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  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 2 - The Guard Captain May 30, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Matthias Sidrey
    - The Guard Captain -

    RACE: Breton/Nord

    AGE: Late 50's

    STATUS: Alive as far as Kyneth knows

    RELATIONSHIP: Kyneth's first mentor, and trainer of weaponry and martial skills

    It wasn't long after the execution of his mother that Kyneth fell into the common trap of homelessness and poverty. Though not particularly uncommon in Evermor or High Rock in general, it wasn't all too common for those in such circumstances to have experienced the same tragedy as he. Nor was it common for men of such honour to take a personal interest.

    After the demolishing of his home, Kyneth was left to his own devices--not young enough to fall within the age of legal orphanage refuge, nor old enough or with the positive reputation to get a proper profession. So he wandered, mostly through the non-crowded areas of the city as to avoid his peers and all those who would undoubtedly look down on him as some kind of monster. All the while, his mind began to unravel itself more and more. What he didn't know at the time, however, was that no matter what lengths he would go to in order to hide from judging eyes, there was a pair that managed to stay on him most days.

    A middle-aged woman, soft and gentle, approached him one day. The hand-maiden of the freshly retired Lion Guard Captain had been following him and reporting his actions to the man, as he had taken an unusual interest in the boy. Kyneth was invited to meet the captain, an invitation that he was to take despite his wanting not to. From their first meeting onto the final moments of his training, the pair grew rather close despite their differences.

    He was a cross, stern and on the surface emotionless--however, the turmoil within him was something that Kyneth could connect to and understand. They were different yet the same, and the first true father figure Kyneth had ever had. Matthias became an outlet of understanding when it came to Kyneth's issues, and taught him the many ways of managing the chaos within. Starting with meditation and structure, the old man taught Kyneth to get in touch with himself in the most honest sense--what he needed and wanted most, what may set him off, what made his emotions unpredictable. From there he taught the boy how to use the natural strength and fire within him in a better and more productive way: martial combat.

    Swords, axes, bows, knives and fists--Kyneth was thirsty to learn and master them all. He was a quick study too, learning how to read his mentor's movements as well as any other trainees that may have come in to spar. Along with the physical training, he was taught the art of strategy and battle--studying from the greatest tomes and stories from around Tamriel.

    These were the best years for Kyneth, along with honing his skills and outward appearance and reputation, he was learning to keep his mind in check. He was studying and learning academia from the hand-maiden, and gaining the confidence he needed at the time to begin acting like the young man he had always wanted to be. With the help, vision and support of Matthias, Kyneth felt himself become untouchable by his past; something he once never thought possible.

    During this time, however, Kyneth had accessed a part of his past that he only wanted to uncover more of. Whether or not it was Matthias' intention to unlock such a thing for him, in their daily meditations together, Kyneth gained contact with the long-dead spirits of his ancestors. Along with all his other teachings, he began to learn more and more about his family's lineage and traditions. In time, these mentors began to guide Kyneth into the direction of moving on to find himself another teacher in the world, to expand his mind, craft and usefulness. So, almost at a moments notice, Kyneth announced that he was to be starting a pilgrimage to master himself more than he could in the city of Evermor. To his surprise, Matthias only understood and supported the decision, claiming that it's a part of every young person's life to break away from the nest when ready.

    So Kyneth's journey began, and with the guidance of his ancestors, he decided to map the mountains of High Rock in search of remnants of his ancestors and the possibility of his next mentor.

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