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Here you'll find all the Character Cards I've worked on since when I first joined the website! Enjoy them and feel free to comment your constructive criticism! It's always welcome! :D
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  • Branwen Ravencrone - The Ravencrone Bastard Jun 18, 2018

    [This character is being used in a Fan Fiction story I am writing that takes place in an alternate version of Skyrim taking place in the year 4E 202. For more information, check out the story.]

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Branwen Ravencrone
    "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"


    NAME: Branwen Ragna Ravencrone

    ALIAS: The Ravencrone Bastard

    AGE: 24

    BIRTHDATE: 31st of Second Seed, 4E 178

    BIRTH-PLACE: In the ritual circle half a mile north-west of Morthal in Skyrim

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Nord [50%] Breton [25%] Dunmer [25%]

    CLASS: Mystic | Alchemist

    LATERALITY: Right-handed

    SEXUALITY: Homosexual/Lesbian

    RELATIONSHIP/MARITAL STATUS: In a committed relationship with Mjoll the Lioness

    Her mother is the Jarl of Hjaalmarch Idgrod Ravencrone and her father was a Dunmer/Breton specialist mage and scholar located out of the Imperial City in Cyrodiil; he is now deceased. Her half-sister is Idgrod the Younger, daughter of Idgrod Ravencrone and Alsfur, and her half-brother was Joric the Different, son of Idgrod Ravencrone and Alsfur; he is now deceased.

    PROPERTY: Highmoon Hall could be considered her current official residence, though she stays in Riften with Mjoll at Aerin's house occasionally; she is also in the process of building a small shack-like home near Morthal's Cemetary to act as the Hold's unofficial cemetery and marshland groundskeeper.

    AFFILIATIONS: Morthal and Hjallmarch Hold, The Ravencrone House

    AFFLICTIONS: All of her afflictions are related to/side-effects of her Precognition.
    - Precognition: The uncontrollable, unpredictable ability to see visions of present or future events and happenings. It usually happens in her sleep, if not at random times during the day.
    - Insomnia: Significant and persistent problems surrounding the act of regular sleeping. She finds it difficult to fall asleep, keep and maintain a normal sleeping schedule, and remain in restful/REM sleep while sleeping.
    - Sleep Paralysis: An affliction that when one is falling asleep or awakening from sleep, and they are unable to move or speak, but is perfectly conscious and aware. During episodes, one may hear, see or feel things that are not truly there or happening. This usually produces a tremendous and unparalleled amount of fear/terror in the afflicted as well.

    RELIGION: The Eight/Nine depending on who she is talking to, with a primary focus on worshipping Arkay, Mara and Kynareth. She personally believes and occasionally looks to the other gods, including Talos unless there are Dominion Drones or Thalmor sniffing around.



    HEIGHT: 6'1"

    WEIGHT: 139 lbs.

    BUILD: Tall, Skinny, Moderately Curvey,

    FACE: Slightly Gaunt, Angular, Stern

    EYES: Marshy Green-brown

    SKIN-TONE: Pale White, almost akin to white ash

    HAIRSTYLE: Straight, Soft and Long; always worn down to hang below her shoulders

    HAIR COLOUR: Dull Ebony Black

    SCARS: Countless subtle scars dotting and cutting across most of her lower arms

    TATTOOS: None




    Branwen is very dry, brash and outspoken in every aspect of her personality. She believes that it's better to say what needs to be said every time instead of beating around the bush and adding to whatever issue may be at hand. She's the type of woman to tell you what you need/have to hear rather than what you want to hear. However, this does not mean that she isn't wise or insightful in her words and actions. Very much like her mother, and a lot like her late father, she's very conscientious in everything she does and in the way she behaves. Despite her otherwise dark and grim appearance and tone, she is incredibly bright and positive about things--being realistic doesn't mean that you have to be pessimistic. Her morals are strong and can be seen as what operates everything she does and she'll stand staunchly behind them and defend them to no end. She's fiercely loyal, though to very few and not entirely noticeably--meaning that she seems more like a lone wolf than anything, or like she lacks empathy or feeling for others but if looked at closely it's just the opposite. She's unquestionably introverted, preferring the company of none or few over any or many. Unlike most introverts, however, she does have the ability to draw on the energy of few select individuals she has a deep connection with. She's also an incredibly deep feeling individual, though it's never easy to see the emotions she feels. On the surface, she's stoic and emotionless but she feels things intensely about things and others, and most importantly for others. She's very good at showing this to people, but is also very good and keeping it locked away to deal with later for the betterment of herself and others. Her biggest weakness is likely in the depth she cares for others. She wants the best for other individuals over herself, and given how dry and to-the-point she constantly is, she can easily and often become overbearing and overwhelming--or sometimes even heartless. Along with this, she ultimately ends up neglecting herself more often than not and has a very hard time reading her own needs and emotions despite how in tune she is with those of others. So she relies heavily on a small core group of individuals to help her with this, usually one or two carefully selected individuals whom she trusts with every aspect of her life.

    TEMPER: Even; she's very far from quick to anger, but like every person she has her weaknesses and buttons that can be pushed from time to time

    OUTLOOK: Optimistic/Positive; She's seen more hardship in her lifetime than most people her age, and most people three times her age. In spite of all that she's been through, she finds it impossible to let it get the better of her, the way she goes about coping isn't all that positive or healthy, but she's far from the type to think the world is all darkness all the time.

    HONOUR: High; she believes everyone deserves to be happy, a big part of happiness is the respect and honour from those around you. You have to be the rare type of monster in order to make her believe you don't deserve such treatment.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good; despite being the daughter of a Political Figure and a Figure of Law and Order, she's never aspired to fill roles anything similar to that. She believes that there is a time and place for law and justice, but sometimes the best for others and the worlds requires thinking beyond that of lawful bounds.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Empathetic, Conscientious, Astute, Careful, Critical, Optimistic, Selfless, Mindful, Experienced, Worldly, Wise, Patient

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Dry, Dark Outward Appearance, Borderline Antisocial, Brash, Intense, Intimidating

    LIKES: The Moon, The Stars, Nighttime, Spiders, Ravens, Crows, Women, Drinking, Alchemy, Hiking, Foraging, Diplomacy, Reading, Books, Studies, Travel, Lucrative Business Ventures

    DISLIKES: False Judgement, False Pretences, Racism, Sexism, Prejudice based on Appearance or Lifestyle, Unintelligence, Short-sightedness, Arrogance

    FEARS: Nightmares and her visions of present events or future happenings--the uncertainty of each plagues her with anxiety everytime the mere concept of the topic comes to mind or conversation.

    PHOBIAS: Oneirophobia; the persistent and uncontrollable fear and avoidance of dreaming--not necessarily sleeping. Usually stemming from chronic nightmares and/or episodes of sleep paralysis.

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She crosses her arms frequently due to self-consciousness about the scars on her arms. Rather than moving her hair from her face with her hands, she tends to blow the hair to the side with her mouth--this is more unproductive toward the ultimate goal of getting it out of her face than anything.

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: Though essentially unattainable, she wants to be accepted by her half-sister and mother as part of their bloodline--as well as acceptance in the same manner from the people of Hjaalmarch and Morthal. Though biologically and technically she is, and her mother treats her the same as she should, everyone looks at her like a ghost or otherworldly creature that shouldn't be there. Her sister especially takes every opportunity to remind her of her impurity and misfitting into the Ravencrone House.



    HEAD: Nothing. Even during weather, she prefers to get wet or covered in snow over covering her head. Perhaps it's a subconscious avoidance or fear of being suffocated or trapped, but more than likely it's just her preference to feel the rain on her skin and the snow in her hair. She does, however, like to tie various dark-coloured cloth bands around her neck along with her silver chained and obsidian necklace.

    OUTFIT: She dresses formally, though informally at the same time. Formally by way of dresses and long gowns of high quality, but informally in that, she exclusively wears dark colours--most often black. Overtop whatever dress she may be wearing, she usually wears her long black cloak as well--hoodless and tie-less, it's more akin to a shall that runs down to her ankles than anything.

    WAIST: Nothing most days, though if she's going to an event she may wear an intricately silver laced, black leather corset.

    FEET: Simple, warm black boots or shoes, depending on the day really.

    EVERYDAY CARRY: Most days, she has nothing with her but the clothes on her back, and the necklace her father gave her. It's an intricately designed silver chained piece of jewellery with a large shard of obsidian. Though it has no enchantment of any kind, she likes to think it helps make her visions and dreams easier to deal with and understand--this comes from stories her father used to tell her when she was fairly young, using the necklace as a way to help her cope with her abnormal abilities. She calls it Oneiros meaning Dream in some forgotten ancient tongue.

    WEAPONS: None; though she is getting some informal training from Mjoll on how to handle a bow and blade.

    MAGICKA: Though not formally considered Magicka, Branwen is especially gifted in the arts of Alchemy and Alchemical experimentation. Her teachers in Cyrodiil would often call her "prodigal" in the craft, as she'd make combinations unheard of by any master alchemist, and make the combinations do unthinkable things.
    Along with Alchemy, she is incredibly proficient in the schools of Alteration and Illusion--though not in usual ways.


    OTHER: Like her mother, and her recently passed brother, Branwen inherited the ability to see visions of the future or other things of unforeseen importance. She struggled with them, and understanding them for most of her young and adolescent life, but has recently begun to accept their presence in her life.



    LINEAGE AND BACKSTORY: Not long before Idgrod Ravencrone married her husband and conceived their first born, the Jarl fell in and out of love with a travelling mage who promised to cure her dreams of the future. This man was Halen Judacre, and he was Branwen's father. He had come to Skyrim in 4E 177, in order to study in the College of Winterhold for a short while. He never planned to stay long, nor did he plan to fall deeply in love, let alone with that of a Jarl. He picked Morthal of all places because it was quiet, it was beautiful, and it was a mere day's ride from Winterhold--the perfect combination of comfort, space and convenience in his words. He met Idgrod one day when he came asking to purchase a temporary home in the town, and their fascination with each other was immediate. He was fascinated with her mind, and her gifts, and she was fascinated with his magickal abilities beyond that of any regular mage. They quickly became involved, quickly fell in love, and quickly found themselves due for a child.

    What they never discussed was their differences in plans--Halen promised to cure Idgrod's visions that she hated so adamantly, but as soon as he did so his plan was for them to move back to Cyrodiil and raise their child there, away from the turmoils of Skyrim. Around the time of Branwen's birth was when her father discovered he was far beyond his depth of understanding and proposed his plans to Idgrod. Suffice to say, she did not approve, nor did she understand or appreciate his intentions. She cast him out, and with him, their little girl.

    In the decades of their separation, Idgrod had married soon after he left, quickly birthed a daughter and heir to her position as Jarl, married, and moved on. Branwen was raised by her father in Cyrodiil in the Imperial City. She was reminded and told stories about her mother most days, she went to school like every child in the city, and she quickly learned her natural affinity to magicka. At around the same age, as her father enrolled her in schooling for her magicka, she began to have nightmares and visions--much like her mother. She was traumatized and haunted by them, images of death, war, people she didn't know but felt attached to getting hurt. They were dreams that were too real not to believe and put faith in eventually happening.

    Over time, with the help of her father and teachers, she was able to learn how to cope and deal with them. She began keeping journals of them, trying to decipher their importance, and discuss them with her father. She also fell headlong into her studies and quickly rose to the top of most of her classes. She and her father shared their affinity for unusual magickal studies, and they quickly began to work together on the same projects. This is how they discovered "Dark Energy" magicka, and how she mastered the art of alchemy.

    She and her father were incredibly close, and he was her only true friend. They shared almost everything together, but she had her secrets. She had visions of her mother and her half-siblings. Visions of her father's death. Visions of her leaving her home. Visions of her half-brother's struggles with the same ailments. Before too long, shortly after her turning 23, one of her visions came to light. Her father passed away. Nothing tragic, he simply got sick and passed in his sleep. Branwen knew it was coming, and just like she saw in her visions, she sat with his hand in hers crying as his breath faded.

    This is where her history ends, and her story begins elsewhere. To find out more, check out the fan fiction!



    VOICE: Dry, Slightly Monotone, Direct

    VOICE REFERENCE: Robin Tunney as Teresa Lisbon [Reference Link]

    SCORE THEME: "Ravens" composed by Lucas King
    For me, this song captures the general state of mind that Branwen has constantly found herself in. Dim, but not without points of high optimism and joy. For her being this optimistic person plagued with visions that are sometimes not the best, and experiences that are more often than not considered unfortunate, this being my idea of what her theme could be, makes the most sense. Try not to think of it as "sad" per say, because she isn't sad. Think of it as deeply thinking and feeling.

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  • Maelin - The Psychopath Jun 5, 2018


    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    "She lives down in a ribcage within the dry leaves of a heart"

    -~~{ BASIC }~~-

    NAME: Maelin

    ALIAS: Lady Armelle is how she often introduces herself to strangers, as a lack of a surname is often looked down on

    AGE: 35

    BIRTH-DATE: 16 of Rain's Hand, 4E 166

    BIRTH-PLACE: Somewhere near Wayrest, High Rock

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Breton

    CLASS: Pure Mage | Scholar | Psychopath

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous favouring her Right hand

    SEXUALITY: Asexual; she finds no attraction towards any person or gender, and in fact finds herself disgusted by most more often than anything


    FAMILY: None; orphaned at birth and the closest thing to family she has ever had is the Noble family she was sworn in service to; this is also why she has no family/surname

    PROPERTY: She owns a small home perched along the walls of Solitude, once belonging to the city's groundskeeper--a job that is no longer active [link]

    AFFILIATIONS: None; though she'll often lie about being a member of the Bard's College, and the Mage's College in Winterhold

    - Psychopathy: A disorder defined by its spectrum of many features and behaviours. It's mainly identified by an apparent lack of guilt, empathy and deep emotional attachments; narcissism and superficial charm; and impulsive and antisocial behaviours like dishonesty, manipulativeness and recklessness. Psychopathy is at risk for physical aggression, but it is not synonymous with it. More often than not psychopathic individuals are extremely rational and in touch with reality, such is the case with Maelin. More information on her Psychopathic behaviour can be found in the personality section of this CC.

    RELIGION: She worships no "god", but finds herself fascinated with their accumulation of power and worship--especially that of the many Daedric Princes


    -~~{ APPEARANCE }~~-

    HEIGHT: 5'5"

    WEIGHT: 138 lbs

    BUILD: Slim, Unassuming, Alluring, Prominent

    FACE: Inquisitive, Confident, Attractive

    EYES: Redish-Brown

    SKIN TONE: Pale-white, dotted with gentle freckles

    HAIRSTYLE: Wavy, cut just below the shoulder, usually worn tied back or in a loose braid

    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Red

    SCARS: None on her open skin large enough to be of note, though she has many across her back

    TATTOOS: She has the name "Armelle" tattooed in small red letters cutting perpendicular across her left wrist, close to the base of her palm and a small black "X" in the same position on her right wrist



    -~~{ PERSONALITY }~~-

    Maelin is a Psychopath. However, such a term brings to mind an idea that betrays the reality of what it actually means. One might assume that a psychopath has to be inherently violent, a killer, or perhaps a serial murderer or rapist. One may even believe psychopathy comes synonymous with sociopathy and sadism, but these things are far from mutually exclusive. However, they do often go hand in hand with each other, as those considered psychopaths may also be socially inept, and/or enjoy the pain of others. None of this is the case for Maelin though, she is rather plainly just a psychopath.

    This does not make her any less of a person, however, to her dismay. She's just much different than most all people, and in her mind superior in many ways. This opinion is something she keeps very deep within her mind, as to avoid any judgement or ill actions from those around her. She lacks any shred of empathy, as in her mind it serves her no proper purpose. It's a waste of her time and energy to try and understand and communicate feelings with others when the way she operates with logic is more efficient. She lacks the ability to sense remourse or guilt over anything she says and does, again because it would diminish her efficiency and logically wasting time analyzing and rethinking her actions is nothing but a waste of effort. On the topic of wasting her time and energy, she holds no room for close emotional attachments with anyone or anything. In her eyes, not only is it again wasteful, but a weakness somebody could potentially use against her.

    Previously it was said that she thinks of herself as a superior person to most of those around her, this narcissism is a telltale sign of what she is and so she masks it behind a charm and confidence that she has learned, in order to be attractive and alluring to all. She's mastered the ways of speaking and sounding like a perfectly likeable individual, one that people want to befriend and get close to. She knows how to speak to people and read them, what they think and feel, what they want and like. She knows how to give it to them, and appeal to their nature-potentially even use it to her advantage if she sees the need. When she paints them a picture of herself, it's using research, facts and experiences she has. Some of it is in the form of lies, some in the form of half truths. If one knows that she is telling lies, through knowledge and experiences of their own, she would continue to weave a web for herself until out of the spotlight of attention and speculation--or more simply just disappear and avoid further communication.

    She is, underneath all of this, rational and more often than not level-headed. Above all else, her intelligence is what sets her apart from the rest of the world, and what defines her as a Psychopath. She enjoys the manipulation of others because she is fascinated by the workings of the world and it's denizens and hopes to understand them. Manipulation is her way of exploring and researching such things. Why she has such a fascination she can only chalk up as a curiousity for understanding her differences from others. She wants to understand the minds of those who aren't like her, and perhaps even shape them and make them better. She's drawn to power, unique peoples, different cultures and experiences.

    Beneath all of this, deep down beneath it all, there is a fire that burns - if you could call it that. It burns for vengeance, and when it comes alive it's violent and destructive. It murders and tortures; dehumanizes and dissects. And she harnesses it when she needs to, when somebody deserves it and the situation calls for it. It's only come out twice in her lifetime, but it's trained and works for her rather than against her will. It doesn't come out because she wants it, or craves it though. Nor that she necessarily obsesses over it or plans it out. It comes out when necessary, like when doing business.

    Overall, it's a rather lonely and chronically bored life to live. One could say that with all of this manipulation and study of the human condition through others is everything but, however, she's always looking from the outside in. Behind a pane of glass, distant and soundless--doing her best to interpret what she sees from those around her without fully comprehending it all. There is no moral compass to guide her, only her logical idea of what is the best for her at the time. There is no connection of motivation for her outside of coming closer to being what she thinks "normal" is--even though her definition of normal could be miles off of what a regular person's definition is. Because of all this, if there were to be one feeling Maelin would ever even come close to feeling or understanding, it would be that of Melancholy.

    (This is rather cut and dry for an explanation of her personality, but for a charrie such as this, it's not an easy thing to describe. Did my very best here with this description, but her personality will show itself much more clear in the posts I crank out for her, so just keep that in mind!)

    TEMPER: Unpredictable but Even; she's always stable and rational on the surface at all times, but without warning, that could change on a dime without any difficulty--it's a tool to her, as the reactions of others towards her energy is something she can use to her advantage if need be.

    OUTLOOK: Pessimistic; the world is bleak, dark, evil and deadly--and she's a fairly large reason and contribution as to why. Fixing the world's unfixable problems is impossible, even the gods can't do it, so join in the unfixable.

    HONOR: Slim to none; respect is for those who operate with morality and empathy, she has none of that. The dead are dead, and the living are on their way to being dead-- honor is a temporary luxury and a waste of time, no person in the world has earned that from her.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral; She cares for nobody but herself, nor does she remember caring for anybody but herself--though others may occasionally consider her as an evil-doer, nothing she does is with the intention of being malicious or ill-willed.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Wise, Powerful, Strategic, Influential, Confident, Persuasive, Attractive, Alluring, Charming

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Apathetic, Selfish, False, Dishonest, Antisocial, Impulsive, Manipulative, Reckless

    LIKES: Conflict, Nighttime, Masser and Segunda, Magicka, Literature, Artwork, Alcohol, Alchemy, Writing, Drawing and Painting, Culinary Arts, History

    DISLIKES: People, Authority, Do-gooders, Gods, Worship, Temples, Poor Manners, Imperfection, Those who waste her time, Manipulators, Recklessness

    FEARS: Little to nothing phases her, though she does feel anxiety when she's confronted about her falsehoods and true nature; as if she were to ever truly fear anything--she herself would be the only person or entity worthy of such a feeling.

    PHOBIAS: Phobias for Maelin aren't felt or experienced in any way the same as most other "normal" individuals. These phobias do not fill her with a sense of fear, instead they trigger a dramatic shift in emotion and demeanour. She will quickly see herself falling apart, becoming emotionally unstable and out of control of her actions--often along with the effects and symptoms of intense psychosis (auditory and visual hallucinations, irrational and delusional behaviour, extreme volatility towards herself and others, and finally suicidal and possibly homicidal thoughts). Regardless of how these phobias affect her differently than most, she avoids them staunchly, but casually--as to not draw any unwanted attention toward them.
    - Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten or ignored, and (more prominently for her) the fear of forgetting. Her mind is her greatest tool, her most powerful weapon, and her safest refuge; and while she wishes for it never to go unappreciated or celebrated by those she deems worthy of learning from it--if she were ever to forget the things she keeps within, it would be her greatest downfall. It has never happened, nor is she sure it ever will; however, from a very young age she was assaulted, beaten for and accused of being dim-witted, forgetful, clumsy, and of limited capacity.
    - Eisoptrophobia: The persistent and irrational fear of mirrors. Tied heavily to the Spectrophobia she also experiences, for as long as she can possibly remember, every time she has ever looked in a mirror at herself all she could ever see was imperfection and something she loathed, hated and disgusted her. She saw herself as everything she ever hated, used, and controlled and over time, she began to fear the monster she saw within herself--despite how invisible it was for everybody else.
    - Spectrophobia: The fear of one's own reflection. See "Eisoptrophobia".

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She enjoys meditation, if one could even call it that--for her it's merely retracing her experiences, recalling her memories and lessons, and reviewing all the knowledge she has attained in her lifetime. She tends to do this anytime she finds herself without the distraction of others, often whilst pacing or sipping wine and listening to an elegant tune.

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: She wants some kind of power and some kind of wealth. Not that of a Jarl or the head of a Noble house, no. She'd much rather prefer the power and wealth of a position much less public and more behind the scenes--like that of a vizier or advisor, perhaps even a court wizard. Pulling strings, and manipulating fates without any target or room for judgement towards her.


    (the 2 images above and below are 98% akin to what I am imagining she'd be wearing apparel wise)

    Her clothing would be described as some informal combination of casual and elegant, aiming to portray a sense of dignity and worth without giving off an air of superiority or nobility. She always aims for comfort and is fairly good at attaining it in her attire, which allows her natural and inexplicable aura of confidence to shine through and exemplify her appearance. She prefers the comforting and neutral colours of earth tones such as greens and browns, as they compliment her figure well when in the form of flowing gowns. Dresses are her prefered choice of dress, and often the most common pick, though she is comfortable in the occasional trouser and doublet combination.

    HEAD: Nothing, outside of the occasional scarf to wrap her neck and overtop her head during harsh weather.

    OUTFIT: A comfortably fitting dress of decent quality, in the comforting tones of the forest, with a warm light jacked or sweater over top.

    WAIST: A simple leather belt in a colour able to accent that of her attire, perhaps with some ties for a hip bag or other miscellaneous items

    FEET: She prefers comfortable and elegant looking shoes, cut low on the foot just below the bones of her ankle--however the terrain of Skyrim and High Rock require boots of a much higher cut. Both of which she prefers in lighter leathers, hopefully matching that of her belt.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Nothing really, outside of the occasional tome, parchment and quill. If she finds herself travelling, however, she will carry with her the obvious things necessary: clothes, toiletries and whatnot.

    WEAPONS: None, outside of her Magicka and Spells

    MAGICKA: Maelin refuses to pick only one school of magic to practice, and prefers to use all of them. With this, she has a variety of mastered spells at her disposal that she masterfully and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ebonyflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~ Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Grand Healing, Stendar's Aura, Circle of Protection, Vampire's/Undead's Bane

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: She can be useful in almost every role of a group battle or even solo dual. Whether it be dealing damage from afar or up close, delivering cover or healing for fallen allies, or commanding the forces of those she's influenced or raised from beyond the shadow of death. Her preference if she were to pick one, however, is seeping herself into the minds of her opponents, using their thoughts against them; breaking their will, building their confidence, and harnessing their fears. She is fascinated with the thoughts and feelings of others and likes to experiment within them in many different ways.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Reliable support in both healing and kiting, formidable damage dealer from afar while only decent up close, master influencer over the tides of a battle for both those with and against her.


    -~~{ HISTORY }~~-

    LINEAGE: Her parents aren't known to her, but she suspects that they were likely of Pure Breton heritage, with little to no racial diversity. Whether her family was of any particular nobility or impoverished influence is far beyond any of her understanding, however. The family she ended up in the service of, however, was of rather intermediate nobility--despite ironically being mixed within Nordic and Imperial bloodlines. The Armelle family is of no particular power in Wayrest, but they are still of Noble roots. They, however, were unlike most other Breton noble houses in that they were well versed in the ways of "charity and generosity" however false it may be. They took in a rather large handful of orphans into their name, but not for wanting of a larger family, rather, larger service staff. Afterall, why hire servants and handmaidens when you can give them your name as payment instead?

    BACKSTORY: I've been debating whether or not to include this information in the histories of my characters, or leave it out in order to allow my writing style to better develop their pasts via discovery writing in thier development during roleplay. For Maelin, I'm going to leave this alone for now, until I feel I have her past a little better fleshed out--as I want as much detail in her backstory as I have in the rest of her CC. Cheers!


    -~~{ VOICE AND SCORE }~~-

    VOICE: Mild and Classy with an aura of Confidence, Power and Mystery subtly underneath it all

    VOICE REFERENCE: Cate Blanchett as Hela (without the evilness :p) [Reference Link]

    SCORE THEME: "Meloncholia" composed by Lucas King
    For myself, this song captures just how viduous Maelin's life is without emotions or "regular" human thinking. constantly peering in on ordinary life through a looking glass of logic and intelligence beyond normal comprehension. It does not present the air of falseness and performance she gives off to those around her, but rather what it's like for her on the inside while she's doing so. Trying so hard to apply the same logic and reason she does in everything in trying to mimic and understand the world around her--with no feedback that is truly reliable to her.

  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 4 - The Nomadic Wildman Jun 4, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Mikkah Shirk
    - The Nomadic Wildman -

    RACE: One of the Human Races, Kyneth always assumed Nord despite it has never been clear

    AGE: Late 50's/Early 60's

    STATUS: Alive the last time Kyneth was in contact with him

    In his trek east, it didn't take much searching on his end for him to find the next man who would mentor him in his journey for growth. Mikkah stumbled into Kyneth just before the border of High Rock and Skyrim, barefoot and sprinting. The man was bubbly, cheerful, and for lack of any better word: whacky. He insisted Kyneth followed him to his destination for a meal, as a way to apologize. Despite denying his invitation several times, Kyneth knew that it would be better for his own time if he accepted the invite.

    The meal showed an almost immediate change in disposition with the man, as he turned into a very calm, intelligent and wise person--spinning tales of his adventures and lessons from his experiences. Kyneth quickly began to see how valuable this man's knowledge could be if Kyneth only took the time to learn. The man was a master of the wilderness, in his own description.

    Mikkah was more than willing to have a "travel buddy", as long as Kyneth was willing to follow in his footsteps as he instructed. Which to Kyneth's great dismay meant leaving all of his belongings in a cache within the mountains for him to recover when he so chose to part ways with the wildman. All aside from trousers and a loose fitting shirt. Though the idea of walking around the wilds of the world basically naked, barefoot and without the safety and protection of weapons and armour sounds insane; Kyneth very quickly came to enjoy and even love it.

    He learned the ins and outs of the terrain that was unmapped by men, what it meant to be part of Tamriel and one with Nirn. He learned the different plants and animals that dwelled the places they travelled, along with how to treat and interact with them properly. It was a simple and blissful handful of years, or as blissful as they could be when the chaos of it all allowed Kyneth's brain to begin to unravel itself more and faster than ever before.

    Mikkah tried to understand and took it to mean that the wilds of the world were too much for Kyneth, which was partially true. Mikkah, though as wild a man as any, was one of the people most secure in mind that Kyneth had ever encountered. His understanding of the world and himself was solid and confident, which allowed him to take on anything that life may have thrown at him. Kyneth was just the opposite, though the freedom of it all was incredibly helpful and taught him years of valuable knowledge--a mind insecure in a world insecure will only feed off of each other.

    Thus, Kyneth decided to bring his travels with the wildman to an end. Though likely only a temporary thing, as Mikkah travels the majority of Tamriel as a whole, taking a heavy favor for Skyrim.

  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 3 - The Orcish Blacksmith Jun 4, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Drahkaash Volkrub
    - The Orcish Blacksmith -


    AGE: Late 30's/Early 40's

    STATUS: Deceased as of a couple years ago

    Not too terribly long after leaving the mentorship of Captain Sidrey, with the guidance of his ancestors in his meditations, Kyneth found himself stumbling upon an encampment of Refugee Orcs. Though most all of them were more than standoffish, Kyneth was determined to earn their respect, as his ancestors foretold he would find his next mentor within their ranks.

    It was a simple problem to solve, in order to prove himself to them, he must play the games they are most fond of playing; the games of battle. He offered to battle however many of their fighters it took in order for him to gain the trust of their group. The number was irrelevant, however, the fighter was one of their best. A warrior called Volkrub, slightly older and grizzled.

    The battle was long, and exhausting for both involved, and though the Orc demanded it ended in his own death, Kyneth decided it was better for them both if he left it up to a draw. Though the group was frustrated with their brother, they were more than impressed and happy to accept the Company of the young human man. They tasked the Orc he fought to show him around and introduce him to the way of things in their little group, and before too long it became clear that this Orc was the mentor Kyneth had been searching for.

    He was groups only craftsman, mainly a blacksmith but he dabbled in other mediums. Kyneth told him he wanted to learn all he could from him, and though the Orc was reluctant at first, the two began to bond over their shared dark dispositions and attitudes. The Orc walked him through the art of finding the elements he needed for anything he was looking to craft, a long-winded and rather tedious set of months that Kyneth longed to go by faster. Ironically, it quickly became his favourite part of the process, as it allowed them both to escape into the terrain of High Rock, delving into caves and scaling mountain faces in order to mind and gather the various materials they required for each project they had for the group.

    It was years of this type of work, diligently collecting, watching, listening and gaining a trust and relationship with not only his mentor but his mentor's brothers and sisters. He was nothing like them, but in that way, he was also everything like them. Cast out, looked down upon, spat at, misunderstood. Yet, they were much more than most eyes ever gave them the opportunity of being.

    Along with doing the various crafting projects, from repairing weapons and armour, crafting simple supplies, and collecting ores--Kyneth got to taste the excitement of battle. Whether it was wrestling and fist fighting between those within the group, or fending off the hungry and selfish hands of travelling bandits. He more than earned his keep and his respect. They were as close to a family as he had ever thought of having, and the closest thing that Kyneth could ever want.

    Of course, along the way, he crafted his own gear and items, using the traditions of his ancestors and the traditions of his own mentor to do so. And before long, he was well into manhood, and his mentor was itching for death. This, of course, was something Kyneth could not accept, as losing those close to him was one of the hardest and most difficult things for him to ever have to deal with. The fact that the culture of the Orsimer glorified death in battle, Kyneth quickly began to understand it was quickly coming time for him to go on his way, and leave his friends behind once again.

    It didn't take too much explaining, they all knew he wouldn't ever fully understand. He wasn't a true Orc. However that didn't make their separation any less difficult. Especially for Drahkaash, who wished for nothing else than for Kyneth to take his place in his stead when he fell. But he refused to hold his friend back, and Kyneth refused to see his friend die. So they parted ways, and Kyneth headed east.

  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 2 - The Guard Captain May 30, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Matthias Sidrey
    - The Guard Captain -

    RACE: Breton/Nord

    AGE: Late 50's

    STATUS: Alive as far as Kyneth knows

    RELATIONSHIP: Kyneth's first mentor, and trainer of weaponry and martial skills

    It wasn't long after the execution of his mother that Kyneth fell into the common trap of homelessness and poverty. Though not particularly uncommon in Evermor or High Rock in general, it wasn't all too common for those in such circumstances to have experienced the same tragedy as he. Nor was it common for men of such honour to take a personal interest.

    After the demolishing of his home, Kyneth was left to his own devices--not young enough to fall within the age of legal orphanage refuge, nor old enough or with the positive reputation to get a proper profession. So he wandered, mostly through the non-crowded areas of the city as to avoid his peers and all those who would undoubtedly look down on him as some kind of monster. All the while, his mind began to unravel itself more and more. What he didn't know at the time, however, was that no matter what lengths he would go to in order to hide from judging eyes, there was a pair that managed to stay on him most days.

    A middle-aged woman, soft and gentle, approached him one day. The hand-maiden of the freshly retired Lion Guard Captain had been following him and reporting his actions to the man, as he had taken an unusual interest in the boy. Kyneth was invited to meet the captain, an invitation that he was to take despite his wanting not to. From their first meeting onto the final moments of his training, the pair grew rather close despite their differences.

    He was a cross, stern and on the surface emotionless--however, the turmoil within him was something that Kyneth could connect to and understand. They were different yet the same, and the first true father figure Kyneth had ever had. Matthias became an outlet of understanding when it came to Kyneth's issues, and taught him the many ways of managing the chaos within. Starting with meditation and structure, the old man taught Kyneth to get in touch with himself in the most honest sense--what he needed and wanted most, what may set him off, what made his emotions unpredictable. From there he taught the boy how to use the natural strength and fire within him in a better and more productive way: martial combat.

    Swords, axes, bows, knives and fists--Kyneth was thirsty to learn and master them all. He was a quick study too, learning how to read his mentor's movements as well as any other trainees that may have come in to spar. Along with the physical training, he was taught the art of strategy and battle--studying from the greatest tomes and stories from around Tamriel.

    These were the best years for Kyneth, along with honing his skills and outward appearance and reputation, he was learning to keep his mind in check. He was studying and learning academia from the hand-maiden, and gaining the confidence he needed at the time to begin acting like the young man he had always wanted to be. With the help, vision and support of Matthias, Kyneth felt himself become untouchable by his past; something he once never thought possible.

    During this time, however, Kyneth had accessed a part of his past that he only wanted to uncover more of. Whether or not it was Matthias' intention to unlock such a thing for him, in their daily meditations together, Kyneth gained contact with the long-dead spirits of his ancestors. Along with all his other teachings, he began to learn more and more about his family's lineage and traditions. In time, these mentors began to guide Kyneth into the direction of moving on to find himself another teacher in the world, to expand his mind, craft and usefulness. So, almost at a moments notice, Kyneth announced that he was to be starting a pilgrimage to master himself more than he could in the city of Evermor. To his surprise, Matthias only understood and supported the decision, claiming that it's a part of every young person's life to break away from the nest when ready.

    So Kyneth's journey began, and with the guidance of his ancestors, he decided to map the mountains of High Rock in search of remnants of his ancestors and the possibility of his next mentor.

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  • Grohiikiin Secondary Character 1 - The Beheaded Lover May 24, 2018

    (This character will be one of many to come that are directly tied into the past of a roleplay character of mine: Kyneth Grohiikiin. These CCs will be as basic as a CC can get, providing only information that is relevant to Kyneth's backstory and character growth, all from or relating to Kyneth's point of view. There will be no physical descriptions, but rather a few reference photos that somewhat capture the idea of who these characters are. Enjoy!)


    Maree Antoinette
    - The Beheaded Lover -

    RACE: Breton

    AGE: Would be 33, died at 18

    STATUS: Deceased, Murdered

    RELATIONSHIP: Kyneth's first and currently last lover

    Kyneth first laid eyes on the young woman as they were both approaching the end of their later adolescence, her much faster than him. She was dressed in dark, monotone linens with complimentary facial expressions framed in with wavy honey-blonde hair. She sat alone along a stone wall near the town square, seemingly absorbing the glow of the dusk's setting sun as it fell. He'd find her sitting in the same spot most days, making any excuse to walk past her every day that he could manage.

    As much as he wished he had been the one to speak to her first, she was the one who approached him. Joking about "stalking and following" and the like. Suffice it to say, they were connected immediately and within a matter of months, what had started as a friendship quickly developed into a budding love. In the development of their amorous tale, they discovered together that their lives at home weren't so different. Growing up alone under the thumbs of violent and venomous monsters wasn't the best of circumstances for any person. So the young lovers made a pact, they would stay together and protect each other in Kyneth's home--where at the time they thought only one monster slept.

    It was around this time that Kyneth began experiencing a fire within him he had to fight to control. It begged to control him, to destroy and devour. It came out with disgust and anger at the actions and behaviours of his mother and father. His mother in particular, as she was the abuser and attacker to them both. As far as Kyneth knew, at least.

    It turned out, from the very beginning of Maree's staying with Kyneth, his father had been effectively torturing and raping her in the evenings while Kyneth slept. Why Maree never shared this information with him sooner, is a question still without answers. When she did, however, Kyneth gave that flame within him the control it had been begging to gain since it's appearance.

    That night, was likely the night one could attribute to Kyneth's madness the most. Before he knew it, his father's head was nothing but a bloody pulp--a deserving end to the monster he was in secret. Yet, like everything in the universe, balance was necessary. His mother in brutal retaliation made a hostage of Maree before separating her head from her shoulders with a dull blade.

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  • Verros Cassian, The Housecarl's Squire Feb 14, 2018

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Verros Cassian
    "You can either change the world or waste your time protecting yourself from it."
    - Faleen, Housecarl of Jarl Igmund

    ~-- Basic --~

    NAME: Verros Cassian
    (pronounced [Veh-roh-ss]; [Kas-sea-en])

    ALIAS: Boy, Cassian, Squire

    AGE: 21

    BIRTH-DATE: 1st of Midyear, 4E 380

    BIRTH-PLACE: Unkown

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Imperial [100%]

    CLASS: Warrior/Housecarl

    PROFESSION: Squire to Faleen, Housecarl of Jarl Igmund of Markarth

    LATERALITY: Right Handed

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Unkown

    HEIRLOOMS: His sword, a gift from his master; and his armour, crafted as a badge of his service.

    AFFILIATIONS: Markarth's Ruling House

    AFFLICTIONS: Night Terrors, Mild Insomnia

    RELIGION: Agnostic


    ~-- Appearance --~

    HEIGHT: 5'7"

    WEIGHT: 143 lbs.

    BUILD: Average, Active, Youthful

    FACE: The softness of his youthful face is betrayed by the maturity in his eyes and stoic stare; a single scar divides his face while soft stubble accentuates his jaw and chin

    EYES: Hazel-brown

    SKIN-TONE: Slightly Tanned Caucasian, with somewhat of a "farmer's tan"

    HAIR STYLE: Cut comfortably short, thick with natural waviness

    FACIAL HAIR: Gently peppered stubble beard and moustache

    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown, almost Black

    SCARS: Many small nicks dot the skin all over his body, none noticeable enough to be of note

    TATTOOS: None



    ~-- Personality --~
    the ultimate introvert

    TEMPER: Even-tempered; through his upbringing Verros has grown an extremely high tolerance for the poking, prodding and sharp words of others. He virtually never loses his temper, and if he has he can't remember it ever happening

    OUTLOOK: Mixed, but mostly pessimistic; much like his temper, his past has greatly impacted his view of the world and its workings. If asked he may put on a visage of uncertainty, though this is just to cover up his embarrassingly low opinion and expectations of the world.
    HONOR: Intense and High; as somebody who has never been granted the luxury of honour or honourable treatment, he refuses to treat others the way he has been treated and strives to give others the highest honour he can in hopes of earning the same.

    Alignment: Lawful Good; his training tells him to follow the law no matter what the situation, no matter his opinion. He holds himself to this expectation, as it's what separates him from those who may do him or others wrong.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Surprisingly and Highly Intelligent, Naturally Protective, Inquisitive, Astute, Loyal, Lawful, Compassionate, Selfless, Charitable

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Bull-headed, Stubborn, Specific, Shy, Willful at times, Loner

    LIKES: Reading, Exploration, Rain, Weather, Night Sky, Star Gazing, Sword Fighting/Dualling, Weapons Crafting & Repairing, Honorable Behavior, Protecting the Defenseless and Innocent

    DISLIKES: Upper-class Snobs, The Silverbloods, Forsworn, Prejudice, Racism, Sexism, Assuming Behaviors, Dishonesty, Disloyalty, Hate

    FEARS: Daedra; Monsters from other Worlds

    PHOBIAS: None that he's discovered yet

    HABITS/QUIRKS: He has a very stoic face, almost never showing emotion without proper motivation

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To be promoted from Squire to Housecarl, and being Chosen to Serve in someone's name, to protect the people of Markarth and the Reach as a master warrior


    ~-- Gear and Fighting Style --~
    [Note that the Artwork Above this is an almost spot on idea of what I would like her to be wearing]

    HEAD: Most commonly nothing, he doesn't own any helms, hats or hoods of any sort.

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His arms are covered will by his white undershirt, while a leather gauntlet and a matching bracer over his left and right hand and forearms. His upper arms and shoulders are covered with a secondary, slightly heavier and denser stone-grey tunic. His leather chest-piece rests overtop each shoulder, while a single pauldron sits on his left shoulder.

    TORSO: His white undershirt sits under his more protective stone-grey shirt, while a thick leather chest-piece/vest wraps around his frame. Occasionally around his torso he wears--from left shoulder to right hip, is a thick leather strap that holds a quiver to his back.

    WAIST: A wide waist cover and belt with 2 pouches and 2 sheathes on either side.

    LEGS AND FEET: He wears thick dark-grey leggings, with shin-high leather boots.

    EVERYDAY CARRY: He never takes his sword or knife off his body unless he is sleeping or engaging in activities that don't allow them, but outside of his weapons nothing but the clothes on his back.

    WEAPONS: His main and most frequently used weapon is his Steel Colovian Longsword, Shira Hel or "Noble Sword". A gift from his master and teacher Faleen, she named it in Yoku--an ancient Redguard language, and retrieved it when she landed her first strike on her teacher. Which is how Verros earned it from her [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO]. He carries with him alongside his sword, a simple steel knife he crafted with the guidance of Moth gro-Bagal--the Understone Keep Blacksmith [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO]. His last and most underused weapon is his simple Maple-Wood longbow [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO], with his own self-crafted arrows--which he crafts in his free time frequently [CLICK HER FOR PHOTO].

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: He's young, and has only a small fraction of the skill his master possesses herself; but for his age, she says "you got the stuff." He's never been sure what that meant exactly, but he always took it as a compliment and assumed it meant he was pretty good with a sword. He's been able to land a total of 366 strikes on his master in their duals so far, which is impressive compared than when she first started training him. He aims to be as good as Faleen one day, and eventually better. He's never really used his bow or knife for anything more than hunting small game, though he can see the usefulness they could carry in other situations.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Verros, like his teacher, is a calculated one-handed longsword user. While most blade users would fight quick and offensively, Verros has been taught to fight reactively. Using the power of his foe against him, choosing to go on offence selectively and strategically. A much different style of blade mastery than most have seen in the northern province--one underestimated and looked down on by many. But the wisest and smartest of men choose this style over most others when given the option.


    ~-- Voice and Score --~

    VOICE: Youthful, Calm, Friendly, Purposeful, Proud

    Matthew Broderick as Simba from The Lion King [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE]
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  • Kalila Lololi Zahra, Sword-singer Sep 21, 2017

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Kalila Zahra
    "Journey many and many miles, but do not leave the Hall of the Virtues of War"

    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Basic ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    NAME: Kalila Lololi Zahra
    (pronounced [Kah-lih-luh]; [Luh-low-lee]; [Zah-rah])

    ALIAS: Desert Rose, Sword-singer

    AGE: 24

    BIRTH-DATE: 7th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 178

    BIRTH PLACE: Skaven/Ska'vyn, Hammerell

    GENDER: Female

    Redguard [75%] Imperial [25%]

    CLASS: Swordsman/Rogue

    PROFESSION: Historian/Sell-sword/Traveler/Occasional Vigilante

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Father [Deceased], Mother [Deceased], Elder Brother [Status Unknown]

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: An amethyst amulet that her father had given her mother while they were courting [Click for Example]


    AFFLICTIONS: Deathly Allergic to Most Flying Bug Species

    RELIGION: The standard 8 divines, has also studied the other pantheons of Tamriels different religions - with particular interest in the Yokudan and Ancient Nordic pantheons


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Appearance ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    HEIGHT: 5'11"

    WEIGHT: 132 lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Tight, Toned, Curvy, Attractive

    FACE: Soft, Bashful, Endearing; Flaked with Soft Freckles, Lush and Inviting Lips, Softly Rounded Nose

    EYES: Arid Olive Green, With little flicks that glow like Emeralds in the Sun

    SKIN TONE: Olive Skinned, with a warm glow like soft sand

    HAIR STYLE: Always cut to just below her jaw line, with a natural wave and curl; sometimes worn with part of the front portion of her hair braided to frame her face, and on rare occasions she wears it up like her mother had liked to honor her - she often embarrassed her by saying "you can see more of your face, love. The world needs more beauty like yours."

    HAIR COLOR: A soft, dark brown

    SCARS: Plenty on her body that are never seen, and one crescent shaped scar wrapped around the far corner of her left eyebrow

    TATTOOS: In the soft curve between her shoulder-blades she has a sword wrapped in rose vines [Click for Example]

    PIERCINGS: In each of her earlobes there is a small stud, while the edges of them are wrapped in two small rings [Click for Example]


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Personality ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    TEMPER: Moderate temperament; she has a decent amount of patience but there are some times where certain things just don't sit well with her - she can also be just generally moody from time to time.

    OUTLOOK: Somewhat positive; she prefers to look only on the bright side of things, but given the things that she has seen and experienced in the last few years of her life, some things easily bring her to a much more dark, cynical way of thinking.

    HONOR: Significantly High; She staunchly believes most people deserve the honor that they themselves have earned and require, there are always exceptions however; she has strict honor when it comes to the dead, and tries to avoid any dishonor to the dead by both not fighting the undead if she can help it, or desecrating their resting places of possible. This is because doing so can destroy and disturb their souls in the afterlife, which is the greatest of injustices.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good; she believes and stands for the greater good of all people and the world, however she does so knowing that most authorities don't always stand the same way and thus relies on her own judgement rather than that of the law.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Honest, Studious, Strategic, Strong, Agile, Loyal, Compassionate, Selfless, Giving, Loving, Focused, Passionate, Eclectic, Particular

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Stubborn, Naive, Antisocial, Cautious, Over Protective, Easily Overlooked, Easily Used/Slightly a Pushover, Self-Conscience

    LIKES: Blue Skies, The Sun, A Warm Breeze, Meadows and Plains, Beaches, Trees and Forests, Animals, Traveling, Walking, Running, Climbing, Dueling and Fighting, Tracking, History, Reading, Writing, Botany, Cooking, Stars, Nighttime, The Moons, Warmth and Heat

    Disrespect, Bigotry, Racism, Ignorance, Arrogance, Flying Bugs, Drunks, Oceans, False History, Liars, Manipulators, Womanizers, Most Mercenaries and Sell-swords, Being Cold

    FEARS: Death, Flying Bugs, Whales, Horkers, Ash Hoppers, Assassin Beetles, Hagravens, Forsworn

    PHOBIAS: Entomophobia, Apiphobia

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Nodding her head side to side in unison with her body while walking alone, or reading as if to be dancing to music that isn't there

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: Fall in Love and start a Family, To make her parents proud, To master her craft and bring honor to her ancestors


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Gear and Fighting Style ~{]===|}:::::::::>
    [Note that the Artwork Above this is an almost spot on idea of what I would like her to be wearing]

    HEAD: She usually prefers nothing covering her head or face, however when it does get particularly hot or cold, the thin red cloak that hangs down her back carries the hood she wears.

    TORSO: She wears a fairly thin under-shirt the color of her cloak, over that, is a thin hide vest-and I mean really thin, that runs rather long, and over that, is an upper-torso/chest pad type armor crafted from Duneripper hide/shell - which is also incredibly light and rather flexable. These layers give her the exact amount of protection she needs without sacrificing virtually any mobility.

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: Her shoulders are covered by the same armor that covers her upper torso, with small and low profile pauldrons. Her forearms are rapped in a cloth similar to that which her cloak is made of, and attached over top the cloth are plates made of the same material as her chest and pauldron armor. Her hands are wrapped in black cloth, excluding the fingers, to allow for better grip of her blades and to resist blisters.

    WAIST: Her waist is belted together rather simply, holding the leather from her cuirass to her body, and adding hip plating the same as her chest armor, as well as holding sheathes for her swords and daggers.

    LEGS AND FEET: Outside of her hip padding, her legs are rather uncovered aside from the cloth pants she wears. Wrapped around her lower legs and feet, as simple leather and hide boots, matching the color of her dark brown cloth pants.

    EVERYDAY CARRY: A waterskin, a pouch of coins, both attached to her belt, some pages of the Book of Circles folded up and tucked into her armor, and her mother's amulet around her neck.

    WEAPONS: She carries 4 tools which she expertly turns to weapons; two swords and two knives. Trying to bring honor the ways of old traditions, Khalila has crafted her swords as such. Made from hours and hours of ceremonial crafting, the high-carbon steel blades have been sharpened and are maintained sharp enough to shave an egg without shattering it's shell, just as the master Hunding directs in the pages of the Book of Circles. Though possessing a profile similar to that of a traditional Hammerfell Scimitar, she designed the shapes of the blades to be slightly more efficient, light and controlled; the hilt, instead of having the hand guarding length, forms and blends in from the blade to the handle. Like the hilt, the pommel also blends with the handle made from mahogany, and are made from the left over steel folded on top of itself and other grades of steel 100 times into a dark colored Damascus [Click for Example]. Differing herself from the ancient traditions, her swords aren't the only set of blades she carries on her person. She has two unique daggers she has sheathed on the back of her body, both of which she purchased from a shop in High Rock. With blades perfectly sharpened and shined, and jewels adorned on either sides of their purple heartwood handles, the perfect craftsmanship of these blades are a testament to the true master-smiths of Highrock [Click for Example].

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: The title Sword-singer isn't truly one used anymore, because the last of them died out long ago, along with their schools of training and the masters themselves. The once true art form and form of martial combat revered and almost worshiped by Redguards so widely hasn't existed for Eras, and likely never will again. Yet, this has not stopped many Redguard warriors from trying to revive this ancient art. Kalila is one of them. As a self proclaimed historian on the subject, most of her research has revolved around learning and uncovering all that she can about this ancient practice. Though she has never been formally trained in any combat techniques outside of what her brother and father have shown her, her readings of the ancient texts on the subject combined with the witnessing of many master swordsman have made her quite the skilled fighter. She puts forth everything that she has learned and taught herself when it comes to fighting opponents and believes in all the ancient rules she has learned were taught when the Sword-singers were still alive and well. To her, the swords are merely a tool, for she is the real weapon - as is taught and told by what she has researched. She has practiced with many objects and weapons alike to prove this statement true; many a battle has been won with the limbs of trees to the oars of boats - because any true master of the sword is capable of lethality with any extension. Along with many other teachings of the practice, crossing swords with her is quite a challenge to walk away from.

    Just as he swords, she is equally as deadly with her daggers. Though more than capable of using them in open combat, she seldom does so, as the weapons are much more effective in a quick and stealthy type of way. Dispatching foes from behind and by surprise is the most efficient way she has found to kill with these blades.

    FIGHTING STYLE: She prefers to be in the fray, flaying and abusing the bodies and psyches of her enemies with swift strikes. With her mind quick and her blades quicker, it takes more focus and determination to keep up with her than most other blade wielding fighters. Disarming tends to be a more secondary route of attack, as quickly carving, impaling and dominating her opponents is more than enough to make her foes drop. She particularly enjoys to use only one blade, quickly swapping from one hand to the next in a complicated flurry of attacks; for nothing more than just proving to herself that she can. Her default is a blade in each hand, like a whirlwind of lethal steel carving it's way through anything standing in it's wake. Those with shields only have seconds to thank them before she finds a way to get between them. Those with balls of flame and of magical fame find their attacks firing every which way, missing the target before it's to late. Arrows from afar will leave her scarred, but can only stop her briefly; because before too long, her stamina will return and no matter the wounds she'll go out of her way to make even.

    Her secondary blades provide an equal amount of grace, though many don't get the chance to see it. A sparkle in the corner of their eye will only give them seconds to wonder, and before they know it their bodies are no longer breathing. In the rare cases the glint of her silver short-blades yield a quick reaction, her retaliation is more than prepared, and her faults look nothing more than planned.

    Only a fool could tell and assume they have complete immunity, however. Once out-manned, or overwhelmed, she can only last so long before the flurry becomes a flail. Her defenses are slim, and parries and deflects can only go so far; for so long. If unable to defend long enough to disarm, and her opponent can hold strong against her, it's easy to feel the tides of war turn against her. At a range, is where she finds her greatest weakness. While magic and arrows can fly without meeting their target, it won't be long until they inevitably do. When her ranged opponents place themselves far out of reach, without decent cover she'll only be met with defeat.


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ History ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    UPBRINGING: Her mother a half-Nord pilgrim and her father an acclaimed historian and relic collector, Kalila's life at home was rather abnormal in the area they lived. Nothing more than a quiet settlement, the fame her father had gained came from the areas not far outside of their home. The Hall of Virtues of War was found less than a mile's walk from their front door, and it's importance in the traditions of Hammerfell's most ancient of history drew many a traveler, sight-seer and pilgrim to the landmark. Her father was a veritable expert on the hall and it's contents, no matter how much was missing within and how bedraggled the building actually was. Daily, he'd manage to uncover something new to add in it's history, slowly growing a small museum for all the traveler's to witness. Many were Redguard warriors, native to the sands and cities of the province, come to learn and pay homage to the location where every Redguard warrior's ancestors once trained.

    Her mother had told her the story of her parents meeting quite often, at her very request, as the story of their love was something she had looked forward to finding herself. She had come to the settlement with her family for rest on their way to the coast, and that's when her father laid eyes on her. She said he couldn't take his eyes off of her, and stared with a face so blank it seemed like he had been looking right into her soul. So she talked to him. And from there, a bud of love was planted, and it never stopped growing. He gave her an Amethyst pendant he had made the night before her family's departure, as a parting gift; something to remember him by for the rest of her life he said. She returned a mere month later, with her family's blessing to stay in the small settlement with him if that was indeed what she wanted to do.

    From there it was only a matter of time before she was born, and her brother before her. Kalila grew up with that story, among many others ranging from stories of heroes from her father, or stories of elves and great cities from her mother. Along with her brother, her father gave them an education within their own home, teaching them to read and write and all sorts of useful knowledge for their lives ahead of them. What she and her brother both favored learning, was that of the blade. While most would think any mother would forbid such teachings at a young age, most mothers are not like theirs, or like mothers of Redguard descent. The act of swordsmanship was a form of art practiced and passed down by those in Hammerfell for generations, or those who believed in tradition, that is.

    Until their adolescence, they were taught this way and then their parents gave them the world and infinite avenues to follow for the rest of their lives. Her brother, being many years older than her, took to the wind. He wanted to follow in the steps of their mother, and see the world while chronicling every step of the way. He wanted to return to Ska'vyn with stories of adventure and the study of the many places that he passed through, and add a library of books to their father's collection. Kalila, on the other hand, wanted to help her father continue to add to his collection, and learn what she had always found fascinating. History. History of the world and of Hammerfell, of her people and their beliefs and religion, of the world and the people around them.

    She did this for quite some time, and before to long, she found herself becoming obsessed in something she hadn't expected; the very Hall and practices it once taught. In the entire life she had near the Hall, she had never found it particularly interesting. In fact, she hadn't really preferred using the sword either, she was too fascinated with the gods and stories of those who had mastered the sword so long ago. Escaping in the mastery of others instead of seeking it for herself. But somewhere along the line all of that changed. She got lost in learning the paths that Sword-singers had to take in order to master their craft, and how respected and necessary their order was. Their cause was one of the things that truly inspired her, to protect herself and more importantly others. The idea of a society where everyone knew how to wield a sword is what had bored her, but knowing about a society where everyone knew the sword and those who mastered the sword so well they were capable of winning unwinnable wars and defeating danger no matter how ungodly it may have been. She suddenly grew drawn to that mastery, and her parents could sense it. So they sent her on her way. Her father gave her the parting gift of knowledge, ancient pages of the Book of Circles, the very pages that belonged to his private collection. Her mother, the very pendant her father had given here when they first met.

    With guidance toward the North, she went on her way to begin her journey. From crafting her blades, and meeting the greatest of smiths, high nobles, and places she had only ever heard about in stories and history; it wasn't long before she found herself an adult, and a skilled self taught "Sword-singer". And just when she was prepared to make the trek back home, a letter came to her. It held the most grave of news, and news that had stopped her heart. Her parents had passed away, and her father's work lost in a collapse of the ruin.

    The weeks and months that followed were aimless for her. Until she meditated on the teachings she had memorized and the pages her father had given her. Her key for success, her key for mastery, and her key to happiness, was to never return to where she once called home. Sacrificing everything she knew to search for a new place in life was all she had left. Sure, her brother was still away on his journey, but he had likely gotten the news too. And he likely had made the same decision as she. So for the last handful of years, she has traveled Tamriel. She now finds herself in the North once again, crossing through the borders once more. Skyrim may be her next stop, as there is plenty of ancient history left to be learned there.


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Voice and Score ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    (Trying this part out, inspired by some of my old CCs as well as @Zelda's Lovely CCs)

    VOICE: Soft with a tinge of what can only be described as a "warm" rasp

    VOICE REFERENCE: Zoe Saldana [Example]

    PERSONAL SCORE THEME: "Silva Arsia" composed by Krale
  • Thorriniir Kyne-Son, Son of the North Sep 18, 2017

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Thorriniir Kyne-Son
    "A test to prove your worth in the eyes of Kyne. Show that you're a hunter and no simple butcher."

    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Basic ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    NAME: Thorriniir Tiberius Kyne-Son

    ALIAS: Thorr, Frost-Heart

    AGE: 23

    BIRTH-DATE: 7th of Last Seed, 4E 179

    BIRTH PLACE: Temple of Kyne, Whiterun

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Nord [100%]

    CLASS: Hunter/Ranger

    PROFESSION: Hunter, Vigilante Ranger, Stormcloak Agent

    LATERALITY: Righthanded

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Father [Deceased], Mother [Deceased], Meadow

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: His carved Amulet of Kyne

    AFFILIATIONS: The Forests, Creatures, and People of Skyrim; Ulfric Stormcloak, and a friend to the Companions


    RELIGION: The Full and Original Nordic Pantheon of worship, with the specific worship of Kyne


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Appearance ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    HEIGHT: 6'1"

    WEIGHT: 177 lbs.

    BUILD: Muscular, Strong, Rugged, Stoic

    Square, Stern, Powerful, Heroic

    EYES: Dark, Forest Green

    SKIN TONE: Fair Nordic complexion, Muddied by lifelong exposure to the wilds of Skyrim

    HAIR STYLE: Moderately Long, Unkempt, Usually with the Upper portion Tied Back

    FACIAL HAIR: Thick, Rugged beard and goatee

    HAIR COLOR: Ashy, Soft Light Brown

    SCARS: Countless dotting his body, the most noticeable is a Sabercat Scar; One claw mark above his right brow, and two more down his left cheek

    TATTOOS: The story behind his tattoos is one of devotion to his heritage, and can be found in the "History" portion of this character card. Wrapped around the back of his neck, is the depiction of Shor's Fox (it's head on the direct back of his neck) [See that Here], directly on his jugular between the ends of his Shor tattooo, is a moderately small symbol of Talos/Ysmir [See that Here], stretched across his shoulders and shoulderblades on his back, is the depiction of Kyne's Hawk [See that Here], Across his collarbone and upper chest, is the depiction of the World Eater's Dragon [See that Here], wrapped around his right bicep is the depiction of Tsun's Bear [See that Here], wrapped around his left bicep is the depiction of Stuhn's Whale [See that Here], on the top of his right shoulder facing out to his right, is a symbol of Maloch(Malacath but in the Nordic Pantheon) [See that Here], on the top of his left shoulder facing out to his left, is a symbol of Herma-Mora(Hermaeus Mora but in the Nordic Pantheon) [See that Here], stretched out underneath his pectoral muscles on his chest, is the depiction of Dibella's Moth [See that Here], Stretched across his lower waist just below his naval, is the depiction of Mara's Wolf [See that Here], Wrapped around his lower right leg, is the depiction of Jhunal's Owl [See that Here], and Wrapped around his lower left leg, is the depiction of Orkey's Snake [See that Here]



    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Personality ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    TEMPER: Even-tempered; he can lose his temper now and then, but it's very rare and takes quite a lot to do so.

    OUTLOOK: Positive; he knows that the world is dark and foreboding, but refuses to let that dim the light of the world he serves to protect.

    HONOR: Incredibly High; he holds hatred and resentment towards many, fear and judgement as well, but none of which takes away his belief that all beings deserve their lives, no matter how he feels about them, to be honored in the way they sought them to be.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good; he stands for the greater good of all beings and the world, and recognizes a lot of authority out there restricts this belief, and thus willingly stands against them when need be.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Honorable, Respectful, Intelligent, Friendly, Jolly, Passionate, Strong, Strategic, Protective, Compassionate, Selfless, Empathetic, Caring, Devoted

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Stubborn, Strong-willed, Rigid in his Lifestyle, Reserved, Shy, Stoic, Slightly Intimidating, "Resting Bitch Face", Slightly Overzealous

    LIKES: Nature, Animals, Snow, Rain, Clouds, Thunderstorms, Blizzards, the Sun, the Moons, Blue Skies, the Night Sky, Stars, Mountains, Trees, Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Ice, Plains, Lush and Diverse terrain and ecosystems

    DISLIKES: Disrespect in any form to anything and anyone, Ignorance, Bigotry, Poachers, Thalmor, Egocentric Individuals, Selfish Individuals, Apathy, Pollution, Urban Cities, Urbanization, Oppression, Needless Violence, Killing, and Death

    FEARS: The Destruction of Nature, Animals and everything he loves and protects, losing touch with Kyne, losing the lives of others

    PHOBIAS: None

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Whistling the occasional Bard tune, Stopping and staring at he sky, playing with his amulet

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: Fall in Love and start a Family, Serve Kyne's will, Help Skyrim stay Sovereign. Follow Nordic Tradition, Protect the souls and lives of Wildlife and others


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Gear and Fighting Style ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    HEAD: He prefers to wear nothing, aside from his hood if the weather permits; however he does own a leather, ram horn helmet that he wore while serving for Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion. It looks something like THIS. His hood is woven, mixed animal furs and hides like the rest of his armor, and sewn into the armor itself.

    TORSO: He wears fur-hide armor, it doubles as comfort-wear, and battle-wear as well as serving him well as he travels and hunts in the wilds of his province. While wearing it, he has been mistaken as a true bear wearing the skins of it's prey - according to his comrades and friends. He also carries his leather and hide quiver, usually filled with his own self-crafted iron arrows. [Here's an idea of that]

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His shoulders are covered in the armor that surrounds his upper body and upper legs, while his arms are wrapped in a similar way, with the hides and furs of the animals he hunts. His hands are never covered, however. Despite the risk of hypothermia in some of the places he travels, he prefers not to sacrifice dexterity for warmth, or most anything for that matter.

    WAIST: His waist has nothing but a simple leather belt, with an attached sheathe for his sword. Sometimes he wraps his water-skin up to it as well, or the occasional satchel of coins.

    LEGS AND FEET: His feet and legs, like the rest of his form, is covered and wrapped in the furs and hides of his hunts. Underneath these furs, however, is a thin pair of black cloth leggings.

    EVERYDAY CARRY: The one and only object he carries with him outside of the occasional coin, stone pipe and water, is his Amulet of Kyne. He made this Amulet after concluding the trials that Kyne set before him to prove his worth and respect to her, the gods, and to Skyrim with all it's denizens. It is crafted from him putting together pieces of wood from all the 9 holds.

    WEAPONS: Thorr carries only 3 simple weapons with him; A Bow, a Sword and a Knife all he crafted from materials found throughout all the holds of Skyrim.

    His bow, Pine, he made as a Spruce-lined Birch bow; crafted with Birch from the Rift and Spruce of the Falkreath, with a string spun with the silk of frostbite spiders in Hjaalmarch. From it, he shoots simple random-metaled arrows which he crafts with whatever ingots he may collect on his travels [Here's an idea of what Pine could look like].

    His sword, Zeal, he forged within the ancient stone walls of Markarth. The Pommel and Hilt were smithed with an Iron ingot given to him by Ulfric Stormcloak during his service, "cast in Windhelp to be purer than all the other Iron in Skyrim, as pure as the Ice of Eastmarch"; the blade was crafted with a Skyforge Steel damascus from Whiterun, it's handle cut from a Northern Ceder in Haafingar, and it's sheathe made of Troll hide from the Pale [Here's an idea of what Zeal might look like].

    Last is his dagger, Shale. It's blade is crafted from ancient nordic metal, found in the glaciers north of Winterhold, while it's handle was cut and shaped from one of the frozen oaks in the Pale, and wrapped in the fur of on of it's norther mammoths [Here's a look at what that could be like].

    MAGIC: He uses none, has no use for any, but respect those that are able to harness and use it's power.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: A formidable warrior and archer who once fought for the Stormcloak cause, Thorr is proficient in wielding his blade in close combat, as well as his bow. With his life spent as a hunter, his prowess with a bow at any distance is matched by few, and his ability to traverse any terrain without being seen or heard is like that of the formidable predators in the land that shaped him. Though his knife isn't necessarily meant for any offensive means, he is able to wield it as expertly as he is dissecting his prey.

    FIGHTING STYLE: He's a good fighter anywhere on the battlefield, and more than willing to be. Need somebody covering you from afar? He's got you. Need somebody behind you, watching your back while clashing steel? He's got you. Need somebody to get in and out without being seen? He's got you. Give him a place, he'll find it. Give him a role, he'll fill it. Give him a job, he'll get it done.



    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Basic ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    NAME: Meadow

    ALIAS: Mei (pronounced 'may')

    AGE: Unknown, but an adult in her prime


    GENDER: Female

    RELATIONSHIP/FAMILY: The pet, friend, family and thrall of Thorriniir Kyne-Son

    AFFLICTIONS: Unnoticeably Dead


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Appearance ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    HAIR/FUR COLOR: Her pelt is colored like the thrush in Whiterun she feeds on, as tan and yellow as the grassy plains, with a spotted cloud underbelly like the earth beneath it.

    EYE COLOR: A dull almost "dead" orangish brown

    BODY/BUILD/SIZE: 2'8" at the shoulder, and 3'4" from nose to tail, her lithe 45 pound body nimbly and quickly traverses whatever terrain that lies before her, effortlessly invisible and unheard.


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Personality ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    TEMPER: As Even-tempered as her master, she is a wild animal however and her bark isn't as bad as her bite

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Quick, Quiet, Well Behaved, Trained, Polite, Friendly, Happy, Curious, Playful, Jolly, Goofy

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Wild, Restless, Moody, Slightly Short Attention Span

    LIKES: Dirt, Running, Grass, Thrushes, Hunting, Climbing, Chasing both Small and Large game, Swimming, Mud, Snow, Horse Hide

    DISLIKES: Trolls, Thunder, Blizzards, Chickens

    FEARS: Trolls, Thunder, Chickens

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She likes roll in warm dirt, Sunbathing, Chewing Wild Grass, Chasing Bugs, Nipping and Playing with Thorr's hands while he's doing things, Talking to Herself


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ History ~{]===|}:::::::::>

    UPBRINGING: He unfortunately never got to meet his father, but his mother told him stories about how good and strong a man the Nord was. He was a soldier of the Empire, a veteran and hero of the Great War and a true son of Skyrim. When asked about his father, his mother would simply say, "he joined Sovngarde like the heroes in your story books, fighting those who look to oppress the true sons and daughters of Skyrim, young one." It was only until his mother was taken that he understood what really happened to his Father, as his mother shared the same fate. They were taken by the Thalmor on their rare visits to Whiterun. Examples of the consequences that disobeying the laws enforced by the White Gold Concordat led to. Worshiping their Warrior God, the god that guided his father through the death-filled battles for the empire, Talos, had been the condemnation of their souls from living.

    He was taken in by the priestesses of Kyne, in the shrine near where his home once was. They opted to change his name, eliminating the possibility of the Dominion's return for him; as they would likely look for the same namesake as their previous examples for ease of discovery and assumption of guilt. Kyne-Son he was affectionately called, and they taught about the traditional Nord gods and their affects and connection to mortal man.

    Along with their raising of the young boy, the Companions also had a roll in his upbringing, teaching him the ways of honor and protection, the greatest gifts any Nord can give to Skyrim and her people.
    Over time he grew into a smart, well mannered, devoted and honorable adolescent, slowly growing more and more independent with every day. It was only when the then young Aela, Farkas and Vilkas of the Companions invited the young boy to accompany them on a little adventure, that he found his purpose and respect for his home and province. It was nothing more than a simple hunt, to bring food home for the people of Whiterun and the warriors in Jorvaskrr, but it turned to be much more than that for him. Kyne spoke to him that day, with every arrow that flew. From then on, he devoted himself to her and his divines; hunting the wilds for it's bounty and protecting his home and all the life within it.

    HIS TRIALS: After some long years learning his craft, Thorriniir grew to be quite the young hunter, and at the age of 17 he was called upon by Kyne once again, this time a little more literally. She came an apparition on the wings of a hawk, interrupting the long tracked hunt of an elk. Without words, and only on instinct, he knew to follow the bird, who led him up the mountainside north of his home city. She brought him to the apparition of a rabbit, plump and ripe. Out of instinct alone, Thorr drew the string of his old longbow, skewering the animal on it's head. As his prey dropped, it's form disappeared leaving the lone arrow resting on the ground as if it was caught and set down. He looked to the hawk, who sat in a tree above, as it nodded and took off once more. It led him home where he briefly spoke to his matron, the elderly Priest of Kyne, who told him he was being given the ancient trials of the goddess; a great honor among all Skyrim's hunters and one he would take. He never looked back at his home leaving that day, and trusted the wind to guide him. He hunted true game, wandering his homeland from village to village, awaiting the sight of a sign from Kyne. She would come to him in the wind, or as a feather or in the call of a hawk - and when she did, he would diligently track the path she had left for him. From salmon to mudcrab, from finch to pheasant, Thorrin was given the spirits of game from the sizes of fox to Mammoth, in service and in challenge from the goddess. It was only on his final test, that he was tasked with facing more than just the spirit of a creature. A duo of Sabercats, one an apparition and one breathing and true. Without fear he faced the challenge of the hunt like he would any other. The boy of a mere 19 years, emerged his final challenge with a signature of his fallen foe upon his face and the winds of Kyne at his back. He had proven his worth in the eyes of the gods, and in return, a symbol of his victory; the experience of a hunter well beyond his years.

    HIS TATTOOS: At the conclusion of his trials, Thorr felt as if he was slowly disconnecting from his gods while focusing so primarily on the mother goddess. "Study, my friend, study with me. Follow me through the fall, winter and spring. Follow me until the next summer sun rises, and together we will have regained the truest of connections a Nord can reach with his gods." He met Odiir while walking the shore of lake Ilinalta, finding him sitting in the water. It's surface submerged the entirety of his body, all the way up to just under the nostrils of his nose while around him a school of slaughterfish swam. As calm as he, they surrounded in slow concentric circles as the man seemingly slept in the lake. He "woke up", and waded into the shore without taking a bite from the carnivorous fish with nothing but a friendly grin. After short introductions, Odiir quickly extended this invitation, and Thorriniir accepted. They traveled from mountain top to mountain top, from river to river, from cave to cave; a pilgrimage of study and devotion. He taught him how to feel the god's, and once he learned the skill, together they found the locations where they felt the strongest of pulls. Meditation would be all they did in these locations, sometimes for days on end, ceasing words and relying merely on thoughts and feelings. In one of their meditations, Thorriniir was surprised to feel sharp needle works on a part of his body while the images of an aetherial fox filled his mind. He left his dreamlike state, only to be guided to a sharp tool and ink, and the need to design curves and shapes upon his friends frozen body. Together, they'd awaken to find they had envisioned the same images, and felt the same feelings. Along with this, the thick and intricate patterns of what they had seen found a spot on their bodies. Twelve times this happened, one for each of the deities worshiped in their Nordic heritage - both ancient and modern.

    -- On their throats, where the power of their voices originated, they found the symbol for Ysmir, or Talos. The Dragon of the North, and once the Dragonborn; user of the Thu'um. They learned that his mark and it's location symbolized the power and passion that came from all Nords' voices; once they took down the plight of dragons and if unified once more, they could keep their lands sovereign and true.

    -- Curling along their necks to the back of them, lay the face of a Fox; the image of Shor. The Warrior god and creator of Sovngarde. They learned that his mark and it's location represented their origin and the gateways of their souls when departing to his realm after lifetimes of heroic service in battle.

    -- Opposite Shor's mark across their collarbones, was the face and foreboding wings of the World Eater Alduin. His symbol and it's location, they learned to represent the inevitability of all the world's end with a single flap with the powerful muscles in that location, and one's willingness to accept and live willingly in spite of it.

    -- Across the backs of their shoulders the wingspan of a hawk stretched out; the symbol for Kyne. The goddess of the wind, the mother of men and the widow of Shor. They learned that her symbol and it's location represents the openness of life and it's endless opportunity in which she has given all of man to fly.

    -- On their biceps were the symbols of Bear and Whale; representing the brother gods Tsun and Stuhn. The god of facing adversity and the god of the benefits of war, they learned the locations of Shor's shield-thanes and their symbols to represent the strength and willpower all Nords have to conquer and control all battles that lay ahead of them.

    -- On their shoulders are the symbols of Maloch and Herma-mora. The gods of War and Wisdom, they learned their symbols and their location represents the ability for one to choose the best of the paths that lay ahead of them, whether it be the power conflict or the power of harmony.

    -- Across their chests near their hearts are the stretched wings of a moth, the image of Dibella. The goddess of love and beauty, they learned her symbol and it's location represents man's ability to love openly and the beauty within every being.

    -- Across their stomachs below the navel, they found the heads of wolves; the symbol of Mara. The goddess handmaiden of Kyne, love and family, they learned her symbol and it's location to represent the origins of birth and family, and the source of loyalty and kinship.

    -- Wrapping around the calf and shin of their right legs are the wings and face of an owl; the symbol of Jhunal. The fallen god of order, they learned his symbol and it's location represents how weak the call of rules and following order is for all beings, and the difficulty that comes with deciding what is right and wrong.

    -- Wrapping around the calf and shin of their left legs are the tendrils and length of a snake; the symbol of Orkey. The enemy god of mortality and ruin, they learned that his symbol and it's location represents the constant and ever-existent call to evil and darkness one has over others and the choice one has to decide whether or not to follow the urge.

    What compelled these uncontrolled, trance like events which gifted them this symbols, they could only assume were the beings with which they drew. Odiir left Thorr's company when the summer returned, following the same call that had guided him and Thorriniir on their meditations. It had pulled at him to leave Skyrim, while it tethered Thorriniir to his home. They've not seen each-other since, but the warmth of his presence and guidance is something Thorr still feels to this day.

    MEADOW: Against his core values, Thorriniir respects all life and it's place in the plane of mundus; especially when it comes to wildlife, the flora and fauna he naturally surrounds himself in. He prefers to kill and hunt for what he needs, use what he can and sell for the good of others. With this, he defends nature and it's denizens against those who aim to kill without reason, and stands harshly against the violence some aim to pose against it.

    On a particularly windy and rainy afternoon, while tracking a small herd of elk in the western reaches of Falkreath hold, Thorr came across the sounds of what could only be described as slaughter. The sight he stumbled upon when following the noise, was the remnants of hunter camp, belonging to hunters he knew well. Hjork and Vorii, a couple from Karthwasten. When he was close enough to take aim, Thorr drew an arrow ready to fire at one of the two bandits who had lain waste to the camp, also killing Vorii. With a blade at Hjork's neck, Thorr's sight down the his arrow focused on him as he threatened and warned the Bandits to leave the man. Else they stood to face arrows in painful places that would only emasculate them. One took flight. Sprinting through the forest in the opposite direction of Thorr. The other stood strong, his blade tight against the man's throat. Thorr warned once more, but mid call the bandit moved. His blade tore through Hjork's flesh. The murderer began a step to run. An arrow shot violently, without mercy. The savage had planned ahead. His direction betrayed his step. Thorr's aim was tricked. The arrow flew, suddenly aimless. The bandit made away with a pouch of coin. Leaving Thorr alone, surrounded by carnage.

    Weary and torn with sorrow, Thorr did his best to pack up the couple's camp, and lay the two next to each-other in respect. His plan was to turn tail back to Falkreath as swift as he could, in search of a shovel to bury his friends in a way he knew they would see fit. Before he did, however, the whimpers and labored breathing of a creature filled his ears. He must have been blind to the noise in his grief, however his regret lasted only a second as he searched for the source. A Coyote, just at the beginning of it's adulthood; suffering at his hand. As he rushed to it's side, it whimpered it's last breathless plea and fell still. The young man's grief and regret doubled in that moment, breaking his stoic, respectful attitude into a bumbling mess of sadness. He laid next to the body of fallen animal and his murdered friends, ruminating on the thoughts of his regret. Had he arrived a moment sooner, he could have saved both of his friends, and spared the small canine's life. Had he been a better shot, he could have saved Hjork at least, rid the world of one worthless individual, and again, spared the small canine. The moment was suddenly too much for the young man, he had felt loss greater than this before but at a much younger age. Since then, he had never lost anyone he knew so unnaturally, or killed a creature so needlessly and so painfully. Even the violent seizing of his matron priestess that took her didn't fill him with near as much grief. It was like a lifetime of witnessing death had exploded within his mind.

    He laid quietly letting his sadness bleed from his eyes with tears, staring into the cloudy, rainy sky. In the midst of his swirling sadness, the sky cleared with a soft rush of warm wind which also ended the bustling air currents that came with the rain. His vision cleared for a moment, as the warmth filled him with a familiar feeling. He let his head turn to the body of the coyote. Standing just beyond the lifeless creature, was a large hawk, staring softly into his mourning eyes. There was no words, no sounds, and then the hawk slowly extended it's wings and took off from the ground with a powerful gust of wind. He watched it propel itself, dashing away through the canopy and into the sky. It's call echoed through the entire focus as it seemed to disappear from existence, and he watched the sky fill with clouds once more; returning the rain and wind around him. He closed his eyes, returning to his sadness but this time wondering why such a symbol from Kyne would have visited him in a time such as then. It was only when he felt gentle, warm breaths through a wet nose on his cheek, that his eyes shot open. He sat up as straight as a board and stared at the coyote who sat up with him, returning his gaze. It's head tilted to one side, before it laid itself down on it's fore-paws and continued to return his blank stare.

    "Life is fragile young one. You know it should not be taken needlessly. But to think all life is your responsibility is to lose your life. You have honored the gods and life in every step you have taken. We know you will do so until your final days. But we have seen your path, and there is something you forget time and time again without fail. This is one lesson you cannot be taught We cannot remind you at every time you forget more than once. So may she be a constant reminder of what life means. How fragile it is and how futile it is to deny its loss. How responsibility is different than respect and protection. So to look after her is your lifelong responsibility. To learn from her, is to know what it means to respect life. Because she knows what it's like to lose it. This is her second chance- her afterlife. She will not take it for granted while you walk together and learn from each-other. You are bound now. She will breathe with you in unison until your last breath. Which she will share with you as her own."

    The voice was profound in his head; booming and stern. It was clear, Kyne was clear, the gods were clear. He knew it was true, he knew he would never be able to tell the difference between him being responsible for all wildlife and him protecting and defending it, whenever a creature died. It would blur his outlook, like it had in that moment. Something so simple to comprehend, something so easy to understand. Something he could get when it was said, but that he couldn't feel sitting on the ground in the rain. But he could feel her, the canine, and through her, the instinct to protect wildlife without any feeling of being responsible for it. She was his guiding light in a fight he would lose with every death he was close to.

    He looked into her eyes, and felt every inhale and exhale of her lungs. Her eyes matched his, and he knew they both felt a mutual warmth. A warmth that brought him back to his first memories of hunting with Aela and the brothers. The warm summer air, orange flame colored rays catching the blades of wild grasses glowing gold in reflection. The gentle wind tickling the expanse of dancing brush carrying the gentle, beckoning scent of hay from the farmlands close by. The feeling of the plants almost exhaling as he ran his fingers through their strands, while walking across their roots. He let his hand reach out to her, and she stood. They never broke eye contact, and he felt the pull his hand created, beckoning her closer. Her head pressed into his open palm, and the feeling of her affectionate push sent a comforting chill through his body.


    <:::::::::{|===[}~ Voice and Score ~{]===|}:::::::::>
    (Trying this part out, inspired by some of my old CCs as well as @Zelda's Lovely CCs)

    VOICE: Strong and Firm

    VOICE REFERENCE: Troy Baker as Joel from "Last of Us" [Click for Example]

    PERSONAL SCORE THEME: "Home" composed by Daniel Beijbom

  • Lilum Lancif, Apprentice Mage Sep 5, 2017

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Lilium Lancif
    "Ar molag anyammis, av latta magicka."
    From fire, life; from light, magic

    NAME: Lilium Leidela Lancif

    ALIAS: Lily by loved ones

    AGE: 24

    BIRTH-DATE: 17th of Rain's Hand, 4E 178

    BIRTH PLACE: Unknown, but she was taken in as a young child in Anvil, Cyrodiil

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Altmer/High Elf [100%]

    CLASS: Pure Mage

    PROFESSION: Apprentice Historian, Lore-keeper, and Librarian

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Her adopted father, Lucius Lancif

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: Outside of her personal journal, the only things that came with her when she migrated north were her two most prized possessions; Her father's sword, and it's matching dagger he made for her.

    AFFILIATIONS: Arcane College (Cyrodiil) [Excommunicated], Mage's College of Winterhold [Apprentice Mage]


    RELIGION: Standard Pantheon (The 8 Divines), acknowledges but does not worship Talos as a divine



    HEIGHT: 6'1"

    WEIGHT: 140 Lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Fair, and Tall

    FACE: Soft and Angular

    EYES: Soft, with almost glowing Emerald irises

    SKIN TONE: Soft Golden Complexion

    HAIR STYLE: Cut Short, worn down and usually relatively messy

    HAIR COLOR: Soft, Pale Blonde - bordering on White

    SCARS: A violent looking scar, running across her left cheek from below her ear, to just before the left corner of her lips





    TEMPER: Even-tempered, she almost never loses her temper

    OUTLOOK: Positive, though she knows the world has it's darkness, but she believes the light and love of the good outweighs the shadows

    HONOR: High, she highly respects those she thinks deserves it (Most individuals)

    ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Witty, Scholarly, Wholesome, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Intuitive, Friendly, Helpful, Strategic, Trusting

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Selfless, Overly Focused on Knowledge and Magic, Sometimes Oblivious to Danger, Naive, Overly Trusting

    LIKES: Spring Showers, Rain, Thunderstorms, Aetherius, The Night Sky, Magic, Reading, Books, Libraries, Adventure, Anthropology, History, Geography, Botany, Animals, Other Mages and Scholars, Adventurers, and she is secretly fond of Chiseled and Brawny Warriors

    DISLIKES: Ignorance, Bigots, Liars, Evil, The Undead, Poachers, Belethor (He has a tendency of Hitting on her every time she's in Whiterun)

    FEARS: Death, Loss

    PHOBIAS: Snakes

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She reads when she isn't doing anything else (even while walking, and talking sometimes)

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To know everything that she can before she joins her father in the afterlife; to make her father proud


    Gear and Fighting Style

    HEAD: A simple Copper and Sapphire Circlet, and a Hood depending on the weather conditions

    TORSO: A set of College Styled robes, that she opted to weave and piece together herself. Arm wraps, an inner-tunic and leggings the color of stone are at the base of her set. Over the tunic is a loose fitting shroud the color of nighttime purple. Covering her shoulders is a black cloth, with hood attached. Draped over her shoulder is a long cloth, the same color of purple, wrapped together at the waist with black cloth and a dark leather belt. [Click here for an Example]

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: Her shoulders and arms are covered by the standard style of the College's Apprentice robes, however her arms while traveling and adventuring are embraced with Ebony colored Elven style gauntlets.

    WAIST: Around her waist a standard leather, steel clasped belt holds her robes warmly to her slender body

    LEGS AND FEET: Underneath her robes she wears a pair of thick fur and cloth pants, which run underneath Ebony colored boots matching the Elven style of her guantlets.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Inside the small bag she carries over he shoulder, you will often find a small alchemist pouch filled with the ingredients to make health and magic potions. Along with this pouch a filled water-skin can be found next to a small count of assorted potions. Likely the most noticeable masses are a few of whatever books she may be reading and/or studying at the time.

    WEAPONS: As a pure mage, and because she has no clue how to wield any weapon; she carries none, and intends to keep it that way. It's a waist of energy and time to carry them around with her when all the offensive and defensive capabilities that she needs reside within her mind and her connection with the plane of Aetherius.

    MAGIC: Lilium is fairly proud of the fact that she refuses to pick only one school of magic to practice, and prefers to use all of them. Her goal is to be as powerful at wielding magic like the master mages of old - who knew every spell for any situation. With this, she has a plethora of mastered spells at her disposal that she masterfully and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ironflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Grand Healing, Stendar's Aura, Circle of Protection, Vampire's/Undead's Bane

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: While in battle, she is able to do numerous things, depending on the situation she finds herself in. Weather it means summoning support, healing comrades, raising the dead or striking fear in the hearts of her foes; she's a fierce competitor on the battlefield. However, she doesn't ever feel comfortable with going into a battle alone, and prefers to have friends or comrades at her side as she can only pull from her deep connection to Aetherius for so long. However, if need be, she has managed to master a spell that most mages refuse and almost never use - Equilibrium; in which she pulls from her own life energy to continue drawing from the Realm of Aetherius.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Heavy Support, Decent Defense, Formidable Offense, Major Influence



    Lilium never knew her birth parents, but at some point in her young life her adopted father took her in. Lucius Lancif, a soldier in the Imperial Army. Nothing more than a lowly soldier, he was assigned to new areas of Tamriel, moving them fairly often. Never making much money, or staying in one place for any more than a year, Lilium and her father kept mostly to themselves outside of the barracks'. When her father was out on duty, Lilium often wandered the roads in whatever town they were in at the time; with some of the few possessions her father could afford for her - books.

    This is how their tiny family lived, bouncing from place to place, until she was almost 18 years old. Just before she turned 18, Liliums father retired himself from the Legion, and purchased a small home inside the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. He had joined the city's guard, and for the first time in all her years she had a definitive place to call home.

    On her 18th birthday, after months of searching for a way to join the Arcane College, Lucius surprised Lilium with an invitation into the school. An old friend of his, from 'back in the glory days' as he so eloquently put it, was a member of the College and managed to pull some strings.

    Though she wasn't a proper student, and merely a handmaiden, Lilium took every chance she could to snatch a book to read in her free-time only to put it back and grab another. She would often make excuses to clean during lectures, in order to learn from the Master mages about the realm of Aetherius and the art of magicka.

    She was able to do this without notice until she was 21, before she managed to make an enemy out of the Lore-keeper and Librarian of the college. Lilium was caught stealing a spell book, and had admitted to only borrowing it. The College did not feel the same, and excommunicated her in an instant, forcing her to leave and never enter the grounds again.

    Her day of excommunication was only the beginning of her bad luck, as on her return home, a courier met her with a note from the Captain of the city's guard. Her father was mortally wounded in action.

    She got to speak with him only in his last moments. A robbery in the Market District went awry, and he ended up getting stabbed in the chest; puncturing a lung. Lilium didn't bother to tell him about the trouble she had gotten herself into, rather, she focused on making the last moments of his life as happy as she could make them.

    His last words echoed in her mind as she packed up the few things she needed, and sold the rest of the belongings and her first home. And then she was in the wind, on her way to the north. To a college that would accept and teach her no matter who she was or where she came from.

    "Never stop reaching for your dreams, my Lily. You're the best and smartest person I have ever known, and you have always made me proud. I can't wait to see you become the best that you can be, that I know you can be. I am always with you, and I love you to the moons and back."

    College of Winterhold, Lilium Lancif, at your service.

    Voice and Score

    (Trying this part out, inspired by some of my old CCs as well as @Zelda's Lovely CCs)

    VOICE: Soft, Bright and almost Vaguely Sarcastic

    VOICE REFERENCE: Ashley Johnson as Ellie, "The Last of Us" [Click for Example]

    (In the Example video she is the Woman in the Sound booth)

    "My World" composed by Florian Bur
  • Kyneth Grohiikiin, A Paradoxical and Enigmatic Madman Mar 10, 2017

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Kyneth Grohiikiin
    ~A Paradoxical and Enigmatic Madman~

    NAME: Kyneth Sithusaar Grohiikiin

    ALIAS: Wolf, Nomad

    AGE: 32

    BIRTH-DATE: 6th of Morning Star, 4E 171

    BIRTH PLACE: In his family's home, just outside the city of Evermor in High Rock

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Nord [75%] Bosmer [12.5%] Breton [12.5%]

    CLASS: Bounty Hunter | Witch Hunter | Mercenary | Weapon Master

    LATERALITY: Right Handed

    SEXUALITY: Straight/Hetero


    FAMILY: He once had a family, a mother, and father. But he disowned and estranged himself over a decade ago due to some tragic and traumatic events that occurred within his home.

    PROPERTY: Not but what he carries on his person



    - Mild Psychosis: A severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. With this disorder, Kyneth faces hallucinations, both visual and auditory, delusions, agitation, paranoia, and incoherence in speech patterns.

    - Severe Manic Depressive Disorder: Otherwise known as Bipolar disorder, this is a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. Kyneth's affliction by this illness is so severe, he feels manias and depressions many times a day. His manias are usually episodes of uncontrollable rage, and primal aggression, while his depressions are complete and introverted numbness. (more in depth information on his manic and depressive states will be provided in his personality section.)

    - Major Depressive Disorder: An extension of his MDD, sometimes his depressions will leave an underlying depression over him, that last for weeks or even months. When he is experiencing these, it is on top of his regular depression and manic mood swings.

    - Major Anxiety Disorder: This is not one disorder in itself, but rather a broad classification of his many anxiety disorders. General Anxiety Disorder brings severe and ongoing anxiety that truly affects him day to day. Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, he frequently has spontaneous panic attacks and as a result, he fears recurring attacks and exposing himself to anything he believes could trigger these. Social Anxiety Disorder is where his hate for others comes from, as they bring him almost deadly anxiety at times, so he avoids them at all cost to avoid panic attacks or manias. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is experienced every now and then, as he tends to avoid the things that remind or bring back memories of past severe trauma. When he does go through experiencing this, it leads to intense panic attacks which eventually can lead to manias or depressions. His phobias also stem from all his anxiety afflictions, bringing overly intense and irrational fears of things many would not even consider scary.

    - Developing Dissociative Identity Disorder: This affliction is characterized as 2 or more different personality states within him. Though it is not fully at the stage of completely separate personalities, Kyneth is starting to feel himself shift when he goes in and out of his manic and depressive states. He has begun to feel a new weight and presence over him as his moods go from one end to the other. (More information on these shifts in the personality section.)

    RELIGION: Agnostic, Spiritualist/Paganist



    HEIGHT: 6'0"

    WEIGHT: 154 lbs.

    BUILD: Fit and Muscular, Lean and Powerful

    FACE: Square and Firm, Intimidating and Strong

    EYES: Hazel Blue (the color almost seems to change based on his mood. When in his manic state, they are more Hazel Brown. When in his depressed or ‘dead’ state, they are more Hazel Grey. But these color variations could also just be based on what type of light they are seen in.)

    SKIN TONE: Slightly tanned Nordic white

    HAIR STYLE: Long; down to the shoulders. Wavy, curly and always worn down

    FACIAL HAIR: Unkempt and unshaven scruff, with a slightly defined goatee

    HAIR COLOR: Chestnut/Light Brown

    SCARS: Hundreds on his inner arms and wrists, upper and inner thighs. Some ragged ones on his hands and back. All of them are poorly healed and incredibly noticeable (to his dismay)


    : N/A


    Well, let us start with the core of his being, before getting into the complications that come into play for his personality. Kyneth is, by definition, a walking paradox. He has very strong opinions on certain things but can also enjoy certain aspects of said things. For example, he has an innate and uncontrollable fear of water; including bodies of water and even swimming. However, he loves the rain, enjoys a cool bath, and his favorite thing to drink is the very thing he is terrified of. Things such as this can be seen in all things, from his values to his appearance, and probably most importantly and noticeably; his personality.

    Kyneth's most natural and powerful ability is that of speech, writing, and literature. He is very well spoken, and (at his most baseline and comfortable 'real' state) is very calming and easy to talk to. He loves to listen to others talk about themselves and learn their minds and souls, with this, he also enjoys helping others solve their problems by giving them the advice and tools to do so on their own accord. This, of course, is another example of his paradoxical existence. He loves to communicate and listen/talk to others however he fears and even loathes being near and around others, as well as distrusts and avoids them at all costs. The small exception to this rule is children. Kyneth, for a reason beyond comprehension, has the almost supernatural ability to build a rapport and trust with almost all of them. He will go out of his way, and against his phobias in order to help kids in need, in hopes that he may help to prevent them from experiencing the things that he had at that age. This gift with children is also seen between him and animals, as like the children, he is able to calm them and gain their trust for mutual gain.

    He constantly writes when he can, pouring out his soul onto the parchment he holds in front of him, and rather than keeping these notes, he leaves them behind. Perhaps this is because deep down, he hopes somebody may find it and be inspired or enjoy the sentences he formulates without having to think. This is an extension of his most unseen portion of his baseline personality, his intelligence, perception, and awareness. After centuries of experiences, teachings, and readings, Kyneth has been left with knowledge rivaled by few. This is something literally nobody knows about him, as well as what his wit allows him to do; read people. He does this with his expertise in kinesics like muscle reading and paralanguage, along with the discernment of microexpressions, proteans, and calypses. This is how he navigates through crowds, and controls the situation to his best ability. In his mind, if he knows everything about the people around him, he becomes and remains the smartest and most prepared person in the vicinity. He can use the information he gathers about people to not only monitor them but manipulate them as well. His intelligence also helps him when it comes to speech, navigating dungeons, and completing contracts with ease.

    This has covered the general aspects of his core and 'baseline' personality. Now to move into the more complicated things.

    Kyneth has faced countless traumas and mental scarring in his lifetime, things that have changed his mind and his soul permanently. One thing that must be understood about the following, is that the changes he faces are not within his own control. From a third person perspective, it seems like the opposite, however, that is not the case and is why I am including this portion of his mood an behavior in the personality section; so that it is a little bit easier to understand. Another thing that needs to be known, is that his different states of behavior and mood brought on by his Manic Depressive or Bipolar disorder, are not changes in his direct and baseline personality. Rather, it is a change in his actions, words, and thoughts. It can be heavily misread as a personality disorder due to the psychosis he tends to face as a result of the intense and constant changes, and the slowly budding dissociative identity disorder - which will eventually possibly make all of this an actual personality disorder based on mood shifts. What we will be covering now will be the 2 different moods and behavioral changes that he faces due to his ailments.

    We will start with his manias. When Kyneth experiences a mania or a manic episode, he shifts into being angry, primal, and raw. He is on the defensive, and is vindictive and cruel, going out of his way to strike at others who so much as look at him. The severity of his manias can mean a huge difference in the shift of his behaviors here. In the most severe of manias, Kyneth actually loses himself in rage, he 'becomes another person'. He is numb, frantic, cunning and focused, attacking and destroying everything around him until the energy of the mania drains and drags him away. As of late, his manias have started to be accompanied by a voice, and a breath in his ear. The voice is his own, but it is different, deeper and more sinister. He is starting to see something inside of him become a new state of being, and sometimes when his manias get incredibly severe, he can feel this being try to take hold. Along with these voices, Kyneth sees things either at the beginning or the end of this state. They are shadows, figures, and shapes, evil in appearance. The form in the corners of his eyes, and in the shadows around him, sometimes even in the eyes and faces of people. What triggers Kyneth into going into a mania is seemingly anything and everything. He sometimes doesn't even know he is going into a mania until it is too late, and doesn't even notice what had happened to put him there. Sometimes panic attacks can turn and drag him into this state, but most anything else can and has drug him there many times as well. These manias more often than not, lead him into depressions, but sometimes he can go back to baseline with ease.

    Next, we will cover his depressions. While it is fairly similar to his Major Depression disorder, it is not a part or direct extension of it. Rather, it is an addition to or on top of it. While he faces a constant depression of intense underlying sadness and sense of uselessness and suicidal tendencies from the major depression disorder, when he is in a depression those symptoms only become more magnified. These depressions can last for days while also bringing, like his manias, auditory and visual hallucinations, but also a numbness and solemness that hangs over him, and a constant nagging to end it all. Unlike his manias, Kyneth's hallucinations are much more severe and numerous. He hears voices almost constantly, however, they are not his own or right in his ear. They are whisperings from the area around him and shouting from far away, but they are inhuman and unnatural. His visual hallucinations are the same, numerous and intense in that he sees them everywhere, still as shadows, but not in only the corners of his eyes or in the shadows. They are misty, black silhouettes humanoid in shape. But within both of these visions and voices, there is one that stands out. The clear voice and visage of a girl. Her voice is sweet, soft and comforting; familiar to him as his first and only love, but not exactly the same. His visions of her are also similar in appearance to his passed love, young with dark ebony hair and dressed in a white flowing dress. However, when he looks at the girl's face, it is devoid of one; a blur where a face should be. When he hears her, it is usually in lullaby or comforting words; safe. When he sees her, all the other forms he sees fade away, slowly followed by her own disappearance. Then his depression ends, and he back to his normal baseline state.

    TEMPER: Short; It doesn’t take much to set Kyneth off, and most often of times, he doesn't even know what it is that triggers him

    OUTLOOK: Usually Pessimistic, with a slight amount of hope at times. To him life is short, hard, and pointless because all mortals die in the end. However, the small hope that there could be love and kindness for him from one other out in the world, keeps him going, and reminds him that it may all be worth it in the end.

    HONOR: High and Low; he is flexible in his honor, as he can and will only give honor to those who he thinks deserves it.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good; He does what he wants because he wants to, no matter how it effects those around him, however he has always wanted to help and better the lives of others who need and deserve it.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Fiercely Intelligent, Loyal, Intuitive, Strong, Skilled, Passionate, Strategic, Leader-like, Protective, Master Communicator

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Knowledgeable of his higher intellect and intuition - which is often mistaken as conceited arrogance, Ruthless, Fickle, Vindictive, Taunting, Intimidating, Fearless, Unstable, Can be irrationally angry, jealous and depressed

    LIKES: Learning and expanding his knowledge, Plants, Animals, the earth of Nirn, Writing and Drawing, Dragon Language (reading and understanding, incapable of using thu'um), Leather working, Metal working, enchanting, books, stories, women, smoking, tracking, hunting, weather, rain, bears, wolves, the cold, deep philosophical and theological conversations, meditation, crystals and gems, climbing, parkour, ice

    DISLIKES: Ignorance, Shortsightedness, Bigotry, Presumptuous Personalities, Talking to people whom he doesn’t trust, Over-sensitivity, Racism, Sexism, Heat and Warmth, Magicka Users (he sees magicka as a cheap tactic to make weaklings and cowards strong), Illusionists/Illusion Users

    FEARS: Abandonment, People, Crowds, Himself

    PHOBIAS: Hydrophobia (Water), Thalassophobia (Oceans/Large bodies of Water), Arachnophobia, Insectophobia, Trypophobia, Anthrophobia (People, Human Contact), Spectrophobia (Mirrors, His Reflection), Sciophobia (Shadows)

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Talking to himself, Being overly violent, Pessimistic and Self-deprecating humor, talking on autopilot when uncomfortable or not confident (rambly)

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: Finding his “Other Half” and love of his life, To become the perfect version of himself that he can be, to rid himself of all his instabilities and disorders



    Kyneth hand crafted, sewn and forged all his gear by his own hands, over his years of training and travels. Use the provided images above and linked below in order to get the best idea of what it all looks like on him, along with the descriptions.

    HEAD: A part of the rest of his clothing, he wears a dark gray hood over his head. To cover his face, and disguise himself from others he wraps a long deep, dark, blood-red scarf around his neck and over his mouth.

    TORSO: Wrapping his bare frame, is a loose dark gray tunic, that is almost robe-like in appearance with a long, draping and intricate bottom, and long loose sleeves. Over top this tunic, he wears his blackened, Kodiak bear leather chest piece. This piece of armor, while being flexible, light and as strong as the animal it was made from, also holds a few small pouches to carry miscellaneous items he may find the need for.

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: Like his chest piece, over top of the loose sleeves, he wears a single matching leather pauldron on his right shoulder, as well as matching forearm-length bracers. All of the same leather his chest piece is made of.

    WAIST: Matching his other armor, and made of the same material, Kyneth wears a large leather belt with many assorted pouches for storage. It also has a horizontal quiver mount on it's back, a sword sheathe, a dagger sheathe, and 4 throwing knife sheathes.

    LEGS: Matching his tunic, he wears loose, dark gray cloth pants. They also carry assorted tails and trails.

    FEET: Tall, intricate leather boots, matching the set already covering his body in materials and design.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Aside from his weapons and armor, Kyneth carries very few things with him at all times. He almost always carries parchment, a quill, and ink, in order to write and draw whenever he feels the need. A mortar, pestle, jars and vials for on the go alchemy are also usually always on his person as well. Due to his prowess in Alchemy, he never carries potions, but rather only healing reagents with which he applies as needed. Outside of these few objects, he only has a water-skin, and a sharpening stone, their uses pretty self-explanatory.

    WEAPONS: Kyneth carries a rather vast arsenal of weapons, all for different purposes and situations. Over his years, he has learned some weapons just can't do everything he needs it to, so has spread his proficiencies in those that he carries. His main weapons are his handmade Bow, Sword, and Axe. His bow, Fein (pronounced like fayen) [PHOTO HERE], is a simple hardened Wrothgarian pinewood bow with intricate patterns carved into the wood, strung with pure, black, woven Nordic appaloosa horse hair. His sword, Helios [PHOTO HERE], is a 26 inch Damascus Steel and Ebony crafted Falcata sword, with a Bloodstone/Heliotrope inlaid handle (this isn't in the photo provided, as the handle in that sword is some kind of Jade or Ivory, but here is a photo of heliotrope stone [PHOTO HERE]). His ax, Prehn [PHOTO HERE], is a handaxe with a 20-inch handle and a 5-inch blade that extends around 7 inches from the handle. Both the handle and the blade are made of the same metal as Helios but were forged separate and attached and forged together at the end of the process. Using his knowledge of the dragon language and spelling, he inlaid the symbols for Faas or Fear, along with other runic designs. He wrapped the handle in thick stained horse hide, and the bottom of the pommel is inlaid with a Prehnite stone orb (this is not shown in the reference artwork, but here is a photo of Prehnite stone [PHOTO HERE]). His secondary weapons are his dagger, greatsword. His dagger called Ursine, forged with the same Damascus as the rest of his arsenal. It's a 12-inch blade, with an aged antler handle, and pure steel pommel and hilt [PHOTO HERE]. His greatsword, which is unnamed, is a standard steel longsword, not forged by himself like the rest of his weaponry. The reason for this is due to him carrying the only heirloom of his father's name; a shattered executioners sword called Liz Dinok, or Ice Death in dragon's tongue, that he plans to one day reforge when he understands the metallurgy used to create it. He estimates the blade's length, when reforged, being roughly 35 inches, and along with the handle, hilt, and pommel, it may become a hearty 42 inches. Unlike traditional executioners swords, it's blade is sharp all the way down to a point, whereas regularly they have no point. It seems to be made from 3 different types of steels unknown to him, all imbued with a radiating cold energy [PHOTO HERE]. Along with all this, he carries a quiver (made from the same materials as, and matching his armor) filled with dwarven arrows, and on his belt are 4 steel throwing knives.

    MAGICKA: Though Kyneth has a particularly heavy distaste for Magicka users and mages, his intense fascination with the ice and cold actually stems from a natural affinity for ice magicka. This can be attributed to his lineage and Breton blood, as his ancestors and forefathers from his Breton side were once powerful Cyromancers. Though he has never purposefully or consciously used ice magicka, every now and then there are moments when he feels himself harness the cold without thinking.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: A well trained and natural fighter, Kyneth was masterfully trained in the art of archery, hand ax combat and swordsmanship, as well as hand to hand combat, and reconnaissance combat. He does not have a preference for his bow, axe or sword, as he enjoys getting to use, practice, and expand his experience with these weapons. If he finds himself in a recon position where he is not picking off foes from afar, however, he does not resort to using Helios or Prehn, but rather Ursine or his bare hands for a quick dispatch of his target. His throwing knives also fall into this category of necessity, and he can use them as expertly as his dagger to silently take out up to 4 foes at once with perfect aim. Though fast, nimble, powerful and strong, Kyneth has problems with getting overwhelmed and surrounded. If he loses his head (this happens often), he loses all his sense of calculation and control and becomes a mindless attacker.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Kyneth is a strategist at heart. When of clear head and mind, when he is in full control of his thoughts, feelings, and actions, he is a fighter of necessity first and foremost. As his many trainers in the past have taught him, mastery in ranged and close combat is an important tool for anyone combating skilled opponents. If he finds he may be outnumbered before being detected, he will come in silent, and invisible, picking off his foes with arrows unseen, until he gets close enough to plan a route to take out the rest with an eager Ursine. If he is overwhelmed and outnumbered while noticed and targetted by numerous foes, he resorts to his greatsword, to bring powerful, arching swings to take out as many enemies at possible, quickly and powerfully. If he finds himself equally matched, more often than not, he will go in without any regard for being unseen, or unknown, as a dual fair and true is also something he is quite good at. The single handed blade he uses depends on his opponent. Helios, he uses mainly for human and mortal foes, while Prehn he uses for that of the supernatural and undead.



    LINEAGE: His mother's family, holds roots in Bosmeri tribal culture. As his great-grandmother on his mother's side was the Shaman of a Bosmeri tribe long ago. And throughout the ages, their beliefs and ideals were taught and passed down. Due to the fact that he was never close to his parents or knew of his lineage, Kyneth never got to learn about these things. However through much meditation and practice, he has been able to come in contact with what he believes to be the spirits of his great-grandmother and other members of his family before her.

    His father's family holds roots in Breton ancestry. Like on his mother's side, his great-grandmother on his father's side was a powerful Breton cult leader and a legendary cryomancer. And though the cult following has since been long forgotten, the practice of cryomancy was viewed as almost sacred in that side of his family. As stated before, he never knew anything about this, and through meditation, again, he gained contact with that great-grandmother and other members of his family before her.

    As a daily part of his life, he meditates and meets in commune with different members of his long passed family, learning the traditions and beliefs that his family had, and implementing certain parts of both into his life as he sees fit.

    BRIEF BACKSTORY: After a rough upbringing, Kyneth travelled Tamriel. Staying with different masters of many different crafts, like blacksmiths and warriors. He was taken as an apprentice by an ex-Lion Guard Captain, when he was merely 17, and taught to wield a sword. After 4 years with this master, he was relieved from him, and soon after he became the apprentice of a master Orsimer blacksmith somewhere deep in the Wrothgarian Mountains, a place he has always had a deep spiritual connection with. This became the beginning of his love for crystals, gems and stones, as well spiritualism, and his master taught him to harness all these things and use them to his crafting advantage. When he turned 24, he matched and decided to leave his master's training for other endeavours. This is when he met an old hunter and wild-man. Though he was not taken as a formal apprentice, Kyneth followed this man for nearly 5 years, mastering the arts of hunting, tracking, gathering, and navigating wildlife like Kynareth herself. However, throughout all of this, Kyneth had kept secrets. Kept to himself. Closed himself off. Never did he make friends, or attempt to socialize. Never did he confront his fears. And while he mastered the physical world, and his physical self, his psyche and his mind have been neglected since the very beginning. Now, he searches for a new master, someone to help him control and make sense of the hurricane that is his brain, as well as the woman who has haunted his dreams for as long as he can remember.

    - Maree Antoinette, The Beheaded Lover
    - Matthias Sidrey, The Guard Captain
    - Drakaash Volkrub, The Orcish Blacksmith
    - Mikkah Shirk, The Nomadic Wildman
    - The Ancestors
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  • Specter Revival Project! RP Character: Serenity (The Ice Shot) Amaria (Original Post Date: November 4, 2012) Nov 4, 2012

    So here's a new little project that I'm gonna be doing, a Revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the first of the 'Revived'!

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Serenity Amaria

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    NAME: Serenity Amaria

    ALIAS: The Ice Shot (Self Called)

    AGE: 18

    BIRTH-DATE: 14th of Second Seed, 4E 183

    BIRTH PLACE: Falkreath

    GENDER: Female


    CLASS: Archer/Thief

    PROFESSION: Thief, Craftswoman, Bounty Hunter, and Area Guide (wherever the coin is)

    LATERALITY: Lefthanded

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: None, Orphaned at Birth

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: The only thing of significant importance to her is her bow

    AFFILIATIONS: She did some training with the Companions, and a freelance blacksmith but is no longer associated with either


    RELIGION: Standard Nordic pantheon, with particular interest in Kyne and Talos


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    HEIGHT: 5'2"

    WEIGHT: 125

    BUILD: Lean, Lithe and Attractive

    FACE: Soft, Naive and Caring

    EYES: Icy Blue

    SKIN TONE: Fair Skinned, like most Nords

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight

    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    SCARS: Many scars along her back from lashings

    TATTOOS: She has the symbol of Kyne on her chest between her breasts. and the symbol for Talos on the top of her draw-string hand

    PIERCINGS: One in her left eyebrow, and 2 in the earlobe of her right ear


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    TEMPER: Relatively Even-tempered; she doesn't regularly lose her cool

    OUTLOOK: Bright; she is bright and young, and sees the world as her oyster

    HONOR: High; she believes that all those who have fallen deserve the respect and honor as any fallen hero

    ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Observant, Vivacious, Perky/Bubbly, Studious, Respectful, Headstrong, Bright-eyed, Passionate, Borderline Hyperactive

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Naive, Stubborn, Opinionated, Vindictive, One-track minded

    LIKES: Nature, Animals, People, Sun and Sky, Rainstorms, Hunting, People

    DISLIKES: Racism, Bigotry, Rudeness, Insults, Ignorance, Ice Wraiths

    FEARS: Ice Wraiths

    PHOBIAS: Ice Wraithaphobia

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She likes to Whistle, Hum or Sing as she walks and treks the wilderness alone

    She wants to hunt alongside Aela and serve the children of Skyrim with the Companions


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->
    Gear and Fighting Style
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    HEAD: While in cities in towns, nothing, but while out in the wilderness or hunting she wears the hood of her fur cloak

    TORSO: She has a thin, forest green, sleeveless tunic that she wears underneath her leather cuirass which is also sleeveless

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: The only thing that covers her shoulders is her fur cloak, her forearms are wrapped with thin leather bracers matching her cuirass, and on her right hand (her drawstring hand) she wears a green cloth glove

    WAIST: Her waist is wrapped in a simple hide belt, with two sheathes on her right hip

    LEGS AND FEET: Her legs are covered by tight fitting brown cloth, on her feet and lower calves she wears leather iron-shinned boots

    EVERYDAY CARRY: A leather quiver on her back, which she keeps stocked with 30 steel arrows, and a few other random type arrows ranging in strength and distance abilities. Attached to the side of the quiver is a small satchel, which she keeps a large length of rope - which she uses to tie together pelts to carry easier and room for a few simple potions.

    WEAPONS: Her weapons all hold a significant value to her, as she crafted them herself and hopes to only continue upgrading them or replacing them with better self-crafted gear (outside of her arrows). However, none more than her bow, a tough northern-wood recurve bow. It's length has complicated hand-carved designs inlayed with skyforge steel ingots, it's string is a unique combination of horse hair and woven spider-strings. [LINK] Her sword was crafted with her attempt of damascus skyforge steel and dwarven metal, in the the style of a xiphos sword; it's hilt and pommel is a more intricately shaped and designed form of the same metal with the handle wrapped in green-stained horse hide. [LINK] The last weapon in her arsenal is her dagger, which is crafted from simple skyforge steel but almost all intricately inlayed and carved; it's handle is wrapped in the same horse hide as her sword, and it's pommel has her attempt at a dragon's head. [LINK]

    MAGIC: She's never used it, been able to use it, or had the inclination to try and use it. She does, however, respect the craft unlike most Nords, and enjoys watching complex spell casting when she sees it.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: Her most practiced and skilled weapon is her bow. Learning from Aela the Huntress how to shoot with power and accuracy, along with countless hours of hunting and trapping, she is quite the marksman. She was briefly trained with her sword by Aela as well, and she practiced by watching other's practice their own swordsmanship. She has never been trained in dagger-wielding, and hasn't really needed to. She only ever uses it for dispatching, skinning and gutting her prey; however she probably could use it in a fight if she had not other option. How hard could it be?

    FIGHTING STYLE: In the few battles she's had while fulfilling bounties and encountering Bandit Camps, she is surprisingly good at shooting in close combat. She also cleverly uses her bow to parry and hit her opponents if they decide to get too close. Whenever she finds herself out of her league with shooting at close range, she will pull her sword and use it wildly and maniacally. She isn't super accurate or controlled wit the blade, but she's hacking and slashing madly most of the time; and against the opponents she finds, that's all that is needed to be effective.


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    Not sure I am going to do these in the revivals of these character cards, but if I do, they'll be here :p

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Name: Serenity (The Ice Shot) Amaria

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Female

    Class: Archer/Warrior/Theif

    Armor: Pentulis Oculatus armor, without the imperial emblem, and instead of read, blue, And long sleeves and pants. Wheres a cloak of Snow bear fur, but is relatively thin. As well as no face paint.

    Weapons: Custom made ebony like bow. It has blue tribal designs all down the bow from the ice enchantments that are bound in the bow. With blue trim. A set of hidden throwing knives on her belt, and a black Dwemer like long sword, also custom made. Likes to get really close in hand to hand combat, and sword dueling. Usually she is in the middle of the action with her bow, killing as many as she can. The enchantment in her bow freezes some parts of the body, near where the arrow strikes.

    Physical Description: 5'2" 125 lbs, long, straight, brown hair, very fast, strong in accordance to her size, pretty good looking in a general sense of things. Blue eyes, scars on her back from forced work in her past.

    Biography: She was born in Falkreath, but was moved by a slave caravan to Dawnstar shortly after. She was forced to work in both of the mines up there, and hated it. He learned to fend for herself for 16 years, then escaped. She ran to the Winterhold, where she practiced the ways of enchanting, and some frost destruction magicka. In interest of fighting, she came to Whiterun, where she learned archery from Aela the Huntress, and learned expert smithing from a blacksmith called Oric Ironhand, who owned a forge a couple miles north of Whiterun. Since then she has been earning money buy stealing things, and reselling them, as well as taking down bandit camps, and private escorting.

    Personality: Very strong willed, much like Aela, whom she has deemed her hero, and very observant of almost every little thing. Comes with the occupation of an archer. Very protective of most wildlife, and can befriend most animals quickly. She will protect most she trusts, especially her friends (since she has no family).

    Reference Pictures:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  • RP Character: Lytahlas Auvreaplith (Original Post Date: Nov. 4, 2012 Nov 4, 2012

    Here's another revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the second of the 'Revived'!

    Just wanna do a little note here, this is likely going to be and is my favorite of these revivals that I have done so far. I loved recreating this guy, and I really wanna roleplay with him now :p

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    ALIAS: None

    AGE: 260 (Aging slowed around 25, so he looks approximately in his late twenties)

    BIRTH-DATE: 4th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 375

    BIRTH PLACE: Greenwood, Valenwood

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Bosmer/Wood Elf

    CLASS: Forester/Ranger/Assassin

    PROFESSION: High Priority Bounty Hunter and Head Hunter, Vigilante Assassin

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, Widower

    FAMILY: Parents Deceased, Kormuvan

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: His daggers, both were created by him and his father at a young age, one was his and one was his fathers

    AFFILIATIONS: He was involved in the 5 year war in 3E 395, in the Bosmeri faction

    AFFLICTIONS: PTSD, Lycanthropy

    RELIGION: He recognizes the existence of the gods, but doesn't worship any from any of the pantheons


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HEIGHT: 5'8"

    WEIGHT: 149 lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Powerful, Flexible

    FACE: Firm, Stern, Stoic and Semi-angular

    EYES: Shining Yellow

    SKIN TONE: Olive Skinned

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight and Wild

    HAIR COLOR: Ebony, Soft Black

    SCARS: His face is unscathed, the rest of his form is hard opposite

    TATTOOS: Most of his face is covered in intricate, soft black Bosmeri designs


    BEAST FORM: Considered a Gevaudan Werewolf (just a size classification) in Beast form, Lytahlas stands taller than most were's at 8'8", and a monstrous 438 pounds. His fur becomes sickly, ashy black sleekly covering dangerously large muscles ripe and ready to destroy, his eyes bleed blood red, and his teeth become as long as daggers and sharper than razor-blades. A couple of pictures for reference - [one][two]


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to Medium; Sometimes he is in pretty good control, other times his grip on emotions is thin

    OUTLOOK: Grim; He's seen a lot in his time, it only takes so long before somebody becomes desensitized to the inevitable darkness of the world

    HONOR: None; He had honor at some point in his life, but the amount of people he's met without any has tainted his soul and permeated into his heart

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Experienced, Strategic, Masterful, Efficient, Effective, Thorough, Vigilant, Observatory, Unattached, Fearless, Critical, Alpha-personality, Fierce

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Head Strong, Apathetic, Unsociable, Hyper-vigilant, Short Tempered, Aristocratic, Vain, Unforgiving, Ruthless

    LIKES: Rain-forests and Forests in general, Rain, Thunderstorms, Animals, Nature, Pine-trees, Scent of Pine, Hunting, Tracking, Thinking, Exploring, Stalking, Climbing, Free-running, Being Alone (aside from Kormuvan)

    DISLIKES: Attention, Large Cities, Unnatural Noise, Ignorance, Bigots, Racism, Admeri Dominion and their Agents (Including the Thalmor and in his eyes the Empire), Legionaries and Soldiers, Authority, People trying to control him

    FEARS/PHOBIAS: Losing Kormuvan is the only fear he can feel anymore

    HABITS/QUIRKS: He tends to dissociate and lose himself in thought and his surroundings, Talking to Kor and thus; himself

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To kill all those who deserve to die until his last breath

    BEAST FORM: Despite his short temper, his control of his beast blood is surprisingly great. While the ferocity of the beast tends to bleed into his regular personality once his anger is triggered, it takes much more pushing for him to lose his grip as himself. When he does lose control of his human form, as a beast he is in enough control to choose the direction of which his power is aimed. This is enough to avoid needless slaughter and death, and attempt to either make it useful, or make it useless and point it toward nothing.


    -~ Gear and Fighting Style ~-

    (note: all his gear has been self crafted and upgraded over time)
    HEAD: While traveling alone, and with nobody around, he only keeps the hood sewn into his armor on his head; shrouding his face in natural shadows. When in the public eye, or while hunting and stalking his targets he adorns a leather mask along with his hood, that way even if his hood manages to come off he is still anonymous; it also adds a level of intimidation and fear to the mix as only the faint glow of his haunting and hunting eyes show through. [Here's the Mask]

    TORSO: On his torso covering his chest and belly is a leather chest piece, with fur lining in some spots [Here's an idea of what that looks like]. Strapped around his back, is his quiver with attached blade sheathes, the quiver can hold up to 30 arrows and the sheathes are custom fit to his specific daggers [Here's the look of the quiver] [and here's the look of the attached sheathes].

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His shoulders are covered in the attached leather pauldrons on his armor, matching it's design. His forearms are guarded and adorned with leather bracers of similar design [here's what those could look like].

    WAIST: Wrapping around his waist, pulling his armor tight to his stomach and making it seamless into protecting his upper legs, is a leather utility belt. It holds room for a small count of throwing knives, some sharpening materials, potions and poison vials, septims and other items while also having 2 sheathes for his different swords on each side [here's an idea of that].

    LEGS AND FEET: While his legs are covered in black trousers, over the upper portions of each limb the skirt portion of his armor cover his thighs while a pair of leather boots protect his shins and feet [here's those].

    EVERYDAY CARRY: He doesn't carry much on him aside from his major weapons, but the items include up to 6 throwing knives, 4 vials of miscelanious poisons, 2 potions of resistances, anywhere from 200 to 500 gold pieces, a sharpening set, strong leather twine, and dried meat/animal hide for Kor.

    WEAPONS: He has a pretty full arsenal of weaponry, and has no preference as to which he uses in any given situation as at this point in his life he has virtually mastered all of them. His bow, which he affectionately calls 'Claw", is a classic medium sized bow made of the strong, flexible and now rare Summerset Rosewood, and Elsweyrian Osage wood with a complex horse hair weaved bowstring. It has decorative claws or teeth attached to it's front with leather from the same beast, that Lytahlas replaces semi-often [Here's a look at that]. He carries two separate swords on his person, a short-blade and long sword. The shortsword, is that of royal Breton descent, made with Wrothgarian steel and symbols of ancient royalty. He has masterfully restored the blade, replacing the once decayed handle with smooth cherry wood [here's an idea of that]. His other sword is self created, and one of the first blades he ever forged; it's blade is made from an elven steel without imperfection curved into a long, lithe blade. It's handle is curved mahogany, matching the flow of the blade; it's dimensions makes the long sword as light as any dagger and as deadly as any executioner's sword [here's a look of what that could be]. His last two weapons, are his most prized; his daggers. They are not of the same design, but of the same descent. They were made from a damascus steel he and his father crafted together at a young age, and were formed at the same time. His father's blade a straight blade, styled similar to that of a classic sword, while his own blade is sharpened on one side, curving like his elven sword. His father's handle is the very wood his home was built with, cedar, while his own was made with ebony [here's his father's][and his own].

    MAGIC: None. Rather indifferent on it as well, it's just never served him any purpose, and he's found no need for it in all his years.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: He's a veritable master of all his weapons, and thus, is capable of using them all to their fullest potential. He's also quite the capable free runner, and easily traverses most types of terrain; whether it be through the canopy of trees, rock faces and cliffs, or city walls and buildings.

    FIGHTING STYLE: He prefers to get things done quickly in most scenarios, and because of this he tends to stay a distance away from his targets, planting arrows in lethal points. If the situation doesn't fit that option, he will quickly switch to whichever sword he deems necessary, or even both. His short blade is usually better against smaller, more nimble opponents while the longer blade is more useful for larger, slower foes. His daggers are usually used for close combat situations and quick assassinations and kills. in the rare cases where he tortures or dissects his victims by customer order or whilst hunting, he'll use them accurately and painfully if need be.

    BEAST FORM: As a wolf, he is pretty unable to choose the target of his attacks and his power. He is, however, in control of his strikes and attacks. Once somebody or something is in his line of "fire" he properly dispatches them in whatever way he deems fit at the time. Whether that means a mauling, or a good mouthful of flesh, varies from person to person.




    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Kormuvan "Kor" Auvraeplith

    AGE: 214

    RACE/SPECIES/ORIGIN: Lupislycan - A wolf given lycanthropy (no beast form)

    GENDER: Male

    RELATIONSHIP/FAMILY: Kor's master and agreed Father, is Lytahlas. As Mer/Man are not wolves, the usual canine hierarchy doesn't apply to their relationship, and thus their friendship is based wholey on love, trust and innate and instinctual understanding. This understanding comes from Lytahlas being the giver of Kor's Lycanthropy, and their understanding is as close to telepathic as it can get. While Lytahlas is in his Beast Form, that hierarchy appears, and Kor becomes the Beta to Lytahlas' alpha and pack, and performs as such.

    AFFLICTIONS: Lycanthropy - adds to his lifespan, enhances his intelligence, strength, speed and senses


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HAIR/FUR COLOR: He's a shadowy looking canine, with charcoal colored fur and smokey colored underbelly and spots

    EYE COLOR: Blazing Red

    BODY/BUILD/SIZE: Standing at a tall 4' at the shoulder, and measuring from nose to tail 6'4", this 200 pound monster of a wolf puts most other wolves to shame. Despite his size, his muscles are lean, accurate and powerful. His Body is just as battle-worn and scarred as his master's and this adds a decent amount of intimidation to his form.


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to medium; his temper fluctuates with that of his master, and due to his natural protective instincts, tends to be slightly more intense

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, Well Trained, Well Socialized, Well Mannered, Surprisingly Intelligent, Strong, Fast, Protective

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Intimidating, Misunderstood, Too Inquisitive in Cities and Public, Uncontrolled Instinctively

    LIKES: Lytahlas, Nighttime, Rain, Thunderstorms, Forests, Horker Meat, Mammoth Tendon, Horse Hide, Elk Meat and Bones

    DISLIKES: Strangers, Loud Noises, Giants, Spider blood, Troll blood, Slaughterfish

    FEARS: Slaughterfish, Being alone

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Likes clawing deeply into tree trunks and roots, howling at thunder occasionally, and barking at a butterfly every now and again

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wood Elf

    Class: Archer/Assassin

    Armor: Custom Leather Armor, Sangartii Armor. Check Reference Pictures.

    Weapons: Orcish Bow & arrows (or hand made bow), 2 Orcish war axes, Glass sword.
    In battle he prefers to stay "high and dry", but when he runs out of arrows (very often), he is fierce in close combat. He is trained in parkour because of his Valenwood origin. On a full moon, or when angered, he will turn into his wolf form, and kill. He has control, but only after the transformation. If he is confronted during, or right after the transformation, he will go on a blood rampage, killing until he is killed.

    Physical Description: 6'2", 185 lbs, dark, long, smooth hair, yellow eyes, well built, one large scar on his face, and a tattoo on his right arm of a wolf. Very hunter/assassin/archer looking. Check Reference Pictures.

    Biography: Born in the forests of Valenwood, and trained by his father. His parents died in a planned forest fire by the imperial legion, which is why he hates them. After his parents death, he constructed his armor and his bow. He traveled to to Skyrim to learn the art of the bow, and wolf, from the Sangartii Elves. On his way there, he found a young wolf pup, who he named Kenon, and trained to be his companion. They traveled to Skyrim, mastered the bow, recieved the wolf blood, and was hired by the dark brotherhood. Now he fights in any war against the Thalmor and Imperial Legion. He likes anyone who respects him and Kenon, and hates the Thalmor and Imperials as much as he.

    Personality: Very serious, and cold. Almost emotionless. Gets angered easily.

    Reference Pictures:
    Kenon: Lytahlas' Wolf: