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  • Azar Harif - Revisited Mar 3, 2014

    Azar Harif

    · Full Name: Azar Harif
    ·Capital City: Mezekesh
    ·Affiliated Cities: Sandstone, Guardian
    ·Symbol/Flag: The Scorpion
    · Colors: Black Scorpion on Yellow, Orange and Red
    · Government Structure: Federal Monarchy
    · Head of State: Sultan Andromolek Dakhlar
    ·Population: ~28,000
    · Race: Developing Ixan (ick-sehn)
    · Religion: No strong, unifying religion established yet


    Amidst the destruction and devastation of the End War, a group of exiles embarked on a dangerous journey. Setting out from the besieged Imperial City, where they were banished from for reasons unknown, this small band of Imperials trekked across a war-torn and ravaged Tamriel, their eyes set on the unforgiving deserts of Hammerfell.

    The journey was a perilous one, and not short of casualties, but at last, they reached their destination—the Alik’r Desert, where they would settle down and build a civilization of their own. As the End War drew to a disastrous close, leaving the entire continent a chaotic and disheveled mess, these Imperials, through blood and sweat, had already begun the foundations of a kingdom.

    Years ahead of the rest of Tamriel’s survivors, these Imperials lived and built, secluded to the harsh desert, separated from the remainder of the continent by leagues of unending sand and unbearable heat. There, in the middle of the desert, the Imperials built a great city—Mezekesh.

    Somehow the Imperials were able to survive and prosper in this great city perched upon a massive rock outcropping, surrounded by rolling dunes of sand. Somehow they were able to provide food and wares for themselves. Somehow they were able to create a self-sustaining environment within the walls of the commanding city of Mezekesh, surrounded by a hostile desert teeming with strange beasts and creatures born out of the Fall.

    Eventually the Imperials expanded. They built the city of Sandstone from the ruins of the old world city Hegathe, and the city of Guardian from the ruins of the old world city Sentinel. Collectively, the three cities and all the empty, desolate dunes in between became known as Azar Harif.

    Relations and Diplomacy

    Azar Harif survives and thrives in absolute isolation. Unwilling and uninterested in exploring the world outside of their home in the Alik’r Desert, the people of Azar Harif live independently. The leaders of Azar Harif are not interested in what lies beyond the bounds of the Alik'r and the borders of their own kingdom, and have thus far avoided any potential contact with outsiders. Weary of disturbing the balanced utopia they have created, leaders have agreed to continue to uphold isolationist policies for as long as they see fit.


    Azar Harif operates on a federal monarchy system. Each city has its own Emir, who controls that city’s affairs and runs independently of the other two cities. Over these three Emirs is the Sultan, who lords over the entire kingdom, with the power to make any decisions or act in any way he wishes.

    While the Sultan has ultimate jurisdiction over matters within the kingdom, the regional Emirs deal with their own city's issues separately, with the Sultan able to intervene should he see it fit. For the most part, though, the Sultan has left the Emirs to their own devices, allowing them to rule their domains as they see fit, as long as they do not threaten the integrity of the kingdom as a whole.

    Lands, Cities and Regions


    Simply put, Azar Harif controls the entirety of the Alik’r Desert, and nothing else. Wherever there is sand, there is Azar Harif. There are three cities/regions within Azar Harif: Mezekesh, Sandstone and Guardian.

    Mezekesh is where it all began. Rising from the dunes on a commanding rock outcropping in the center of the Alik’r Desert, Mezekesh is a massive city. Built from sandstone and adobe brick, it is a very cultured and luxurious city, with gorgeous and elegant architecture reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Often referred to as the “Jewel of the Desert,” Mezekesh has already distinguished itself as a hub for philosophy, science and learning, comparable to Florence during the Italian Renaissance or the Ottoman Empire's Golden Age under Suleiman the Magnificent.

    Sandstone, the second city to rise from the sands of the Alik’r, is in many ways similar to Mezekesh. Built atop a large bluff overlooking the ocean, the city is home to the main port of Azar Harif. Rising from the ruins of the old world city of Hegathe, Sandstone takes on many of the same aspects that the old city once had, before being obliterated during the Fourth Siege of Hegathe in the beginning stages of the End War. Sandstone is known for its fishing industry, where a large majority of the food for Azar Harif comes from.

    Guardian, the most recently constructed city, is wildly different from Mezekesh or Sandstone. Built over the ruins of the old world city Sentinel, Guardian could be described as more of a fortress than a city. While contained within the thick walls of Guardian is a city of reasonable size, it is accompanied by a massive, guarded complex that leaves numerous questions among the residents of the city surrounding it.

    While the endless dunes surrounding the cities are officially deemed territory of Azar Harif, they roam with hostile creatures and strange desert-dwelling beasts seemingly born out of the Fall, with unknown origins. A very dangerous place to travel, by day and by night, the desert not immediately occupied by the cities has been unofficially deemed "the Wastelands" due to its many dangers and difficult terrain.


    Realizing the need for some sort of force to support their isolationist policy and uphold the integrity of their nation, rulers throughout the years of Azar Harif’s existence have always prioritized military. Composed of legions of well-disciplined and extensively trained spearmen, swordsmen and archers, Azar Harif’s military is very developed and well-equipped, and with close to half of the population of Azar Harif enlisted and trained, prepared to fight, the kingdom is ready to protect itself and eliminate any possible outside threats.


    Azar Harif’s culture is one of richness and diversity that seems to vary immensely from city to city. Within the walls of Mezekesh, culture flourishes, and the fine arts are well-practiced and prided in. Music, art and education are important tenets of Mezekeshi society, which is very reminiscent of old Arabic society (Ottoman Empire). Sandstone, while very similar to Mezekesh in regards to culture, often places less value on the fine arts, and is usually a haven for the middle class, who prefer to steer clear of the refinement of the higher class of Mezekesh. Within the walls of Guardian one will find the least emphasis on culture and class. Rather confined to simple pleasures, the citizenry of Guardian care little of refined arts and culture of their sister cities.

    However contrasting the three cities may seem in regards to their class and population makeup and the level of interesting in refined liberal arts, they are still held together by common beliefs shared throughout every citizen and a unifying belief in the integrity of their kingdom. The people of Azar Harif are hardworking and persevering, being taught from the generations before them that life is nothing without effort. However, despite this seemingly serious and strict tenet, simple pleasures and compassion towards yourself is also valued. These conflicting beliefs often create issues within society, as this balance of hard work and pleasure is difficult to reach without becoming more of one side of the spectrum than the other. This balance of hard work and self-serving pleasure that plays such a huge part in the society of Azar Harif has been identified as the "Mende Cycle" by Mezekeshi philosophers.

    The unifying belief of integrity and the wish for a separated, isolated utopia to escape from the rest of the world are the founding principles of Azar Harif's foreign isolationist policy. People of Azar Harif are very loyal to one another and to their kingdom, thankful for the haven it has provided throughout the dark times of the End War and the Fall. Therefore, people of Azar Harif are weary of outsiders and hostile towards those who are not a part of their people or society.

    Throughout all of Azar Harif, the population is predominantly Ixan. Ixan people are Imperials, but with inherently darker skin hues, much like the tan of the people of the Middle East. While this separate race of people has not quite developed as of yet (in regard to appearance), the process has started thanks to the original exiles and founders of Mezekesh, who left their homeland in Cyrodiil for the scorching Alik’r Desert, where the sun tanned their natural olive skin. A few generations later, the inherently darker skin hue is just beginning to develop among the newborns and youth. Perhaps in a few more decades the Ixan race will be fully developed, and these people, along with the cultural identity they have developed, as well as an infant, unique, slowly growing and maturing language, are on their way to establishing their own ethnicity.

    Along with the developing Ixan majority is a small Redguard minority, consisting of Redguard survivors of the End War who stumbled across the budding kingdom of Azar Harif in a desperate search for shelter before perishing in the Alik'r. Of the 28,000 that live in Azar Harif, about 21,000 are Ixan and 7,000 are Redguard.


    The Silver Spears (Damankhena) – Loyal bodyguards to the Sultan. They are elite warriors, with deadly proficiency in the use of spears, selected from the best of the best of Azar Harif’s military. Also known as the Daman'khena, in Harifi.
    The Brotherhood of Mezekesh – A guild of seasoned and studious scholars well versed in the arts. Reside in the Institution of Knowledge, located in Mezekesh.
    Vekhi'azka - Small collection of subversive scouts and spies. Tasked with maintaining domestic integrity and monitoring borders for signs of outsiders. Roughly translates to 'The Snakes of Wrath'.

    Major Figures
    Sultan Andromolek Dakhlar – Sultan of Azar Harif, the Scorpion, a charming, yet hostile and militaristic man.
    Queen Arri Dakhlar – Queen of Azar Harif, wife of Andromolek, a beautiful, seductive woman.
    Jericho Dakhlar – Heir to the throne, a hotheaded, emotional teen.
    Belisari Dakhlar – Jericho’s twin sister, obedient and playful.

    Vizier Theben Ramses –Sultan Andromolek's chief vizier, or adviser. A young, vigorous man with undying loyalty to the Sultan.

    Emir Thuran Ryk – Emir of Guardian, a dutiful and loyal man who takes his duties seriously.
    Emir Marwan Kahlez – Emir of Sandstone, a carefree and debaucherous man who enjoys himself.
    Emir Baharya Thebes – Emir of Mezekesh, an old, wise scholar. He is very passionate in his love for the arts.

    Avaris Myzeka – High General of Azar Harif’s military. He is a brilliant tactician and gifted spearman. Great-grandson of Anzi, the legendary Imperial who led the first people of Azar Harif to the Alik'r to first found their kingdom.
    Amadeus Dzhar – A prominent scholar in the Brotherhood, very well versed in the arts, cultured and wise.
    Xeg - Head of the Vekhi'azka. Ominous, eerie, a very strange and unsettling character. Not much is known of his origins or personal life.
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