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  • Andrew Hadvir Dec 20, 2013

    Name:Andrew Hadvir
    Alias:The Kid, The Tamer
    Race: Nord
    Family:Crystal, His Mother. Zack, his younger brother.
    Personality:Very rash in stressful situations, He is very loyal and will keep his word, Kind towards his friends but is shy to new people.
    Religion: Divines
    Expert: One handed
    Adept: Lute playing, Light armour
    Bio: Andrew lived with his Mother and brother untill he was 6, but he hated how everything was handed to him and decided he would leave to skyrim and learn how life can really be. On his journey he befriended people that have greatly impacted his life, like a blacksmith who crafted the sword he uses today, Or the woman who taught him how to play a lute. They all helped a stranger, and even though he is shy, he trys to repay the debt that he owes to the world.

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