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  • Ardin Wolf's-bane. Jan 25, 2013

    Name: Ardin Wolfs-Bane (pronounced air-din)
    Age: 25
    Birthdate 8th of Frostall
    Class:Warrior, archery, healing

    Likes: Reading, training, people he cares about, and occasionally enjoys a good drink along with a good fight

    Looks: Ardin is a mountain of a man, 6'6, 240 and one hell of a pain tolerance. He has black hair down to his neck with four braids, two on each side, he also has a large scratch across the rightside of his face. His brown eyes are very loving and comforting to his friends,fiery and strong to his enemies. His hair and facial are well kept.

    Personality:He is quite and can be very serious. To his friends he is very loving and caring, will listen to you if you need someone to talk to and won't judge. He is extremely loyal to his friends and often have their backs in and out of battle. He always tries to accept your views and opinions. Ardin can be very stubborn and does argue a lot, but in the end he is quite caring,funny, and sincere.Ardin while open, is more introverted. He is however, very open and talkative around his friends. He is very open around his best friends

    Skills: Master: One handed, block, heavy armor
    Expert: Smithing, Restoration

    Misc: Lots of stories surround the last name. Some say he fought a pack of wolves off, some say he was a illegimate son of hircine, some say he fought off a werewolf(Story varies based off who you ask. The weapon often's changes, in some cases it was his bare hands, others his sword, and even some with a tree branch!(ardin's favorite). Ardin has a brother. His brother's name is Hendrikk, they were quite close, always having each others backs in and out of battle.His best friends is Avia'Cael, a wood elf he met while in Valenwood scouting and sharpening his archery skill.

    Family history:Ardin was born to a family of warriors/healers. His father fought in the great war while his mother was a healer in it as well. Thats how Odvar and Aliea met. They have been in madly in love ever since. Ardin at a young age showed interest in reading, the sword and bow, and writing. Now his father showed him all he knew in sword combat and some in archery whereas his mother taught him how to read and write.

    The Traveling Sword:Ardin joined a pack of roaming warriors and law bringers called The traveling Sword( often shortened as "The Sword"). There he met a handful of warriors, archers, and so fourth of like minded people who believed in justice and protection of innocents that were ignored by the law. He also met his best friend Avia'Cael, a female wood elf that saw injustice daily in Valenwood and in her travels.Over the times and years, Avia and Ardin became very close. There was people from all walks of life, an Orc warrior, a reguard spellsword, a nord warrior, a Khajiit archer with two elven daggers, Avia'cael, a master with the bow and her blade, Breton healer with a nac(and Obsession really) with daggers, a dark elf spellbow, and Ardin himself. Ardin and Avia grew very close over the years. They have a "romance enkindling". Their travels took them far and wide, from Skyrim to Cryodiil, and Cryodill to morrowind, morrowind to hammerfell,Elsweyr, and every place in between. They loved the adventure and bringing peace and justice to places where the law ignores or isn't present. They often deal with corrupted offcials, bandits, thieves. A few times they even dealt with a elite group of mercenaries called "The Black band". The black bands consists of warriors, mages, archers, and just flat out sadistic animals. The black band is leaded by Jullius"Wolff" Aventius, an imperial veteran from the great war that was discharged for his war crimes.

    "The red sleep": On a cold night, the group set up camp, told stories of triumph, love,( both are Ardin's favorites) humor, lust, and horror.They also ate, sang, drank. Finally after some time, they all finally fell asleep. Thats when it began. a scouting party of the black band was stalking the sword for quite some time. After the battle at mistwatch, the black band wanted blood. Both sides lost men. The scouting party was made up of two archers, an breton rogue, a nord warrior, Wolff's second in command, Hemsley Cold-eye and Wolff himself. Cold-eye served with Wolff many times, both as animalistic as they come, they were tried at the same time for their war crimes. The archers took care of the sentries with one shot each, then the rogue came in to deal with any sleeping guard, guards to far in the camp, and the sleeping members. The breton rogue loves blood, and the feel of the blade against the skin. The Rogue started off with dar'zhii the Khajiit, solely based off hate. She made it a slow but clean kill, sinking the blade deeper than necessary. She then made quick work of the orc knowing he would a hassle and impossible to kill. The archers had already killed Cristar(the nord) and dar'zhii, and now Lhorbul. She then moved on to Avia. The blade met Avia's skin, the rogue raised her hand, but she stopped. She felt a sharp pain in her back, there was a steak knife in her and Ardin after he threw it. It was all hell after the fighting began. Ardin grabbed his sword and sank into the rogue. At this point Hendrikk and the surviving members. Hendrikk was fighting the black band's warrior while Avia and Brinala(the redguard) took care of the archers. More came, more died. After some time, there was just the sword, Wolff and Hemsley. The redguard charged in and Ardin blocked with his sword pushed him back, and then hacked his head off, no challenge at all. Ardin shifted his attention to wolff, while Hendrikk fought with hemsley. " You think you can kill me, you filthy nord?", Wolff said to Ardin. " I killed five of your guys last time. Not to mention my friends and brother's kill count" wolff charged swinging his glass war axe, Ardin was moving and swaying like it was nothing. Then Wolff just started landing swing after swing, Ardin did block a few, and sliced wolff's leg, but Wolff got him in the leg and chest. Wolff started taunting Ardin by hitting him with the broad side of the sword, and just deflecting the hits he dished out. After a long battle, Ardin got the upper hand and right as wolff was about to sink his blade into ardin, Ardin grabbed a tree branch, blocked the attack and stabbed wolff through the leg. He rose up and put his sword to Wolff's neck. Wolff muttered these last words," Even if you kill me, I have already won in the end" and with that Ardin sliced off his head. Hendrikk on the other hand, was more merciful, sending Hemsley out without a hand.

    Prairie fire of sun's dusk:The fight was over and the sword had won, it was time to go back home( Ardin and Avia would make the trip to valenwood to sharpen his archery skills and to "drop off" Avi.) But what Ardin came home too, was nothing but horrific. His home was on fire his dad fighting four mercenaries, and turn his father was struck down. His mom tried healing Odvar, but was killed by Hemsley himself. Ardin, Hendrikk, and Avi fought and killed everyone even hemsley. In the end all they have is each other. After all that Ardin and Avia decided they needed to take a break for the sake of hiding and safety from the black band. The black band hasn't found them or tried to since
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