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  • (Bramwell) Snippet: 1 Jun 7, 2015

    A single eerie note sounded from high above and all those who were not working paused to listen. The note soon became a melody, haunted but beautiful filtering down with the gentle rays of light from above. She turned to look through the grey stone doorway in to the grand circular room which was at the center of all the castles pathways. It was from the balcony above that the mysterious musician played.
    I did not know you had need of a bard at castle Dawnguard” she quipped with little effort given to hide the judgment and confusion on her face. Sorine simply smiled and looked away from the travelers probing stare and towards the sound.

    We do not.” She stated calmly, ignoring the tone of the comment completely. This dismissal generated a rather exasperated reaction from the visitor who only moments before had been asking to trade with the expert marksman.
    Well what’s that noise then?” She retorted moving her hands to rest on her hip.
    That, well,” she returned her now slightly amused visage to the imperial “That would be Bram.
    With a slight shake of her head the woman waved away the conversation, seeing that it would lead to no desirable end. The two returned to their conversation, halted by the note only moments before as the sounds of the forge and the music of the lute continued steadily in the background.
    (To Be Edited.)
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