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  • Cosset Beaulieu (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Nov 20, 2016


    Cosset Beaulieu

    "There was a danger about her - the pungent odour of magic best forgotten engulfed her every move, from her stares to the rising and falling of her diaphragm." -Ysarth the watcher

    Alias: None

    Sexuality: Not defined and I'm quite sure asking would elicit and odd look and an uncomfortable exit from the current conversation.

    Marital status: Single

    Occupation: Is compiling information in the written form as many scholars tend to do on oddities, anomalies, and just generally unrecorded subjects across Skyrim. She will also take on the odd jobs that strike her fancy in the moment and procures a decent quantity of coin this way, this vary from the usual adventurers grind to simple jobs of enchanting.

    Residence: Obviously enough to those that would be privy to any kind of information as to her living quarters she would have some sort of space within the bounds of the college of Winterhold, though in truth she rarely passed within its bounds and occupies different inns for ever varying reasons and durations. Her family once owned land, far from these parts. She does not return to it if it does still exist in their names. Speaking of family...

    Family: The "Manmeri" has no family to speak of or perhaps simply chooses not to speak of them. Especially to you, stranger that you are.

    Affiliations: She is certainly affiliated with the college of Winterhold as is made obvious by the ever popular response to those that pry: "I'm on college business." Whether she is or not at the time is another affair entirely.

    Note-worthy Personal Relationships:N/A (Open for editing)

    Political Views: "Neither side is without fault, this is clear. However, more important than any small detail is this; the war must end. One way or another."

    Religion: Beyond facts the woman trusts very little and so is selective of her belief and certainly does not rely on anything outside of her own tenacity to carry her through life.

    Affliction/Disease/Ailments: Is plagued with a suspected "Paranoid Personality Disorder"


    When decorated with war paint it is a dusty blue that flows in fluid lines over her skin, running from her face and disappearing from her neck into the hidden parts of her body.


    The Breton is slight in stature, as is in line with the general standards of her people, standing at roughly 5'3. Though she is a traveler, an adventurer and spends much of her time moving about she has so far avoided the squaring of feminine features that often comes to those with heavy weapons and even heavier armor. Her body has a decidedly soft, womanly shape about it despite good muscle tone. Generous curves and ample bust only further this popular opinion, though in no way are used to draw attention. She has a natural conservative way about her, perhaps stemming from the fluid cloth that adorns her and finds her covered, though not hidden.

    Contrary to the subtly hidden figure her face demands attention. It is framed by a halo of soft caramel curls touched with varying shades of blonde and in its darkest parts, the slightest hints of a copper auburn colouring. These stray strands tend to fall to the sides as well as in front of her face demanding to be tucked behind slightly pointed ears. Her own pigment is slightly deeper than a majority of her kin being a healthy lightly sun-kissed colour. The sun had also gifted her a sprinkle of hardly visible freckles dotting sparsely her button nose along with the warm glow. The eyes, filled with a brilliant fire burning under thick lashes, hold many a tint that mingle for a rather beautiful show. The base colour of the iris is a pale blue nestled tightly within a ring of deep indigo. Spirling throughout the colours is a network of webs white as snow, and finally, a rather large brown spot occupies the inner corner of the left eye. A small oddity but still they smile still just as jovially as any other set when called to meet a smile passing over the plump soft rose lips. That being said, this isn't the most common of looks. Her eyes tend to look somehow haunted, the lips often pulled to one side in concentration or contemplation.

    Voice: Dulcet


    In short, she is no simpleton. The layers and depth of character are vast and often elusive and tainted by hidden mental illness. As an overreaching rule, Cosset is an intellectual to the point of being astonishingly bright and subscribes to logic as most other scholars would do, though individual logic may be tainted. For this reason, she finds shelter within facts and unbiased observation, obviously contributing to her current fields of study. She appreciates any sage though reacts aggressively to her own brainpower being challenged, questioned any perceived threat to it. She also does not stand for others belittling her either as you may have been able to deduce. These are some of her most evident traits to any acquaintance. However beneath the surface, and all other traits aside,a sickness festers.

    A deep seeded paranoia stalks every conversation, every reflection that mirrors in her eyes of those around her. There, behind the icy eyes,a basic lack of trust lives entrenched. She harbors no belief in the commitments, promises, or general trustworthiness of others and in every word sees an attack on her person, a hidden meaning that may be nothing more than a ghost. These perceived wounds are met with no less than swift and unforgiving retaliation often paired with a long-held grudge. If not one can be assured that she is plotting her next calculated move, simply waiting for the right moment. All of this suspicion makes relaxation a difficult goal to achieve and a dangerous and unpredictable host. The process of acting upon such suspicions can happen with little to no notice and lack all mercy. One might go from jovial laughter to having a knife in between their ribs, it is a secret peril that is all too real.

    Positive Traits: Highly intelligent, Open-minded to diversity, Fiercely passionate

    Negative Traits: Unpredictable, Paranoid, Untrusting, Detached, Hostile


    • Cold drinking water & hot cider
    • Intellect. Charm. Are they not one in the same?
    • Literature, scholarly primarily.
    • Soft materials and luxurious furs
    • Overly deep bodies of water, especially those with strong or unpredictable currents.
    • Dullards and their ilk.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



    Cosset is without question a pure mage. A great wielder of destruction magic the woman prefers the element of fire and uses a great variety of fire-based spells when in the throes of battle. Whether it be a blast of flame or a rune placed carefully there is a tendency to get somewhat lost in the heat of those more involved altercations. Therefore those around her are suggested to carry caution in more intense situations.

    Other schools of magic may be called upon as she possesses a firm grasp on these however the parallel to destruction, restoration, is her second strongest field of study. Providing balance in this way she is able to both heal her own body and those of her compatriots. This makes her a valuable asset to a team or group setting, at least on paper.

    One peculiarity that is worth mentioning is the odd way in which her body reacts to depleted magicka stores. One might notice that this individual seems to be able to push beyond what would be a proper estimate for her capacity, however, it also appears to take a great toll on her body. Once the stores are depleted she begins to draw on her own health, replacing the magicka. It is a dangerous trade-off, though with the combination of restoration and high damage output it is clearly a boon.



    Major Skills:

    • Destruction
    • Restoration
    • Alteration
    • Unarmed Combat
    Other Noteable Skills:
    • Sneaking
    • Varying degrees of all other schools of Magic
    • One Handed
    • Enchanting

    Weapons: A number of finely made daggers, hidden on her person.

    As a majority of those mages dedicated to the study of magic the young Breton is rarely if ever seen without her robes. That being said the robes that swaddle her form are in no way ordinary. The fabric that makes up the custom-made, tailored garments are of astounding quality, the craftsmanship being equally impressive. Blue dominates the landscape of the cloth, a colouring mimicking that of the faded paint found upon the shields of Winterhold. Woven into the folds are accents of white and pale silver embroidered threading. All buckles and other hardware fade seamlessly with this scheme, being silver themselves.

    Upon the vestments is the handiwork of the mage herself. With an impressive handle on the process of enchanting the robes are heavily enchanted with 2 enchantments each. Everyone revolves around her favored schools of magic rather than regenerations of magicka. This pairs well with her rather odd style of magicka regeneration. A glint of a fine silver chain disappearing to hide within the cover of her clothing also suggest jewelry of some sort, claiming health properties rather than those of magicka.

    Laterality: Ambidextrous

    Inventory: (COMING SOON)


    Attached Files:

  • Black Orchid
  • Hlíf 'Ulfr
  • Black Orchid
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