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  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 4 - The Nomadic Wildman Jun 4, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Mikkah Shirk
    - The Nomadic Wildman -

    RACE: One of the Human Races, Kyneth always assumed Nord despite it has never been clear

    AGE: Late 50's/Early 60's

    STATUS: Alive the last time Kyneth was in contact with him

    In his trek east, it didn't take much searching on his end for him to find the next man who would mentor him in his journey for growth. Mikkah stumbled into Kyneth just before the border of High Rock and Skyrim, barefoot and sprinting. The man was bubbly, cheerful, and for lack of any better word: whacky. He insisted Kyneth followed him to his destination for a meal, as a way to apologize. Despite denying his invitation several times, Kyneth knew that it would be better for his own time if he accepted the invite.

    The meal showed an almost immediate change in disposition with the man, as he turned into a very calm, intelligent and wise person--spinning tales of his adventures and lessons from his experiences. Kyneth quickly began to see how valuable this man's knowledge could be if Kyneth only took the time to learn. The man was a master of the wilderness, in his own description.

    Mikkah was more than willing to have a "travel buddy", as long as Kyneth was willing to follow in his footsteps as he instructed. Which to Kyneth's great dismay meant leaving all of his belongings in a cache within the mountains for him to recover when he so chose to part ways with the wildman. All aside from trousers and a loose fitting shirt. Though the idea of walking around the wilds of the world basically naked, barefoot and without the safety and protection of weapons and armour sounds insane; Kyneth very quickly came to enjoy and even love it.

    He learned the ins and outs of the terrain that was unmapped by men, what it meant to be part of Tamriel and one with Nirn. He learned the different plants and animals that dwelled the places they travelled, along with how to treat and interact with them properly. It was a simple and blissful handful of years, or as blissful as they could be when the chaos of it all allowed Kyneth's brain to begin to unravel itself more and faster than ever before.

    Mikkah tried to understand and took it to mean that the wilds of the world were too much for Kyneth, which was partially true. Mikkah, though as wild a man as any, was one of the people most secure in mind that Kyneth had ever encountered. His understanding of the world and himself was solid and confident, which allowed him to take on anything that life may have thrown at him. Kyneth was just the opposite, though the freedom of it all was incredibly helpful and taught him years of valuable knowledge--a mind insecure in a world insecure will only feed off of each other.

    Thus, Kyneth decided to bring his travels with the wildman to an end. Though likely only a temporary thing, as Mikkah travels the majority of Tamriel as a whole, taking a heavy favor for Skyrim.

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