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  • Gideon Agrane Feb 14, 2014

    Gideon Agrane
    The Captain

    (More accurate picture to come soon.)​
    » NAME Gideon Agrane
    » AGE 46
    » RACE Human (Valoran)
    » BIRTH PLACE Valora
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'10

    » BUILD Remains in good enough shape to fight, but lacks muscle

    » LATERALITY Right-handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES Formerly a mansion, currently a room at a local tavern
    Formerly the Valora Guard, currently none
    » RELIGION None
    » POSITIVE TRAITS Gideon is fiercely loyal to those he considers friends, and will sacrifice anything to keep them safe. A trained swordsman, though not an exceptional one, he is able to hold his own in a battle. Rather headstrong both in and out of combat, his quick wit and talent for improvisation is usually the only thing that saves his skin. As a former guardsman, he has a inherent sense of justice, and carries compassion for those affected by the Clergy.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Gideon is driven by emotion, and as such, he can be extremely reckless. He often ignores any potential consequences for his actions, and will sometimes get so caught up in the thrill of the fight that he ignores everything else around him. A pessimist and a cynic, he's usually the last to agree with any given plan, and tends to offer discouraging remarks to whoever will listen.
    » LIKES Fighting, drinking, heroics, acts of bravery
    » DISLIKES The Clergy, the Regulators, thieves, quests, bar brawls
    » FEARS Confined spaces, failure, fading into obscurity
    » ASPIRATIONS To find happiness and a purpose in life; to get revenge on the Clergy


    » HAIR LENGTH Short hair, typically slicked back
    » HAIR COLOR Gray (formerly black)
    » FACIAL HAIR A somewhat rough goatee
    » EYE COLOR Brown
    » SKIN COLOR Pale

    » SCARS Sports a few light scars on his face, thanks to his time with the city Guard.
    » ATTIRE Noble's clothing, often worn with a long coat and leather boots

    » GEAR Sports leather gauntlets during combat, occasionally wearing a chest plate as well. Uses a fine steel arming sword in combat, with the symbol of the Valora Guard emblazoned on the hilt


    » Gideon Agrane was born to a pair of wealthy Valoran nobles. Along with his younger sister, Valerie, he was raised in the family's spacious manor, where he was given the best of everything. His parents' wealth mean he was well-educated, working with a variety of private tutors from an early age. At the age of thirteen, he began training in swordsmanship as well. He excelled at the art of combat, and in time, chose the path of justice hoping to become a legendary hero.

    When Gideon was sixteen years of age, he joined the Valora City Guard. He proved to be a natural in position, and enjoyed his work greatly. It was around this time that he began to notice something odd about Valerie. Now thirteen, the normally bright and chipper girl had become quiet and reserved. Curious as to what had brought about this change, Gideon inquired if anything was the matter. Valerie confessed that she had recently discovered that she had magical talent, and didn't want to be taken away from her family. Gideon, after a moment of consideration, agreed to keep his sister's secret hidden from their parents.

    As the years passed, Gideon continued to excel at his work. By the time he was twenty he had been promoted to Sergeant, having proved himself to be a capable guard on many occasions. Though Valora provided little opportunity for the sort of grand heroics Gideon had been so fond of reading about in his youth, he was simply happy to know that he was keeping people safe. At twenty-five, he had hit Lieutenant. Ten years later, he became a Captain. Not long after this, Gideon's parents passed away, leaving him with the majority of the inheritance.

    Eventually, Valerie settled down, marrying an alchemist and moving to a nice place in Valora's market district. Gideon fell out of touch with her for the most part, but from what he could gather, she was happy. One day, however, Valerie's husband found out about her magical ability. Being a devout follower of the Church of the Father, the man did his sworn duty and informed the Clergy. A group of Regulators was sent to take Valerie to the Institute. Panicking when they arrived, Valerie accidentally unleashed a magical attack on them. The untrained woman was no watch for the Regulators, and she was killed for resisting the Clergy.

    Gideon did not take the news of his sister's death well. He developed a deep distrust of the Clergy, and began further research into their activities. Eventually, he began to hear stories that suggested some members of the Clergy may not have been as virtuous as they seemed. He followed these stories, searching for evidence, and was eventually successful. Gideon discovered evidence of numerous crimes committed by a prominent priest of Julerne, who was later "pardoned" for his sins by the Clergy. When Gideon attempted to present this evidence to his superiors, he found himself stripped of his rank and thrown in a cell.

    For crimes against the Clergy, Gideon Agrane was sentenced to exile.
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  • Character Profile - Avitus Varro Sep 8, 2013

    Avitus Varro
    The Pickpocket

    "Honestly, you'd think the guards would be more attentive."

    » NAME Avitus Varro
    » AGE 22
    » RACE Imperial
    » BIRTH DATE Rain's Hand 28, 3E 411
    » BIRTH PLACE Brindle Home, Cyrodiil
    » BIRTH SIGN The Serpent
    » CLASS Thief
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'9"
    » BUILD Skinny, due to his lower class origins, but still strong due to his Guild training.
    » LATERALITY Right-handed.
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION Thieves Guild
    » RELIGION None
    » HABITS Rubbing the back of his neck, searching for valuables and exits when he enters a room.
    » HOBBIES None

    » POSITIVE TRAITS Quick-witted, stealthy, convincing actor, kind, generous, skilled acrobat, untapped potential for additional skills.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Antisocial, dislikes challenging himself, tendency to get cocky, trouble voicing his opinions, terrible combatant, awful with machines, often gets himself into unlucky situations, slightly more brutal than most other thieves.
    » LIKES Pickpocketing, sneaking, treasure hunting, acrobatics, risky jobs.
    » DISLIKES Guards, assassins, Daedra, chapels.
    » FEARS Skeletons, death, arrest, prison, torture, ghosts, minotaurs.
    » ASPIRATIONS To make enough money to start a legitimate life.

    » HAIR LENGTH Short
    » HAIR COLOR Blond
    » FACIAL HAIR None
    » EYE COLOR Green
    » SKIN COLOR Pale
    » SCARS Small scar on his right cheek, courtesy of an unhappy guard.
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] A dark grey shirt, worn with a leather vest and a traveler's hood.
    » ATTIRE [WORK] A let of custom leather armor with a matching hood.

    » Sneak
    » Acrobatics
    » Athletics
    » Mercantile
    » Blade
    » Restoration
    » Illusion

    » Early Life

    The son and only child of a lowly farmer in the settlement of Brindle Home, Avitus' childhood was a decidedly unhappy one. His mother, by all accounts a beggar from Anvil, died during childbirth. His father was always a distant man, keeping to his work and barely uttering a word to his son. When Avitus was thirteen, he returned home to find that his father had taken the family's horse and left the settlement, possibly even Cyrodiil itself. There was no note, no inheritance, and no supplies left behind for Avitus. Within a week or two, he had run out of the food and money tucked away in the house. None of the other residents of Brindle Home had enough money to hire him, or give him food. Realizing that he would have to seek his fortune elsewhere, Avitus headed out into the Colovian Highlands to seek his fortune.

    Following a little bit of exploring, Avitus came upon a small church in wilderness. There didn't seem to be any inhabitants, but there was a single black horse in the stables out front. The Imperial paused, briefly, and considered how long it would take him to walk to one of the major cities on foot. With the harshness of the Highlands, and his lack of food and supplies, he'd be lucky if he could make it another day before dying. And so, after a quick glance around to make sure no one was heading his way, Avitus stole the horse and rode it to Skingrad.

    Once there, he headed straight for a local tavern, in need of some food. Unfortunately, he couldn't pay for anything. Avitus was just about to leave and scrounge around outside when he spotted a drunk nobleman, seeming fast asleep in his chair, whose coinpurse seemed to be slipping out of his back pocket. Obviously, if Avitus got caught it would surely mean jail time, but he was already a theif in the eyes of the law, and it wasn't like the sleeping man before him would miss a few dozen septims. Damn it. He was going to go for it, no matter what the risk. Regaining his composure, Avitus walked by the nobleman, casually reaching out and plucking the coinpurse from the drunkard's pocket as he did. He had made his way to the tavern's exit when he heard a drowsy voice from the other side of the room start shouting about a thief. Instinctively, Avitus bolted for the door, giving himself away as a result. He sprinted at top speed through Skingrad's stone walkways...right into a town guard. The guard grabbed him, and in a matter of hours the would-be pickpocket found himself being sentenced to one month in the Skingrad dungeons.

    Upon his release, Avitus was unsure of what to do with himself. After a day or two of wandering around the city, nicking a few pieces of food and a mug of water here and there in order to stay amongst the living, he fell in with Skingrad's beggars, honing his talents in the art of thievery over the course of five long years.

    » Later Life

    It was after these five years had passed that Avitus, now in his twenties, received an odd note from a Dunmer woman he met in the street. In was written on a plain piece of parchment in cheap ink, and smelled of aged wine and rotting wood. When the young thief opened it, it read simply:

    I can offer you greater rewards and less time in prison. If you are interested, come to the Garden of Dareloth in the Imperial City's Waterfront district at midnight. Present this note and all shall be made clear.

    - The Gray Fox

    While the note itself was mysterious, the identity of it's writer was quite well known, especially amongst the Imperial City's upper class. According to them, and the Imperial Legion, The Gray Fox was a master criminal on a crime spree, who acted as the kingpin of crime in all of Cyrodiil. During his tenure with the beggars, however, Avitus had heard a somewhat different story. Apparently the Fox acted more like a modern day folk hero, robbing from the corrupt to put coins in purses of the oppressed. In addition, he sometimes undertook special missions to sabotage the worst of the guards in the Imperial City, saving the beggars there from untold cruelty. In short, it was exactly the kind of life Avitus wanted to live: exciting, heroic, and profitable. He jumped at the chance to make it all a reality.

    After reaching the Gardens, Avitus found himself meeting with a representative of the Guild, who gave him a simple heist as a test. He, of course, passed it with ease. When he returned to the Guild member, he was officially inducted into the Thieves Guild, and designated with the rank of pickpocket. It was a position he was happy with, one that kept him out on the streets pulling low-risk, high-reward jobs. Every once in a while he'd get a special job, one that require him to test his abilities. It was on one of these jobs that he discovered he had an odd talent for illusion magic, a fact that he always kept in his mind but never bothered to pursue.

    As the months went on he stayed a Pickpocket, but started to venture forth from Guild jobs on occasion. He had heard that treasure hunting was starting to become a profitable business...
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  • Character Profile - Alden Thetric Aug 1, 2013

    Alden Thetric
    College Prodigy

    {This was the closest I could find to the look I pictured. Ignore the modern clothes and the glasses.}

    » NAME Alden Thetric
    » AGE 21
    » RACE Breton
    » BIRTH DATE Rain's Hand 13, 4E 180
    » BIRTH PLACE Daggerfall, High Rock
    » BIRTH SIGN The Mage
    » CLASS Mage
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'8"
    » BUILD Short and skinny
    » LATERALITY Right-handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION College of Whispers
    » RELIGION Unaffiliated
    » HABITS Floating in the air when bored
    » HOBBIES Collecting the works of Crassius Curio. He appreciates the brilliantly awful writing.

    » POSITIVE TRAITS Kind, intelligent, good-natured, defensive.
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Introverted, shy, clumsy, easily angered.
    » LIKES Books, magic, the sky, experiments, adventure.
    » DISLIKES Monsters, barbarians, mercenaries, the Thalmor.
    » FEARS The death of both him and his friends, monsters, running out of magic.
    » ASPIRATIONS To perfect his craft.

    » HAIR LENGTH Very short
    » HAIR COLOR Black
    » FACIAL HAIR None
    » EYE COLOR Blue
    » SKIN COLOR Pale
    » SCARS Scars on the palm of each hand, from his first and only time using destruction magic.
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] A set of blue Dunmer attire, usually with the hood down.

    » Thalmor [DISLIKES] – The Thalmor are evil, there's no doubting that, but they have made advances in magical study. Alden tolerates them, but wishes they would just die out.

    » Imperial Legion [LIKES] – Alden is a loyal Imperial citizen, and as a student of the College of Whispers may someday be called upon to serve with the Legion's battlemages.

    » Stormcloaks [DISLIKES] – Not a fan of their attitudes, Alden prefers to ignore the Stormcloaks altogether.

    »Falmer [ENEMIES] – They're in just about every Dwemer ruin in Skyrim, and they certainly don't make College trips more fun.

    » Forsworn [DISLIKES] – They tend not to attack him, given his Breton heritage, but Alden still thinks of the Forsworn as a bunch of lunatics.

    » The Thieves Guild [NEUTRAL] – As they lack much of a presence in High Rock or Cyrodiil, Alden's main dealings with the Guild have been with the relatively harmless Skyrim chapters. He doesn't care much about them either way.

    » The Companions [LIKES] – They've been hired as security for College trips at times, and Alden finds himself getting along well with the members.

    » Mages College [DISLIKES] – The College of Winterhold's refusal to merge with the College of Whispers has been a constant source of strife between the two institutions for decades. Alden's not one to break the tradition.

    » The Dark Brotherhood [ENEMIES] – Murderers who pray to a god of nothingness. He's never met a member before, but Alden doesn't plan on being friendly if he does.

    » Restoration (Heavy focus on wards.)
    » Alteration
    » Mysticism
    » Navigation
    » Illusion
    » Translation
    » Blade

    » Early Life
    Alden was born to Hugo and Elara Thetric, a pair of wealthy Breton merchants living in the kingdom of Daggerfall. It was clear from an early age that Alden was gifted. Very gifted. When he was two, he moved one of his toys across the room using his mind. When he was five, he saved the family cat after it had been trampled by horse. By touching it. At the age of twelve, he had learned to control some of his magic, and was planning to study in order to become a mage. He started with a simple lightning spell. All seemed to be going well, when Alden suddenly lost concentration. The spell backfired, leaving his hands with horrible, permanent scars.

    His parents realized that he needed to be instructed in proper use of magic, and they reluctantly sent him off to study at the mysterious and exclusive College of Whispers, using both their money and their influence to get him private lessons. Alden, having sworn off destruction magic following his accident, showed a talent when it came to the more passive schools. Restoration and Alteration in particular. Years passed, and by the time he reached sixteen, the young Breton was already hard at work recreating the 'lost spells' of the Alteration school. By the time he was twenty, he had achieved that goal.

    » First Flight
    Alden Thetric, age twenty, had passed all of his classes at the time with flying colors. And now, after years of research, the greatest spell ever lost to time was his once more: levitation. He had already tested it, and it had worked fine. A few minor hurdles, such as randomly crashing into a wall once or twice, but nothing that he couldn't fix with a little effort. This test was much more important, for as fun as it was to walk on air, flying through it was better. Alden had modified the spell for a more streamlined, aerial approach. He prayed to Kynareth that he would be allowed to survive this test.

    He stood outside, on an empty patch of grass located by the College's main building. His hands were outstretched, ready and willing to get this over with. Alden took a deep breath, muttering a quick prayer in case something horrible happened to him. He motioned with his hands, and there was a blinding flash of bright blue light. Alden was knocked backwards, hurdling through the air, and he braced himself for a very nasty impact. And then...nothing. He opened his eyes, and realized he was floating. He was floating. He pushed forward with his arms, moving upwards into the skies. It had worked, he was flying. He weaved through the air, overcome with joy... and then he was falling. Thankfully, a quick slowfall spell prevented him from splattering all over the campus below.

    So he could only fly for a minute or so. He'd have to remember that. A few days later, he packed his things and left the College. 'Temporary Student Leave' was the official term. He decided that the first thing to do was head back home, and so he took off for Daggerfall. Then he remembered he could only fly for a few minute. So he waited for the spell to wear off, and hailed a carriage for Daggerfall. Who knew, maybe he would even visit some of the other kingdoms this time.
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  • Character Profile - Myddrin May 24, 2013

    Basic Info:

    Name - Myddrin
    Race - Nord
    Age - 30
    Class - Pirate
    Religion - Worships Sai, the god of luck.
    Birth Place - Stros M'Kai
    Sexuality - 75% Heterosexual
    Marital Status - Single


    Eye Color - Icy Blue
    Hair - Bright blond
    Height - 5'10"
    Build- Well built, but slender
    Skin Tone - Pale, as is typical for Nords

    Personality and Combat Preferences:

    Personality - Myddrin is quick-witted, adventurous, and somewhat untrustworthy. Though he enjoys making new friends, his personal well-being is his top priority. He loves a good fight as much as next man, but prefers to talk his way out of trouble. He has no problem stabbing others in the back (both metaphorically and literally), in order to gain something.

    Weapons - His primary weapon is his cutlass, sharpened to perfection by the blacksmiths of Hammerfell. He also carries two smaller daggers and a variety of throwing knives.

    Magic - Myddrin has no formal training in any schools of magic, but knows enough to cast a few basic spells.

    Skills - Despite his training in swordplay, Myddrin's true skill comes from his ability to evade capture. Able to evade the Imperial legion for years, he is also fairly adept at navigation, and carries a map of each province with him at all times.


    Early Life - Born on the island of Stros M'Kai Myddrin never knew his birth parents. His mother had given him up for adoption when he was nor more than an infant. Stros M'Kai being the sailing port that it was, it came as no surprise that Myddrin's foster father was a seafaring man. His name was Viktor, and he served as the captain of a vessel called The Rock Spider. Viktor was looking for an apprentice, and Myddrin (now 14), seemed like an excellent choice.

    The boy was already well trained in the arts of lockpicking, pickpocketing, and misdirection. All Viktor needed to teach was how to man a ship and handle a blade. Myddrin joined the Spider's crew as a cabin boy. It was only after the vessel had left the city's port that Viktor told him the truth: The Rock Spider's crew were pirates. Myddrin was surprised, but not shocked. It was common knowledge that half the visitors to Stros M'Kai were up to something illegal. He agreed to stay on as Viktor's apprentice, and his training began.

    Later Life - Four years later, the 18 year old Myddrin had risen up the ranks, and was now serving as Viktor's first mate. He was the finest swordsman on the ship, and his silver tongue had earned him recognition at ports across the 9 provinces. All seemed to be going perfectly. Of course, that didn't last very long. Imperial ships finally caught up with the Spider, and they were eager to enact vengeance. The first volley of cannon fire killed half the crew. Unprepared for an attack, they were caught off guard and payed the price. The others drew their weapons and attempted to fight off the Imperial soldiers now boarding the ship. They didn't last long.

    Myddrin did the only thing a true pirate would do in his situation: saved himself. Before Viktor could even move, a throwing knife pierced his throat. The Imperials, recognizing Myddrin's mutiny as a "Service to the Empire", sentenced him to a mere three months in the Imperial City Prison. When he was released, Myddrin used the money he has stashed away buy himself a new ship, and he set off on a grand voyage, looking for fortune, glory, and good old fashioned coin.
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  • The Illusion of Knowledge Soundtrack Mar 27, 2013

    Due to extreme boredom, I have decided to compile a soundtrack for my current RP, The Illusion of Knowledge. Here we go.

    Character Themes:





    Tacitus and Arana






    And now to do something productive with my life. :p
  • Character Profile - Eldric Mar 24, 2013

    Name - Eldric

    Race - Nord

    Age - 16

    Class - Frost Mage

    Religion - As a member of the Skaal, he follows the religion of the All-Maker.

    Eye Color - Icy Blue

    Hair - Messy white hair

    Height - 5'8"

    Build - Skinny

    Skin Tone - Pale

    Looks -


    Personality - Eldric is always cheerful, trying to keep the peace and befriend new people. He is quite loyal, and will defend his friends no matter the cost. Eldric hates murderers, and will turn on anyone who kills an unarmed opponent. He refuses to kill any creature of Nirn.

    Weapons - None. Due to his refusal to kill, Eldric posses no weapons or weapon training.

    Magic - Eldric wishes to master the schools of magic, but is relatively inexperienced. As such, he posses a slightly above average knowledge of Destruction magic, but nothing else. As he refuses to kill, his chosen school is Ice, which he uses to slow or partially freeze enemies rather than killing them outright.

    Skills - Eldric is knowledgeable in the ways of nature, and is able to find edible plants and fruits even in the most barren of landscapes. He never bothered to study the history of other provinces, and as such his only knowledge of the world outside Skyrim and Morrowind are old Nordic tales.

    Equipment - He wears a set of Skaal robes, made of fur, cloth, and leather. They are enchanted to help him survive in harsh conditions, as well as boost his magicka.

    Backstory - Eldric has born and raised in Solstheim. The son of two sailors, he was typically left on the island while his parents made deliveries across Tamriel. He developed limited survival skills, gathering his own food to bring back to the family home. His house was located on the Northern part of island, thus depriving him of friends.

    This cycle continued until Eldric was eight. An Imperial general knocked on his door. The man told Eldric his parents were killed at sea, their ship raided by pirates. Now alone, Eldric remained in the family home, living off snowberries and what little bread he had left. Eventually, he met a group of hunters.

    Taking pity on the boy, the hunters led him to a small village. It was full of fellow Nords, dressed in various furs. A large Nord led Eldric into a dining hall. As the child warmed himself by the fire, the chieftain of the village spoke to him, explaining that this was the home of the Skaal, a nomadic tribe of Nords. In turn, Eldric told the man his story. The chieftain took pity on the boy, and inducted him into the Skaal, raising him as one of their own.

    Eldric began to serve as an apprentice to Storn, the village shaman. Though he did not devote himself to their religion, Eldric fully embraced the Skaal's values, believing that all life was precious. Though he knew that killing was sometimes necessary, Eldric decided to leave that to the warriors.

    As he grew, Eldric began to show his talent for magic. When he reached the age of sixteen, he was sent out of the village as a rite of passage, to return when he had mastered the ancient frost spells.

    With a passion for doing good and learning spells, Eldric started his journey in Skyrim, searching for a wizard who could help him further his abilities.
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  • Relyn Telvayn- Revised Character Card Feb 27, 2013

    Name: Relyn Telvayn
    Age: 972
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dunmer
    Class: Mage Lord
    Factions: The Great House Telvanni, New Temple, College of Winterhold

    Skills and Equipment: Relyn is a master in nearly every school of magic, with Destruction, Alteration, Restoration being his most used. In combat, shock spells are typically his first choice. He carries a glass shortsword as a backup in case he ever runs out of magicka.

    He also carries around a satchel, enchanted by Divayth Fayr himself to hold a far greater number of items than should be possible. He is unable, however, to fit anything wider than the satchel inside. He devised a Restoration spell which he casts every two hundred years, which keeps him alive and young. The only side effect of this spell is the alteration to his eyes, reflecting his true age, they appear a light grey rather than the typical red.



    Personality: Cynical and somewhat bitter, Relyn operates on the old values of House Telvanni, believing that magic confer power and power confers right. He mostly keeps to himself, making lengthy conversation with only trusted allies. He is usually wary of new people, but will often warm up to them eventually. Despises Argonians, due to Black Marsh destroying House Telvanni.

    Bio: Relyn was born in 2E 558 to the influential and noble Telvayn family. He always had a natural talent for the arcane arts, and grew up learning every spell he could. At the age of Twenty-One, he left Morrowind to study abroad. Unfortunately, the Knahaten Flu infected Telvayn Manor in the South of Morrowind, killing all present and leaving Relyn the sole survivor of the Telvayn family.

    Deciding to work towards a cure for the Flu, Relyn began to study at the Tribunal Temple. He was unable to finish his studies, as The Alliance War swept across Tamriel. Leaving his work behind, Relyn joined the Ebonheart Pact and headed off to war.

    When he returned, the Tribunal refused to let anyone study at their temples, due to the various spies and assassins who had attempted to infiltrate them during the war. Lost, Relyn had no choice but to join the only center of magical learning still open in Morrowind: House Telvanni.

    The House showed Relyn many secrets, using sorcery, alchemy, and engineering alike. After many years of study, the Two Hundred-Fifty year old Relyn was officially made a Telvanni Master. He left to travel Tamriel once again, investigating the Dwemer cities of legend.

    Relyn's journey eventually took him to Skyrim. Realizing he had found a prime location for research due to the ancient tombs and Dwemer ruins scattered across the land, Relyn built himself a lab and settled down. He would still visit Morrowind a few times a year, saying hello to old friends in the Telvanni Isles.

    It was because of his residence in Skyrim that Relyn was spared during the events surrounding the Red Year. Now one of the last of his once mighty House, Relyn still lives in Skyrim, searching for anything that could aid his studies.
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  • Timeline of Relyn Telvayn, Fourth Era Jan 29, 2013

    This is just an info dump for the history of my OC, Relyn Telvayn. Just a quick timeline to show what he was doing at the most important moments in Tamriel's history. This is part three.

    4E 5: Following Vivec's disappearance, Relyn is one of several Dunmer tasked with finding a means of keeping the Ministry of Truth in the air. Failing to come up with anything, the Ministry is kept afloat by a device invented a Dunmer named Vuhon. Vuhon's device failed however, and the Ministry crashes into the island below, causing Red Mountain to erupt and much of Vvardenfell to be destroyed.

    4E 5: With Morrowind weakened after the Red Year, Argonians invade Southern Morrowind. In the process, they burn most of House Telvanni's holdings to the ground, leaving only a handful of Masters as the only apparent survivors. This once and for all cements Relyn's hatred of the Argonian race.

    4E 40: Vuhon returns in a floating city, and begins terrorizing Tamriel, starting with Black Marsh. Relyn only attempts to stop it after it has murdered thousands of Argonians.

    4E 122: Relyn is unable to prevent the aftershocks of the Red Year from hitting Winterhold, and most of the city falls into the Sea of Ghosts.

    4E 175: Hearing of the Elder Scrolls being scattered across Tamriel once more, Relyn begins scouting Dwemer ruins for one.

    4E: 187: Relyn officially joins the College of Winterhold.

    4E 201: The Skyrim Civil War begins. Relyn attempts to stay out of it, but the Stormcloak's prejudice against the Dunmer convinces him to enlist in the Imperial Legion, where he devises traps and siege machines.

    4E 201: Hearing of possible influence of Hermaeus Mora on Solstheim, Relyn begins a correspondence with Master Neloth, another former member of House Telvanni.
  • Timeline of Relyn Telvayn, Third Era Jan 29, 2013

    This is just an info dump for the history of my OC, Relyn Telvayn. Just a quick timeline to show what he was doing at the most important moments in Tamriel's history. This is part two.

    3E 54: Master Telvayn journeys to Stros M'Kai, where he is able to learn basic Dwemer engineering from the ruins there.

    3E 137: Hoping to learn advanced Necromancy techniques, Relyn arrives in Solitude to meet with Queen Potema. Learning he had arrived mere weeks after her death, he chooses to stay in Skyrim for several more years to study the Dragons, and sets up a laboratory in an old fort.

    3E 249: In an attempt to raise an army to stop the Camoran Usurper, Relyn reactivates the internal defenses of several Dwemer cities in Skyrim. However, they prove uncontrollable, and he abandons them in the ruins.

    3E 303: Lonely in his travels, and not wanting to take a Steward or Apprentice, Relyn constructs a miniature Dwemer Spider to serve as his companion.

    3E 368: Master Telvayn is selected as part of a group of mages sent to represent the Telvanni at the crowning of Emperor Uriel VII.

    3E 396: Whilst visiting House Telvanni in Morrowind, Relyn is swept up in a slave revolt, which eventually lead to a full scale war against Black Marsh. After losing friends and colleagues in the war, he begins to despise Argonians.

    3E 414: Vvardenfell Territory is opened for settlement, and Master Telvayn assists in the construction of the many Telvanni towers on the island. He decides to settle down, and builds himself a small home on the waterfront.

    3E 427: The mysterious Blight Curse begins sweeping Vvardenfell. Relyn panics due to his traumatic experience with the Knahaten Flu, and flees to his old lab in Skyrim.

    3E 428: His faith in the Tribunal shattered after the deaths of Almalexia and Sotha Sil, Relyn takes a boat to Solstheim in search of a new patron, who he found in the Daedra of knowledge, Hermaeus Mora. Traveling back to Skyrim, Relyn begins his long years of research into the Black Books.
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  • Timeline of Relyn Telvayn, Second Era Jan 29, 2013

    This is just an info dump for the history of my OC, Relyn Telvayn. Just a timeline to show what he was doing at the most important moments in Tamriel's history. This part one.

    2E 558: Relyn Telvayn is born into the influential and far reaching Telvayn family.

    2E 579: Relyn begins his studies abroad.

    2E 580: The Telvayn Family is struck with the Knahaten Flu; killing all but Relyn. Relyn vows to find a cure for the Flu.

    2E 582: The Alliance War begins, and Relyn joins the Ebonheart Pact to fight for leadership of Tamriel.

    2E 600: Relyn finally leaves the Morrowind army behind, and joins with the House Telvanni.

    2E 603: The Knahaten Flu vanishes before a cure has been found, causing Relyn to turn his talents toward dark sorcery and science rather than alchemy.

    2E 864: After years of work for the Great House, Relyn Telvayn becomes a Master of the House Telvanni.

    2E 896: Master Telvayn begins his travels across Tamriel after hearing of Tiber Septim's reshaping of Cyrodiil.

    2E 896: After Tiber Septim conquers Tamriel with the aid of the Numidium, Relyn is motivated to begin studying Dwemer technology.
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