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  • Cruven & Atesa Hawklight Dec 2, 2013

    Cruven Hawklight
    Nord Barbarian Bandit Lord
    Basic Information
    Name: Cruven Hawklight
    Age: 31
    Birth Place: Dawnstar, Skyrim
    Birth Sign: Lord
    Origin/Race: Nord
    Class: Barbarian (Two Handed Warrior)
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Married
    Properties: The Hawk's Nest (Cave on a mountain next to Dawnstar)
    Affiliations: Companions, Blood Horkers, Blackblood Marauders, The Screeching Hawk
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: 9 divines
    Patron Deity: Arkay
    Family: Wife
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Reliable, Romantic
    Negative Traits: Easily Angered, Impatient, Greedy
    Likes: Food, Alchool, Money, His Wife
    Dislikes: Arrogant People, Horkers
    Fears: Magic
    Quirks: Holds his palm thightly when he's angry, sometimes he forgets he's holding something and breakes the said object.
    Two Handed
    Heavy Armor, Blocking
    Alchemy, Speech
    Health: High
    Height: 1.93 meeters
    Weight: 83 kilograms
    Build: Atheltic, Strong, Overly Muscular
    Eye Color: Deep Blue
    Tattoos: Tribal Tatto on cheeks

    Armor: Steel Armor with Dwarven accents, very heavy and very durable.
    Weapons: The Executioner - An enchanted ebony battleaxe(Drain Health)
    Tactics: Cruven stays at a fair distance as he throws heavy blows at the enemy, constantly backing up or moving in circles. He's also skilled at blocking and at breaking the enemies's defence. However if there is one thing he can't fight, that is magic.
    Cruven was born in dawnstar, both of his parrents were sailors, and they didn't stayed with him as much as they should have. At the age of 15 he went to see the sea for the first time, and the ship was ambushed by pirates. Both of Cruven's parrents died, and the pirates kept him as a prize. He learned to fight in the ship, and made much more friends then he had in downstar, however that wouldn't keep him from getting his revenge. At the age of 18 a mutiny occured on the ship, and Cruven was named the new captain. However he saw a catch on land, not only on sea. He formed a group of bandits - The Screeching Hawk, that terrorized cities from the north of Skyrim. However he could only do one thing at once, fighting on both sea and land exhausted him, almost to the point where he was to sell his entire fleet to other pirates. However at the age of 22 he met the love of his life, Atesa, whom he married soon afterwards. She took the buisness on the sea, as Cruven took the land. As time passed he became feared as the bandit lord of the north, and along his wife, he is planning on ruling the sea and the land in the north for as long as they live.

    Atesa Hawklight
    Nord Archer Captain
    Basic Information
    Name: Atesa Wolfswift
    Alias: Atsy
    Age: 26
    Birth Place: Whiterun, Skyrim
    Birth Sign: Lady
    Origin/Race: Nord
    Class: Markswoman
    Gender: Female
    Laterality: Left Handed
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Marital Status: Married
    Properties: Hawk's Claws (frigate)
    Affiliations: Companions, Blood Horkers, Bloodbound Marrauders, The Demon of the South Seas. The Imperial Navy
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Afflictions: Lycantrophy
    Religion: 9 divines, Hircine
    Patron Deity: Hircine
    Family: Husband
    Positive Traits: Forgiving, Nice, Tolerant, Friendly, Caring
    Negative Traits: Easily Jealous, Seductive, Greedy
    Likes: A good story, Jewlery
    Dislikes: Arrogants, Politicans
    Fears: Death
    Quirks: Glumps when nervous

    Light Armor, Speech
    Enchanting, Sneak
    Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, One handed
    Height: 1.73 meeters
    Weight: 48 kilograms
    Build: Skinny
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Skin Color: [Tan, Pale etc.]
    Tattoos: Tatto on cheecks
    Armor: Elven armour, fur gloves and boots, fur hood with cloak when cold.
    Weapons: Neckhunter- An enchanted imperial bow( damage stamina), a backup glass hidden inside her quiver
    Misc: Even if she is an exceptional markswoman, Atesa uses light bows, and so she can't shoot on far distances. She fires arrows quickly and rarely missess her target.
    Atesa was born on the companions, and as she grew up she happened to be remarkable with the bow. She entered the circle when she was 17, a was a werewolf ever since. On a job in Dawnstar she met Cruven, whom she felt in love with. She left the companions back as she became a pirate, spending more time on sea then on land. Even if she has her temptations, she tries to remain loyal to Cruven and follow his wisdom, wherever it leads her.
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