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  • Samuel: The Wandering Apostate Apr 29, 2019

    The Wandering Apostate
    “Relinquish your attachment to the known. Step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities.”



    NAME: Samuel

    NICKNAME/ALIAS: "The Apostate", "Sam"

    RACE: Bosmer/Wood Elf [50%], Breton [50%]

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 28

    BIRTHDATE: 11th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 173

    BIRTHSIGN: The Atronach

    BIRTHPLACE: Jehanna, High Rock

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sam is mostly on the road, but is welcome to stay at the College of Winterhold. He owns a small homestead in the town of Cloud Spring, High Rock which he has not visited in years

    CLASS / OCCUPATION: Daedric Scholar, Conjuration Instructor

    AFFILIATIONS: The Mage's Guild (Exiled), The College of Winterhold

    RELIGION / PATRON DEITY: None, but is inspired by the Daedric princes Azura and Hermaeus Mora

    LATERALITY: Right-Handed

    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual


    FAMILY: Mother is the current Court Wizard to the King of Jehanna. Father was an Elven retainer of hers, currently jailed. Has a fully Breton half-sister from his mother's side currently serving
    as a knight in Jahanna's most prominent knightly order, the Coldwind Fellowship.

    [refer to picture at the start of the CC]

    HEIGHT: 5'10"

    WEIGHT: 175 lbs

    EYE COLOR: Light Green

    SKIN TONE: Pale (gets sunburnt / blushes easily)

    HAIR: Long, jet black hair that flows down to the middle of his back

    BUILD: Slightly taller than the average Wood Elf, Thin / lithe body mass

    SCARS/BURNS: Daedric runes inadvertently burnt along the length of his right arm caused by the staff he wields, the are covered by his robe sleeve. Minor scrapes along the arms/legs from travel, nothing too out of the ordinary for an adventurer.

    TATOOS: n/a

    NOTABLE FEATURES: Sam's right ear is quite noticeably more blunt-edged than his left, a trait he shares with his Bosmer father. This feature is typically hidden via his hair


    ARMOR: A muted, purple coat which is his own personal take on the College of Winterhold robes. Black leather gloves and boots made specifically to handle long periods of travel. Steel plating covers his forearms to protect his arms whilst spellcasting. A black wolf pelt is adorned over his back for braving colder climates.

    WEAPONS: An ancient Elven staff called Mournhildr, named by Samuel himself. A relic of the late 2nd era, the beautiful yet melancholic design of the staff is almost a perfect caricature of its current wielder. Rumored to have once been owned by an early acolyte of Azura, it was discovered and excavated by Samuel on a routine expedition of one of Skyrim's northernmost caverns. Retrieving it did however leave Sam's arm inscribed with burns resembling Daedric runes. The staff primarily allows him to access flame-based Destruction magic that burns in a regal white hue as opposed to the usual red/orange.


    • CONJURATION (EXPERT) - Conjure Familiar, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach, Soul Trap, Expel Daedra
    • ALTERATION (ADEPT) - Magelight, Stoneflesh, Telekinesis
    FIGHTING STYLE: Long-range is key to Samuel's success in a fight. His atronachs and fire-based magic are used specifically to widen the space between him and his opponent. In a party of people he is most likely to cover the backlines to outrange enemies.

    WEAKNESSES: Fighting up close shatters his strategy completely. Samuel also has zero form of weapon experience. Being more likely to talk his way out of confrontations has made him not very battle-hardened, and he runs out of stamina / gets winded from physical activity MUCH faster than a warrior or rogue would.


    DEFINING TRAITS: Far too often Samuel is dismissed based off appearances and what little knowledge the public may have about him. Typically classified as some eccentric daedra worshiper, he is in fact a gentle soul seeking to bring as little harm to others as possible. Intelligent and clever, the half-elf simply seeks to learn more about the world and help educate others on what they do not understand. Having an isolated childhood did make him a bit socially awkward, such as being a bit too blunt at times or not recognizing the flirtatious advances of a woman. Though his loyalty is not an easy one to gain, having an open mind and being respective off all peoples goes a long way in earning that loyalty.

    True Neutral

    LIKES: Learning and educating others on the Daedra / Oblivion, Chronicling his expeditions and findings, Pursuing knowledge, Open-mindedness, Intelligence, Reading books and poems, Elven culture, Enchanting, Herbal tea mixed w/ snowberries

    DISLIKES: Narrow-mindedness, Overly judgmental people, Ignorance, Unearned bravado, Racism, Sexism, Stupidity, Talkative people, Large groups of people, Drunkards, Drinking alcohol of any kind

    HABITS: Addressing people with "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms.", regardless of how close they are, Blocking out other's voices when deep in thought, Humming songs he hears bards play for a few days after hearing them (typically when alone)


    BACKSTORY: Samuel was born to Maribelle Levante, Court Wizard to the King of Jehanna in High Rock. Despite having a husband who is an advisor to the King, Maribelle would give birth to a son she conceived by having an affair with her Bosmer retainer. Mortified that her reputation would be tarnished, she ordered the child to be raised by servants on the countryside until he was of age and she could figure out a way to intergrate him back into Jehannan society. This was unknown to her husband, as she lied to him and the public claiming the child had in fact died during the birth.

    Sam would be raised in a lonely shack quite a ways from the Kingdom. In this lonely childhood he found he had some innate magical ability, more specifically by being able to conjure a familiar. One day while those entrusted to watch over him defended the shack against a pack of wolves, the boy snuck out wanting to see the nearby forest and would get himself lost. Pregnant with her 2nd child, Maribelle was shocked but almost relieved the boy had run. The boy was likely dead and the weight of her infidelity was off her shoulders. Or so she thought.

    Sam made it past the forest into the nearby settlement of Cloud Spring, where an elderly Breton couple took pity on the now-orphaned boy. Refusing to talk about his life in that shack, the couple ceased asking questions about where he had come from. They saw his talent in magic and urged him to pursue a future involving this upon coming of age. They told him wherever he went, their would always be a home waiting for him here. Sam was unused to this kind of love but was beyond grateful. The following years were much more pleasant than the previous, and all was well through the half-elf's teenhood. After the elderly couple passed away, Sam pursued his studies and traveled to Jehanna to seek the Mage's Guild.

    After being accepted as an apprentice, Sam would hone his Alteration abilities but was forced to keep his talent in Conjuration hidden due to the Guild's anti-Conjuration policies. One day, he would accidentally burn a student who had constantly bullied and belittled him by using a flame atronach. He was immediately expelled and his name blacklisted. Eventually word would begin floating around again that the half-elf boy shared very distinct traits with the Court Wizard's retainer. To do away with this skeleton in her closet, Maribelle would frame her retainer about making this lie up and have both him and Sam secretly jailed. Sam however was able to escape across the border into Skyrim where she could not track him, he would end up in Solitude.

    It is in Solitude where Sam meets a master in Conjuration magic, Phinis Gestor. The mage stopped by the hold to speak with Solitude's Court Wizard but was set to leave back to Winterhold soon. Phinis recognized Sam's talent and would take him under his wing. The two head back to Winterhold where Sam can perfect his Conjuration with little resistance. Though his studies into the daedra are still not as welcome by others, he hopes what he learns can help educate the public on this taboo subject.


    VOICE: Aidan Turner

    INSPIRED MUSIC: Lost Painting (Orchestral Remix) from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Michiru Yamane

    Lost Painting is a gem in the already amazing Castlevania library of music. This song in particular evokes a sense of mysticism and mystery, like wandering though a massive library or visiting a place untouched by man.There is nothing particularly too fast-paced or "hype" about it, which is perfect. The arrangement is solemn, yet not sad, but rather almost hopeful. It evokes a sense of yearning for the unknown, which is the best possible way to describe Samuel and his goals.

  • Jacoby Hlaalu Jan 18, 2018

    Jacoby: The Blacklight Shadeling

    Jacoby (2).jpg

    • Full Name: Jacoby Hlaalu
    • Nicknames/Alias: The Blacklight Shadeling, Jace
    • Race: Dunmer/Dark Elf [100%]
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 31
    • Birthdate: 9th of Hearthfire, 4E 172
    • Birthplace: Blacklight, Morrowind
    • Class/Occupation: Legal Assassin/Mercenary
    • Affiliations: Morag Tong (Currently Exiled)
    • Religion/Patron Deity: The Reclamations (Azura, Boethiah, Mephala), but specifically most devoted to Mephala
    • Laterality: Right-Handed
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Family: Blood-related family is unknown. Adopted by the Morag Tong, considers them his family.


    Jacoby (3).jpg
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Eyes: Dark Red
    • Skin: Dull Blue-Grey
    • Hair: White and long flowing hair. Usually kept up in either a ponytail or bun
    • Build: Slim and Lean-Muscled
    • Scars: Two scars the cross over his right temple, a smaller scar jetting across the bridge of his nose, a few scars that start at his chest and run down to the side of his abdomen
    • Tattoos: The Black Widow symbol associated with Mephala on his right shoulder. Beneath the spider is his oath to the Morag Tong tattooed down his arm, written in Dunmeris (Daedric lettering)
    mephala symbol.jpg

    • Armor: Armor set comprised of netch leather and some chitin pieces used for plating on the shoulders and knees. Uses his face mask for harsher weather conditions such as ash or snow.
    Dunmer Assassin 2.jpg
    • Clothing: Standard Dunmer clothing used by most Raven Rock inhabitants. Has a few tunics in different colors for some variety.
    • Weapons: Jacoby is well-trained with a wide assortment of one-handed weapons, but he typically defaults to a classic Morrowind-style long blade which was a gift given to him by his family back on Morrowind's mainland. He also carries a few daggers he on his person at all times. Besides obviously being able to sneak up and slice necks with them, he is also proficient at throwing them as well.
    • Magic: Invisibility and Muffle are the only two spells he can skilfully cast. Though he has attempted to delve deeper into the illusion school before, he firmly believes he only really needs these two spells for his line of work.
    • Fighting Style: Jacoby is a glass cannon, as he is deadliest the closer he is to his target. His proficiency with 1-handed weapons and hand-to-hand combat is second to none. He will attempt to use the two illusion spells he knows to cling to the shadows, and eventually close the gap between him and his opponent when they least expect it. Once he is in, he is incredibly swift and lethal with his movements, and will aim to end the confrontation by eliminating his target as quickly and soundly as he can.
    • Weaknesses: Without the element of surprise, Jacoby is a sitting duck. His flawless close combat game comes at the price of a complete lack of range. He isn't an archer or offensive magic user, so facing one of these two types of fighters puts him at a significant disadvantage, especially if they are cunning enough to predict a sneak attack from him. Also being a glass cannon means he sacrifices all defense in the hopes that his all-out offense will prevail.


    Dunmer Assassin 3.jpg

    Young and bitter would be the simplest way of describing Jacoby to those who have yet to meet him. Despite all of the bravado and confidence the dark elf exudes, he will always be on the tail-end of glory. Both House Hlaalu and the Morag Tong's glory days have long since past, so Jacoby constantly seeks to prove himself in order to show that he possesses the potential and ability of those that came before him. Perhaps he is at times too confident in his own abilities, which can lead to him underestimating others. His brash and outgoing attitude is quite uncommon within his order as well, but when on the job, he is someone else entirely.

    Jacoby's ego goes completely out the door when he is on a mission to eliminate a target. With poise and precision, he approaches the task at hand. Cold and calculating, he will do what needs to be done to ensure he clears his contract as quick and efficiently as possible. No nonsense or gimmicks, Jacoby had made it clear why he was a rising star in his order just before his exile.

    Now out on his own however, more of Jacoby's personality has begun to shed through the hardened shell that his time with the Tong had created. Though he bares the tattoos of his patron deity and order, he's realized that he's not as committed to them as he once felt prior. He has been more open to conversation with others as opposed to simply just boasting about himself or his heritage. Though his cocky attitude remains, Jacoby still believes he has more room to grow as an individual, and sometimes ponders what life would be like if he wasn't an assassin (though he never mentions this to anyone).

    • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Positive Traits: Intelligent, Cunning, Witty, Charming (at times), Outgoing, Extroverted
    • Negative Traits: Incredible Pride, Ego. Confrontational, Sarcastic
    • Likes: The heat of battle, Formidable Opponents, Dunmer History, Sujamma, Reading (Especially plays- his favorite being "The Poison Song"), Strawberries, Rainy weather, The sound of his own voice (probably)
    • Dislikes: The Dark Brotherhood, House Redoran, Bandits/Reavers, Uninteresting people, Ash Hoppers, Bard music, Snowy weather, Public displays of affection, Beggars
    • Fears: Death, Letting down those who care for him, Causing problems for others due to his own negligence
    • Habits/Quirks: Carving a letter or symbol into wood if he has a dagger in hand, Will randomly doze off if he is caught in a particularly boring conversation, Checking with local merchants to try and complete his "Poison Song" collection (This takes priority over basic necessities like food/potions)
    • Voice: Raspy and a bit hoarse. Most either find his voice to be intriguing or annoying.
    • Goals: Redeeming himself and possibly starting a new life outside of being an assassin.

    • Childhood:
      • Details of Jace's birth are a relative mystery.
      • He was adopted by two wealthy nobles from House Hlaalu who had ties to the Morag Tong.
      • He lived a modest lifestyle in the city of Blacklight until he came of age.
      • He was eventually sent to Solstheim to begin his rigorous Tong training.
    • Teenager:
      • Jace trained day and night learning the ways of the assassin.
      • During his training, he gets paired with another rookie named Doryien. They form a quick friendship.
      • Both are taken under the wing of a more experienced assassin, a female dunmer by the name of Saraya.
      • Moving up the ranks of the order, Jacoby would find tremendous success as an assassin, until a certain confrontation years later.
    • Adulthood:
      • Saraya is revealed to be plotting with House Redoran to take down the Morag Tong
      • Her two students and two other talented Tong assassins confront Saraya, Jacoby hesitates in killing her; allowing her to kill Doryien and his two teammates. She badly wounds Jacoby
      • An enraged Jacoby manages to best his mentor, but he too is on the brink of death before getting discovered and rescued by a couple of sailors
      • Jacoby is eventually exiled from the Morag Tong, as they believed his arrogance had led to the deaths of his three kinsmen
      • He heads to Skyrim instead of Morrowind's mainland to leave the politics behind him, ready to embark on his own path

    Inspiration Music:
  • Gorlocke Sep 17, 2017

    Gorlocke: Ye Big, Olde Bastard

    Gorlocke headshot.jpg


    • Name: Gorlocke
    • Nicknames/Alias: "Gor", "The Wrothgar Butcher", "Big Bastard"
    • Race: Orsimer/Orc
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 34
    • Birthdate: 7th of Frostfall, 4E 167
    • Birthsign: The Tower
    • Birthplace: Orsinium, Wrothgar Mountains
    • Class/Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
    • Affiliations: The Silver-Bloods (served as a personal bodyguard to Thonar & Betrid Silver-Blood), East Empire Company (performed odd jobs here and there on their behalf)
    • Religion/Patron Deity: Malacath (worshiped formerly), Zenithar (currently worships)
    • Laterality: Right-Handed
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Family: Father was the chieftan of orc tribe in Orisinium, killed by his heir, Veruk. Mother was the chief's 1st wife and current wise woman of the tribe. Grandmother was the former wise woman of the tribe before her death. Younger brother Veruck is the current chieftan of the tribe after besting their father in combat.


    gor 3.jpg
    • Height: 6'10"
    • Weight: 395 lbs
    • Eyes: Dull Green
    • Skin: Dark green, darker than most Orcs
    • Hair: Bald, Eyebrows very thin/non-existent
    • Build: Has a muscle gut, contributing to his 'big bastard' nickname, which he owns up to 100%
    • Scars: Missing right tusk and Glasgow smile on the right side of his face, obtained in a battle during his time as a mercenary. Along with these facial injuries, he has a plethora of scars and welts along his chest and back from countless encounters throughout his years.
    • Tattoos/Piercings: n/a


    • Armor: Gorlocke's armor is of a special make, a unique hybrid of both Nordic Steel and Orcalicum pieces. It was forged by a Nord smith who had heard of Gorlocke and his past, and forged it as a thanks for fulfilling a bounty on his behalf.
    • Weapons: An orcalicum, butcher-style greatsword. It has no tip but instead has a curved flat head, meant for cleaving instead of stabbing. The sword's edge has indents intended to maximize cutting/bleeding potential. The sword belonged to Gorlocke's father before he was accidentally killed by Gorlocke himself.
    Gorlocke Sword.jpg
    • Clothing: If he is looking to settle down for a bit and relax, Gorlocke can strip pieces of his armor down to just keep the clothing underneath remaining. This entails simple baggy pants, leather boots, and a leather holster around his chest. (think Iron Bull's outfit from Dragon Age: Inquisition)
    • Magic: n/a
    • Skills: Gorlocke is incredibly proficient with the use of his greatsword and heavy armor. His magic prowess is completely non-existent, but he makes up for this with unrivaled health and a seemingly endless supply of stamina. He also picked up on basic alchemy from his mother back during his time in the stronghold. He cannot make poisons, but is capable of brewing simple healing/stamina potions.
    • Fighting Style: Gorlocke is the very definition of a tank in combat. A bit of a masochist, he enjoys seeing how much pain he can take in combat and pushing this threshold to his limits. He isn't stupid with this however, and will immediately ramp up his offense if he has underestimated his opponent's strength. Being in close-quarters with the beefy orc is almost a sealed deal for him, as only 1 or 2 mighty swings of his massive ripper blade can slice a foe clean in two. What he lacks in speed, he makes for in sheer, brute strength.
    • Weaknesses: Magic users are Gorlocke's Achilles' Heel. He was never properly conditioned to take on mages or any magic of any sorts, and can easily be outdone by any half-decent user of magic. Incredibly fast fighters can also hold their own against him, as his massive size and heavy blade make his offense quite slow. A fast fighter would have to be able to dish serious damage to him however, as his pain threshold would allow him to remain in combat for as long as he needs.

    • Personality: The term, "Don't judge a book by its cover", could not hold more weight than with Gorlocke. Despite being the size of a mammoth and having a face not even Mara would take pity on, he is still a big, softie beneath the rough exterior. Although he used to be the typical angry, brutish Orc, he has long since turned a new leaf. He is an optimist, and will try to remain positive even when pl*ps hits the fan. He can be very humorous and sarcastic as well to lighten up the mood if need be. Despite this, he approaches combat in way that would put other orcs to shame. Slightly masochistic, he enjoys putting his pain threshold to its limits in battle, and as such thoroughly enjoys a good fight. The only subjects that kill his positivity are any that relate to his father, family, or his time in the stronghold, as those memories hold a burden on him and remind him of a time he could not live up to his potential.
    • Morality: True Neutral
    • Positive Traits: Incredibly Friendly (despite his appearance), Strong-willed, Disciplined, Humorous, Typically Jovial attitude, Able to withstand tremendous physical abuse
    • Negative Traits: Short Tempered, Tremendous Pride, Reckless, Not easy to calm after he has been angered.
    • Likes: Fighting, Feeling Pain, Laughing, Telling Jokes/Stories, Debauchery, Drinking/Eating (a HUGE amount), Non-Orc women
    • Dislikes: Uptightness, Complete Silence, Weakness in his opponents, the Civil War (all sides)
    • Afflictions/Fears: Dying in "pathetic" fashion (Falling off a high ledge, choking on something, getting poisoned), Returning to Orsinium to confront his family
    • Habits: Daydreaming about past adventures, Randomly feeling the scar on the side of his face with his hand
    • Voice: Iron Bull - Dragon Age Inquisition
    • Goals: Making as much money off bounties as he can and possibly settling down in the near future.


    • Childhood: Born in Orsinium as the second eldest of eight siblings, just a few minutes before Malacath's summoning day. His father admired his son's strength and fortitude, and would train with him personally. The training was brutal however, typically leaving Gor just short of serious injury. Gorlocke would also learn basic alchemy from his grandmother, the wise woman of the tribe. The chief was always certain either he or his younger brother Veruk would become chief of the stronghold.
    • Teenager: A band of adventurers stops by the stronghold. Tales of their travels intrigues and inspires Gor, making him ponder what life would be like beyond the walls (excluding the occasional hunting trip). Being of equal strength to his younger brother Veruk, Gorlocke is forced to challenge him to the death to eventually be able to confront and usurp leadership of the hold from his father. Gor cannot find the strength to fight his brother, thus ensuring he is never to become chieftan.
    • Early Adulthood: Veruk eventually becomes chieftan, and Gor is happy for his sibling. However, he does not want to live in his shadow, and exiles himself from the hold. This strains the relationship between the brothers, as Veruk believes Gor is doing this out of spite and contempt for his seat of power. This saddens Gor, but also acts as motivation to pursue the life he dreamt of when he was an adolescent, becoming an adventurer.
    • Present Day: Gor travels between Skyrim and High Rock as a bounty hunter, tracking down the north's most undesirable and dastardly contracts. Many throughout the north have come to hear tales of the infamous Wrothgar Butcher.

    Inspirational Music:

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  • Azrael Volaire Jul 25, 2017

    Azrael: The Malicious Inquisitor

    "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." - Charles de Montesquieu

    azrael head.jpg

    gold divider.png

    Azrael Volaire

    The Inquisitor, Lord Ambassador. Lord Azrael of Dusk

    Altmer/High Elf [100%]


    121 (Around early-mid 30s in human years)

    13th of Frostfall, 4E 80

    The Serpent

    Dusk, Summerset Isles

    Thalmor 1st Emissary/Ambassador to High Rock

    Aldmeri Dominion, Inquisitor of The New Order (elite, secretive sect within the Thalmor)

    Religion/Patron Deity
    Claims to worship Auri-El



    Relationship Status
    Single (Widower)

    Azrael's parents are blood-related siblings, and were both high ranking Aldmeri Dominion officials. Both were eventually imprisoned by Azrael after he had surpassed them in rank. Azrael's wife Naminyl was a cleric who lost her life in a skirmish during the Great War.


    gold divider.png





    Platinum Blonde (almost white), Hair flows to his shoulders

    Lean, a bit more muscle than the average Altmer but not by much

    Minor scrapes from a few skirmishes during his time as a Justiciar. After taking office, he has had little to no scars obtained since.




    gold divider.png
    In battle, Azrael dons his Inquisitor's Armor, a dark, elven-plated chest piece adorned with gold accents. It is worn over the standard Thalmor Justiciar robes. He typically wears a black long coat over this with armored shoulder/armguards. The coat has golden, elvish designs etched throughout. Pants and boots are the same as the standard Thalmor set.

    Casual Clothing
    Azrael removes the armor and long coat, thus only leaving the standard Thalmor robes. In bad weather conditions he will occasionally put his hood up

    (like the High Elf loading screen)

    Formal Clothing
    For meetings with other politicians and social gatherings, Azrael will default to an ornate, Summerset Isles-inspired robe. It is black on the outside and yellow within, with gold trimmings on the ends. It is accompanied with a yellow sash and fine leather boots.

    Although Azrael will more often resort to magic as opposed to melee-based offense when confronted, he has been known to be a fairly skilled duelist. If the need arises, he wields a ceremonial Altmer blade into combat. Forged with elven steel, the pristine blade has an almost round-ish tip, meant for slicing as opposed to stabbing. The hilt is decorated with two golden lion heads and the Aldmeri Dominion emblem on the centerpiece. Since he is not traditionally a warrior, his swings are not very impactful, as such, he typically uses telekinesis to manipulate his sword in the heat of battle instead of swinging it himself.

    • Accessories: At all times Azrael sports his signature pendant, the Purest Blood Amulet. It is a necklace made of ebony with a reddish glow within, and is intended to resemble a drop of blood. It is an artifact obtained by Azrael while he served only as a Justiciar, before he rose up the ranks. It belonged to a young, adolescent vampire girl in Valenwood, whom he killed along with her non-infected family who were trying to seek out a cure for her. The infamous incident became known as "Bloody Sundas". Though the amulet helped the girl stave off her bloodlust, it gives Azrael manipulative access to his blood and the blood of others, also known as the dark, forgotten art of hemomancy.
    Azrael Amulet.jpg
    • Magic: Very few rival Azrael in terms of raw magical skill. His most powerful art is one he uses in secret. Hemomancy, or blood magic, is used by Azrael on only the strongest of foes. He manipulates the opponent's blood and even his own with terrifying ease to kill or seriously maim. The magics Azrael DOES use in public include Destruction (Shock-based spells), Alteration (Flesh spells, Paralysis, Telekinesis), and Illusion (Compliance and Rage-inducing spells). The two schools he isn't as talented with are Conjuration and Restoration.
    • Skills: Despite being an incredibly talented mage, Azrael shines brightest behind the scenes. Countless royal families and established governments within the Empire have lost power and even fallen thanks to Azrael's meddling in their politics. The charismatic Altmer sometimes gets favored over Elenwen to consult with negotiations and treaties due to his charm and ability to coerce. He is incredibly indirect when dealing with pressing matters the require a physical presence, and will typically rely on underlings and lower ranked members of his New Order to represent him or deal with a troublesome individual. His ability to shift the blame and cover his tracks has allowed him to go undetected in his political conquest.
    • Fighting Style: As stated, Azrael will most likely have others fight his battles for him, but on the rare occasion he takes up arms himself, he makes his opponent regret dragging him into the fight. Magic is his go to, and he will likely approach combat by shooting a volley of lightning or using Illusion spells to mentally throw off his enemy. If he feels the need, he can also use his blade in more personal combat, which he can manipulate using his telekinesis. Only the strongest of foes have seen him use his hemomancy abilities, none of which are alive to tell the tale.
    • Weaknesses: Though he wields a blade, a half-decent swordsman could easily overpower him if he's not using magic. Since he is not a warrior, Azrael has VERY little stamina, and can get winded the longer a fight goes on. It is at this point he must begin using his hemomancy, which although makes him significantly stronger, it also makes him a glass cannon. One major interruption of a blood mage spell can yield disastrous results for the magic user. Without his amulet, Azrael cannot even access his blood abilities.

    • Personality: Azrael is a snake-tongued Altmer, able to coerce and manipulate others into giving into his best interests. He is cold and calculating, and rarely ever makes mistakes. He has become a master at 'the Game" and is considered by most to be the best diplomat in the Aldmeri Dominion (he is quite literally Elenwen's counterpart). As such, he is VERY sociable, more so than the average Altmer. He is also more flamboyant, as he mixes up his choice of attire depending on the situation, where as the other members of the Thalmor strictly wear the robes for both work and leisure. Because of his psychopathic tendencies, he makes little to no friends, as he simply views others as a means to an end, including all of the members and agents in his New Order. What he truly lives for these days is the lust for power, and very little else.
    • Morality: Lawful Evil
    • Positive Traits: Charismatic, Persuasive, Photographic Memory, Highly Intelligent
    • Negative Traits: Manipulative, Under-Handed, Narcissistic, Power Hungry, God Complex
    • Likes: High Elves, Summerset Isles (Alinor), Politics, Verbal Jousting, Intelligent People, Order, Red Wine
    • Dislikes: Nords (and to a lesser extent the other human races), Death, Illness/Weakness, Dimwitted/Uncivilized People, Ale and Mead
    • Afflictions/Fears: Dying before he carries out what he believes to be his "destiny", Falling out of political relevance
    • Habits: Tapping his index finger on a flat surface when he isn't amused, Sliding himself into conversations/discussions that do not even involve him, Not directly looking at someone whilst talking to them if he lacks respect for said person.
    • Voice: Albert Wesker - Resident Evil 5, D.C. Douglas
    • Goals: Azrael truthfully believes mankind isn't fit to govern itself. At the same time, he longs to be in a seat of major power. So he aims to crumble the Empire from within by either using diplomacy (done by himself) or forcefully removing key leaders/individuals (done by his 'New Order' faction, at Azrael's behest)

    • Childhood: Azrael was born near the start of the 4th Era, in Dusk of the Summerset Isles. His conception was the result of Azroth and Aelith Volaire, two high ranking Aldmeri Dominion officials, mating for the purpose of giving birth to a powerful purebred Altmer who could become a major asset to the Dominion in the future. He is an only child, as the parents tried twice to conceive to no avail, until Azrael himself was born. His family's status provided him with a lavish, luxury childhood.
    • Teenager: Azrael would grow up surrounded by his network of wealthy contacts and family servants, and would grow accustomed to the pomp and circumstance. He was home schooled in history and in magic studies to hone his knowledge and abilities. He would also pick up swordplay from the guards that served his family. His parents were very detached from him, as he had a plethora of teachers and servants to help "raise" him. By the time he had finished his schooling, Azrael was already quite cold due to neglect, but still determined to make his family proud.
    • Early Adulthood: After coming of age, Azrael enlists with the Dominion as an offensive magic user. He participates in skirmishes and small campaigns for the Dominion in Valenwood and Elsweyr. It is in Valenwood where he is ambushed and separated from his unit. He is nursed to health by a young High Elf-Wood Elf hybrid girl named Naminyl. She is a travelling cleric, and came across the dying Azrael in the forest. The two become close, and eventually marry not long after. Azrael contemplates running away with her and leaving the Dominion behind. This plan is brought to a halt when she is killed in Cyrodiil while tending to the wounded by Imperial officers, having mistaken her for a Dominion soldier. Azrael is determined more than ever to extract his personal vengeance, lashing out at the Empire and being a major asset to the Dominion during the Great War.
    • Present Day: Following the Great War, Azrael is promoted due to his contributions on the battlefield. Instead of remaining on the battlefield however, the now hardened, vindictive Azrael climbs his way up the Dominion's ladder of politics. He outranks his parents eventually, and makes an example to those beneath him by imprisoning the two indefinitely. His political maneuvering and wit earn him the title of ambassador, and he leaves for High Rock to serve as its 1st Emissary. While in High Rock, he forms his shadow sect of the Thalmor which he calls the "New Order", and serves as its Inquisitor. Like a spider, Azrael entangles the Thalmor's web of contacts and agents throughout High Rock's kingdoms.

    Inspired Music: "Shadowlord" Composed by Keiichi Okabe