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  • Dante Blackheart Oct 20, 2013

    Dante Blackheart
    » NAME Dante Blackheart
    » ALIAS The Blackheart
    » AGE 36
    » BIRTH DATE 12th of First Seed
    » BIRTH PLACE Rihad, Hammerfell
    » BIRTH SIGN The Lord
    » ORIGIN Redguard
    » CLASS Assault / Guerrilla
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6’2”
    » WEIGHT 189 lbs
    » BMI 24.0
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION the New Aldwyr Coalition
    » RELIGION Not religious
    » HABITS Cracking his knuckles, fiddling with his knives
    » HOBBIES Excessive training, chewing on tobacco


    » HAIR Shaved
    » FACIAL HAIR Bushy black goatee
    » EYE COLOR Royal, navy blue
    » SKIN COLOR Typical Redguard skin
    » BUILD Brawny, robust
    » SCARS A profound scar running along his jawline, usually covered by his facial hair; many other scars dot his body, arms and legs
    » ATTIRE Worn, rugged combat fatigues, camouflaged jacket and trousers worn over light undergarments, faded from extensive use. The sleeves of the jacket are torn off, and the fatigues are riddled with rips and tears from combat.
    » GEAR a multitude of blades and knifes, sheathed in many places in his fatigues; an IMI Galil ARM; a FN FAL Battle Rifle; two Glock 19s.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Dutiful, persevering, determined, observant, quiet
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Cold, ruthless, merciless, scheming
    » LIKES Knives, freedom from control
    » DISLIKES The Imperial Meridian, The Thalmor Continium
    » FEARS himself
    » ASPIRATIONS to end the Presilium Wars and the monopolies over the precious mineral, defeat the seemingly corrupt superpowers

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Dante prefers to fight in close quarters with blades and knives. He is very fascinated with them, and as such, is very skilled in their use. However, not all situations warrant the use of such close quarters weapons, so he is also proficient with assault rifles, along with sidearms.

    » SKILLS


    » Guerrilla Warfare – Dante has become very skilled in using the environment around him to his advantage in combat, learning the secrets of the landscape and manipulating it to give him and his allies an upper edge in battle. This includes the ability to camouflage himself and become part of his environment, rig traps and other hazards for defense and ambushes, and be proficient in very loosely organized combat, as most guerrilla combat tends to be.

    » Knives and Blades – Dante’s infatuation with blades and knives gives him enough reason to be a master in the use of them, whether it comes to hacking or slashing, or throwing them.


    » Marksmanship – Not able to use knives and blades for every combat situation, Dante realizes that the use of conventional guns and weaponry is a must for a soldier in the Presilium Wars.


    » BEFORE BIRTH –Dante’s parents, Sahin and Ria Blackheart, were both very poor miners who found work in the deep mines outside Rihad, slaving away deep below the surface to dig up minerals for the Thalmor Continium. Eventually, Ria found herself pregnant with Dante, and was unable to work in the mines due to the pregnancy. Her superiors in the Continium did not like this, so they imprisoned her, executing her once Dante was born.

    » CHILDHOOD [13 years] – Dante was cared for as an infant by the Continium, as his mother had been executed and his father was busy at work in the mines, not allowed to see his son. He was trained to perform the duties of young boys in the mines at a young age; once he reached age 6, was sent down into the mines to serve his part.

    Dante finally met his father down in the mines, who had become a very prominent figure in the subversive groups of miners. Dante worked in the mines diligently, performing his duties without question.

    Many years later, his father, Sahin, hatched a plan that was months, even years in the making. He started a revolt among the miners, which spread throughout the entire mine where Dante and Sahin worked within. The Continium tried their hardest to quash the revolt, but were unable to suppress the miners’ rebellion. Dante, now 13 years old, followed his father as they escaped Rihad and ran to the hills of western Cyrodiil.

    » TEENAGE YEARS [7 years?] –In the hills of western Cyrodiil, Sahin began to train Dante in the art of close quarters combat with knives and blades. The two lived simple lives along the Hammerfell-Cyrodiil border with several of Sahin’s conspirators from back in the mines.

    Dante’s life in western Cyrodiil was very simple and nondescript until the Presilium Wars began. Once the Imperial Meridian and Thalmor Continium entered the struggle for complete control over the rare mineral, Dante’s life took a drastic turn. His father disappeared suddenly, leaving Dante alone with a handful of his father’s friends, all of which were very skilled in combat and harboring a hate for the two superpowers. Dante, influenced by Sahin’s friends, decided to form a coalition dedicated to the ending of the Presilium Wars and the sharing of the precious mineral – the New Aldwyr Coalition.

    Since then, Dante has led the New Aldwyr Coalition, using guerrilla warfare and brutal tactics to try to inflict as much damage on the superpowers as possible and seizing shipments of Presilium in an attempt to dissuade the powers from continuing this conflict and agree to share the mineral.

    * It was somewhat difficult to figure out a chronological order for everything, as I’m not really sure when the Wars began, how long they have been going on for, or anything of the like. So, the ages and such are pretty arbitrary, the only thing that matters is that Dante is now 36 and in charge of the Coalition since he formed it.

    The New Aldwyr Coalition

    The New Aldwyr Coalition is a loosely organized organization of soldiers who believe in the sharing of Presilium and the ending of the Presilium Wars. The leader, and founder, of the Coalition is Dante Blackheart, a hardy and rugged Redguard who has seen his fair share of combat.

    The New Aldwyr Coalition, or NAC for short, has no specific ranking system aside from a panel of handpicked lieutenants that obey Dante and Dante alone and have jurisdiction over groups of soldiers. Aside from Dante’s lieutenants, though, there are no rankings among soldiers of the New Aldwyr Coalition.

    The New Aldwyr Coalition’s tactics are centered on guerrilla warfare, as the loose band of soldiers would stand no chance in a true war front against the superpowers. They use the environment to their advantage, constructing traps and other contraptions that aid them in their encounters with platoons of Imperial or Thalmor soldiers. The NAC often tracks down and ambushes convoys carrying Presilium, sometimes even going as far as raiding Presilium mines.

    The NAC’s fire-base is located along the Cyrodiil-Hammerfell border, and isn’t much of a base at all. Consisting of mazes of underground tunnels and bunkers, it is almost impossible to locate from the surface, and covers a massive area underground.
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