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  • Alleras the Sphinx - Vigilum Draconis Sep 7, 2013

    Alleras the Sphinx
    (yes, I know it's a celebrity. It's the best depiction I could find)
    » NAME Alleras
    » ALIAS The Sphinx
    » AGE 29
    » BIRTH DATE 12th of Last Seed
    » BIRTH PLACE Bravil, Cyrodiil
    » BIRTH SIGN The Warrior
    » RACE Half Imperial, Half Redguard (considers himself an Imperial)
    » CLASS Marksman / Ranger
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6’3”
    » WEIGHT 171 pounds
    » BMI 21.4
    » LATERALITY Ambidextrous
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES House in Bravil
    » AFFILIATION Vigilum Draconis
    » AFFLICTIONS Substance Addiction
    » RELIGION Atheist
    » HABITS Polishing his utility dagger, fiddling with his bowstring
    » HOBBIES Throwing apples into the air and skewering them with arrows for practice, getting high on skooma and moon sugar

    » HAIR LENGTH Medium length, curly, falls to around his ears
    » HAIR COLOR Jet black
    » FACIAL HAIR Jet black goatee
    » EYE COLOR Black
    » SKIN COLOR Dark brown skin, a happy medium between the dark skin of Redguards and the chestnut skin of Imperials
    » BUILD Moderately slender, yet with toned muscles
    » SCARS Small scar along his brow, usually concealed by his hair
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] — When not donning his reinforced leather ranger armor, his usual garb is a loose black tunic with a pair of simple trousers.
    » ATTIRE [COMBAT] — Pictured. Image is not mine.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Light-hearted, friendly, persistent, serious and focused under pressure, comely, likes to joke, relaxed
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Hedonistic, debaucherous, can be cruel and cold in certain situations, sarcastic; when high, careless and strung out
    » LIKES Women, drinking, archery, apples, skooma, moon sugar, heights
    » DISLIKES Bandits, magic, especially necromancy and the dark arts, religion
    » FEARS Magic, missing a shot
    » ASPIRATIONS Though Alleras does not have very many long term aspirations, one simple goal of his is to be the best marksman he can be. He expects much of himself in combat and often beats himself up when he makes a mistake, grievous or not.

    Alleras is a very easy-going and friendly person, enjoying the company of others. Though he is very outgoing, he has the occasionally tendency to show his cruel and cold side. He likes to jape with others; he is very sarcastic. Also, though he is very persistent and a diligent worker, he is rather hedonistic and debaucherous, favoring the more pleasure aspects of life. Alleras is still affected by a substance addiction that he developed at a young age, which proves a difficult challenge to deal with; no matter how hard he tries to kick the addiction, it still sticks with him and the lure of skooma and moon sugar remains. When he is under the influence of drugs, he is rather careless and relaxed.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Alleras is very deft with a bow. Not only is his accuracy excellent, but he is capable of putting a good amount of force behind his shots, allowing for even more range than a standard archer. Though Alleras is very skilled with a bow, he is not a strong melee fighter, or magic wielder. Though he is able to fight in a close quarter skirmish and not be killed, his skills with melee weapons are lackluster, at best. He is inept at casting magic. Also, Alleras is not very adept at sneaking; therefore, he is a primarily combat archer, rather than a stealth archer.


    » Health – Denotes vitality and the amount of damage able to be taken.
    » Magicka – Denotes amount of magicka and the magical capacity to cast spells.
    » Stamina – Denotes amount of physical energy and the ability to perform strenuous activities.
    » Strength – Denotes physical strength and the ability to deal damage with melee attacks and block melee attacks.
    » Endurance – Denotes physical toughness, the ability to withstand pain, illness, and fatigue.
    » Agility – Denotes balance, coordination, reflex, speed, and steadiness in combat.
    » Intelligence – Denotes ability to learn, reason, plan, solve problems, strategize, ability to comprehend complex ideas and general mental capability.
    » Will – Denotes magical strength, the general ability to cast spells and magicka regeneration.
    » Spirit – Denotes mental toughness, willpower and the ability to keep fighting past fatigue, injuries and one’s own limitations.

    Health ■■■■■■□□□□
    Magicka □□□□□□□□□□
    Stamina ■■■■■■■□□□
    Strength ■■■■■□□□□□
    Endurance ■■■■■■■■□□
    Agility ■■■■■■■■■■
    Intelligence ■■■■■■■■□□
    Will □□□□□□□□□□
    Spirit ■■■■■■■□□□

    » SKILLS


    » Archery – Alleras is a very skilled archer. An almost natural talent, he has excellent accuracy with any bow and arrow, and is able to put a lot of force behind his shots, allowing him a greater range. He has a master finesse in the use of a bow, and is able to perform very well in diverse situations—whether it is lining up a distant and difficult shot, or operating in a close quarter environment.

    » Light Armor – Light armor is the only type of armor that Alleras wears. He dislikes the unnecessary bulkiness of heavy armor, not seeing much use in such protective gear, as he is an archer. Light armor is flexible, allowing for a greater drawback, and in turn, a greater range. Light armor also allows Alleras the versatility of maneuvering in many different combat scenarios, a vital skill when your primary weapon is a longbow.


    » Speech – Alleras is very friendly and light-hearted, and seems to have a natural skill regarding the interaction of others. He is able to be serious in times when it is necessary, but can joke around and jape as well.


    » Smithing – Alleras is only as proficient with a forge as he is due to his work as a blacksmith’s assistant when he was a young boy living in Bravil, and later in Skingrad. Though he does not often put this skill to use, he still retains the knowledge of the forge that he learned many years ago, when he had not discovered his deftness with a bow.


    » One-Handed – Every warrior needs a back-up plan, and one-handed weapons—specifically daggers—is Alleras’ back-up plan. He is not very skilled in the use of them, by any means, but he can handle them well enough to serve as a last resort in a tough skirmish.


    » BEFORE BIRTH – Alleras didn’t know much of his father, other than the simple fact that he was a traveling Redguard mercenary who had stayed briefly in Bravil while traveling across the Imperial province. He was supposedly a raunchy man, a drunkard who loved plundering, sex, alcohol and drugs, who had no regard for the well-being of others besides himself.

    His mother, Elia, was an Imperial wench, selling her body off to the street scum of the southern Cyrodiilic city in order to earn a meager living so she could support herself—and soon her unexpected son.

    Once Alleras’ father had lain with his mother that one fateful night, he departed the city with his companions, never to be seen again. His mother did not notice the pregnancy until it was too late to abort him using the methods of the era. Therefore, Alleras was born—purely out of luck.

    » CHILDHOOD [13 years] – Alleras did not remember much of his infant years, only that he was only cared for by his mother for a few years, before he was considered old enough to be thrown out onto the streets—around age 6. He lived a hard life on the squalid streets of Bravil, scraping by only because he quickly befriended several other poverty-stricken beggars who helped the young child survive—these friends were the ones who ended up naming him, since his mother cared not enough to give him a proper name.

    Alleras lived like this for many years, scrounging up just enough provisions to stay somewhat healthy—or at least alive. Throughout this rather dark phase of his life, Alleras became involved in many shady activities, and soon enough, he developed a quite serious addiction to several substances, such as skooma and moon sugar—substances that were not in short supply in the southern city, thanks to the large Khajiit and Argonian population.

    It wasn’t until Alleras was 12 that his life took a turn for the better and start to shape up. Somehow, he became aware of a position of apprenticeship available in one of the smithies of Bravil. Jumping at the opportunity to take a step in bettering his life, Alleras made no haste in attempting catch the ear of the blacksmith.

    Fortunately, the blacksmith, an Argonian named Ree-Zara, was rather desperate; having lost his former apprentice to a raid performed by the Renrijra Krin, and allowed the young teen to become his apprentice.

    » TEENAGE YEARS [6 years] – Alleras had absolutely no experience in the art of smithing up until he was taken in by Ree-Zara. He was an illustrious Argonian, prideful of his work; he had no problem teaching the young teen Imperial the basics of the forge.

    Alleras caught on to the basics fairly well, impressing and pleasing his master. Though he didn’t necessarily like being a blacksmith and working the forge, it was a lot better of a situation than the one he had been living just a year back, so he didn’t mind.

    Three nondescript years later, Alleras found a thrown out bow lying in an alley. Curious, he took the beat-up wooden bow and returned to the smithy to forge himself a few arrows to fire, just for the fun of seeing how awful he was at it.Surprisingly, once he had completed the set of iron arrows, mounted a makeshift target in out behind the back of the smithy, and sent an arrow whistling through the air, he discovered that he had a natural talent for archery.

    Not knowing what to do with this skill, he continued as an apprentice of Ree-Zara; he spent more and more of his free time out in the back with that aged bow and a quiver of arrows, firing bolts of wood and iron through the air to implant themselves in the target he jury-rigged.

    Several years later, when Alleras was 18, a tragic event befell the city of Bravil. The Renrijra Krin, an organization of Khajiit terrorists who were known for harassing the city of Bravil, launched an all-out offensive on the Cyrodiilic city. They stormed the city, easily dispatching the city guards, and wrecked terror and destruction upon Bravil. As the denizens of the city were slaughtered by the dozens and buildings were set to fire by ruthless Khajiits, Alleras hastily packed his belongings and barely escaped the burning city, running for the hills with the screams of the dying slowly fading away.

    For almost an entire year, Alleras wandered the countryside of Cyrodiil and even Elsweyr, half lost, and half afraid of returning to an urban center. However, Alleras suffered from serious withdrawal during this time, and was more than glad to embrace the comforts of urban life when he stumbled upon Skingrad late into his nineteenth year.

    » YOUNG ADULT YEARS [18 years] – In Skingrad, Alleras quickly found work at the local smithy, impressing the blacksmith with the skills he learned from Ree-Zara in Bravil. Earning a steady income, Alleras was able to fund his addiction and still have enough coin afterwards to purchase better quality gear—a significant step up from what he fled Bravil with.

    Alleras worked for the blacksmith for another year, tending the forges dutifully. However, he felt empty working as the blacksmith’s apprentice; as if his life calling was beckoning for him, and it wasn’t forging armors and weapons for several more decades.

    So, when Alleras turned 21, he packed up and said his farewells to the friends he had made in Skingrad before departing the city. Not sure what exactly this calling was, he began to travel from city to city, trekking through the Cyrodiilic countryside, searching.

    Somehow, his journey took him back to his former home—Bravil. It almost seemed as if it was meant to be; Alleras had a strange feeling as he gazed upon the place that he used to call home.

    The city was in the process of rebuilding from the Renrijra Krin sack, scaffolds lining the buildings, citizens hard at work restoring their home. Alleras entered the city, trying to seek out old friends or acquaintances, but so much had changed in the city following that infamous event. It didn’t take very long before the marksman realized what he must do—seek out and bring down vengeance on the terrorist organization that destroyed Bravil, and to avenge his former friends.

    Alleras set out with a fire in his heart and began searching the surrounding area for any signs or clues as to where he could locate the radical Khajiit group. It was over a half a year before he caught wind of the location of a possible Renrijra-Krin hideout. After an exhausting search, the rumor came almost as a relief for the Imperial.

    The rumored location was a small cave nestled along the Elsweyr-Cyrodiilic border, tucked away deep within the endless trees. Once Alleras had located the cave, it was quite evident that the rumor proved true, and the unnamed cave was indeed a Renrijra Krin stronghold.

    Fearless, driven by vengeance and adrenaline, blood pumping, Alleras stormed the hideout, slaughtering the Khajiit extremists with extreme precision and speed. He cleared the cave, leaving no survivors. Following the assault, Alleras returned to Bravil and notified the Count of the cave’s location before purchasing a house and settling down for good.

    The Count sent a large force of town guards to seek out the cave, but they returned shortly thereafter with reports that all of the occupants—which indeed were Renrijra Krin terrorists—had been disposed of. It was obvious to the Count whose doing it was, and Alleras was recognized as the town’s hero at age 26.

    The Emperor soon caught wind of this, and sent for Alleras, offering a position among the strongest warriors and greatest modern-day heroes of Tamriel as part of the exclusive Vigilum Draconis. He gladly accepted, and has been a part of the organization for three years now, building up a reputation and a name for himself—the Sphinx.
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