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  • Lyra Garrett Sep 17, 2013

    NAME Lyra Garrett
    AGE 20
    RACE Imperial
    BIRTHPLACE Solitude
    BIRTH DATE 15th Heartfire, 4E 180
    ORIGIN Imperial father, Breton mother
    CLASS Warrior/demon hunter
    GENDER Female
    HEIGHT 5'7"
    WEIGHT 7st 12lbs
    BMI 17.2
    LATERALITY Right-handed
    SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    HEALTH Healthy
    AFFILIATIONS Dawnguard, Imperials
    RELIGION Stendarr, Talos, Kynareth
    HAIR Reddish-brown, long and soft, and slightly curly.
    EYE COLOUR Dark brown, almost black, quite large.
    MOUTH Relatively thin lips, not very wide, which gives away her quiet nature.
    BUILD Very thin. Most of her strength comes from enchantments in her armour. Fairly curvaceous, but not above average.
    SKIN Olive-skinned as an Imperial-Breton cross, yet pale due to living in Skyrim.
    SCARS One across her left temple, barely missing her eye, from about her brow to her cheekbone.
    MAKE-UP Dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to make herself look darker.
    POSITIVE TRAITS Very observant, stubborn, independent, very intelligent.
    NEGATIVE TRAITS Quite vain, wants to impress people or scare them. Very cold and not particularly friendly.
    LIKES Honing her skills, training and killing evil people.
    DISLIKES People who want to cause pain, evil, anyone that doesn't want to help in any way.
    FEARS Slaughterfish.
    ASPIRATIONS To help people any way she can, even if it breaks the law, but only if their intent is good and the act isn't evil.
    QUIRKS Has a fairly high voice, in contrast to her appearance in her armour.
    ALIGNMENTS Neutral good
    MASTER One-handed, archery, destruction
    EXPERT Enchanting, speech, light armour, heavy armour, restoration
    ADEPT Smithing, alteration, illusion, alchemy
    IMPERIALS [LIKES] - She respects the Legion greatly, and often aids them in battle, becoming a legend among the Legionnaires.
    DAWNGUARD [RESPECTS] - The Dawnguard act against the vampire menace that Lyra has been working to fight as well, so she often finds herself alongside them.
    STORMCLOAKS [DISLIKES] - They tear apart her homeland just for the sake of owning it.
    ARMOUR Steel scaled, almost chainmail-like armour with large pieces of plate armour in some places. It is black, with a red hood and scarf. Heeled boots that make her appear taller and a very large pauldron on her left shoulder.
    WEAPONS A longsword, Brightblade, enchanted; when drawn, the blade catches fire and tears through undead easily, and does much more damage to the living as well. Also uses throwing knives, and a large amount of destruction magic.
    CHILDHOOD Lyra was born to a happy family; her father, Laythe, was a high-ranking agent of the Penitus Oculatus. While this meant he was away from home a lot, it also meant Lyra and her mother, Raelynn, and younger brother, Amiel, were well looked after. They lived in Solitude, and Lyra only saw her father on weekends. He worked in the Imperial City down in Cyrodiil most of the time, and came back for a couple of days every week. But one day, her father got a job up in Solitude, as commander of the city guard. Their whole family was overjoyed; it meant a pay rise for Lyra's father, and it also meant he could spend more time with his family.
    TEENAGE YEARS Once Lyra hit twelve, her brother started spending more time with her. Amiel looked up to her, and Lyra often took him around Solitude. The family became well-known and well-loved among the citizens, and Lyra and Amiel were often given free food by the merchants because they were so 'cute'. This started Lyra's wish to become less child-like and more intimidating.
    One day, Amiel caught Ataxia. It wasn't serious, and Amiel would live, but it meant Lyra was free for a few days. She learnt to climb, and liked to sit on top of dangerous spots and just look down at the streets. She learnt a lot, sat above the streets. She learnt who was having an affair with who, and how each merchant stole from the others. She became very observant, and very clever. And she became very stubborn once guards noticed her and tried to get her down; her father scolded her, gently but sternly. She kept doing it, but was careful not to be seen by her father.
    Amiel had been ill longer than they expected; by the time he was out of bed again, he was thirteen and able to do as he liked. Lyra took the opportunity to explore the area around Solitude, visiting the swamps to the east a few times. Here, she gained her fear of slaughterfish when three such creatures attacked her while she was relaxing with her feet in the water. She escaped with scarred feet, but alive. She never went to the swamps again.
    Once Lyra became old enough to fight, she got personal training from her father's second-in-command, a very friendly young man just twelve years older than Lyra. She learnt particularly well with a sword, and one day, stumbled across magic by accident, singeing one of the man's eyebrows by accident. After that, she used magic in symphony with blade, to great effect. At just fifteen, she was running errands for the merchants that, for example, involved fighting through hordes of wolves to reach a very particular gem in a very particular cave. And once she was eighteen, she left Solitude.
    ADULTHOOD Lyra traveled around western Skyrim for six months, honing her skills in both blades and magic. She became a self-employed bounty hunter, performing large, dangerous, important errands for people. And killing the ones who wanted her to do bad things. She wanted to be good, and if that involved breaking the law, fine, but she would not be evil in any situation.
    She ventured east, and discovered the Dawnguard. She had been fighting vampires for about three months alongside undead and bandits, and had noticed their increase in power, so decided to help them if they needed it. Once, they did, and she was already there by the time they sent the letter. But for the most part, Lyra has no ties with the Dawnguard other than helping them.
    One day, her father sent her a letter. It told her of a battle coming up; a battle against the Stormcloak rebels. She immediately set off to help; meeting her father at the camp and agreeing to fight alongside him. Amiel was still too young to fight; barely sixteen, so Lyra was his only chance.
    So they fought, and won the battle, routing the Stormcloaks. Lyra's unique appearance, awe-inspiring sword and incredible magical skill earned her a spot in all the Legionnaires' hearts. Some fell in love, others simply saw her as a sister. But all of them now remembered her; Lyra, with the mysterious appearance and unmatched skill. After taking part in more battles across Skyrim, her position was secured as an unofficial "mascot" of the Legion. Every time she was present, the soldiers performed better. Tullius presented her with medals, yet she wasn't a Legionnaire. Finally, she was a success in her father's eyes, and she was happy, continuing to fight the Stormcloaks and get rid of evil in the meantime.
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  • Bad news Sep 17, 2013

    Okay, bad news. My save for Lyanna is broken. Every single one I have of Lyanna crashes, even when I disable mods and everything else. So that means my fanfic is going to be offline. Not long, just a few days at most. Every attempt I've made to remake the character has failed spectacularly. So, I'm going to create a new character and continue the story with that character. The fanfic will still be based around Lyanna as a character, but the character in-game will be different. The storylines I'm intending to do with the new character are the same ones I was planning to do with Lyanna, so all should be fine. For anyone that's interested, I'm going to post a character card about this new character. But the fanfic will still be Lyanna. Lyanna's appearance, Lyanna's personality, Lyanna's backstory etc.

    I feel I haven't made it clear, but I'll leave it there. The character card for the new character will be up quite soon. I just hope the fanfic still works...
  • Last Dragonborn thoughts Sep 15, 2013

    So by now, I'm assuming you know about my fanfic, from my posts about it before. I'd like to ask a favour of those of you that wouldn't mind; as it's my first fanfic that I am trying seriously to write properly, I would ask a few of you to write posts on my profile to tell me (after each post I make there) what I'm doing well, and what I need to improve. I know The OP3RaT0R has experience in fanfics, I'm hoping you can help me out here, Op, and Lyron, you too :p
    Thanks to anyone that helps me out with this. I really want for this fanfic to succeed, or to at least be written well :)
  • Story of the Last Dragonborn Sep 12, 2013

    Hello again!
    So, fanfic is up, can be found here. Changed the journal idea; after writing a couple of paragraphs in that style, I realised how boring it would be; no dialogue, simple basic description. I changed it to the system I implemented instead; much like the book of World War Z. A flashback, a historian trying to learn what happened. I find it works much better, and still keeps the basic idea of what I was going for. Any feedback would be welcome, especially constructive criticism. This is of a style I've never even tried to write before, and I'm hoping for someone to tell me whether they think its working. Obviously, the second post will be where the action picks up; where Lyanna begins to reminisce about Helgen, but I would be grateful for any feedback on both the new format and the writing itself. Thanks, everyone :)
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  • Opinions needed Sep 12, 2013

    Hey everyone!
    So you may see the character below this, Lyanna Lightblade. I just created her in-game, and have an idea. I know Wolfbane in particular has already given his view, but everyone else, what do you think of this:
    I play through Skyrim with Lyanna, a day at a time, and write a fanfic in a journal-type way based on her adventures after every day in-game?
    I'd like opinions on this; whether you think it could work and whether it's a good prospect for a fanfic. I know its kind of basic, but you've got to start somewhere, right? Anyway, opinions, please! :)
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  • Lyanna Lightblade Sep 5, 2013

    NAME Lyanna Lightblade
    AGE 26
    RACE Nord (part-Breton)
    BIRTHPLACE Markarth
    ORIGIN Nord mother, Breton father
    CLASS Knight/spellsword
    GENDER Female
    HEIGHT 5'10"
    WEIGHT 9st, 8lbs
    BMI 19.2
    LATERALITY Right-handed
    SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    HEALTH Healthy
    AFFILIATIONS Imperials, Vigilants of Stendarr
    RELIGION Nine Divines, mainly Stendarr
    HAIR Reaches down to waist, but swept over to the left to keep it out of the way. Dark brown, with hints of blonde
    EYE COLOUR Dark green
    BUILD Tiny waist, large hips, large breasts; very hourglass-shaped. Large amounts of strength in her arms and legs
    SKIN A mix of the pale Nord skin and the Breton tan; a lightish tan that is only just noticeable. Very smooth, except for her scar
    SCARS One on her left shoulder, from a greatsword attack that embedded itself in her shoulder, healed by restoration magic, leaving a subtle scar
    MAKE-UP Dark eyeliner that reaches out either side of the eye (stereotypical "pharoah" style)
    POSITIVE TRAITS Kind, merciful, stubborn, determined, devoted, loyal, warm
    NEGATIVE TRAITS Can be cold when offended, sarcastic, cynical, quite bossy
    LIKES Being with friends, training, practicing with magic
    DISLIKES Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Forsworn, murderers, thieves, anyone who shows no mercy or acts without honour
    FEARS The Stormcloaks taking over her homeland
    ASPIRATIONS To stop the Stormcloaks, to kill the Forsworn
    QUIRKS Gets a lot of male attention, but usually rejects it. If the law stands in the way of doing what is right, she ignores the law
    ALIGNMENT Neutral good
    HABITS Toying with men who try to bed her, taunting and offending them by accident
    HOBBIES Training, long walks in the forests
    MASTER One-handed, destruction, restoration
    EXPERT Archery, illusion, enchanting, agility
    ADEPT Light armour, block, speech, smithing/crafting
    STORMCLOAKS [ENEMIES] - Ulfric would rid Skyrim of all who are not true-bred Nords, which is just wrong.
    THALMOR [DISLIKES] - Allied with them through the Empire, but wishes they didn't exist
    FORSWORN [HATES] - Her father, a Forsworn leader, was the reason her mother died
    VIGILANTS OF STENDARR [LIKES] - Took her in and raised her when her mother was killed, and trained her in combat
    ARMOUR Same as the picture above. A black laced undershirt that is exposed by the black leather overshirt, which is left open. A short, tight-fitting skirt that extends an inch and a half below her backside, so that she can still move properly while wearing womanly clothes. A jacket that reaches her waist, and has long sleeves and tight gloves built into it. A black and red belt keeps up a small cloak that covers her lower left side. The cloak is enchanted with illusion magic; when Lyanna moves, the cloak stays perfectly intact yet it appears that rose petals are flaking off of the fabric. Also wears armoured thighboots that protect her legs.
    WEAPONS The weapon she primarily uses is a longsword called Sol. It is named in some ancient language that the world forgot, and translates to 'Sun'. It got its name after Lyanna, who was still young and brash, tried to enchant it. The intent was to make it cut through undead like butter, but it was too powerful. The sword was imbued with a deep glow, which gave the sword its name, and also gave Lyanna her surname. The Vigilants saw the sword and began to call her Lightblade, so she took it in place of her non-existent surname. The enchantment's power has degraded over the years, but the glow's intensity has not. She also uses a wide selection of destruction magic in combat.
    CHILDHOOD Lyanna was born in 4E 175, in Markarth during the Markarth Incident. Her mother was raped when the Forsworn took the city, and had Lyanna. She was kept secret for a year until the Forsworn were run out of Markarth. But when Lyanna was nine, she was discovered, and the Forsworn sent an assassin to kill her. They got her mother, but not her; Lyanna escaped, heading northeast, trying to find Solitude. Instead she found the Vigilants of Stendarr, who took her in and raised her as their own.
    TEENAGE YEARS Once Lyanna struck twelve, she became a hell-raiser; causing trouble all over the Hall of the Vigilant, until they decided to train her in combat. She was taught how to use swords, and magic, and everything the Vigilants knew so well. She excelled, and stopped causing havoc to focus on her training. She was taught to forge her own tools, and created Sol.
    ADULTHOOD One day, when Lyanna was nineteen, she ventured out into the wilderness, and was encountered by bandits. She managed to fend them off, but not before one of them embedded his greatsword into her shoulder, nearly slicing open her heart. Dying, she called upon all the restoration magic she knew, and knitted the flesh and bone back together. She hobbled back to the Hall, and the Vigilants swarmed her; she was covered in blood, with a new scar that looked a year old. But she was fine, and her act was hailed as the most powerful piece of restoration magic they had ever seen. So after three more years of training, she was allowed to leave the Hall and make of her life what she wanted.
    So she joined the Legion. She didn't like serving as a footsoldier, so managed to forge a deal with Tullius. She could wear what she liked and fight how she liked, as long as she would lead them and be a rallying point for the Legionnaires to form up behind. She leads them well; she has won many small skirmishes with the Stormcloaks, and many unofficial titles among her men.
    Lyanna is legend among the Stormcloaks and the Legion, and is well-known across Skyrim; she will help with any problems that anyone has to do with supernatural forces, such as Draugr, werewolves, vampires and daedra, and even the Jarls often call upon her aid.
    And as of yet, she has no life. She has no husband, no children. So she hopes that such a life will come to her soon...
  • The Lupus Mulieris Sep 2, 2013

    My new fan fiction, based around my character Kaeri, can be found here, please check it out and tell me what you think! Please, don't reply to the thread itself, though :p
  • My characters Sep 1, 2013

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