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  • Hronjaar Myth-Blade, the Nord Dreamer Mar 21, 2015


    Name: Hronjaar Myth-Blade
    Gender: Male
    Race: Nord
    Age: 20
    Birthplace: Falkreath, Skyrim
    Class: Warrior
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 220lbs
    Laterality: Right-Handed
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliations: None
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Worships the 9 Divines


    Hair: Long, shoulder-length, light blonde. Has a blonde beard tied into two braids
    Eyes: Dark brown, so dark you almost can't see his pupils.
    Build: Stocky, muscular
    Skin: Fairly pale, has grey-blue war paint on his face (see picture)
    Scars: None
    Others: Has a very defined jaw and cheekbones


    [Character's physical appearance is 100% accurate, but his attire is not. Hronjaar wears steel plate armor.]


    Positive traits: Loyal, honorable, cunning, strong-willed
    Negative traits: Headstrong, easily distracted
    Likes: Women, drinking, brawling, forging
    Dislikes: Hot places, the Empire, the Thalmor
    Fears: Becoming a Vampire/Werewolf
    Aspirations: To become a famous Nordic hero
    Quirks: Scratches his left cheek when nervous, right cheek when excited, and chin when thinking/interested

    Combat Skills:

    Master: Heavy Armour, 2-Handed Combat
    Expert: Archery, Smithing, Speech
    Adept: Brawling, Block, Lockpicking


    Armor: Steel plate armor, but doesn't wear a helmet. The knuckles and boots are spiked for when he needs it, and the armor is custom made to his body to allow maximum mobility and comfort. It is well suited to his weapons, allowing them to be drawn with ease.

    Weapons: A long steel greatsword, named Gadriel and nick-named the 'Piece-Maker'. Longer than most but lighter, with engravings that tell his stories of glory. They are small, and a new one is forged onto the blade whenever he accomplishes something.



    Hronjaar was born in Falkreath to a middle-class family. His mother was a housewife, and was always at home taking care of him and his brother Valund. His father was a researcher, intent on unraveling the mysteries of Nordic history. Hronjaar was the younger of the two brothers, and they had an uneasy relationship. Hronjaar hardly knew his father, as he was always off on expeditions, and so he pledged his free time to doing research of his own so that he would be familiar with the Nord heroes of Old and could have something in common with his father.

    Hronjaar became obsessed with the legends, and longed to be one. He began attempting to master the usage of a two-handed blade, longing to go down in history and have his own legends written about him. He wanted to have his own, unique armor and weapons, maybe a sword that would be a treasure in the time of his great, great grandchildren. He took to Smithing, learning the craft from the local blacksmith. He started with iron, and after a few months had his own set of armor and a sword. He decided he would never wear a helmet, so that when he did something heroic, everyone would be able to see and remember his face.

    In an attempt to master his arts, Hronjaar took to working as a mercenary, and became so well-known in Falkreath hold that he ended up working personally for the Jarl, carrying out the tasks that needed a skilled blade. Eager to advance his talents, he took to steel Smithing, and eventually to advanced steel Smithing. His father would return occasionally, each time with a new story to tell. However, Hronjaar's life was flipped upside-down when news of his father's death reached him. He took to drinking, and women, to try and beat the emotional pain, or at least drown it out. It ended up with him becoming a brawler, as he would get drunk and end up fighting all too often, and began fighting just because he wanted to. He normally won.

    Hronjaar snapped out of it after two years, and at the age of seventeen he left Falkreath hold for Whiterun. He immediately approached the blacksmith, bought supplies, and made a new set of armor. He gave it spikes and extra plating, fitting it perfectly to himself. Next was a sword. He made it much longer than a normal sword, with a bland, undecorated blade. It was thin, and definitely unique. He had plans for it.

    He approached the Jarl for work, and worked his way up to be the Jarl's personal mercenary. He made thousands off of small jobs, nothing too fancy or glorious, until he was tasked with slaying three renegade giants who had been terrorizing the farms outside of Whiterun. It took a long while, but he took their heads back to the Jarl, who rewarded him with 600 septims. He spent it on steel, and carved it into his blade. Now, at the very base on the left side of his sword, is a tall long-haired Nord man, holding the head of a giant, standing on a pile of three dead, headless giants. It was to be his legacy. He would carve his stories into his blade, and if it got full, his armor, so that if it was found they could tell his stories.
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  • Gjorn Frost-Fist, the Skaal Pariah Feb 13, 2015

    Name: Gjorn Frost-Fist
    Age: 26
    Race: Skaal Nord
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 195lbs
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Laterality: Right handed
    Religion: The All-Maker
    Class: Berserker

    Hair: Very pale blonde, bordering white, flowing down to his shoulders but with his fringe tied into a braid kept to the left side of his face.
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Skin Color: Pale white, as is expected of a Skaal.
    Build: Very muscular, but slight enough to be mobile in combat.
    Usual Clothes: When travelling he wears his Skaal clothes, thick and padded and designed to keep him warm. Casually he will wear a simple shirt, normally a dark colour, and boots. In combat he often wears his Skaal clothes, or his Nordic armor, but will forsake most of his clothing in favor of mobility if the odds are against him.

    Positive traits: Fierce and fearless, easy-going and struggles to dislike people.
    Negative traits: Partially insane, overly violent, slow to trust, somewhat dim-witted, headstrong.
    Likes: Fighting, drinking, eating, training.
    Dislikes: Warm places, Stormcloaks, men without honor, people who are over-confident.
    Fears: Failure, being dishonored, castration.
    Aspirations: To get respect and wealth above the average man, to rejoin the Skaal.

    Weapons: A Stalhrim mace he crafted himself named Frostfist, a smoked steel short sword named Curse, a Nordic Long sword called Frostfang and an iron dagger.
    Fighting Style: As a Berserker, Gjorn uses a series of rituals and herbal concoctions to induce a trance-like state before most of his battles, allowing him to completely eliminate any sort of fear so that he can throw his entirety into the battle at hand without needing to think or be scared. He hacks and slashes and stabs, trying to do all he can to tear his opponents to pieces with flurries of strong blows rather than calculated attacks.
    Master: One-Handed
    Expert: Two-Handed, Light Armor
    Adept: None
    Apprentice: Heavy Armor, Smithing (only for basic repairs and tempering)
    Novice: Others

    Family: Brynjar Frost-Fist (Father), Gyrnyolf Frost-Fist (Older Brother), Harnjolf Frost-Fist (Younger Brother)
    Reputation: None
    History: Gjorn's mother died during childbirth, and his father resented him so much for it that he refused to even whisper her name in his presence. Determined to overturn his father's hatred for him, he began to train for countless hours to become the greatest warrior the Skaal had ever seen, and at just 12 he killed his first Riekling, an accomplishment for one as young as him. He became obsessed with weaponry, spending vast amounts of time with the village smith to learn how to repair and maintain his own, but did not have the patience or delicate hand required to make his own, much to his disappointment. His fighting, style, however, always seemed to cause conflict with the village elders. They disagreed with his methods, believing he was using demonic power obtained through his rituals by the Daedra. Furthermore, they began to see the effect of the concoctions on his personality, as he gradually became more and more aggressive and violent towards the others in the Skaal village. One day when he was 24, after an incident in the village, the details of which he has never revealed to anyone outside the village, the Elders decided it was time for them to be rid of his recklessness, and so he was banished from the village and forbidden from returning.

    In Raven Rock, he was looked down on as a brute, seen as stupid and unreliable by the Ashland Dunmer, who as a result refused to give him work. He had many fights with the people there, until most were scared of him. After just five weeks living in Raven Rock, he left, using gold he had managed to loot from criminals in the Ashlands to hire a boat to Skyrim.

    He arrived in Windhelm, the seat of the Stormcloak rebellion, during an uneasy peace. He tried to settle in but struggled with the idea of civilization, and large urban ares. He tried to join the Stormcloaks, hoping to seek retribution by earning fame through battle. However, Ulfric looked down on him from his throne and laughed, judging him as a false Nord, not a true son of Skyrim, and continued to laugh whilst his lieutenants set about beating him at the base of the throne. Gjorn managed to fight of the first and the next two, but eventually the six Nord men managed to overpower him and kick him out, leaving him broken and bloody, with a busted nose and many broken ribs, to die on the streets. A kind healer, a dark elf woman living in the 'grey quarter', took pity on him and saw to his wounds, until he was well enough to travel.

    He left south for Riften, a place that had a reputation to be feared. Gjorn was determined to make his way there and start fresh. He quickly attempted to establish himself as a mercenary, but his unorthodox methods once again prompted rumors of Daedra worship, and very few people trusted him with their contracts out of fear that they were accomplishing a task by hiring demonic power, an indirect deal with the Daedra. It became so, that Gjorn was approached with only the most dangerous tasks, the ones that sane mercenaries had turned down, tasks like slaying giants and other incredibly dangerous creatures. He was paid poorly for his work, and made only enough to survive.

    After working as a mercenary for quite some time, Gjorn eventually grew tired of the tedious work. He began to look for a more constructive use of his time, and one more likely to make him rich. When he heard of the arena in the Imperial City during a conversation with with the bartender in Riften, Gjorn made up his mind immediately. The Arena was a chance to earn money and glory, the only things he wanted, through combat, the only thing he is good at. He saved what he could to buy enough food for the journey, and then set off to the city
  • Ka'arak Rishul, the Moral Compass Feb 13, 2015

    Name: Ka'arak "Kar" Rishul
    Gender: Male
    Race: Redguard
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 170lbs
    Laterality: Right-handed
    Religious Beliefs: None
    Birthplace: Dragonstar, Hammerfell
    Age and DoB: 38, 17th First Seed
    Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
    Class: Rogue

    Tyriniel - Ka'arak's bow. It is compact to allow for easy movement and fast aiming, and has an extremely quiet, almost silent draw. It is powerful enough to kill or mortally wound most, if not all lightly and medium armored targets, but will simply ricochet off of heavy armor. To allow for different scenarios, he always carries a variety of arrows that allow him to respond to different threats.


    Barbed heads - These arrows are composed of an extremely fine point to maximize pressure on impact, allowing deep penetration into the target through light or medium armor, so that the long barbs that follow it can slide into the target. These tips are normally coated with a form of medium-strength venom and are extremely difficult to remove due to the long barbs on the head, allowing enough time for the venom to entirely enter the bloodstream and almost indefinitely sealing the fate of the target.

    Helical flights - These arrows have flights that spin around the arrow rather than running straight down the shaft, causing the arrow to spin during flight and resulting in a much deeper penetration of the target and causing the arrow to spin once inside the target, causing the ripping of the targets muscle and potentially organs once inside. It is also possible that it passes through a target with a lucky flight path.

    Pyro tipped - The head of the arrow is tipped with a special fire rune manufactured by an old friend named Kelvin, and thus are limited in supply. They penetrate like any other arrow but once inside they explode, causing the target to combust from the inside out, instantly killing the target outright. Due to the nature of crafting, however, they are extremely difficult to replace and thus are only used as a last resort.

    Ebontipped - These arrows have the head tipped with a point of ebony, greatly increasing their weight but also their stopping power. These are the only arrows that have a chance of penetrating heavy armor in Ka'arak's arsenal.

    Valleryx - This is Ka'arak's blade. It is rarely used other than to defend himself if an opponent gets too close, as its positioning (held backwards to run down his forearm) is optimal for defense but is impractical for attacking the opponent in any forms bar cheap slashes.




    Combat Preference:
    Ka'arak is primarily an archer and secondarily a skirmisher. He prefers to remain hidden and outwit his opponent, taking them down from afar, but if need be he is competent enough to defend himself with his dagger against moderately skilled attackers. He is also relatively skilled in trapping.

    Character Appearance:

    Ka'arak is 5'11" tall and weighs in around 170lbs. He has short black hair and a shaggy goatee, which he does not allow to grow out past its current length. His skin is dark like most redguards, and his eyes are an almost yellowish shade of green. He bears no scars, and wears no warpaint, preferring not to have any features that may make him especially distinguishable. His skin has began to wrinkle due to his age and has taken on an almost leathery look, and his body is toned despite not having an incredible amount of muscle on him.

    Personality: Ka'arak hails from the Lawful Good alignment; he lives by a strict moral code that sways from hurting any who are innocent, and heavily believes that others should follow in his footsteps. Due to this he come accross as arrogant or judgmental but at the end of the day he does only what he feels is right. He is intelligent and knowledgeable about survival, possessing a rather unique skillset. However, he is tricky to befriend and rarely trusts those he does not know, although he will not let this hold him back from helping them if they need it. It would be true to say that he sees himself as somewhat of a moral compass for those lost in a world of little morality.

    Likes: Nature, swimming, helping others, guiding others in moral decisions.

    Dislikes: Poor moral judgments, turnips, sabre cats, superstition.

    Quirks: Does not follow a religion, enjoys swimming and being in water a little too much - he will attempt to soak at any opportunity, as he finds it calming. Fletches all of his own arrows apart from Pyro tipped ones.

    Fears: A world without law, death, bandits, bears, armor-plated opponents, necromancy, lightning magic, illusion magic, corrupt officials.

    Phobias: Mild Claustrophobia

    History: Ka'arak was born in Dragonstar, Hammerfell, near the border with High Rock, as the son of a young and aspiring Redguard noble and his wife. His father had dream of becoming a well-known, wealthy and powerful noble in Hammerfell ever since childhood, and the arrival of his first son was set to be the moment that would secure his bloodline. Ka'arak's grandfather had been a simple smith, but had always encouraged his son to aspire to be more, which is exactly what he did. His father saw Ka'arak as the son that would lead his armies in a blaze of glory as he united all of Hammerfell under the banner of the self-appointed "House Rishul".

    His father invested the small fortune he owned in a small fortress, and hired a household guard. He was determined to gather power, and once Ka'arak was seven his father began to teach him the way of the sword and bow so that he would become strong and talented. He hired a retired commander to teach him, but his lessons were strict and he frequently beat Ka'arak when he made mistakes. However, Ka'arak's father grew bold, and reckless.

    Eventually, when Ka'arak was 11 years old and ample with a bow (although his skills with a sword were still poor), his father decided that it was time to act. A recent uprising between local lords had caused a dispute over land and a small-scale civil war had broken out between them. Seeing an opportunity to eliminate two birds with one stone, he made his move. His father marched all of his 500 soldiers against the squabbling Lords, and led his army at the Battle of the Bleeding Hill. His father had no battle command experience, and the three-way battle turned into a massacre. His father was forced into retreat but he and four generals were captured. The victorious Lord moved on to capture both of the other Lords' holdings, including Ka'arak, his mother and his infant sister.

    Ka'arak's father was put before the King of Hammerfell, tried for High Treason. Inevitably, him and his generals were hung in front of a large crowd and his holdings were razed. Ka'arak was disturbingly unmoved by the executions; his father had done wrong in the eyes of the law and had thus been punished, his actions having caused the deaths of over 1,000 men and would have moved on to kill many more. It was a clear indication to Ka'arak that those who wrong others ultimately end up answering for their crimes. Ka'arak's mother was allowed to reside with the Lord who had bested her husband, and became a domestic servant. She was young and pretty, and spent most of her time serving him in bed than anywhere else, much to Ka'arak's disgust.

    Ka'arak, however, was given a choice. The one he chose resulted in a 12 year old Redguard boy joining the guard detachment in Dagerfall, undergoing intensive training. They quickly realized that his strength lied with archery rather than the blade, but he was trained in both nonetheless. His skills developed quickly, and by the time he had reached 18 he was a keen marksman, rarely missing a shot. He had, however, never been called into action with the guards and thus felt he was wasted there. He longed for adventure, so he went on a trek alone accross Hammerfell, to Fort Strongfall, where his mother resided as the mistress of his father's rival Lord.

    Upon seeing Ka'arak, his mother broke down and confessed all of her crimes. She had poisoned the Lord's wife and children, and killed both maids that had discovered so in an attempt to earn his favor in marry back into the nobility. Now she was struggling with the guilt. However, Ka'arak cared not for her wants. She had killed, and he felt he needed to deliver justice. His mother begged for death, and so he drove a knife into her heart where she stood and fled, gone before her lifeless body had hit the floor. He left Hammerfell, through the mountains and into southern High Rock.

    In High Rock, Ka'arak sought work for a nobleman from a small southern house, taking up a role as a scout. Living effectively alone in the wild with only nature for company, Ka'arak learned vital skills needed for survival in the wild like how to hunt, skin and cook animals, fishing, building shelters and starting fires, and his personal favourite, trapping. His skills suited him perfectly to his work as a forward scout, and it was out in the wilds that he developed his love for bodies of fresh water; after a long day of tracking and watching , writing reports, there was nothing that could compare to soaking in water and washing away the day's dirt. It became somewhat of a hobby, bordering on an obsession.

    When he was 24 years old, Ka'arak was approached by the High Rock Rangers. They provided him with further skills like poison-making, fletching and bow-crafting. He was also taught simple potion-making. However, Ka'arak refused their offer of a place among them after he had absorbed as much information as possible during his preliminary trial period, and departed from their service. He also left the service of the nobleman, and decided to live in the wild. First, though, he would be travelling to the city of Jehanna to gather supplies.

    On the journey, Ka'arak stumbled accross a group of bandits, rummaging among the wreckage of the caravan they had just raided. He waited, hoping they would pass, but they soon pulled a screaming Breton man from the wreckage. He was dressed in the garb commonly associated with Adept Mages. His face was badly bruised, his red hair singed and dirty. They were prepared to kill him, but Ka'arak intervened. He shot down two before being noticed, and dispatched the first to approach with his crude iron dagger. The other two were able to overwhelm him, and though he did get a stab on one, the other wrestled him to the ground, pushing a knife to his throat. He shut his eyes, but instead her choking, the trickle of blood onto his face and then the weight of the man fall onto him.

    The Breton pulled the body off of Ka'arak and helped him to his feet, introducing himself as Kelvin Mallory. He thanked Ka'arak for saving him, and offered him anything he could salvage from the wrecked caravan. It was supposedly a weapon caravan travelling from Jehanna to Wayrest. It was among the wrecked caravan that Ka'arak discovered Valleryx.

    The two traveled to Jehanna together; a three day trek along bandit-ridden roads. With minimal delay they reached the city and Ka'arak was taken in by Kelvin and his wife. He stayed around a week before realizing the impracticality of his initial plan, and instead decided to become a figure of justice, with a twist.

    He took up the mantle as a Bounty Hunter for five years, amassing personal wealth which he donated to the Rangers. He took down a number of HVT bandit chiefs and even a renegade warlord near Northpoint. Ka'arak's work took him all over High Rock and on occasion into Skyrim. At 29 years old, however, he had grown bored. He took up work where he could as an escort on archaeological expeditions into the many ancient ruins of High Rock, but had little interest in the actual aim, instead just enjoying the chance to explore. A year was enough to drive Ka'arak from the job, and he returned to Jehanna.

    His reunion with Kelvin was bittersweet; Kelvin had lost a leg to a bandit attack when it was caught in flaming wreckage, but he did have two new children, a boy and a girl. He lived with the family, providing for them because Kelvin no longer could, feeding them from what he could hunt and forage. He taught Kelvin's older son, 13 years old, how to hunt and which plants to pick, so that he could provide for the family once Ka'arak moved on. As a thanks, Kelvin offered a special service for Ka'arak.

    Kelvin had been developing spells that could be applied indefinitely to weapons much like enchantments, but with one-time active effects rather than passive effects. He offered a service, by enchanting some arrows of Ka'arak's with a fire rune. This was a service only Kelvin could supply. Ka'arak responded by giving Kelvin's son his bow, so that he could continue to keep the family fed.

    Now a 30 year old veteran of the wilds, Ka'arak pulled on his old knowledge of bow-crafting to create a new bow from a mixture of quicksilver and wood. He created Tyriniel; an elm wood bow with quicksilver guards and inlay. It became his pride and joy.

    Ka'arak was not done with the wilds. He returned to the rangers, who accepted him with open arms, and he served as a vigilante of the King of High Rock for years before he began to notice that even this sacred order was not untainted. Ka'arak grew suspicious of two of his officers, believing that their newly amassed personal wealth may be flowing from the banks of the Ranger Corps. After a document discovered in their office confirmed his suspicions, Ka'arak presented the evidence to his Commanding Officer, who had both imprisoned, and both were eventually executed for Treason and Embezzling Funds. Ka'arak could no longer stay among the Corps. He headed to the nearby town of Wayrest, renting a room and eventually hearing about an interesting opportunity. Rumor had it that the Lost Descendant of a house known as Gravus was looking for assistance. Ka'arak saw his opportunity to add another adventure to his list, and welcomed it with open arms, beginning the journey North to meet his soon-to-be employer.
  • Kah-Jusaad Apr 5, 2014

    Name: Kah-Jusaad
    Race: Argonian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Class: Pirate/Treasure Hunter
    Birthplace: Blackrose, Black Marsh
    Birthday: 26th Sun's Dusk
    Parents: Argonian Mother, Argonian Father
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Widower)
    Affiliations: None
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Hist Worship

    Appearance: About 5'11" tall, dark green skin with a brownish tint. Very small white eyes, with small black slit-like pupils. Very long, curly horns and green feathery hair between them that runs down to the base of his neck. He has no scars or other markings, and has very short claws. His scales are very small and form lots of layers, and his belly is an almost black shade of green.

    Personality: A very dull and simple man of average intelligence. He has a silver tongue and a nose for coin, and many find him easy to get along with if they do not truly know how he makes his money. A very proud and arrogant man on occasion, but generally a fair and reliable individual.

    Gear: A man of simple tastes, he wears a set of scaled armor using materials that he gathered himself. When in town or at home, he wears casual clothes, usually the reward of his exploits. He has a wide array of daggers that he keeps in various display cases in his home. His collection now numbers 14 unique daggers, from simple steel to intricate Elven. He has a friend in the College that enchants some of them for him.

    History: Kah-Jusaad never knew his parents. His father died before he was born and his mother died during childbirth. He was raised by his mother's sister, who despised him, blaming him personally for his mother's death. As a result, he never went to school and taught himself from books he stole from the local library. His aunt stopped caring for him, and he began stealing food from a young age. He had very few friends and often passed the time by playing pranks and stealing from them.

    As he grew up, he realized where his skills were, and began to use them to make money. He would pick pockets and rob stools for gems, statues, money, anything that was worth a few coins. He began to collect jewelry and gems from wealthy people like nobleman, and was never caught. After things began to get intense between the Dunmer and the Argonians again, Kah-Jusaad realized that war would not help him at all in his endeavors. He left for Skyrim, and settled in Solitude. Not many trusted him, but he soon proved his worth, donating generous amounts of money to various influential citizens to gain their trust. He became a key member of an outfit that purposely beached cargo ships on a nearby shoal known among the men as the 'money strip', but their greed eventually got the better of them and they turned on each other. Kah-Jusaad was the only one that walked free, and he continued to raid ships and claim their treasures without his team.

    Now he lives in Solitude, a well respected citizen, and has managed to keep his exploits a secret. even the massive Imperial presence has not swayed him, and he continues to make massive amounts of money, becoming the richest man in Skyrim that is not of noble birth.

    Master: Sneak, Speech
    Expert: One-handed, Lockpicking, Pickpocket
    Adept: Light Armor, Illusion
    Apprentice: Restoration, Alchemy
    Novice: Other
  • Hierrorth Adonin Apr 5, 2014

    Name: Hierrorth Adonin
    Race: Altmer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Class: Knight
    Birthplace: Firsthold, Auridon
    Birthday: 18th First Seed
    Parents: Altmer Mother, Altmer Father
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliations: Companions, Dawnguard, Thalmor
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: The Divine Pantheon

    Appearance: About 6'3" tall, a well-built, muscular man with golden skin. His nose is long and pointed and bends slightly to the left, and his eyes are narrow and beady, an almost black shade of brown. His hair is blonde and flows straight to the base of his neck, but no going below the shoulders. He is a broad and intimidating-looking man.

    Personality: A fiercely loyal glory-seeker who desires nothing but fame and fortune. He is of average intelligence and is deceived easily by the clever.A somewhat clumsy man, his skills with a long-sword are almost unrivaled. He harbors no hatred of any race, but takes a particular liking to Bosmer women. To him, his legacy is everything.

    Gear: He is always clad in heavy Elven armor, plated in golden steel. He carries an enormous steel long-sword with him everywhere, and unlike most, has no backup dagger or bow. His sword, 'Soulshredder', is enchanted to drain the life essence of its victims. His boots have small heels to make him appear taller and the pauldrons are exceptionally large for Elven-style armor.

    History: Hierrorth was an unusual child from a young age. He disliked school, and had trouble making friends. Many of the Altmer embrace magic, but Hierrorth grew up under the influence of his father, a well known Altmer soldier, so he quickly became accustomed to swordplay and hand-to-hand combat. His father, a member of the city watch, would come home everyday telling stories of his exploits, which motivated Hierrorth to train and join the guard himself.

    At 18, after two years of service in the Firsthold City Guard, Hierrorth decided that it was not enough for him. He left Auridon, and went to Skyrim, where he had heard of an order of warriors known as the Companions. He joined up, and rose quickly through the ranks, establishing a name for himself and generating considerable wealth. He wed an Altmer woman and bought a home in Whiterun where he lived happily, until she died of illness. Out of grief, Hierrorth left the Companions, sold his home and went to join the Dawnguard, where he intended to pledge his life t purging the vampire menace.

    At 25, after serving in the Dawnguard for just one year, Hierrorth found himself frequently bored and with nothing to do. He lived for combat and glory, but the Dawnguard bought him neither. He left the order one night, whilst all were sleeping, and made haste to Solitude, where he boarded a ship back to the Summerset Isles. After months of living on a boat he arrived, and discovered the establishment of the Thalmor order. He enrolled immediately, becoming an incredibly well respected and highly ranked member of the order. He soon discovered that his father was a member of the order as well, and he too had a high standing among the Altmer. When the Aldmeri Dominion moved to Skyrim and the Civil War began, Hierrorth was stationed with his unit of 60 at a fort in Skyrim, which is where he lives to this day.

    Master: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor
    Expert: Block, Tactical Genius
    Adept: One-handed
    Apprentice: Speech, Light Armor
    Novice: Other
  • Tynellen Ferastyr Apr 5, 2014

    Name: Tynellen Ferastyr
    Race: Breton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Class: Scholar/Researcher
    Birthplace: Dagerfall, High Rock
    Birthday: 10th Frostfall
    Parents: Breton Mother, Breton Father
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliations: Markarth Court, College of Winterhold
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Nine Divines

    Appearance: About 5'8" tall, a very slim and pale. A scar from a fire marks the left side of her chin. Her nose is short and rounded, and her lips are dark red and thin. Her eyes are light green and she has shoulder-length wavy blonde hair.

    Personality: A very intelligent and uninteresting woman. She has read and written many books, and so is almost a walking encyclopedia on Tamrielic history. She lacks anything resembling a sense of humor, and is very quiet, but is fairly easy to get along with due to her good heart and intentions.

    Gear: Never wearing armor, she dresses in a wide variety of dull robes that are enchanted to enhance her magical prowess, with fur boots and gloves. She never carries weapons, relying on spells to defend herself. She is strong in Destruction, Conjuration and Illusion, capable of destroying those who threaten her, summoning others to do it for her, or just making them destroy each other.

    History: Tynellen grew up as the daughter of a tailor father and a chef mother. She was a child of average intelligence, and had few friends as she tended to isolate herself in preference of a good book. During her school years she developed a fascination in the Dwemer, intrigued by their odd culture and sudden disappearance. She went on frequent trips with friends to visit excavation sites and ruins around High Rock, much to her mother's dismay.

    As a teen, Tynellen grew even more curious. As beautiful as she was, she tended to stay away from boys, and began writing. She was a skilled writer and had become a talented and intelligent individual, with a firm understanding of many of the schools of magic. At 16, Tynellen left for Skyrim with her mother and father, hoping to find a better life. They settled in Windhelm, a place where her parents' talents were needed most. She made frequent trips to Winterhold and enrolled at the College of Winterhold at 19. She stayed there for about five years, becoming an expert in magic and learning ever more about Tamriel and its mysteries. She spent the majority of her time in the Arcaneum, learning more everyday.

    Although she never officially left the College and is still considered a highly respected member, Tynellen's mother and father moved to Markarth and she followed. She had heard it was a city built upon Dwemer ruins, which peaked her interest. She applied to be a part of expedition teams in the ruins in the keep, and she wrote diaries of her findings. She sold her findings and became a well-known scholar on the Dwemer, and eventually found herself a place in Markarth's court as an adviser to the Jarl. Her home there is at the top of the city, where she has a magnificent view on the entire city, and she has begun researching into the Forsworn, hoping to unravel the secrets of the Madmen of the Reach.

    Master: Conjuration, Destruction
    Expert: Enchanting, Illusion
    Adept: Alteration
    Apprentice: Speech, Light Armor
    Novice: Other
  • Radardra Ivydance Apr 4, 2014

    Name: Radardra Ivydance
    Race: Bosmer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Class: Ranger
    Birthplace: Southpoint, Valenwood
    Birthday: 21st Last Seed
    Parents: Bosmer Mother, Bosmer Father
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliations: None
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Forrest Gods

    Appearance: About 5'6" tall, very dark skin. White tribal tattoos cover most of her body but her face in completely unmarked. Has very dark, thin lips, and a small pointed nose. Her chin is very short for and Elf. She is very slim but strong. Her arms have thorn vines painted to be wrapped around her arms leading up to a rose on each shoulder. She has deep blue eyes, and her brown hair is always swept over to one side.

    Personality: A very stubborn and independent young elf, she is witty and intelligent, but lacks people skills and is socially awkward. She dislikes cities and merchants, but has a love of all animals and wildlife. She is experienced, a solitary creature, having lived alone in the wild from a young age. She lives with a wolf cub named Striker, to whom she has an unusual emotional attachment.

    Gear: Always clad in leather armor, apart from the helmet, and does not own many other sets of clothes apart from the ones she is slowly teaching herself to make. She has a sturdy hunting bow that was passed on to her by her father, and a steel dagger. She lives in an old shack in the mountains of Southern Skyrim, close to the border with Cyrodiil, where she created her own poisons, which she puts to effective use.

    History: As a child, Radardra was trained as a huntress by her father. She was the eldest child in her family, and the only one who did not seek the path of a shaman, her father saw he as his pride and joy. When the Thalmor came to Valenwood, her father was executed as a traitor after he sold a bow and arrows to a Nord man in Southpoint.

    Radardra was forced to flee, and she fled to the heart of the Empire, the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. She worked as a barmaid for a few years, at the age of just 15. She was constantly harassed by the men there. She worked there for a long while, building up a fair amount of wealth, but she constantly longed to hunt once again. When the Thalmor came to Cyrodiil, she left her job and fled to Skyrim, where she lived alone in the wilderness, living off of the land. She thought she had found peace, she was just 17 years old. However, it happened again. The Aldmeri Dominion came to Skyrim. Now she lives in constant fear of the Legions as she lives in the mountains of Skyrim, everyday a battle for survival.

    Master: Archery, Alchemy
    Expert: Light Armor, Sneak
    Adept: One-Handed, Smithing
    Apprentice: Illusion
    Novice: Other
  • Jardrev Ceronus Apr 4, 2014

    Name: Jardrev Ceronus
    Race: Imperial
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Class: Paladin/Legionnaire
    Birthplace: Bravil, Cyrodiil
    Birthday: 4th Rain's Hand
    Parents: Imperial Mother, Imperial Father
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliations: Imperial Legion (Member), Dawnguard (Former Member), Penitus Oculatus (Dislikes)
    Afflicitions: None
    Religion: The Eight Divines

    Appearance: About 6'1" tall, a very bulky and muscular man. He has slightly tanned skin but a very pale face. Has light blue eyes and long, dark brown hair that reaches the bottom of his neck. His nose is small and rounded, and his mouth is narrow and looks as though he is always smirking. He has a long scar on the left side of his face, and multiple scars on his torso from wounds he sustained in battle. Quite a good looking man, with a clean face. He has a black tattoo on his back depicting crossed swords in front of a shield.

    Personality: A loyal and fierce man, with little to no mercy. Despises the Thalmor, Vampires and the Nords. He is a very ambitious and sometimes naive man, who is willing to do anything for glory and fame. Strong and courageous, but sometimes hard-headed and stubborn. He hates anyone who disagrees with him, and dislikes politics. He is a very hard man to get along with. He is a fan of wealth and glory, and is always willing to develop his skills.

    Gear: He wears heavy Imperial armor without the helmet, and when he is not on duty he wears a casual red shirt with black boots. He carries an Imperial shield, bow and sword, with a steel dagger as back-up. However, he is also well versed in Restoration magic, and is close to mastering the School. He has a wide array of restoration spells at his disposal.

    History: As the son of a wealthy nobleman, Jardrev lived a life of luxury as a child. He had lots of friends and received a good education, and was trained as a swordsman from a young age. He also received a reasonable level of magical training, excelling in Restoration magic above the others. He was always strong and also very greedy and brutish.

    As he grew up, Jardrev met with other branches of his family, all of which had at least had a member in the Imperial Legion. However, Jardrev wanted to stay clear of this path, as he wanted to join the Dawnguard in Skyrim as soon as he turned 18. He continued to excel as a swordsman and healer, taking up a job in the City's temple to heal the wounded Legionnaires and civilians. However, he often found himself looking down on his patients, believing they were weak to get into that position in the first place.

    When he turned 18, Jardrev went with a Legion scout party to Skyrim, where he slipped away and headed for Fort Dawnguard. He joined up, and began to embrace the Restoration side of his abilities, becoming an expert in the field and learning new, more destructive abilities for use on the Undead. However,at the age of 22, after a raid on a Vampire hide-out went wrong, Jardrev returned as one of three survivors from the ten-man group, and the other two had both contracted Sanguinare Vampiris. Jardrev was forced to kill them both when they turned on him, and as a result, he was forced out of the order, as they were unaware that the two had turned and saw Jardrev's actions as betrayal.

    With no option left, having run away from his family who would surely disown him, he sought refuge among the ranks of the Imperial Legion. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a Captain, and was offered a place in the Penitus Oculatus, which he refused, due to his thirst fro front-line action. Now he serves as a Legate in the Legion, currently stationed in Solitude in Skyrim.

    Master: Restoration, One-Handed
    Expert: Heavy Armor, Archery, Block
    Adept: Destruction, Speech
    Apprentice: Alteration
    Novice: Other