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  • blah Jun 14, 2016



    Name: "Sten" has served as his alias for as long as he can remember. No known birth name to speak of.
    Age: Mid - 30's, Sten estimates to be about 36
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Build: Large, tall, and very physically imposing.
    Place of Birth: Unknown, but grew up in a small
    monastery within the Sevran mountains
    Religion: None, despite his upbringing under the care of a cloister of monks
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Affliction(s): Is slightly lamed in his left leg, with a badly healed tibia fracture and torn calf muscle. Wears a makeshift iron leg brace to help alleviate the pain and allow more maneuverability.

    Positive Traits: Despite his (very) rough exterior and disposition towards violence, possesses a capability for acts of compassion and altruism in certain situations.
    Negative Traits: Possesses a penchant for violence and debauchery, is often described as a "Big, mean, and ugly son of a bitch." Sten holds a very cynical and jaded worldview and holds a general distrust for others.
    Likes: Fighting, traveling, has a secret love for floristry
    Dislikes: Others, specifically wealthy aristocrats, politicians and nobles. When his leg-brace starts to squeak.
    Fears: Fears whips, specifically the cracking sound they make.
    Aspirations: None really to speak of, lives entirely for the present with no real goals in mind.
    Overview: Sten typically keeps to himself and is rather tight-lipped, however he does not refrain from the usage of violence or intimidation to get what he wants. He can be a mean, ruthless, and downright despicable man with few redeeming qualities. Of these redeeming qualities, however, Sten is capable of acts of good. He despises other people who prey on the weak, and more than once Sten has put his life on the line to protect others.


    Physical: Stands over six feet, and weighs about 230 pounds. Has fair skin, evidence of a Northern heritage. Sten has greasy medium-length brown hair which he typically wears swept back or tied in a ponytail. His face is marred with small scars and wrinkles, with a patchy and unkempt beard with flecks of grey. Has a muscular build and a body riddled and lined with scars of various lengths and severity.
    Wears an overcoat of boiled and studded leather atop a shirt of chainmail. Also is fitted with a set of iron pauldrons, knee-pads, and shin guards all of which are heavily damaged and degraded with age and constant use. On his left leg he wears a leg-brace he crafted himself. As for his weaponry, Sten possesses a steel greatsword sheathed in its scabbard on his back. The sword, which he has nicknamed Primrose, is old and has been in the company of Sten for many years. Once a very fine sword, its blade is marred with countless nicks and dents from previous fights.
    Fighting Style: Sten used his immense strength to overpower and overwhelm his opponent. He uses very heavy-handed and powerful swings, delivering crushing blows which can split open any man too slow or too dim-witted to avoid Sten's blade.

    As an infant, Sten was abandoned on the steps of a cloister near the village of Stornaway. He was left there under the cover of darknes and the cold of the Sevran mountains, which are often considered by the people of Argylle to be the most frigid and unforgiving in the land. Here, he was taken in and raised by the monks who fostered him and treated him as one of their own. He was giving the name Sten, a tribute to the legend of Stenzarr, a hero of old who was said to have driven away the eastern dragons and helped usher in the Way of Balance. Despite having food and shelter, and living a relatively comfortable in comparison to the kinds of orphanages Sten would have otherwise been sent to, life at the monastery deeply troubled the young Sten. Even as a child he had no desire of pursuing a monk's life of constant devotion to piety. He had no other to play with, and was often reprimanded and disciplined by the monks for acting out of accordance to the way of balance.

    On his twelfth birthday, Sten had decided enough was enough. He packed what meager possessions he had and, under the cover of darkness not unlike the night he had arrived at the monastery, he ran away. He fled to the nearby village of Stornaway, where he survived for a few months by petty thievery and begging. Eventually he was picked up by a small band of prospectors who scoured the Northern mountains for ruins to plunder. While much of the mountain ruins had twice over been picked clean by other fortune-seekers, Sten and his new companions made a modest living from selling what trinkets and artifacts they could find to patrons and those interested in civilizations of antiquity. Here, Sten learned many practical skills such as path finding, tracking, hunting, and how to navigate ancient ruins and mountain passes. He stuck with this band for a few years before he disbanded from the group upon reaching the city of Thurso.

    In Thurso, Sten encountered a guild which called themselves the Brave Brigade. A small group of independent sellswords who offered their services to any with the coin to pay them. While Sten originally scoffed at the unoriginal name of the brigade, he was admittedly enthused with the lifestyle these men and women lived. Part of him had always desired to become a warrior, a courageous and chivalrous paragon of light and justice. The kind he would hear about in the stories of Stenzarr or read about in old tomes of knighthood and dragon slaying. And so, with nothing else to go on, Sten joined. He trained and trained, growing more adept and skilled the older he got. Eventually Sten had become a seasoned enough warrior to take on his own contracts and earn money for the guild.

    This is when he discovered an awful truth, one that he had always heard about and suspected but had never seen first hand. There were no fair maidens to rescue or beasts to slay, no heroic actions worthy of song to be had. Many of the 'quests' Sten was sent on were nothing more than work fit for a thug. Acting as hired muscle for drug smugglers, shaking down and collecting money from impoverished people late on their dues, even acting as common assassins. This was the work that befitted the Brave Brigade, and as Sten would discover, this was the work that befit him. Now older, he had grown cynical and jaded. His boyhood dreams of becoming something of a brave warrior had all been lost to him.

    One fateful day he set out to assist a small hamlet by the name of Dorn. The villagers were reportedly having issues with a young manticore in the area, a vicious beast which would prey upon their livestock. After a young boy had gone missing leaving naught but a blood stained tatter of clothing, the village requested the help of the brigade. Sten was sent to kill the beast and obtain proper compensation. After a long, hard fight which left the warrior with many scars, Sten presented the head of the beast to the villagers and requested what he was rightfully due. The chief of the village thanked Sten for his bravery and courage, then ordered his men to attack. With barely any time to register what was happening, Sten was blindsided from behind by a farmer who drove his pitchfork below the back of his knee. Realizing that the villagers had no intention of paying Sten for his work and instead opted to simply try and kill him, Sten flew into a rage. He drew his sword and fought off the attackers before laying waste to the entire village. Killing any who stood in his way. It wasn't until he saw one of the village children, now almost assuredly an orphan, that Sten ceased and realized what he was doing. He immediately fled, leaving the village and the brigade and everything else. Now, he finds work wherever he can, wandering aimlessly across the land, haunted by his past.

  • Cydonia Mar 27, 2014

    "From the ashes of the old world, we rise."
    Symbol/Emblem: The phoenix, representing rebirth and the rise of the new Empire, and the Dragon, representing the Empire of old.
    Colors: Gold on black.
    Government Structure: Cydonia is a monarchy governed by a line of Potentates in the absence of a true Emperor. The government also has elements of federalism in place.
    Head of State: Potentate Dracowits Zena
    Population: ~50,000
    Races: Cydonia's population is primarily made up of Colovian and Nibenese Cyrods, with smaller minority groups of Nords and Redguards. Cydonia also has a smaller population of Dunmer, who are descendants of refugees who fled Red Mountain.
    Religion: While worship of the Nine Divines is still prevalent, the worship and reverence of the Emperors and Heroes of the old world Empire has become increasingly widespread throughout Cydonia.
    Few places were as badly ravaged as Cyrodiil following the End War. For years, war raged across the Empire's seat of power, with cataclysmic battles seeing to the destruction and fall of entire cities. Countless soldiers and civilians perished in the fighting, and it seemed as if the conflict only began to come to a close simply because there was none left to fight or be killed. What remained of the Empire's cities became lifeless heaps of rubble and debris. Landscapes became a sea of rusted steel and iron as the corpses of soldiers rotted away, leaving behind their armor and weaponry which adorned their skeletal remains. For years, the province which housed one of the world's mightiest empires was left an empty and desolate land, void of all life. However, within the coming years the former province of Cyrodiil would go on to become the home of many civilizations.
    To the North, tucked away in the shadows and fog of Cyrodiil's mountains, life went on within the walls of Cloud Ruler temple. In the final days of the End War, a group of Blades and a legion of Imperial troops were able to repel the enemy and hold the ancient fort. Although victory came with a price, the entire city of Bruma was destroyed and its people slaughtered by enemy forces. Still, the Imperials managed to secure victory. Now, they were all that remained of the Empire.
    Their leader was a Blade named Cyprus Zena. Cyprus was the sole reason the gates of Cloud Ruler held during the battle. It was his leadership and ability to inspire courage that secured victory for the Imperials. However, despite his skills on the battlefield he was regarded as an arrogant and prideful man. He was a no-nonsense, strict disciplinarian of a leader who did not believe in coddling his troops. In short, Cyprus very much resembled your typical Imperial Legate or General.
    Cyprus had become obsessed with the idea of returning to the Imperial City and rebuilding the Empire. Claiming he had seen it in a dream, he urged the other survivors that it was their duty to restore law and order under the banner of a new Empire. Eventually, he was able to garner their support and so they followed his lead as he left the temple. During their journey South, Cyprus and his men encountered many different tribes and groups of survivors. He offered these people a chance to join with him in his mission, and by the time Cyprus reached the mainland the number of people with him had grown a significant amount.
    What they found in mainland Cyrodiil was a civilization of Dunmer refugees. These Dunmer had fled Morrowind following earthquakes and the volcanic eruption of the Red Mountain years prior, and made mainland and eastern Cyrodiil their new home. Upon arriving at Lake Rumare and finding the former Imperial City destroyed; the White-Gold Tower toppled over, Cyprus and his men were welcomed with hospitality by the Dunmer.
    Cyprus responded with an ultimatum, that these Dunmer either bow to him and give up their land or face death. The Dunmer refugees, as it turned out, chose death. With his army, Cyprus marched upon their villages and towns and killed any who did not surrender. The Dunmer could hardly stand against the might of Cyprus' Blades and legionaries, and within weeks he had secured mainland Cyrodiil with any remaining Dunmer having fled or living under his rule.
    He named the land Cydonia, and immediately set upon rebuilding Imperial civilization. From the ruins and debris of the former Imperial City, a new seat of power was constructed. The city of Tiber, named after one of the greatest heroes of the old world. While the new capitol was being constructed, Cyprus had his people spread out to inhabit the land they had claimed. Towns and settlements popped up, with some of them becoming cities of their own, and within the next few years Cydonia had become a united and connected kingom.
    However, Cyprus' work was not finished. Next, a true Dragonborn Emperor would be needed to lead this new Empire to glory. He declared himself a Potentate, who would rule with the authority of an Emperor until the next worthy heir to the throne was found. Cyprus had his elite Blades scour the land in search of any hint or sign of the next Dragonborn, despite the pleas of his counselors and officers that he should not worry himself with fables and legends.
    Cyprus continued having his men search until he passed away from old age.
    Following in his father's footsteps, Cyprus' only son, Dracowits became the next Potentate and ruler of Cydonia. Less concerned with finding the fabled Dragonborn, Dracowits instead set upon expanding Cydonia and making it a stronger and more powerful kingdom.
    Relations and Diplomacy
    Cydonia has a basic policy when it comes to dealing with outside and foreign entities: assume hostility. This attitude of being distrusting of outsiders is especially prevalent under the reign of Potentate Dracowits, and as a general rule the people of Cydonia tend to be rather xenophobic. Currently, Cydonia is embroiled in a war with the neighboring kingdom of Abecea. The conflict began shortly after Dracowits became Potentate. Looking to expand Cydonia's borders, Dracowits sent troops into Abecea and annexed portions of the western Colovian Highlands. Currently, the two forces are locked in a stalemate after three years of fighting.
    To the south is the land of Blackwood, a savage land inhabited by Argonian bandits and marauders. And to the North are the Nordic barbarian tribes. Cydonia has avoided conflict with either of the two so far.
    Cydonia is ruled by the Potentate, who has final say in all matters of military, economics and politics. In the absence of a true Emperor, Potentates hold the same power and sovereignty that a legitimate Emperor would. Beneath the Potentate are the Counts and Countesses which preside over Cydonia's individual cities and handle tasks too small or not important enough to draw the Potentate's attention.
    Cydonia encompasses mainland Cyrodiil, which includes Lake Rumare and most of the Niben River. Cydonia lands also include the Jerall mountain range, as well as portions of the Colovian Highlands and the Valus mountains.

    • Tiber - Capital city of Cydonia, built on the same island where the Imperial City once stood. Its central location and the fact that it's surrounded on all sides by Lake Rumare make it both an economic powerhouse, as the city is easily accessible to naval trade, and a military strong point as the city is well fortified and situated on an island. Much of the city is still undergoing construction to fit the late Cyprus' Zena's vision of the new Imperial City: a sprawling utopia of onyx and gold. However, the buildings and structures which have been completed are works of architectural art, as the city is quite beautiful. In the center of the city is the Dragon Spire, which towers over the rest of the city and serves as the seat of power to the Emperor.
    • Cloud Ruler - The oldest surviving structure in Cydonia, Cloud Ruler Temple still serves as a main base of operations for the Blades. This is where the Blades live, and the temple also serves as a fort guarding Cydonia's northern border.
    • Whitestrake - Cydonia's second largest and most populated city behind Tiber. Whitestrake is named after one of Cyrodiil's ancient heroes, and is Cydonia's main source of lumber and other raw materials. Whitestrake grew from a small town which was set up during Cyprus Zena's conquest of mainland Cyrodiil. It has a primarily Colovian population, due to its location in the Highlands.
    • Shale - Shale is a market and fishing city along the Niben, where the river joins Lake Rumare. The city is bustling and alive with activity and life, with a plethora of markets and harbors. This city, along with the port town of Revanite further down the Niben, houses most of the kingdom's Dunmer population.
    • Alessia - Alessia is one of the more luxurious and elegant cities in Cydonia. The city houses the more wealthy and opulent citizens of the kingdom, and its mansions and manors act as resorts for Cydonia's esteemed generals, politicians and other wealthy and powerful individuals. In reality, the small city serves no real purpose other than recreation for those well-off enough to live there.
    • Revanite - Revanite is a port town along the Niben, and is regarded as Cydonia's poorest and most dangerous city. It is a city marred with crime and poverty, with most of Revanite's Dunmer citizens living in squalid and poor conditions.
    • Dromund - Dromund is Cydonia's main source of mined materials. Situated in the Jerall mountains, it is one of Cydonia's smaller cities with a population consisting of mostly Nords. Dromund regularly experiences problems and harassment with the northern barbarian tribes. Though security has been stepped up in recent years following a raid which left several Cydonian citizens dead, Dromund continues to clash with bandits.
    • Fort Havel - Cydonia's main military fort which houses the majority of the kingdom's legionary force. The amount of troops stationed here has grown significantly following conflict with the neighboring kingdom of Abecea.
    Cydonia's population is split between two demographics: the races of men, which include the Colovian, Nibenese, Nordic and Redguard groups. And also the elves, the Dunmer which make up a large portion of Cydonia's population. Aside from these two main groups, Cydonia occasionally sees trading caravans of Khajiit merchants. However most Khajiit tend to avoid Cydonia, as they are often treated with discrimination.
    Most of Cydonia's Dunmer live in poorer conditions and take up subservient roles in society. They are often treated with prejudice, and are generally not as well off as the races of men. Much of this discrimination is in the process of being curved and abolished with Dracowits taking his father's place as Potentate. However, many of the older officials and politicians still harbor animosity towards the elves. The racism and discrimination in Cydonian culture has led to many of the Dunmer developing similar feelings of racial hatred and prejudice against the other races, resulting in racial tension which is especially prevalent in the cities of Shale and Revanite. However, small populations of Dunmer living in Tiber, Whitestrake and Alessia regard themselves as patriots and loyalists, who are happy to serve and live beneath the races of men.
    The people of Cydonia are generally a proud and prideful bunch. They believe in being vigilant and dutiful, and that by faithfully serving the Potentate they are fulfilling the Empire's legacy. The people of Cydonia are noted for their strong sense of public service, and as such a significant amount of the population is comprised of soldiers and guards. This is especially prevalent in Cydonia's Colovian, Nordic, and Redguard population. In the East, the primarily Nibenese population live a more hedonistic lifestyle. The Nibenese tend to be more fond of trade and diplomacy, making them excellent merchants and politicians where as the other races of men take on roles of troops, farmers, and miners.
    Cydonia's military of 20,000 is modeled after the old world Empire, divided into several legions which are each led by a legate, which answer to a general. Cydonia's troops are well disciplined and undergo intense training to become one of Cydonia's finest, and are well equipped with steel plate armor and weaponry.
    Cydonia's economy is based mostly off of internal trading and commerce, as the kingdom has yet to establish any major outlet for trade with foreign kingdoms. However, many of Cydonia's independent merchants trade exotic goods with neighboring realms and other merchant groups such as the Khajiit trading caravans. Much of Cydonia's wealth comes from the kingdom's abundance of raw materials as well.
    • The Blades - An ancient order predating the Fall, the Blades act as the personal guards and elite agents of the Potentate and Emperor. Their ranks consist of some of the greatest warriors Cydonia has to offer, and their training and weaponry is unmatched by any in the kingdom. Their headquarters is Cloud Ruler temple, an ancient temple that was once besieged and destroyed in times before the Fall. However as the Blades saw a resurgence and revival under the reign of an old world Emperor, Cloud Ruler and many other temples were rebuilt. Now, their legacy continues on into the world after the End War.
    • House Harland - One of Cydonia's wealthiest families, the Harlands owe their immense wealth to trading and commerce, as well as the fact that one of them is the wife of Potentate Dracowits. They hold immense power and political sway, and are not a family to be trifled with.
    • The Cydonian Legion - A general term for the military of Cydonia, which is comprised of four legions which each consist of approximately 5,000 troops. Each legion is commanded by a single Legate, whom in turn answer to a single Supreme Commander. The Supreme Commander presides over all of Cydonia's military, and his rule is only second to that of the Potentate. The Legion is recognized for its unwavering will and discipline; legionaries are conditioned to keep calm and collected on the battlefield and not break rank or panic.
    • The Redekken - An order of spiritual and religious monks which are beginning to gain recognition and following. They are a recently formed group which claim that the old world Empire was a heavenly paradise, and that the Emperors and Heroes of the Empire were actually divine beings and gods. Their teachings state that by being faithful to the Potentate/Emperor and playing your part in Cydonian society, you are bringing the kingdom closer and closer to matching the fabled paradise that was the Empire.
    • The Revanchists - An organization of Dunmer based out of Revanite that believe the land of Cydonia belongs to their people, and that it is their duty to drive out the Cydonian establishment using violent and extreme methods. They've managed to disrupt some trade along the Niben, and have proven to be a nuisance for the Potentate.
    • The Church of the Nine - A religious order predating the Fall, the church worships the old world Imperial pantheon of gods. Over the years, their presence in Cydonia has begun to fade away as more and more people begin to follow the Redekken.
    Major Figures
    • Potentate Dracowits Zena - The current ruler of Cydonia, age 45. In his time as Potentate, Dracowits has proven to be a competent and capable leader. He is well received by the majority of the population, especially the Dunmer as Dracowits broke down many of the racial barriers his father instigated and created in his time as ruler. However, his impatience and rashness has made him unfavorable with others in Cydonian society. His desire to expand Cydonia plunged the kingdom into war with the neighboring realm of Abecea, and although Cydonia's military saw early successes the conflict has been locked in a stalemate for the past year.
    • Kendall Harland - Wife of Dracowits, age 38. Coming from an already wealthy family, Kendall's marriage with Dracowits has made House Harland the most powerful family in Cydonia. She is known for her beauty, and is regarded as a kind and generous woman.
    • Ico Zena - The first and only child of Dracowits and Kendall, Ico is a infant boy of only 3 months.
    • Gordin Hawkford - Current Grandmaster of the Blades, age 72. Gordin is an elderly and wise man, who was part of the original ragtag group of soldiers and Blades which left Cloud Ruler under the lead of Cyprus Zena. Though he was only a child at the time, he still remembers what life was like before Cydonia was officially founded. He is a close friend of Dracowits, and acts as an adviser.
    • Taric Van Dorn - The Supreme Commander of the Cydonian Legion, age 50. His power over the Cydonian Legion is second only to that of Dracowits. Van Dorn is seen as a blunt and unafraid man who does not shy away from speaking his mind. He is hard on his troops, and is regarded by some as a martinet and a man who abuses his power. Still, his ability to keep his composure on the battlefield and his early successes in the war with Abecea have made him favorable with Dracowits.
    • Alma Redekk - Leader of the Redekken movement, age 54. She started her movement upon supposedly experiencing an epiphany in which she witnessed "a city of shining light and white stone." Believing that what she saw was the old world Empire, she began to preach that every Cydonian citizen must play their part in recreating the heavenly paradise that she witnessed.
    • Vayne Madura - Leader of the Revanchist movement, age 28. Vayne is wanted for multiple accounts of treason, murder, disrupting the peace, theft, and other offences. She is a dangerous and cunning individual with a devout group of followers willing to die for their cause.
  • Valora Mar 2, 2014

    Realm of Valora, House Waymar

    Full Name: Valora
    Capital City: Whiterun
    Symbol/Flag: The White Stallion, a mythical spirit of nature
    Government Structure: Monarchy
    Head of State: Taric Waymar
    Population: ~ 9,000
    Race: Nord
    Religion: Currently the pantheon of the nine divines
    As war overtook the North, any semblance of law and order crumbled as chaos swept the land. Few remember those dark days, when the End War had come and left in its wake a ruined province. For years, fire and violence engulfed Skyrim as the war raged. Cities were destroyed, and many were killed as the organized conflict declined into madness and turmoil. Immense battles became isolated skirmishes between the remnants of the former armies, determined to eradicate one other. In the end, few were left to pick up the pieces and start anew. Those who had survived rose from the ashes, forming small societies and civilizations. As the years passed, tribes and clans began to emerge as people began to rebuild and band together. Among them were a group of veterans of the war and survivors which came to inhabit the Whiterun.

    They were known the Horselords, a tribe of Nords who specialized in horseback riding and mounted combat. They had survived the End War and took the city of Whiterun as their own. Their leader was a man named Val Waymar, a legendary hero and veteran of the war which collapsed the foundations of an empire and left Tamriel without rule. By all accounts, Val was a paragon of stoicism and bravery, a "true Nord" as any native of Skyrim would put it. He was said to have been one of the greatest generals of his time, renowned for his iron will and strategic cunning. Recognized as an esteemed warrior, he was seen as a strong and true hearted leader noted for his unwavering endurance and fortitude. It was his sense of perseverance which would go on to influence Valora and its future leaders for centuries to come.

    According to the stories, it is said that Val returned from the war to Whiterun with a band of fellow soldiers and other survivors. He had traveled far, venturing through the the scorching deserts of Hammerfell, the heartlands of Cyrodill, and finally Skyrim's southern mountain ranges in an effort to return to his home. When he arrived, he discovered that the city had nearly been completely destroyed. Scorched by arcane fire, Whiterun had been reduced to charred rubble and ashes. However, still standing was the ancient hall of Dragonsreach, and with it the legendary Skyforge, both of which shown triumphantly in the dawn's light. Despite all that had happened, the palace that had housed Whiterun's nobility for millennium survived the calamitous End War. Sensing this as an omen from the gods, Val struck the ground with his banner and decided this was where they would begin anew.

    Under Val's leadership, the community fared well, though the times after the war were hard. Winters came, taking with them many lives as they went. There was always the threat of other tribes, other survivors with more malicious intentions. Often times, violence would erupt between the emerging kingdom and other tribes. However, Val was quick to strike down any who threatened his people, garnering the reputation of a skilled and decisive warrior who showed no mercy for the wicked. For the first few years the Horselords struggled, but despite it all they endured the hardships. Slowly, their numbers grew. Homes and buildings were rebuilt within Whiterun's walls, and small farms and horse ranches began to appear outside the city walls. The people began to call the Horselord's land Valora, a tribute to their leader, Val.

    Decades past, and Valora continued to grow steadily, yet slowly. Whiterun had become a bustling city with a population in the thousands. Many tribes and clans which had been living elsewhere traveled to the kingdom, settling down and contributing to Valora's growing population. The Valorans continued breeding horses, domesticating the wild stallions which inhabited the plains and tundra of central Skyrim. They became well known for their mastery of these creatures, which became a staple of Valoran society.

    Eventually, Val Waymar would pass away, leaving the responsibility of ruling the realm to his son, Taric. The people mourned the loss of their leader, who had done so much to protect and ensure the welfare of his subjects. Val's body was cremated in the Skyforge, and with his ashes a royal blade was forged for his son. Knowing the importance of the task which lay before him, Taric vowed to lead Valora to greatness and make his father proud, renaming the city of Whiterun Valken to pay tribute to his father's legacy.

    Relations and Diplomacy
    The people of Valora have been instilled with a sense of suspicion and distrust of outsiders, though they are by no means outright hostile or violent against foreigners. They owe this to years of fending off bandit tribes and barbarian clans which inhabit the North, and having to prosper and grow in a dangerous world with little allies to be held. They tend to stay away and keep their distance from anything unfamiliar or different. However Valora does engage in trade and commerce with the neighboring towns of Shale and Baldur, both of which are governed by chiefs separate from the King.

    Valora is looked upon with spite and animosity by the inhabitants of Cas'bparo, who consider the men of the North savages and barbaric due to the experiences migrants from Hammerfell had while travelling through Skyrim. In truth, Valora had nothing to do with the raids, however the Kingdom of the East still holds a sense of disparagement for the people of the Northern lands.

    Valora is ruled by a single King, who's duties include protecting the realm and seeing to the general welfare and needs of the people. The government of Valora is a simple one, the King serves as the head of government and holds power over the people. As Valora is still a young and developing kingdom, a complex system of rule has yet to be formed. The current government of Valora has remained largely unchanged since the days of Val Waymar.

    The realm consists of the capital city of Valken and a small portion of central Skyrim. It is rather small for a kingdom, however when compared to the tribes and clans inhabiting the North, Valora is rather large. Outside of the city walls, several farms and horse ranches as well as a few very small communities all fall within the kingdom's borders.

    Valora's military is hardly an organized army, instead consisting of a militia of warriors and hunters who protect the realm. There is a loose hierarchy within Valora's military, with the younger men answering to the more experienced and older warriors of the unit. However, each and everyone of them bow to the King and his orders. These men all have varying levels of capability and experience, with all of them possessing some knowledge of horseback riding, archery and sword combat.

    The people of Valora are descendants of Nords. With fair hair and pale skin, they hold many similarities with their forefathers and ancestors. The people here consist mostly of warriors, ranchers and farmers who live rough lifestyles where hardship and suffering is commonplace. Living in a region with unforgiving winters and dangerous rival tribes has made them a grizzled and stoic people. They are strong, carrying with them the same endurance and perseverance as Valora itself. However, they are rather generous and honorable, valuing courage and loyalty above all. The Horselords of the North make for exceptional companions, or bitter enemies.

    Major Figures/Royal Family
    • King Taric Waymar - The current ruler of the realm, and only child of Val Waymar. In many ways, Taric resembles his father when it comes to governing the kingdom. He is a stoic and honorable King who seeks what is best for his people.
    • Queen Elise - Taric's wife, Elise is known for her wisdom and kindness. Unlike other queens throughout history, she takes a very active role alongside Taric in governing the realm.
    • Cedric Waymar - Taric's only son, Cedric is a young man of 14 years of age. He is the heir to the throne, a responsibility he dreads. Cedric is fiercely intelligent and knowledgeable, often acting as his father's adviser and counsel.
    • Aldi Waymar - The princess, renowned for her beauty and charisma. She is Cedric's older sister, a young woman of 16 years.
    • Gordin Vinheim - Gordin is an elderly man who serves as an adviser to Taric, as well as the royal shaman. Gordin delves into ancient magic, conjuring healing spells and blessings. Gordin has lived far longer than any man could be expected, still recounting the cataclysmic days of the End War vividly and serving as a spiritual leader
    • Dormin Kharyle - One of the senior members of Valora's militia, Dormin acts as the leader of the unit. He is an experienced warrior, and is close friends with the King.

  • Exodus RP Lore Feb 13, 2014

    • In the beginning, the human god used the forces of emotion to craft the world and humanity. From nothingness came life, light, and the world of Sol.
    • The forces used to craft the world would go on to be known as magic, something the humans would discover that they could use. (Detailed description of magic here http://skyrimforums.org/sf/threads/the-illusion-of-knowledge.20181/page-593)
    • Humanity experienced an age of expansion and growth, and kingdoms such as Valora were formed. With the use of magic, humanity flourished.
    • During this time, it was theorized that it would be possible to create life using the same magical forces humanity's god used to create the world.
    • Following up on this theory, a group of mages attempted to create life using magic. This backfired horribly, as it spawned the world's first demons.
    • Hoping to use this discovery for their own personal gain, a rogue group of mages began to create a horde of demons in an effort to obtain power. To do this, they began to abduct people, using magical techniques to drain them of their spirit and emotions to create more demons. These people were rendered husks, mindless and lacking free will. These husks became foot soldiers in the demon horde, serving their masters without question.
    • A brutal war erupted, with the forces of humanity pitted against the demonic horde. Many perished, and many kingdoms fell as humanity's numbers began to dwindle.
    • However, from the mountains came dragons, fierce creatures which descended upon the demon horde; decimating their numbers and destroying the mages responsible. What was left of the horde was scattered, with demons retreating to dungeons and caverns and the husks left to aimlessly wander the land.
    • All that was left of humanity was the kingdom of Valora. Fearing the demons and creatures which were still left, a massive wall was constructed. Sealing the kingdom away from the outside world for millennia to come.

    • Now, the past is but a memory, told in legends and tales. Valora and humanity have withstood the test of time.
    • The Clergy teaches that magic is reserved only to god and his priests, who are permitted through divine right.
    • They teach that it was the unrestrained, widespread use of magic that led to the cataclysm which nearly destroyed humanity. Because of this, the people of Valora generally shun magic, and are fearful of it. They also preach that the Dragons were sent by god to save humanity, and that god built the wall for the good of Valora. Keeping humanity safe from the dangers outside.
    • The Clergy has a special division of agents, known as Regulators, who are tasked with hunting down rogue mages and children born with an affinity for magic. Those who are found are forced to attend the Institute, an academy within Valora where the magically proficient are sent. If they resist, they are to be killed.
    • The Clergy also seeks to suppress the truth that all people are still capable of using magic.

    • The wall still stands, and those who commit heinous crimes are exiled to the 'Outlands,' a term people have taken to calling the land beyond the wall.
    • The land outside the wall is a dangerous place, warped by magic and infested with a plethora of deadly creatures. Those who are exiled rarely live through the first night on the outside.
  • CC Feb 12, 2014

    Maric Waymar

    » NAME Maric Waymar
    » ALIAS None
    » AGE 30
    » BIRTH PLACE Valora
    » GENDER Male
    » CLASS Knight
    » HEIGHT 6'1
    » WEIGHT 180 lbs.
    » BUILD Maric is tall and muscular, possessing a warrior's build.
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES Formerly a private manor in Valora.
    » AFFILIATION Formerly the Vigilum Draconis, an order of Valoran knights which serve as the guardians of royalty.
    » RELIGION Church of the Father


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Maric is an experienced and stoic warrior. He handles pressure well, and is capable of making calculated and tactical decisions when it comes to combat or other jeopardizing situations. Outside of battle, Maric is a conscientious and righteous individual who still abides by his knight's code of honor. He's willing to help others who require assistance, and is generally an agreeable person. He makes for a faithful companion, and a vital part of any team or group.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Maric is still having difficulty coming to terms with his fate, and he struggles with simply getting by. As time passes in the Outlands, he finds himself slowly losing his faith in his god and his former order. He's become somewhat grim, as a knight in Valora he was generally a sociable and gregarious person, but his experience in being exiled and living in the Outlands has changed him. He's now more serious, and is less likely to ease up or extend his trust to others. Also, due to his former status as an elite knight, Maric is instilled with a sense of arrogance. Although it isn't as bad now that he's been ousted from Valora, he can still easily become frustrated with others when his patience is tested.
    » LIKES Combat, hunting, Valora, the Vigilum.
    » DISLIKES Magic (as he was raised with religious values,) treachery, dark and cramped places, creatures and demons of the Outlands.
    » FEARS Losing his faith, dying in the Outlands.
    » ASPIRATIONS To prove his innocence and return to Valora.
    » QUIRKS Often fiddles with his knight's amulet.


    » HAIR LENGTH Medium length
    » HAIR COLOR Dark brown
    » FACIAL HAIR Rough stubble, nearly a beard.
    » EYE COLOR Ice blue
    » SKIN COLOR Fair
    » SCARS Has a long, single scar running from the back of his hand to his elbow from a childhood accident involving a sword. Aside from that, he has a few other scars on his body from his time as a knight.
    » GEAR When he was exiled, Maric took with him his armor and weaponry. After his time spent in the Outlands, Maric's armor has become flecked with rust, his plates marred with scratches and dents. His surcoat has become tattered and ragged, with the Dragon crest adorning his chest streaked with filth and dirt. To account for the frigid temperatures, Maric has fashioned a fur mantle of wolf hide which is worn around his shoulders. Maric also wields a steel longsword and a heater shield.


    Maric was born the son of an esteemed, high ranking knight, and a fair maiden who was related to Valora's royalty as the King's niece. However, Maric's mother did not survive the birth of her child. Leaving responsibility to Maric's grieving father to care for him. His father, Alec, named his firstborn son Maric after one of Valora's heroes, a legendary warrior and founder of the Vigilum Draconis. Despite growing up with a single father, Maric was very well off compared to other children. He lived in a private estate in the country side, which was afforded by his father's title of a royal knight.

    At the age of 10, Maric's father began to prepare the boy for his future life of knighthood. He had hopes and aspirations that his only son would go on to become a great knight; a paragon of chivalry and honor that would make his father proud. He began training the boy, introducing him to sword combat and horse riding. With his father guiding him, Maric flourished, showing a natural proficiency in training.

    As a teenager, Maric spent much of his time reading. He sought to better educate himself, unsatisfied with the lessons of his tutors and teachers. Between books, Maric also found himself exploring the countryside of Valora regularly. He would take his horse and ride across the open fields, finding solitude in nature. As he grew older, he took up hunting as a past time. Becoming skilled in tracking and archery over the years.

    When he was 18, Maric's father fell ill. Alchemists and priests were brought in, attempting to remedy Alec's sickness with medicine and blessings. However, nothing helped alleviate the illness, and shortly after Maric's father passed away.

    The death of his father took a significant toll on Maric, his death had been so sudden and unexpected. Alec's funeral was attended by many, including the King of Valora himself. It was here, following Alec's burial, that the King knighted Maric, making him an official member of the Vigilum. Determined to make his father proud, Maric accepted the honor graciously and set himself on being the best knight he could be.

    For years, Maric served as a loyal and dutiful knight to the King. He was made the personal guardian of the prince, a young man by the name of Adrian who was the next in line to rule. Maric and Adrian became close friends, with Maric becoming something of a father figure for the young Adrian, as the King was hardly ever unoccupied with his responsibilities as a ruler.

    However, unbeknownst to Maric, the prince's younger brother, Cedric, coveted the throne. A plot was forming to murder Adrian, ensuring that Cedric would be the next in line to rule. Cedric brought several corrupt knights in on the plan, promising them power and wealth if they helped him carry out his treacherous mission. However, they needed someone or something to take the fall for them; that someone was Maric.

    Cedric decided that the deed should be done the night of a royal party, when Adrian had retired to his private quarters. The corrupt knights were sent to do the actual killing, waiting for the right moment to move in and cut down the prince.

    That right moment came when Maric happened upon the scene of a thief breaking into the palace. Immediately Maric gave chase, momentarily leaving Adrian behind, and giving the corrupt knights their chance to kill the prince.

    In his armor, Maric was unable to keep up with the thief, who escaped into the darkness. Breaking off the chase, Maric returned to find the prince slain, with a knife branded with the sign of the Vigilum embedded in his chest. The knight barely had time to gather his bearings when the guards, and Cedric, rushed into the room.

    Despite his pleas that he was innocent, Maric was detained and imprisoned. His status as a knight was revoked, and the King decreed that he was to be exiled for the murder of the prince. Sent into the Outlands with his armor and weaponry to slay as many creatures and demons as possible before dying a warrior's death.

    Maric now roams the Outlands, hoping to one day, somehow, return and make things right again.
  • Fallout RP CC Nov 7, 2013

    Jack Taylor
    » NAME Jack Travis Taylor
    » ALIAS "JT," a reference to his initials.
    » AGE 27
    » ETHNICITY Caucasian
    » BIRTH DATE March 3rd, 2251
    » BIRTH PLACE Alexandria, a military installation in the Core Region.
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6'0
    » WEIGHT 175 lbs.
    » BUILD Lean and physically fit.
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES Small house in Goodsprings
    » AFFILIATION Former Sergeant in the NCR Army, 47th Scout Infantry.
    » AFFLICTIONS Having been critically wounded in service many years ago when he was shot through the stomach, Jack regularly experiences internal pain and has difficulty with extended periods of physical exertion. Though his wounds have mostly healed, his injuries still effect him. The pain he experiences, particularly in his right leg where his knee was shattered after falling into a ravine when he was shot, has subsided over the years. However he's still capable of holding his own, and is by no means crippled or extremely handicapped.
    » RELIGION Jack isn't very religious, and although he comes from a Christian family he hardly considers himself a man of God.
    » HABITS Jack often grumbles to himself when irritated or frustrated, usually swearing under his breath. In fact, when he is alone Jack talks to himself occasionally; muttering "alright," or "okay" when he makes decisions. Occasionally, Jack will indulge in smoking or drinking, but only uses such substances in moderation.
    » HOBBIES Ever since he's left the military, Jack has spent much of his time hunting. He's become quite experienced at tracking and shooting with his scoped hunting rifle. When he's not hunting, Jack sometimes takes odd jobs from other residents of Goodsprings such as helping with construction, farming, or driving away packs of coyotes or other undesirables.
    » POSITIVE TRAITS Jack is a very experienced and capable survivor, and can be a vital asset to any group. He possesses a strong instinct for survival, and doesn't crack easily under pressure. Although life in the Mojave Wastes has left Jack with few moral lines to cross, he tries his hardest to remain honest and true despite it all.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Jack can be ruthless, resorting to violence if provoked or when he's out of options. He is also very stubborn, never wanting to admit he's wrong or give up. Jack also has an inherent distrust of other people, and his years as a NCR scout serving under usually inept commanding officers has left him skeptical of anyone vested with authority over him. In fact, prior to the events which would lead to him leaving the military, Jack was an open and typically friendly person. However his time with the NCR has left him jaded, and he struggles to hold onto his old self at times.
    » LIKES Hunting, finding odd-jobs to pass the time, fellow NCR troops/vets, a simple and modest life in Goodsprings.
    » DISLIKES Thinking back to the events which led to him being critically wounded, most enemies of the NCR, Raiders.
    » FEARS Billy Manson
    » ASPIRATIONS Occasionally entertains the idea of finding Bill and killing him, although not seriously.
    » PHILOSOPHY Everyone gets what's coming to them.
    » HAIR LENGTH Kept short, but is somewhat disheveled and messy.
    » HAIR COLOR Light brown, almost dirty blonde.
    » FACIAL HAIR Rough stubble which covers his face and neck.
    » EYE COLOR Blue
    » SKIN COLOR Tan
    » SCARS A pronounced scar running along his lower leg and across his right knee, a scar from a gunshot wound just beneath the ribs on the left side of his chest, multiple scars along his back and shoulders, a few subtle scars on his hands and arms.
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] Jack normally wears his tattered olive-drab jacket from his days with the NCR, which is emblazoned with three chevrons on the right shoulder signalling the rank of Sergeant. Aside from his jacket, Jack dresses simply with a pair of ripped and faded dark jeans, an old button down shirt, and occasionally a brown cowboy hat.
    » GEAR Jack's weapon of choice is a scoped hunting rifle, which he carries with him whenever he leaves his home. For close encounters, he's armed with a rusted 9mm pistol which he carries in a holster, though he doesn't like to use his pistol due to the fact that it's unreliable and jams often.
    » Jack prefers to avoid fights if possible, if he sees a group of raiders or other hostiles in the distance he'll take care to remain unnoticed and slip by without a firefight ensuing. He's quite adept at sneaking, able to remain undetected by enemies with natural skill and finesse. If it does come down to a fight, Jack prefers to pick his targets off from long range with his rifle. He's become an experienced marksman, and though he hasn't killed a person since his days with the NCR, he won't hesitate to put a bullet in someone if he has to.


    Jack was born in the Core Region, in the small town of Alexandria as an only child to Captain Travis Taylor, a decorated and experienced soldier in the NCR, and Bonnie Taylor, a former nurse. Alexandria was a town of a little under a thousand people, situated in the Core Region not far from the Mojave border. Alexandria was located alongside a NCR operating base, and it was here where the families of the troops stationed at the base; Jack's father included, would live.

    When Jack was very young, dozens of NCR settlers were massacred by raiders in the Mojave, not far from where Jack and his family were living. The event led to President Tibbet being voted out of office after a "timid" reaction to the massacre, and Wendell Peterson taking her place as President. Peterson dispatched multiple battalions of NCR infantry to combat the raider tribes in the Mojave, including Jack's father.

    Jack would grow up with no real memories of his dad, as Travis Taylor would be killed later that year in combat. The death of her husband would deal a substantial toll to Jack's mother, who became distraught and mentally unstable as she began to abuse alcohol and other substances.

    And so, Jack was to be brought up in a broken household with an abusive mother.


    Eventually, Jack turned 16 and joined with the NCR, lying about his age to get in. Ever since he was little, he had wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as a soldier. Coupled with the influence from his deceased father was a longing to get out and see the world, leaving his troubled past and upbringing behind.

    He passed through basic training as a Scout Sniper, and was placed in 47th Scout Infantry. He was shipped out with his fellow platoon-mates eastward, where troops under the command of General Kimball had begun to close in on the raider tribes of Bullhead City. Ironically, Jack was to fight the same tribes and raider groups which had killed his father years ago.

    Here, Jack befriended Billy Manson; nicknamed "Bill." Billy was from Boneyard, what was formerly Los Angeles before the bombs fell. He came from a troubled family, and spent much of his youth running with gangs in the poorer, more impoverished areas of Boneyard. Looking to leave the city behind and move on with his life, Bill enlisted when he was 18 and was shipped to the Mojave.
  • Caiden Jericho (Presidium Wars) Oct 11, 2013

    Caiden Jericho
    » NAME Caiden Jericho
    » ALIAS "Moto," for his natural skill with a dirt-bike.
    » AGE 26
    » BIRTH DATE 5th of Hearthfire
    » BIRTH PLACE Anvil, Cyrodiil
    » BIRTH SIGN The Steed
    » RACE Imperial
    » CLASS Scout/Recon/Guerilla
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6'2
    » WEIGHT 165 lbs.
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION The New Aldwyr Coalition, Luke Carmine's gang (formerly)
    » RELIGION Not religious
    » HABITS Biting his nails, smoking, spitting, doing tricks with his butterfly knife when anxious.
    » HOBBIES Riding his dirt-bike, exploring, drinking.


    » HAIR Cropped and dirty blonde.
    » FACIAL HAIR Usually clean shaven.
    » EYE COLOR Baby blue
    » SKIN COLOR Somewhat tan, typical Imperial complexion.
    » BUILD Slender and tall, although lean and built with muscle.
    » SCARS Many scars all along his body, most from crashing on his bike.
    » TATTOOS Caiden's body is covered with multiple tattoos, many of which he did himself. His arms are covered with ink sleeves, and his torso and back are adorned with several different designs; most notably symbols of the gods, skulls, depictions of monsters and demons, and scripture. On his face, just below his left eye, is a dagger.
    » ATTIRE Caiden doesn't put much effort into what he wears, typically he is garbed in brown or green cargo pants, boots, and cutoff shirts. When leading ambush parties, he is equipped with a tactical vest, gloves, and a black motorcycle helmet which completely covers his face.
    » GEAR A black motorbike fitted for off-road racing, a single 9mm pistol, a sawed-off shotgun, and a butterfly knife.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Usually light-hearted, witty, very spirited and confident. Intelligent and charismatic.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Prone to violent outbursts, somewhat greedy and untrustworthy. Not afraid to hurt others.
    » LIKES Riding his bike, working as a mechanic, planning ambushes.
    » DISLIKES Authority, The Imperial Meridian, The Thalmor Continuum
    » FEARS Dying for nothing
    » ASPIRATIONS To settle down, start a family and leave his life of violence behind.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – When it comes to combat, Caiden prefers to hit his opponents fast, and hit them hard. His specialty is ambushes, where he utilizes dirt-bikes and precise timing to catch enemies off guard and put them down before they even know what's happening.

    » SKILLS


    » Ambushes - Caiden is very skilled in setting up traps for unsuspecting enemies. His natural finesse with dirt bikes complements this nicely, he can easily set up blockades to lock in an enemy convoy and ride in with a squadron of other insurgents to take out the targets and secure resources.

    » Bikes - From a young age, Caiden has shown skill and prowess in motorcycle riding. His control and stability is exceptional, and his abilities with a motorbike can leave others in the dust, scrambling to keep up with him.


    » Guns - Caiden is a competent and capable marksman, his favored weapon being a sawed-off shotgun which he likes to use while on his motorbike.


    » BEFORE BIRTH – Caiden comes from a broken home. He was born in the poorer area of the coastal city of Anvil to a mother who worked in a brothel, and a father who abandoned Caiden before he was even born.

    » CHILDHOOD [15 years] – Living in a tiny, run down home, Caiden faced abuse from his alcoholic mother regularly. She blamed him for everything that had gone wrong in her life, and with nobody to turn to, Caiden joined up with a local street gang led by Luke Carmine. Luke was about Caiden's age, although acted and behaved like an adult capable of running a gang. Caiden found himself in the position of second in command, and Luke's closest friend, and by the time Caiden was 15, he had run away from home to live with the gang on the streets.

    » ADULT LIFE [11 years] – Eventually, the gang moved on from petty thievery to full blown heists. They were dubbed the Motobandits, robbing banks and other establishments and making getaways on motorcycles. This went on for years, with the gang pulling off robberies all along Cyrodiil's west coast. However, on one particular job, Caiden was betrayed by Luke and the others. When they met up outside of town after losing the police, Caiden was shot and left for dead, with his share of the money taken.

    After Caiden was abandoned and left gut-shot, death seemed certain. He passed out from blood loss, only to awake deep underground in a make-shift hospital. He had been taken in by the New Aldwyr Coalition, who found him and saved his life. Since then, Caiden has worked with the NAC, putting his skills with a motorbike to use as a guerilla fighter.
  • Maric Cato Sep 6, 2013

    Maric Cato
    The Slave
    » NAME Maric
    » ALIAS The Slave, Rogue Blade
    » AGE 28
    » BIRTH DATE 13th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 260
    » BIRTH PLACE Dragontail Mountains, Hammerfell
    » BIRTH SIGN The Warrior
    » ORIGIN Imperial
    » CLASS Knight
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 6'2
    » WEIGHT 190 lbs.
    » BMI 24.4
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION Vigilum Draconis, formerly the Blades and the Imperial Legion
    » RELIGION Though not very religious, Maric believes in a higher power

    » HAIR Kept short and cropped
    » EYE COLOR Blue
    » SKIN COLOR Tan
    » BUILD Muscular, Maric takes care to keep in shape and remain as fit as possible.
    » SCARS Maric's back is covered by a particularly gruesome set of whip scars he received as a child. Years of combat has also given him his fair share of other scars, which can be found all over his body.
    » ATTIRE — Maric wears a set of armor consisting of mithril chainmail and light skyforge steel plating. His armor is some of the best one could afford, and as well as being resilient to damage the set is very practical and surprisingly lightweight. On his breastplate, the Imperial Dragon is emblazoned in crimson and gold trimmings. He was issued such armor upon becoming an Imperial Primarch.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Maric is fiercely intelligent, loyal and disciplined, adhering to a strict sense of justice. Maric is also a capable and adept leader, who can instill a sense of courage and comradery.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS His no-nonsense, regimental viewpoint of things can often lead to clashes with others. He can also be quite stubborn, and equally impatient when dealing with other people.
    » LIKES Studying military strategy, reading, horseback riding, sparring, training, exploring
    » DISLIKES Slavers, criminals, mines, caverns, seeing evil prevail
    » FEARS That his parents died without dignity
    » ASPIRATIONS To be at peace with himself and lay his inner demons to rest
    » QUIRKS Chewing on his nails to keep them short

    The years Maric spent in the military have molded him into a very disciplined and regimented individual. Though he tends to be a rather serious and deliberate person, Maric does know how to let loose once in a while and enjoy a drink with a few friends. His experiences as a slave have rendered him distrustful of others, and for years before becoming an Imperial Legate, Maric had issues with authority figures that he struggles to repress even to this day. He tends to be on his own most of the time, keeping to himself as he would explore and adventure. At times, feelings of loneliness would catch up with him and Maric would find himself longing for companionship, but the weathered warrior would always force his feelings away.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Maric is a very experienced and rugged warrior, with years of combat under his belt. Possessing a natural talent for battle, his finesse with a blade made him quite popular with his commanding officers, and Maric quickly rose through the ranks of the Imperial Legion. Under pressure, Maric is able to keep a level head and his wits about him. He prefers to use deliberate tactics when engaging targets, and as well as being a skilled combatant he is also an exceptional strategist, with experience in commanding troops. He prefers to use a single sword in battle, adopting defensive stances and sizing up his opponents before moving in for the kill.
    » SKILLS
    » Blades - From a young age, Maric showed promise in sword combat. Training was a breeze for Maric, who found that maneuvering and striking with a sword came very naturally to him. It's an art he's near perfected throughout the years, and his ability with a blade is legendary. He doesn't wield
    » Athletics - Training with the both the Legion and the Blades has sculpted Maric into a very fit, very athletic person who is in their peak physical condition.
    » Light Armor - Maric has always preferred to stay mobile and light on his feet, unlike most Imperial Legionaries, he always dressed in lightweight armor. He thought it better to be able to dodge and parry oncoming blows, rather than absorb them through heavily armored plates.
    » Sneak - Maric's time training as a Blades agent taught him the importance of stealth, and he's honed his ability to remain undetected and deliver the first strike through trial and error. If the opportunity presents itself, Maric will always try and slip by undetected, or lurk in the shadows until he's able to get the drop on an opponent.
    » Speechcraft - Maric knows a thing or two about making people talk, whether they want to or not.
    » Security - Maric's training as a Blades agent also gave him some knowledge of picking locks, and while he's capable of getting by most locks it's still a difficult task for him.
    » Marksman - Maric can hold his own with a bow and arrow, although it's definitely not his strong suit. While he prefers to use his sword, he can resort to using a bow if need be.

    » Block - Maric knows how to use a shield in battle, although he has little experience in actually using them. He regards them as being too bulky and heavy, and that they slow you down too much.
    » BEFORE BIRTH - Although Maric never really knew his parents, he was descended from a long line of distinguished Imperial servicemen. His father, Cyrus, was a third generation Imperial forester, who retired from the job after an injury involving an ambush party of bandits. After the incident he narrowly survived, he left the Legion to set upon a job as a caravaneer. While traveling Tamriel with a small crew of hired workers, he would later meet his future wife, Kaitlyn. She came from a rich and prestigious family with ties to Imperial politics, who expected that she marry a man who came from nobility and title. Kaitlyn resented her family, and was quite rebellious to them. When they rejected Cyrus, she ran away with him and his caravan, certain that he was the one for her.
    Sadly, the tale of the two lovers would come to a tragic end as the caravan crossed into Hammerfell. It was there, in the rocky outcroppings of the Dragontail Mountains, where they were ambushed by slavers. Cyrus was killed trying to defend the caravan, and the other hired men either shared his fate or were captured. Kaitlyn was defiled, before being dragged off with the other men who had been captured. However, there was one thing the slavers didn't know, Kaitlyn was pregnant with Cyrus' child.
    They were taken to a mine, which burrowed into the mountainsides of the Dragontail peaks. Here, the Empire had little authority, and the practice of slavery and other crimes was commonplace in the mountain ranges of Hammerfell. The mine was prospected by Al Mulin, a cruel and ambitious man who made sure that his slaves lived as miserable of an existence as possible. He hoped to find a large score of gold in the mountain ranges, and so he dedicated everything towards his dream of living lavishly, surrounded by his riches. The slaves were simply a means to an end.
    Months went by, and people began to notice that Kaitlyn was pregnant. At first they suspected she was pregnant with a slaver's child, but she was certain that it was Cyrus'. However, because she was pregnant, she would no longer be able to work. Al Mulin decreed that she was to be given no further food or other resources, and that she would be left to die of starvation. Though, her fellow workers instead brought her their own food. For those slaves, the child had to live, it had become a sign of hope.
    » CHILDHOOD [14 years] – Maric was born on 13th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 260. Despite all odds, he came into this world, he survived. His mother, unfortunately, did not. Kaitlyn died giving birth to the boy, which left Maric to be raised by the other slaves. They made efforts to keep Maric's existence a secret from the Slavers, and for a few years they managed to get by without incident, but it wasn't long before the guards caught on. Al Mulin was furious, and he contemplated killing the child to send a message, but decided that a new worker would be better for him. He allowed Maric to be raised by the slaves.

    Taking most of the responsibility of raising a child was an elderly Redguard man named Caleb. As a young man, he was a sailor and a privateer, and he raised the young boy on tales of sailing the high seas and doing battle with corsairs and pirates. He filled in the gap for Maric, acting as a father figure for the young boy and trying to help the child understand what was happening, where he was, where his parents were. Against his better judgement, Caleb told Maric the truth. His parents were dead. This saddened the boy immensely, but Caleb didn't think it'd help to lie to the boy. He comforted Maric when he could, realizing that it might have been better to leave some things unsaid.

    When he turned 8, he began accompanying Caleb to the underground stream which ran through the mountain to pan for gold, which they almost never found. The guards there were much more lenient then the guards deeper underground, who surveyed the men who rock mined with pickaxes.

    The years dragged by, and Maric found himself longing to escape. Many had tried before, and every attempt had failed. When he turned 12, the guards began sending him to the underground tunnels to mine with a pickaxe. Here, his thoughts turned dark, he was regularly whipped and beaten, and any hope began to leave the boy. Caleb did his best, but the time Maric spent in those tunnels changed him forever.

    Al Mulin personally tortured Maric, beating him savagely and taunting him, calling him a filthy orphan and regaling himself with tales of how he killed his parents. Maric vowed that one day, he would kill Al Mulin.

    When he turned 14, a riot broke out in the slave pens. Maric was separated from Caleb in the chaos as violence erupted between the slaves and the guards. Certain that he'd be dead if he stayed, Maric made a dash for the exit, sprinting through winding tunnels and making his way past mobs of combatants until he saw a light at the end of the chasm, sunlight.

    He stepped into the sun for the first time in his life, and ran into the desert as a free man.

    » LIFE AS A THIEF [2 years] - Maric made his way to the nearby city of Skaven, where he felt confused and overwhelmed. He had never seen anything like it, the crowds of people, the buildings, the curved swords, it all amazed him. At first, he tried getting help for those in the mines, frantically trying to convince the guards that an illegal slaving ring was in the mountains, but they dismissed the young man and his claims. Angry and flustered, Maric decided to continue onward, venturing from city to city.

    Almost two years passed, two years that Maric survived by stealing food and thieving. He drifted across Hammerfell, taking what he could when he could, and eluding guards. He learned that the Dragontail Mountains were regarded as unconquered territory, and outside of the Empire's jurisdiction. They wouldn't be able to help him.

    » THE LEGION (7 years) - One day, in the bustling port city of Sentinel, Maric decided to steal from an Imperial Legionary. What caught Maric's eye was the dagger fastened to the soldier's belt, it's hilt gleaming silver and encrusted with rubies. Maric, however, bit off more then he could chew, and he was caught the moment he laid his hands on the dagger.

    The legionary looked down upon the young Maric, jesting that Maric's punishment would be the removal of his hands. Maric didn't catch on that it was merely a joke, and began pleading with the legionary. The Imperial laughed and shook his head, assuring that Maric could keep his hands as long as he left behind thievery. That stranger would inspire Maric to join the Legion, which he did shortly afterwards. With nothing else going on in his life, and a chance to bring justice to Al Mulin, Maric couldn't resist.

    He breezed through training, proving himself a natural at blade combat. It almost felt unfair, at 16 Maric was seemingly leagues ahead of his fellow auxiliaries, who averaged at around age 20. In a mere 6 months, he completed basic training and was sent over seas to fight in Cathnoquey. Although anxious about seeing real combat for the first time in his life, Maric felt confident in himself and his abilities.

    The fighting was brutal, many died in the initial battles against the Tsaesci forces. But Maric shined through, personally felling many enemies and catching the eye of even the Emperor himself. He was immediately promoted to the rank of Imperial Prefect, and personally congratulated by Uriel V himself.

    Cathnoquey was conquered not long after, with the remaining Tsaesci being driven back to the mainland. Maric saw more battle, building upon his reputation even more. By the time the Imperial Flag was driven into Cathnoquey, Maric had garnered the title of Tribune.

    The island of Yneslea fell swiftly, with Maric at the front line. By this time, many of the Emperor's senior officers were already recommending him for the Vigilum Draconis, and after Yneslea was conquered Maric was promoted to the rank of Legate at only age 20. Making him the youngest Imperial Legate in the history of the Septim Empire.

    His title was put to the test in the Imperial conquest of Esroniet, where he commanded a small legion of troops. It was his actions that led to the capture of Black Harbor, but in the battle he was critically wounded. Three arrows had pierced his torso, and he narrowly survived, saved only by Mages utilizing restoration magic. The success at Black Harbor made Maric famous, and while healing he was visited by Uriel V himself.

    Maric told the Emperor his story, where he came from and the environment he grew up in. Uriel V showed sympathy for Maric, who had lived such a difficult life, and although he knew the Dragontail Mountains were unconquered lands he decided that he'd name Maric a Blade and send him home to Tamriel to put a stop to the slavery. Graciously, Maric accepted, and he was shipped back to Cyrodiil the day after.

    » THE BLADES, REVENGE, AND THE LEAGUE (5 years) Maric trained at Cloud Ruler temple, further honing his abilities as a swordsmen and also learning the skills which came with being a Blades agent. While he trained, the Blades network of spies was hard at work. Scouts were sent to the mountains, and only abandoned mines were found, devoid of life.

    Al Mulin was now an illustrious and wealthy noble, living on a private villa built on Stros M'kai. In the time Maric had been gone, he had scored a huge amount of gold beneath the Dragontail mountains, and was now living his dream. It wasn't hard for the Blades to track him down, but the wealthy nobleman denied any affiliation with slaves. The Empire's hands were tied, they needed evidence to bring him down, and despite Maric's heated arguments with high command, his senior officers ruled that Al Mulin was not to be touched.

    And so, Maric waited, he waited for evidence that never came. He spent years further honing his abilities, his skills surpassing that of even senior Blades agents. Eventually, the war effort overseas began to calm as the Emperor made preparations to return home to begin preparations for an assault on Akavir. Maric, along with an envoy of other Blades, were sent to the port city of Sentinel to meet the Emperor as his ship docked.

    As soon as the group crossed into Hammerfell, Maric immediately broke off from the envoy. The other agents attempted to stop him, but Maric proved to be the superior duelist and non lethally incapacitated them. He set off towards Stros M'kai with one goal in mind, kill Al Mulin.

    Maric stormed the villa by himself, slaughtering every guard that attempted to stop him as he cut a path of destruction through Al Mulin's mansion. In his final moments, the slaver pleaded for his life. "Look! Look around you, look what you've helped me done! Rich beyond my wildest dreams, all of this was because of my workers! Because of you!"

    Maric's responded, "You're right, you deserve this."

    With a single blow, Maric decapitated Al Mulin in a flurry of blood. Sending his head rolling down the steps of his chambers.

    Before burning the villa to the ground, Maric took Al Mulin's journal; which provided the evidence needed to prove Mulin was a slaver. By the time Maric was done, all that was left of Mulin and his estate were ashes.

    Maric immediately turned himself in, and was imprisoned in Sentinel's jail. Despite the evidence found in Mulin's journal, Maric was given an execution date for treachery, insubordination, dereliction, assaulting a senior officer, and a number of other charges. He was saved by Emperor Uriel V himself, who intervened before Maric could be hanged. The Emperor instead, offered Maric a spot in Vigilum Draconis, the League, a position he gladly accepted. Now, Maric is one of the Primarchs. Tamriel's greatest warriors chosen by the Emperor himself to guard the Ruby Throne, and to bring swift justice to the enemies of the Empire.
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  • Character Profile - Gorim Aug 30, 2013

    Gorim Harrowmont
    The Dwarf
    (Image isn't mine.)
    » NAME Gorim Harrowmont
    » ALIAS 'The Dwarf,' 'The Imp'
    » AGE 25
    » RACE Nord
    » BIRTH DATE 3E 408
    » BIRTH PLACE Windhelm, Skyrim
    » BIRTH SIGN The Warrior
    » CLASS Warrior
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'0
    » WEIGHT 200 lbs.
    » BUILD Short and very stocky, with a broad and muscular build.
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION The Fighter's Guild (formerly) The Companions (formerly)
    » AFFLICTIONS Dwarfism
    » RELIGION The Nine Divines
    » HABITS Drinking, making passes at women, getting into fights, being as rude and abrasive as possible.
    » HOBBIES Drinking, looking for things to bury his axe in.
    » POSITIVE TRAITS Funny, a great drinking buddy, loyal
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Loud, hot headed, easy to provoke, alcoholic
    » LIKES All things alcoholic, women
    » DISLIKES Authority, being called a dwarf, magic, Elves
    » FEARS That he'll die sober
    » ASPIRATIONS To one day return to Windhelm
    » HAIR LENGTH Long and disheveled
    » HAIR COLOR Reddish brown
    » FACIAL HAIR Very long and braided, though usually unkempt and reeking with alcohol
    » FACIAL HAIR COLOR Reddish brown
    » EYE COLOR Blue
    » SKIN COLOR Pale
    » SCARS A few scars from previous battles and injuries can be found along his body, but nothing major.
    » GEAR Gorim wears a faded surcoat, usually with a set of ringmail which covers his torso and arms. He also wears a pair of iron gauntlets, boots, pauldrons and a helmet. For weaponry, Gorim carries with him a heavy steel battleaxe which he wields with both hands.
    »CHILDHOOD - Gorim is the firstborn son of Jarl Borin Harrowmont, ruler of Windhelm and the hold of Eastmarch. His status as the firstborn made Gorim the rightful heir to the throne, but when his physical deformity as a dwarf was discovered, Borin stripped Gorim of his birthright and neglected him the love he'd show for Gorim's siblings. The Jarl resented Gorim, hardly able to look upon the dwarf child. It was decided that the second born, Garen, would be the one to take Borin's place as Jarl.
    Gorim's mother was much more supportive, but when Gorim was young, she fell ill and passed away. Leaving the dwarf child with his resentful father, and his two brothers who had been raised and conditioned to hate him. Angry, alone and embittered, Gorim set upon leaving Windhelm and never looking back.
    » LATER YEARS - Gorim ran from Eastmarch in secret when he was 16, and for years he wandered Skyrim, exploring and adventuring. He grew up fast on his own, taking a liking to alcohol and fighting. When he was 20, he joined with the Companions and for a while he felt at home. He learned much during the years he spent at Jorrvaskr, feeling a sense of unity and brotherhood for the first time in his life. He honed his skills with the battleaxe, embarking on many endeavors and adventures with his shield siblings.
    After five years with the Companions, Gorim decided he wanted to explore Tamriel. He set out on his own once more, traveling to Cyrodiil and joining with the Fighter's Guild for a short while before being kicked out for debauchery. Now, he wanders the countryside with nothing but his handy battleaxe, the clothes on his back and a bottle of mead, at home wandering Tamriel.