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  • Stirlyn The Glorious Jun 13, 2017

    Name: Stirlyn The Glorious

    Nicknames or Titles: The Gilded Knight

    Age: About 250 (Turned when he was about 20/ 21)

    Race: Nord

    Born: Chorrol, Cyrodiil 3E 413

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Pansexual (On the condition the individual is as “beautiful” as he is.)

    Relationship Status: Currently engaged in an Open relationship with Vasha (See Background)

    Religion: A trinity of Molag Bal, Clavicus Vile, and Sanguine

    Affiliations: Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, Pleasurable Things, Beautiful Things, Knight of the Thorn

    Profession: Ex-Fighter’s Guild, Ex-Arena Competitor, Vampire Hunter/ Enforcer for the Order, Nobleman, Businessman

    Afflictions: Narcissism, Vampirism

    Appearance: Pale skin with long blonde hair tied up in a braid. His body type is highly muscular and toned

    Height: 6’4”

    Weight: 256 lbs.

    Personality: Vain and arrogant, believes himself better than most people, and those who can rival his level of skill aren’t beautiful so they are nothing to him anyway, due to his obsession with his appearance he maintains a workout regimen. He lives for things that bring him pleasure and enjoyment.

    Views: The Beautiful should be free from decay, The Beautiful should rule, and to be ugly is to be impure. Sometimes you must set aside your personal displeasure for the greater causes of the world. Elegance is the path to truth. Fighting is the purest path to Elegance.

    Equipment: Polished Steel Plate armor with and a Carved Nordic shield, modified for range of movement as well as gold trim and gold inlaid embellishments without a helmet. The Loincloth of the armor is also shorter and a dark purple color. Carries an elvish sword fitted with a basket hilt, a couple of steel daggers (One on his belt, another in his boot). Underneath wears basic but finely weaved white shirt and black pants.

    Skills: Heavy Armor, One Handed, Block, Restoration, Alteration, Illusion, Speech


    Born in Chorrol to a minor noble house, Stirlyn was noted among the other children to be quite feminine which led to him being mocked by the other boys. Growing up wearing the finest clothes gifted to him by his Imperial father, his Nordic mother did not like how foppish her son was being groomed to be. She began taking him to the local fighter’s guild to be trained, and so Stirlyn learned something about himself. He already knew he enjoyed being hit, but he also learned he loved inflicting pain as well. He began to strike a balance between keeping himself looking pretty and being able to take a punch. Though he constantly found himself running to a healer to fix any minor injury to his face. Over time he found himself at the healers more and more, as his combat training grew more intense. Fashioning himself as a knight in shining armor, Stirlyn found himself with a conundrum: wear a helmet and protect his face, or not wear a helmet and let the foes know how beautiful their opponent was. He talked to his healer, whom he manipulated to also start teaching him magic, as his fighter’s guild trainers did not appreciate his struggle who talked about a school of magic that allows one the ability create a shield of magic among other effects. Soon Stirlyn was an acceptable warrior, and a fledgling mage. Having reached the limits of his teacher’s skill, his training would have to be put on hold as the Oblivion Crisis began to start. First the news that the Emperor was assassinated, and then Kvatch was destroyed Stirlyn found himself called to action. A boy of just older than twenty years old was sent out to try and help the fight any way he could. As he was traveling with a small company of soldiers sent to try and protect the common folk in the area around Chorrol, they were attacked by feral vampires, the soldiers managed to beat the attack, with only a few of the members falling ill among them Stirlyn. Due to the nightmares and insomnia, a weakened Stirlyn wandered away from camp. His condition thought to be something more mundane like a cold from the Vampire’s frost spells.

    Unbeknownst to Stirlyn, he was being followed by a member of his party, a young nurse named Erina who Stirlyn had come to develop a relationship with. She saw him wander off and grew worried as she knew he had been sick since the fight with the vampires. When she caught up to him, he was face down in the dirt, and she dragged him to a nearby cave for shelter. They stayed together in a small abandoned bandit camp they found within the cavern, Erina doing the best she could to take care of Stirlyn in his sickness. She stood by him even as he turned, she was the band’s healer and seemed to recognize the symptoms of vampirism beginning to set in. Stirlyn stopped her from trying to kill him in his sleep as he turned. Convincing her that he was still his own beautiful self, consummating their new relationship Stirlyn and Erina left the cave.

    They fought through the crisis together, Erina giving her blood willingly so that Stirlyn wouldn’t turn ugly. Eventually, the pair made their way back to their group, Stirlyn fighting with a newfound vigor and health with Erina at his side leading the other to assume that the two were together, seeing as they started sharing a tent. Fighting to protect their city, soon the Hero of Kvatch helped solve the Oblivion Crisis, and Stirlyn found himself with no more glorious combat to be had. Taking to the Arena with Erina as a manager of sorts, he began to fight for the people’s elation and pleasure. His secret kept hidden for the longest time, until it was obvious he would have to move on.

    Soon, he was living in Cheydinhal bored out of his wits and Erina growing older before his eyes. Joining the local knightly order, Knights of The Thorn, Stirlyn now had a group of people he could safely feast on. After one last night together in their home, Erina seemed to have disappeared, her youthful face now engraved onto Stirlyn’s right shoulder, a memory of how beautiful she once was. Stirlyn was soon approach by a group of hooded men, who said they represented the Order. A mysterious group of vampires that lived among mortals and manipulated things from the shadows. Stirlyn was in their territory, and he would have a choice. Join them or be hunted by them for the rest of his unnatural existence. Disliking facing such an ugly threat, Stirlyn opted to join them. His status and influence growing as he did their dirty work hunting down feral vampires. Gaining an estate in which he could always have a dutiful servant acting in the same manner of Erina for the rest of his days. As one of the top enforcers of The Order, he often travels at the whim of his superiors. Though he himself only looks for beautiful things to marvel and experience, while destroying the ugly with a zeal and malice like a Daedra. Vasha is his current squire, a Redguard who was working as a merchant’s bodyguard, he began to twist her mind and now she follows him with utter devotion to his cause.
  • Chulayne Blood-Song Feb 8, 2015

    Name: Chulayne Blood-Song

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Height: 6’4”

    Weight: 255 lbs.

    Appearance: A tall medium built nord, burgundy long hair, braided and wrapped to be kept out of his face, dark green eyes, a few scars across his chest, not extremely hairy, face best described as “pretty” since he lacks a beard, pale skin, crimson streak of facepaint on the left side, deep claw marks on the left side of his face, deep green eyes, a hooked nose, not quite a long face but still pointed with prominent cheek bones.

    Affiliation: The Companions, Bard’s College

    Class: Skald (Warrior Poet)

    Weapons: Has a seven foot long enchanted barbed ebony spear carved in the style of ancient Nordic, Skyforge steel sword, a lucky iron dagger in his boot.

    Armor: Leather bracers and boots, scaled armor chest, doesn’t like helmets, the chest piece has a simple enchantment that helps him heal and recover stamina. It is rumored to be enchanted to give more protection but there is no proof either way. He also has a light iron shield.

    Likes: A good story, a good fight, some good mead and food, good books, glory, history

    Dislikes: Snobs, Undead, dishonor, bad versions of his likes (Story, Fights, Food and Drink),

    Motivations: Wants to have a few more stories to tell, as well as contracted out.

    Personality: Idealistic, energetic, and personable. This is the poet side of him. The warrior side is loud brash, violent, and rude. A generally unpleasant person to be facing.

    Backstory: Born in Dragon’s Bridge, Chulayne was just a simple son of the miller and his wife. He was quite energetic and even with his parents bickering a happy soul. He was often sent to Solitude where he would watch the Legionnaires train with the other children. Before puberty he was one of the smaller boys, sure he had muscles from working, but not the shear bulk. He eventually found his way to the Bard’s College where he was absorbed in the stories of heroes of old.

    The young man felt like he found a destiny and would push himself to learn as much as he could about history and the legends of old. When he hit puberty, he realized he couldn’t go to Solitude anymore or he would be forced into the army. He learned to sneak into the City, get his work from the College and then sneak his findings back in. This cloak and dagger wasn’t for him though, and Chulayne decided he would travel to find his fortune. By twenty, he had saved enough for some cheap weapons and armor and found the Companions.

    When he heard about strange occurrences through the rumor mill, he grew excited. He was already making a name for himself, but killing bandits, animals, and other various Companion work wasn’t enough. He needed something to set himself apart from the rest. As a gift, he was presented an ebony spear and as an extra treat it was expertly carved in the style of the ancient Nords. Chulayne couldn’t help but cry tears of joy for the gift his Shield Brothers and Sisters had given him. With great pride he accepted the spear and knew that he had the last piece to forge his legend, a weapon as unique as him. Chulayne has taken to the roads of Skyrim and beyond. Looking to make a great name for himself.
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  • Character Card: Captain Bloody-Sails and Kale the Dragon of the Seas Dec 28, 2012

    Full Name: Captain Bloody-Sails
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Race: Nord
    Age: 35
    Affiliation: Thieves guild member.
    Appearance: Pale cream skin, Black Ponytail. 6'3" average muscular frame. Small beard.
    Equipment: Ebony cutlass ebony war axe and ebony dagger. Fine burgundy silk shirt, Black with gold trim coat. white trousers and fine leather boots.
    Fighting Style: Fights with a standard fencing style. Cutlass in one hand, War axe in the other. the Dagger is his last resort weapon.
    Personality: loud and outgoing. Revels in combat. Hot blooded and likely to get angry. Likes to drink Rum. Actually a good leader for his seemly unscrupulous personal style.
    Shorter beard no hat, and imagine the colors I describe

    Full Name: Kale The Dragon of the Seas
    Race: Redguard
    Age: 30
    Affiliation: Thieves guild member.
    Appearance: dark olive skin, shaved hair. 6'5" large muscular frame. Small Goatee. White crescent on his shoulder sun underneath the opening.
    Equipment: Pair of Ebony Scimitars. No shirt, though Wide Red scarf like belt. Baggy white trousers and black gold trimmed boots.
    Fighting Style: Casts armor spells upon himself then fights with his one handed swords in both hands. He tries
    to slay his opponent before he gets hit. Usually has problems with large groups of skilled armored opponents.
    Personality: loud and outgoing. Much more level headed compared to his captain. Revels in combat. Likes to drink Rum.

    About right, and same thing imagine the colors.

    Backgrounds: On the seas it takes a special kin of man. And from the gutters of their worlds two men emerged. Captain Bloody-Sails and his first mate Kale cut out their own piece of the profit. Bloody-Sails was orphaned when the civil war started. And had to grow up without the proper father figure. He soon fled on a East Empire Trading ship when it was beset by pirates. Growing up among these men he found a similar soul. And so Bloody-Sails and Kale formed their own band and the rest is history. The two men are often together which has lead to jokes from other pirate groups. The truth is they are brothers born of conflict and the need to survive. They often commandeer their next ship then sell it if they do not like it. They are rich men now, and most believe they stay pirates because everything else seems boring.
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  • Character Card: Dove Nov 4, 2012

    Name: Dove

    Age: 16

    Race: Breton

    Gender: Female

    Class: Bounty Hunter (Archery, sneak, lockpicking)

    Personality: Mute, but often her exspressions reveal a sarcastic personality. Sensitive about her snow white hair.

    Equipment: Leather armor, Elven dagger, Hunting bow, and multiple collections of different arrows. Large number of Lockpicks.

    Combat Prefference: Dove preferrs ranged combat, but even more she preffers striking from the shadows.

    Biography: The girl known as Dove to the Bounty Hunting community seemed to appear out of the air. She was a nobody, an orphan in Riften who haunted the Ratways and the night. On day she stole from a man in strange armor. Rangar soon caught her and began teaching her his trade: Bounty Hunting. She took to archery quite well. Though mute, she has proven successful in the harsh world.
  • Character Card: Le Musicien Nov 4, 2012

    Name: Peytr "Le Musicien" Orpheyas

    Age: appears to be 23 (vampire lord)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Breton

    Allegiance: To airheaded for anyone to tell

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Occupation (class): Minstrel (Illusion, Speech, and Pickpocket)

    Appearance: A pale man with short well-groomed brown Hair, Fine chiseled features, average body-type, scarf always wrapped around his neck. no facial hair.

    Weapons: A dark purple Lute that he uses to channel his magic. A small ebony dagger he sometimes forgets he has.

    Armour: No armor. Fine gray clothes, Tan boots(with the golden buttons on the side), a black silk scarf.

    Personality: Air-headed, seems to just want to wander and play his music. Seems to be trapped in a child-like state of mind. Often is a trickster, playing pranks when he is bored. Very detached at times.

    Background: Son of a noble in High Rock, Peytr was said to be touched by Sheogorath. The child would often stare out into the wilderness at night, ignoring the world. His father worried that he had offended the god of madness, began honoring the god in the only way he could think of: Music. The Arts prospered and so the noble found his son humming along with the music. The Lord believing Sheogorath was pleased soon had his son trained in the playing of the lute. The boy was overjoyed at soon took to the instrument with great zeal. The boy grew into quite the player and as such to the courts of high rock became known as Peytr "Le Musicien." This magic would soon come to end, for the Orpheyas estate was on the border of Hammerfell. That is when the Oblivion gates opened and no reinforcements could make it there in time. When they finally did arrive they found Peytr playing his lute, the song broke the veteran soldiers more than the signs of slaughter. Soon, the young man disappeared from High Rock, and now he has reappeared in Skyrim, said to be running from a man in a black hat.
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  • Character Card: Lazarus The Black Hat Nov 1, 2012

    Name: Lazarus

    Race: Breton

    Age: appears to be 27

    Faction: Dawnguard

    Occupation: Vampire Hunter

    Class: Witchhunter (light armor, archery, one-handed)

    Appearence: long dark brown hair, Golden eyes, slender build, short beard, pale skin.

    Equipment: Enhanced dwarven crossbow painted black, dark gray dawnguard armor, black cloak, and a trademark black wide-brimmed hat.

    Biography: Lazarus was born in Hammerfell. Growing up amond the redguards lead to a personal distrust of magic. His parents were not mages, and so Lazarus learned to distrust the supernatural. He soon traveled with his family to Skyrim. They lived on a small farm outside Riften. Lazarus proved to be quite the hunter, even the local wood elves could respect his skill. During a visit to the city, Lazarus was recruited by the Jarl's men. Lazarus lived as a city guard, and it was a comfortable life. Lazarus soon awnsered the Jarl's call for mercenaries. He joined the newly cristened Dawnguard, it was the second era. The Dawnguard lost influence, but Lazarus still toiled hunting vampires his bow stiking more than fear into the hearts of his enemies. Then Lazarus was killed, but now there are rumors that a man wearing Lazarus' widebrimmed hat wandering Skyrim.
  • Character Card: The Inquisitor Oct 26, 2012

    Name: The Inquisitor (alias)

    Age: 30

    Race: Altmer

    Proffession: Justicar, torturer

    Appearence: Tall as most Altmer are. Long black hair. Wears hooded thalmor robes. Green eyes.

    Personality: Deviod of most emotions. Acts like a young child. Calm and collected. Rarely raises his voice.

    Biography: Appearing as a Thalmor Justiciar, the being known as The Inquisitor travels through Skyrim searching for who-knows-what. The men of Skyrim whisper of his strange actions, and thats when he finds them. He appears to be a powerful mage, though no one really has evidence of such powers.
  • Character Card: Dro-Do Zatharka Oct 11, 2012

    Name: Dro-Do Zatharka

    Race: Khajiit

    Age: 65 by human standards

    Class: Monk and used to be a Martial Artist (Master of Rawlith Kharj)

    Personality: Wise, smart, calm, hints of a brasher personality

    Like: people he finds worthy, Honesty, the Sunrise, The flow of water, contemplation

    Dislikes: Disrespect, dishonor, unwillingness to change, misuse of power

    Biography: In Skyrim there are whispers of the great Khajiit martial artists. Beings who could break steel with their bare hands. Dro-Do Zatharka may be one of those legendary fighters, if he ever fought. Zatharka was born of a small village in Elswyr, but soon when his village was burned to the groud the young cat searched for the greatest warrriors. That was many lifetimes ago, forged of the fires of revenge Zatharka found enlightenment or at least that is what he calls it. He mastered the many arts of war, but in the end he travels through many lands. Training the art that would bring balance to its practioners. Ghubaric is such a soul, by teaching Ghubaric the Song of Steel Zatharka found a way to make a cruel man as harmonious as a monk.
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  • Character Card: Ghubaric Sep 30, 2012

    Name: Ghubaric

    Title/Nickname: The Slaver

    Race: Redguard

    Occupation: Slaver/ Illict Merchant

    Age: 45

    Class: Duelist/Traveling Merchant (Onehanded/Block, and Speech. Assorted minor other skills he picked up.)

    Personality: Cruel and Viscous, Greedy, Fake air of Affablility, Shrewd, can be maniplulative. Sociopath. Sado-masocist.

    Likes: Profit, Women, Wine in any order. His sword.

    Dislikes: Thalmor, Theives (that steal from him), bad wine.

    Appearence: 6'2", Forked Beard with gold beads, Long Dredlocks tied into a ponytail, Ebony skin, Violent Purple eyes.

    Biography: Ghubaric was born in a simple village in the Alik'r Desert, but such humble origins gave rise the the most prolific slaver in generations. Now Ghubaric showed to be quite strong and he was soon taken buy Alik'r warriors during a bandits raid, he was soon found torturing animals and beating the other orphans. This was when he was noticed by a wandering khajiit warrior-monk (Zatharka). Ghubaric was taught to listen to the song of the swords. This curbed his crueller tendancies, but soon oppurtunity came in the form of the thalmor invasion. Ghubaric soon began mercenary work, but he found selling prisoners of war was more profitable. This was what led to his journey to Skyrim.
    Not much is known of Ghubaric. Ghubaric knows harsh lands make a strong people. And so Ghubaric came to exspand his market share. People may not know his personally but his vicious trade practices are infamous in song. When people see his swordplay though they are awed, for he showplaces a finesse unseen in every other aspect of his life. This duality of the soul defines Ghubaric.
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  • Character Card: Rangar Proffit Sep 25, 2012

    Name: Rangar Proffit

    Race: Nord

    Age: 35

    Profession: Bounty Hunter/Assassin

    Class: Warrior (Heavy armored but stealth capable)

    Personality: A quite and serious man, shows a certain mirth though drink is usually needed, slightly paraniod, holds a very odd view of honor, and often distant from people.

    Apearence: A tall nord with blond hair, Nordic swirl on his right cheek. Very muscular

    Likes: worthy quarry, a good fight, respect

    Dislikes: Fathers who abandon thier families, people who would hurt children, and those who would betray his carefully defined contracts

    Biography: Rangar had a difficult life. He never knew his true father for his mother was quite literally the town whore. She said Proffit was his father's name and that he was a great warrior as she laid on her death bed. And so Rangar found his first mission to find and confront his birth father. In this quest he found his father figure, because Rangar grew up ostracised but he soon found a companion in the form of a kindly Argonian. He taught Rangar of stealth of ten sending him into the forests with no supplies and a map. This argonian was strange because his adopted daughter, a wood elf. The two found the closest thing these to fledgling assassins could call love. The Argonian came to offer Rangar a position within his inner circle when he found Rangar and his daughter together. Now, Instead of getting angry the Argonian stabbed Rangar in the leg. Rangar lay paralyzed the argonian said one thing. "To truly earn my daughter hand you will prove worthy. Go and truly prove to me that what i taught you wasn't wasted." And so the second mission came...
  • Character Card Hides-Many-Knives Sep 13, 2012

    Name: Hides-Many-Knives

    Race: Argonian

    Age: 35 by human standards

    Appearence: Brownish Green scales with no horns or feathers.

    Class: Apothocary (Poisons, stealth, knives)

    Equipment: At time of story, multiple daggers of different quality and enchantments (usually weakness to poison), standard Dark Brotherhood gear minus hood, ring that improves potions made, amulet of regeneration. Black Mages hood of even better potions.

    Personality: Friendly, manipulative, will play with his knives when thinking, often giggles and makes bad jokes, takes a scientific approach to murder, paranoid with other people making his food, can be quite cowardly at times.

    Backstory: Raised by sailors on a trade vessal mostly by the cook, Hides-Many-Knives grew up in a world loose on morals. Through some political business Hides (or Knives) for short was left alone in Solitude, ironically. Theivery was difficult. and he was soon caught. Luckily for Hides (and unlucky for his targets) he was at the mercy of Angeline's mother who decided to take Hides on as an apprentice. He showed a talent for alchemy much to her delight. Soon whispers of the Dark Brotherhood reached Hides ears (not literally I'm not sure how lizards hear...) and Hides soon found a family that he believed could accept his shady moral ground.

    Hides' Knives: Hides has a group of followers who became called Knives they adopted the barb as a sign of honor. Higher ranking Knives gain a codename. So far Five hold this honor. Stilletto Hides adopted daughter Wood Elf, Cleaver Nord Hides cut his toungue out in a duel, Razor infamous Imperial mercenary, Scalpel High Elf instructor at college of Winterhold, and Sickle or Verlok young theif.

    Fatal Flaw: Often switches between his knifes even in combat, and often will leave the knife he stuck the death blow with.
    Current Stories involved in
    [​IMG] and the associated...
  • Character Card: Indicum Sep 13, 2012

    Name: Severus “Indicum” Victus

    Race: Imperial

    Age: 35 (though depending on story may change)

    Class: Bandit

    Gender: male

    Physical Description: About 5' 10” long messy mop of black hair with gray streaks. Piercing hungry eyes. Thin. With a rogue-ish mustache and goatee.

    Personality: Violent and vicious, but also Jovial and outgoing. A master schemer, often having multiple back-up plans just in case. He has a softer side though it is often hardly seen since his daughter's death which lead to him becoming a werewolf.

    Combat preferences: preferably his mace Honor-breaker in one hand, and a shield in the other. Often does what ever he needs to so he can survive, lead to his use of Skooma to become even more savage in battle. Can use a bow, but doesn't constantly carry one.

    Bio/History: Born of a poor shopkeeper and her laborer husband in Cheydinhal Severus grew up strong. His parents even bought him an apprenticeship with the local Blacksmith. But due to a misunderstanding the talented Severus had to leave Cheydinhal. On his travels to Anvil to take a ship he met a mercenary, Wulfgar Proffit. Wulfgar Proffit saw the potential Severus had and offered him an apprenticeship, his parents saw no harm but Wulfgar had other plans. Proffit blackmailed Severus' parents to going with him to Skrim while the civil war raged. Severus soon had a falling out with Proffit and settled down to start a family outside of Whiterun. He soon joined the legion and met the man who would become his second in command. Stationed at Helgen, Indicum barely survived the dragon attack. He soon fled, and as a deserter couldn’t think of a way to support his family. And so he found banditry (IDK his origin is a fanfic don’t feel like going all the way through it.)

    Current stories involving Indicum
    Private - Dark purposes | Skyrim Forums
    Past and Proffit | Skyrim Forums
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