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  • How to Care and Wash Your Synthetic Fiber Wigs Oct 20, 2021

    I adore synthetic wigs; I don't have much time and I'm not very crafty when it comes to combing my hair; The good thing about these wigs is that they require very little care and maintenance, it is very easy, but at the same time it is important to do it to prolong the life of these wigs and obtain the least possible wear.
    Before putting on your wig, shake it and style it with a wide tooth comb, don't forget to spray it with a special synthetic hair conditioner to avoid static electricity and maintain the softness and flexibility of the fiber. Once on, you can place the strands and shape it with your fingers.

    It is not necessary to wash it very often; The more you wash it, the sooner it will spoil, wearing a bamboo cap under your wig will help absorb oils from the scalp and keep the wig cap clean longer.

    If you use it every day for more than 10 hours in a row, it is normal to wash it once a week and always with a special shampoo for synthetic wigs different from virgin hair wigs. Once washed, apply a balm to protect the fiber and then the conditioner. Unless the wig is heat resistant, do not use a hairdryer or iron, synthetic wigs have memory and recover their initial shape once dry without the need for styling.

    There are sets for the maintenance of synthetic fiber that contain a shampoo, a repairing cream balm, 1 smoothing conditioning spray that prevents static electricity. If it is the first time that you use this type of wigs, it will be very useful to get one of these sets, you will have everything you need for its correct maintenance.

    How to wash the synthetic wig:

    1- Detangle the Brazilian hair wholesale before washing it, with a wide tooth comb or a round toothbrush. Gently brush the wig and remove tangles without pulling or dragging the fiber, starting from the ends and working towards the roots to prevent the fibers from shedding.

    2- Soak, from the roots to the ends, never rub, as it can cause tangles and damage the fiber.

    3- Wash, fill a container with cold water (never hot or warm water since it damages the fibers). Mix the size of a hazelnut special synthetic hair shampoo in the water and immerse the wig, turning it upside down, and leave it to soak for 10 minutes. Run your fingers through the inside of the cap, striking where the forehead is to remove oils and sweat. Do it with special care in the areas in the areas knotted by hand (lace front and monofilament) and with circular movements.

    4- Rinse: Let the cold water flow in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling. Squeeze and press the hair; don't twist. You can remove excess water by placing it inside a folded towel and pressing lightly.

    5- Repair balm: Once washed, it is ready to be conditioned. Mix a balsam hazelnut in the water, immerse the wig and leave the product to act for 10 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

    6- Dry with a towel: Place it between a folded towel, never squeeze too much, rub or twist the wig.

    7- Shake it gently to regain its style, you can comb it lightly with your fingers or a comb, part it if necessary. Let it air dry on a folding wig stand, avoid solid supports (such as cork mannequins), so that the air circulates through the cap and dries more quickly. Do not use a hair dryer, the heat damages the fibers.

    8- Condition it. Apply a special synthetic hair conditioner to protect the fiber, you can do it with the wig still wet or when it is dry. It is advisable to use this conditioner afterwards every day.

    9- Comb it. Once dry you can pass the wide tooth comb again or your own fingers.
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