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  • Garret Rendon Nov 22, 2013

    Garret Rendon
    "When you have nothing less to lose, you only have everything left to gain"
    Basic Information
    Name: Garret Rendon
    Alias: The Cold Benefactor
    Age: 28
    Birth Place: Evermor, High Rock
    Birth Sign: Tower
    Class: Thief/Expert Swordsman/Alchemist
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: A cave made to look like a home, in a mountain north of Markarth
    Affiliations: Thieves Guild, East Empire Trading Company, Houses of Morrowind, Multiple Nobles from Cyrodiil, High Rock and Hammerfell
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Afflictions: Lost sight on left eye
    Religion: Nocturnal, Agonostic
    Patron Deity: Nocturnal
    Habits: Plays with septims
    Hobbies: Alchemy, Drinking, Whoring
    Family: None left
    Garret is very social, as he spends most of his free time in inns and pubs. He has developed an expertise of speechcraft, as he can be both persuasive and intimidating. Garret likes to think he is funny, as he will always tell jokes no matter who hears them, he is quick to make friends but he can also anger the wrong people.
    Positive Traits: Temperate, Friendly, Tolerant, Funny, Persuasive, Cunning
    Negative Traits: Greedy, Ill-Mannered, Overly Confident, Competitive, Alcoholic, Curious
    Likes: Female company, gold, mixing herbs, alcohol/skooma
    Dislikes: Judgemental People, Soliders, Sailors/Pirates
    Fears: Assassins, The Thieves Guild, Falling from large heights
    Aspirations: To become rich, To uncover all alchemy mixtures, To regain sight on his left eye, To make up with the guild.
    Quirks: Will always make jokes, and people won't always find them funny.
    Philosophy: Garret is not a man of principle, he dislikes solders and people who throw their life away on an idea. Garret lives live for what it's worth, enjoying the small things and ignoring the big ones.
    Alchemy: Garret was mixing ingredients since he was a kid, and he kept doing it for his entire life. An alchemist as skilled as him is hard to find in Tamriel.
    Stealth: Garret has spent enough of his time in the guild to understand how one can blend in with shadows, crowds and foliage. He can be very sneaky and hard to detect.
    Fingersmith: Having spent most of his time as a thief doing fishing and heist jobs, Garret is a Master pickpocket and lock picker.
    Light Weaponry: Even if he will most likely try and avoid combat, if the situation calls for it, Garret is a master Swordsman, as he had spent countless hours training in the art of dagger and sword.
    Speech: Garret has developed an expertise in Speech Craft over time. He can barter with you and make you give your most precious and expensive item for almost nothing, he can persuade you into doing what he wants and if you don’t seem to be able to handle yourself, Garret can also be quite intimidating.
    Free Running/Parkour/Climbing: Garret dislikes riding horses, you would rather find him in a carriage rather than on a horse. However he has enough stamina to climb and run, as sometimes he is forced to escape certain situations.
    Light Armor: Garret never wore a plate mail, as he finds the weight of such armors too big for his liking. He has used light armor as a mean of defense for as long as he’s been a thief.
    Marksmanship: Garret understands how strong an arrow can be. It can apply a strong poison, it can trigger a trap, it can open a door, it can distract, it can kill. Even if he’s not the combat archer type, Garret won’t hesitate to use his bow at any given point.
    Enchanting: He enchanted his own equipment, although his enchantments are weak, they do their job, and Garret couldn’t ask for more.
    Illusion: The only illusion spell you will see Garret use is clairvoyance, which he will use if he ever gets lost or is looking for something.
    Height: 1.86 M
    Weight: 85 Kg
    Build: Fit, Athletic
    Hair Length: Short
    Hair Color: Crimson
    Facial Hair: Short Beard
    Eye Color: Green
    Scars: Large scar on left eye
    Armor: Just like in the pic, however the color is dark green instead of black.
    Weapons: Ebony Bow, Ebony Longsword, With a dwarven dagger hidden in his boot for harsh times.
    Misc: If engaged in combat, Garret’s left arm will be empty, leaving him space to disarm, break defence or grab a potion.
    Childhood: Garret was born in Evermor, High Rock. He dosen’t know much about his past and he is always looking for more, although the hunt went terribly so far. His mother, Felicia, was a Breton alchemist and his father was a forsworn. At his birth his father was assassinated for betraying the forsworn, and Garret took his father’s only known name. After giving birth, Felicia started to suffer from a terrible disease, and she died when Garret was only 10, leaving him the alchemy shop.
    Teenager: His teen years started tough, as he had to take care of an adult’s business. That, however, strengthened him, making him much more mature for his age. As he grew up, he became quite popular among the youth at the inns, as he always had money to spend, his alchemy paid off well.
    Adult: When he reached adulthood, Garret sold his old shop and went to Markarth, To set his new shop there. He encountered the Thief Guild in that city, and he left selling potions behind, and became a full on thief. In the guild he learned a lot, and made many good friends. After a couple of years with the Guild, Garret was already rich. He was building a manor next to Riften, he was engaged to a lovely maiden, and life was good for him. However Garret is a curios fellow. He heard rambling in the guild about nightingales, and he went to a temple of Nocturnal to check it out. There the daedric princess revealed him the truth about the Guild and how the nightingales were formed. Garret wanted to share this information with his fellow guild mates, however the leader didn’t share his enthusiasm. He was framed for betraying the guild, his house under construction was burned down, and his future wife left him. He had nothing left, and so he went back to his old business - Alchemy. He gained quite a reputation, as his years in the Guild did nothing but empower his alchemist abilities. Garret became renowed as The Cold Benefactor, and contracts from around Tamriel started using his services.
    Garret's theme song
    (Listen to it while you read the bio)
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