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Blog entries by Wolf

  1. I would like to introduce you to the story written in my about me page: WELL Where do I begin... I was born in the 1887 with two feet for a nose. After undergoing 4,586 operations, I finally had a real nose. I could smell for the first time! I didn't exactly like the smell though, to be...
  2. Hit up some Skyrim today, was pretty damn good. I finally got round to entering the bards college, which is kind of cool... I guess... Ended up coming across the statue thing to start the dawnbreaker quest. Finished it, and got the Dawnbreaker! Such an awesome weapon, in my opinion. I upgraded...
  3. I thought there would've been heaps of College of Winterhold quests to get Arch-mage. Finally got round to finishing it today, Robes are epic! Time to train smithing to level 90. OH YEAH.
  4. Haven't played skyrim for a week ._. DAMN YOU AND YOU'RE BF3, BROTHER! I just want to finish all the College of Winterhold quests for Archmage robes :(
  5. Howdy all! Haven't been very active lately, but I'll try to be! Today, I played some MineCraft! IT WAS FUN.