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  • Character Card for Sebek Mar 20, 2013

    Pronunciation: "seh-beck"
    Race: Snow Elf
    Class: Necromage
    Gender: Male/Female

    • 6', slender, small-framed.
    • Chest-length platinum-blonde hair
    • Sharp, slanted eyes, icy-blue with black sclera.
    • Long pointed face, narrow nose


    Sebek is a dark, brooding individual who keeps his emotions and business close to his black little heart. He tends to mask his brooding demeanor with outward jolliness. He may not look it, but his heart is heavy; he mourns for his race and laments the facts that he has no idea where he came from, how to came to Skyrim, and that the Snow Elf race might very well end with him. So he jests in the company of others, but broods when left to himself. If he really ends up in a dark place, he is liable to simply snap on the nearest being that bothers him. Any other time, he will do just about anything to keep anyone from asking too many personal questions. He does play around in his female form from time to time, indulging in all races and sexes, including the beasts, sometimes for fun, others for profit. He has no friends, and it doubtful he ever will. The bleakness of his own future, his art, and vampirism are natural repellents so he doesn’t allow anyone closer than a usual tool would be.


    It's a LONG story. (Separate blog entry; explains that Male/Female thing, though.)

    • Conjuration (Master)
    • Illusion (Expert)
    • Speech (Adept)
    • Destruction (Expert)
    • His armor is a modified vampire royal set, with a cloak instead of a cape, and a crimson silk triple cravat. He fancies himself a gentleman.
    • He has half-inch moonstone gauges in both ears.
    • He desires to serve the Dark Brotherhood, but has no idea how to find them.
    • His female side is a complete harlot with no shame. As a vampire, he has no fear of diseases.
    • Though he never says so, and you’d never guess, he loves children, and would love to have a family if it weren’t totally impossible.
    • He would never, ever hurt a woman or a child who engaged him in combat, even if armed. He would seek to disarm and escape. Contracts are different. Work is work, after all.
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