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  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 1 - The Beheaded Lover May 24, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Maree Antoinette
    - The Beheaded Lover -

    RACE: Breton

    AGE: Would be 33, died at 18

    STATUS: Deceased, Murdered

    RELATIONSHIP: Kyneth's first and currently last lover

    Kyneth first laid eyes on the young woman as they were both approaching the end of their later adolescence, her much faster than him. She was dressed in dark, monotone linens with complimentary facial expressions framed in with wavy honey-blonde hair. She sat alone along a stone wall near the town square, seemingly absorbing the glow of the dusk's setting sun as it fell. He'd find her sitting in the same spot most days, making any excuse to walk past her every day that he could manage.

    As much as he wished he had been the one to speak to her first, she was the one who approached him. Joking about "stalking and following" and the like. Suffice it to say, they were connected immediately and within a matter of months, what had started as a friendship quickly developed into a budding love. In the development of their amorous tale, they discovered together that their lives at home weren't so different. Growing up alone under the thumbs of violent and venomous monsters wasn't the best of circumstances for any person. So the young lovers made a pact, they would stay together and protect each other in Kyneth's home--where at the time they thought only one monster slept.

    It was around this time that Kyneth began experiencing a fire within him he had to fight to control. It begged to control him, to destroy and devour. It came out with disgust and anger at the actions and behaviours of his mother and father. His mother in particular, as she was the abuser and attacker to them both. As far as Kyneth knew, at least.

    It turned out, from the very beginning of Maree's staying with Kyneth, his father had been effectively torturing and raping her in the evenings while Kyneth slept. Why Maree never shared this information with him sooner, is a question still without answers. When she did, however, Kyneth gave that flame within him the control it had been begging to gain since it's appearance.

    That night, was likely the night one could attribute to Kyneth's madness the most. Before he knew it, his father's head was nothing but a bloody pulp--a deserving end to the monster he was in secret. Yet, like everything in the universe, balance was necessary. His mother in brutal retaliation made a hostage of Maree before separating her head from her shoulders with a dull blade.

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