skill with handling money. He was able to manage the expenses of the shop much more effectively than his parents, and soon the Varo family saw the profits climbing steadily.

    Ecstatic about their son’s accomplishments and success, Ignatius’ parents began to look around at the local merchants, searching for one who could take in the young boy, 12 at the time, as an apprentice and teach him the trade of a merchant.

    The search proved rather fruitless, and the parents had all but given up hope when they stumbled upon one merchant willing to apprentice Ignatius—Lucan Curio. He was an elderly man, nearing the end of his successful and long life, and he offered to teach the young boy so he could carry on his own legacy after his soon death. And so Ignatius began the life of a merchant, learning the tricks and tools of the trade from the experienced Lucan Curio.

    » TO ADULTHOOD [10 years] – Ignatius learned much as an apprentice of Lucan. From how to manage expenses more effectively to how to tell a good investment from a bad one and all the grey areas in between, Ignatius was ready to play in the big leagues, thanks to Lucan, whose timely death following the conclusion of Ignatius’ teachings left the Imperial, now 18, in charge of his former master’s fortune.

    Ignatius did not take his opportunity for granted and got to work immediately. His work yielded almost instantaneous results, and Ignatius’ wealth grew immensely in just a few short years. By the time the Imperial was 22, he was one of the most successful merchants in Starpond.

    » LATER LIFE – For years Ignatius expanded his business and wealth, enjoying incredible success the entire way. Along the way, he married once, to Livia Abor, having two children, one boy and one girl; Quentin and Isabel. His life was comfortable and luxurious, and he was making more than enough money to support his lavish lifestyle.

    However, everything changed with the Qashani. Spiteful of the government, these citizens of Starpond retreated to hidden lairs and hideaways and began plotting, stirring up chaos and death among the city of Starpond from their unseen recesses. They targeted powerful figures within the city, such as government figures, nobles, and merchants.

    Ignatius realized he was at risk and his family was a high value target. He took extensive measures to protect himself, his family, and his business, hiring mercenaries and knights and fortifying his home and ships, but it wasn’t enough. The Qashani were able to slip past his defenses and murder Ignatius’ wife and children. The rich Imperial grieved for their deaths and vowed to destroy the Qashani and wipe their existence from Starpond.

    Credit to Acrylic for CC design.
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