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  • Dreyfus Avandchel Feb 14, 2014

    Dreyfus Avandchel
    The Scholar

    » NAME Dreyfus Avandchel
    » ALIAS None
    » AGE42
    » BIRTH PLACE Valora
    » CLASS Scholar / scientist
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT6’0”
    » WEIGHT 162 lbs
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION formerly affiliated with the research and science wing of the Institute
    » RELIGION Church of the Father (though not a very religious person or regular practitioner)


    » HAIR LENGTH short, cropped
    » HAIR COLOR dark brown, almost gray, graying
    » FACIAL HAIR trimmed and kept black, graying goatee
    » EYE COLOR piercing green eyes
    » SKIN COLOR olive
    » SCARS None
    » ATTIRE — Either scholarly robes or casual, everyday clothes.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Analytical, observant, rational, studious, intelligent
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Skeptical, cowardly, loner, dislikes social situations
    » LIKES Magic (despite his inability to use it), science, making discoveries, the Institute’s science and research wing
    » DISLIKES the Institute (for releasing him), the Clergy, Valoran society
    » FEARS the Clergy, the Outlands, violence
    » ASPIRATIONS to continue his studies and researches of magic and make some groundbreaking discovery by himself


    » Dreyfus was born never knowing his mother. His father was a prestigious scientist involved in the Institute’s science and research wing, and was not permitted to take Dreyfus’ mother, a common shopkeeper, as a wife. The two held a long forbidden relationship, however, when Dreyfus was born, his father’s fallacy was discovered and she was carried off by Valoran officials, never to be seen again.

    Dreyfus’ father was punished for his deed by a short suspension from the Institute, but he was allowed to keep his son Dreyfus, thanks to his astounding reputation among the Institute and his numerous and powerful contributions to their work.

    Dreyfus grew up among one of the finest and wealthiest communities in Valora, where his father owned a private manor given to him by the King for his outstanding contributions to the Institute’s science wing. He lived a sheltered life amidst the gated community, unaware of the corruption and unrest that plagued Valora.

    However, when Dreyfus was 16, his father disappeared as well. The young Valoran was quickly picked up by the Institute and he became a part of the Institute’s science wing as a replacement for his father.

    Dreyfus quickly found that while he lacked any sort of magical ability, be loved working in the science and research wing. Keeping his lack of magical abilities quiet, he continued to work at the Institute for many, many years, making significant contributions to the Institute much like his father did.

    When Dreyfus reached 38, however, he was finally released from the Institute’s science and research wing on the grounds of having no magical ability. Disheartened, yet still persistent, Dreyfus smuggled out some equipment and began to conduct his own freelance research from his own home.

    He continued his personal studies for 4 years after being released from the Institute before he was discovered. By the time the authorities found his freelance research and studies, he had made a significant amount of progress on his work. The authorities confiscated his materials to deliver back to the Institute and sentenced Dreyfus to exile.
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