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  • Nero Feb 22, 2014

    The Nemesis
    Basic Information
    Name: Nero Atestus (will rarely mention his last name)
    Alias: The Nemesis
    Age: 60
    Apparent Age: 25, due to his past vampirism
    Birth Place: Cyrodiil
    Birth Sign: Steed
    Origin/Race: Imperial/Nord
    Class: Spearman/Conjurer
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: Whatever inn he finds, or wherever he sets camp
    Affiliations: Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, Volhikar, The Imperial Legion
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Agnostic
    Patron Deity: None, admiration towards Tiber Septim
    Habits: Throws septims in the air for him to catch
    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, a good wine
    Family: None
    Positive Traits: Generous, Loyal, Thrusworthy, Reliable, Patient
    Negative Traits: Unforgiving, Revengeful, Cold, Competitive
    Likes: Women, Wine, Books, Hunting
    Dislikes: Vampires, Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Nobles
    Fears: Becoming a vampire, fire magic(irrational fear since he's been a vampire for so long)
    Aspirations: To cure the world of vampires
    Quirks: Scratches any flat surface when bored or annoyed
    Two Handed(Spearmastery)
    Conjuration, Block
    One Handed(Swordsmastery), Smithing, Light Armour
    Restoration, Enchanting, Alteration, Sneak
    Everything Else
    Like in the Picture
    Height: 1.85 meeters
    Weight: 80 kilograms
    Build: Athletic, Fit
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Beard
    Eye Color: Dark Grey
    Skin Color: White
    Scars: Scar on his forehead, multiple scars on his chest and back
    Unique Features: Sharp teeth, but not as sharp as when he was a vampire
    Tattoos: His scar on his forehead is painted to make it look less like a scar
    Again, Refer to the picture
    Armor: A light imperial armor with markings from many vampiric clans. Very sturdy and strong. A large round steel shield won't budge when a giant smacks it. He usually wears his shield on his back, under his cape, to protect his flanks and to move faster.
    Weapons: His spear, Heartseeker is an unique steel spear that magically becomes stronger with the more blood it has on it. The fresher the blood is the sharper the spear becomes. He always wears his spear, and uses it as a walking stick in snowy areas.
    Fighting Style: Nero is quite the fighter. Unless the situation calls for it he won't get out his shield and fight with his spear only. He moves very fast around the battlefield and tries to stab critical and vital points of the enemy with his spear. The longer the fight goes the better for after Heartseeker is fed up with the blood of the enemy, it's strikes will pierce through solid metal. When he wields his shield alongside his spear, he assumes a more defensive stance, forcing the enemy to charge into his pike. Nero knows a lot of conjuration skills, but he rarely uses any, as he tries to make people think he knows no magic. When he's in trouble he can summon bound swords to help him fight close enemies or summon javelins that he can throw at far away targets in order to hunt them down. He can't revive corpses, since his necromancy is weak, but he can summon an antronach of his choice to defend him, however, his magicka is low, thus he rarely uses spells.
    Nero was born in the Imperial City, from a noble and wealthy merchant family. Alongside his merchant parents, he had an uncle who was a solder in the imperial army a and a younger sister named Julia. When he was a kid, he loved his uncle a lot, for he thought Nero how to handle imperial weaponry from a young age. In his early teens, his family started losing wealth, so they had to move in a manor in the countryside. He became depressed as he was forced to leave all his friends from the city, and even more depressed when his uncle died in battle. When he was approaching adulthood, the manor got raided by bandits, and both his parents died. In exchange for his sister's life and safety, Nero joined the bandit group and started raiding trade caravans and small settlements, sacking old caves and hideouts. He always hated the bandits for what they did to his family, yet they were his only hope of keeping his sister safe and well. Julia was all he had left, and he loved her more then everything in Tamriel. At the age of 23, he and and a small group of the bandits raided a cave of vampires, but the vampires outsmarted by using conjuration and ilusion magic, raising the dead and turning the living against each other. Nero was the only survivor, and the vampires offered him a seat in their clan. He started enjoying his position as a vampire, praying on the weak and making a name for himself amongst not only his clan, but other vampire clans as well. He did all this, but he remained close with the bandits, making sure his sister was alive and well. During his time as a vampire, he fell in love with a dark elf from the clan, and he loved her almost as much as his sister. He served the vampires for 20 long years, and during his adventures he earned his weapon, Heartseeker, as well various conjuration spells. He also enrolled in the Imperial Army, trying to chase the dream he had as a kid, but only for a couple of months before he decided army wasn't for him. His sister was doing well on her own, as she became the leader of the bandits that once killed her parents. On a fateful day, Julia was captured by Nero's clan, and she was to be made a cattle for the vampires to feed on. That night Nero tried to save her, and he would have been successful, but the dark elf that he loved turned him to the head of the clan, who killed Julia and sentenced Nero to be executed. As heroic and strong as he was, in the day of his execution, Nero sat fire to the entire cave, letting the entire vampire clan burn. He barely made it out alive, along with his dark elven lover, whom he killed shortly after. He became a mercenary, and a vampire hunter, known as The Nemesis, along the vampires of Cyrodill. Soon, however, he made enough money to cure his vampirism, and although he looked young, he was 58 years old. Two years passed since he cured his vampirism, and he is still youthful, despite his age. He looks for adventure, knowledge and coin, in equal measure, and he is sure to find it in the world of Tamriel.​
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  • Xorguk Dec 29, 2013

    Xorguk The Beastmaster
    I have wondered alone for many years, yet sometimes even I grow weary of this endless solitude.
    Basic Information
    Name: Xorguk
    Alias: The Beastmaster, X, The Pagan
    Age: 87 (looks way younger due to elven aging)
    Birth Place: Orsinium
    Birth Sign: Steed
    Birth Date: 13th of Rain's Hand
    Origin/Race: Orismer
    Class: Beserker | Beastmaster | Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Ambidextrous
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: None, his home is wherever he lays camp
    Affiliations: The Orcish Strongholds, The Companions, Multiple Hunting Guilds
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Afflictions: None, besides his old age. Was formerly a werebear.
    Religion: Agnostic, with Malacath influence
    Patron Deity: Malacath
    Habits: Sharpening his axes, talking and interacting with animals
    Hobbies: Traveling, Exploring, Reading, Writing (in his journal)
    Family: None that he cares to remember
    Xorguk is not very social, due to the fact that he spends little to no time near the other races of Tamriel. Although he is quite a man to talk with if you want to hear a good story.
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Tolerant, Easily Satisfied, Generous
    Negative Traits: Ill-Mannered, Competitive, Dangerously curious
    Likes: Animal company, the wilderness
    Dislikes: People that disagree with his lifestyle (especially orcs that do so), Wars
    Fears: Malacath, to an extent
    Aspirations: None
    Quirks: Scratches any surface he gets his hand on when he has nothing better to do
    Philosophy: Xorguk dosen't follow the Code of Malacath. If he did, he would have died when he was way younger, as old orcs are generally considered useless. He tries to remain a calm and tolerant person, he won't pick a fight with anyone unless directly provoked.
    One Handed: Xorguk trained his entire life with his two waraxes. Not many can say they fought him and survived, and there's about no one that can say they bested him.
    Archery: Xorguk's skills with a bow were always required for when he was hunting. He has equal training in Archery to an Elven master marksman.
    Light Armor/Heavy Armor: Xorguk uses a mixture of light and heavy armor, and he is most eficient doing so.
    Enchanting: Xorguk has picked up a lot of soul gems in his travels, and he finds enchanting fascinating. Although he will always feel like he's a poor enchanter, his enchanters are better then decent.
    Alchemy: Xorguk always picks flowers and ingredients that he finds. Thus he gained quite some skill as an alchemist.
    Smithing: He smiths his own armors from what he can get his hands on in the wilderness.
    Unarmed: Xorguk had his fair share of brawls, not only with humans but also with the animals. He is quite good at unarmed combat.
    Two Handed/Block: He has little training in two handed weapons, or blocking, however Xorguk knows a fair share.
    Free Running/Climbing: When he has to get to things quicker, running is his ally. He is decent at climbing and free runing, having quite good health and stamina.
    Health: Extraordinary
    Stamina: Above Average
    Magicka: Low
    Xorguk is very large, even for an orc. He looks quite intimidating, few people would want to anger him.
    Height: 6.8
    Weight: 117 kg
    Build: Muscular
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial hair:Clean Shaved
    Eye Color: Blue
    Scars: Multiple small scars all over his face and body.
    Warpaint: Scar Tatto on his left arm
    Armor: Just like in the pic, however his chest is protected by a hard leather vest. He has an orcish shield tied to his back, which can't usually be seen because of the fur cloak.
    Weapons: His main weapons are his two axes - The Tamer and The Punisher(the punisher is the one he holds in his left hand in the pic). The tamer has a steal health enchantment, and the punisher a steal stanima. He also has two bows - an orcish longbow and a hunting shortbow. He only uses the longbown to hunt, and the shortbow is used in any other scenario.
    Misc: Xorguk's pet companion, Cripple, is a young bear that journeys along Xorguk and helps him in combat. Looks just like in the pic, except he has leather armor on his back and head.
    Childhood: Xorguk was born and raised in Orsinium, the largest orcish stronghold out there. His father was the chief, and his mother was the first wife his father had. He learned the art of hunting, smithing, and fighting there. He lived by the code of Malacath, which he always questioned. He hated believing in something just because he was told to do so. That angered his father and the other orcs in the hold.
    Teenage: But Xorguk held strong to his lack of belief, even when he was a teenager. Most orcs disagreed with him, and treated him like an outcast. He didn't need the love of the orcs, for he had a special talent of talking to the wild animals, and taming them. He first started with the small birds, but larger beasts followed. When he was 17 one of his elders picked a fight on him, for not worshiping Malacath. The words they spitted upon eachother turned to fists, and the fists turned to axe. Out of anger, Xorguk killed his elder, and was cast out of Orsinium. But things were looking even more bad for him. He gained the title of "The Pagan", and he was banned from all orcish strongholds.
    Adult: So he took on a life of adventure, he became a lone wonderer, circling Tamriel and watching how the other races fared, while gazing his eyes upon the beutiful landscapes of the world. In his travels, he happened to meet a female elven hunter that shared his philosophy. They fell in love and traveled the world togather. That all ended on a sad day, where their hunting took to Elseweyr. There they confused one of the larger khajiit breeds with a wild animal, and while hunting it down, the khajiit rained upon the two with blades and arrows ready. Xorguk's love died, and his life was filled with sorrow. At the moment he thought that it was Malacath that punnished him for not respecting the code. So he tried to worship Malacath once more. The first and last thing he had to do was ending his life in combat, for at his age he was already considered old, and outlived his usefulness. He went around Tamriel and challenged strong individuals to fight and end his life. He fought many, from breton battle mages, to argonian assassins, to master redguard swordsmen. But no one was able to kill him. The closer he was to dying was when fighting an Altmer wizzard, that rained frost and fire on him. Still, Xorguk won. He then realised that Malacath isn't worth worshiping, when he was on the brink of losing his life against the altmer. So he took to hunting and traveling again, this time with his animal companions. He had seen all corners of Tamriel, and he wishes to go even further. With his old age, and with the time he spent hunting, rather than fighting, his skills diminished, he is but a shadow of his former self. But make no mistake, Xorguk is strong enough to defeat 3 giants with their own clubs.
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  • Cruven & Atesa Hawklight Dec 2, 2013

    Cruven Hawklight
    Nord Barbarian Bandit Lord
    Basic Information
    Name: Cruven Hawklight
    Age: 31
    Birth Place: Dawnstar, Skyrim
    Birth Sign: Lord
    Origin/Race: Nord
    Class: Barbarian (Two Handed Warrior)
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Married
    Properties: The Hawk's Nest (Cave on a mountain next to Dawnstar)
    Affiliations: Companions, Blood Horkers, Blackblood Marauders, The Screeching Hawk
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: 9 divines
    Patron Deity: Arkay
    Family: Wife
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Reliable, Romantic
    Negative Traits: Easily Angered, Impatient, Greedy
    Likes: Food, Alchool, Money, His Wife
    Dislikes: Arrogant People, Horkers
    Fears: Magic
    Quirks: Holds his palm thightly when he's angry, sometimes he forgets he's holding something and breakes the said object.
    Two Handed
    Heavy Armor, Blocking
    Alchemy, Speech
    Health: High
    Height: 1.93 meeters
    Weight: 83 kilograms
    Build: Atheltic, Strong, Overly Muscular
    Eye Color: Deep Blue
    Tattoos: Tribal Tatto on cheeks

    Armor: Steel Armor with Dwarven accents, very heavy and very durable.
    Weapons: The Executioner - An enchanted ebony battleaxe(Drain Health)
    Tactics: Cruven stays at a fair distance as he throws heavy blows at the enemy, constantly backing up or moving in circles. He's also skilled at blocking and at breaking the enemies's defence. However if there is one thing he can't fight, that is magic.
    Cruven was born in dawnstar, both of his parrents were sailors, and they didn't stayed with him as much as they should have. At the age of 15 he went to see the sea for the first time, and the ship was ambushed by pirates. Both of Cruven's parrents died, and the pirates kept him as a prize. He learned to fight in the ship, and made much more friends then he had in downstar, however that wouldn't keep him from getting his revenge. At the age of 18 a mutiny occured on the ship, and Cruven was named the new captain. However he saw a catch on land, not only on sea. He formed a group of bandits - The Screeching Hawk, that terrorized cities from the north of Skyrim. However he could only do one thing at once, fighting on both sea and land exhausted him, almost to the point where he was to sell his entire fleet to other pirates. However at the age of 22 he met the love of his life, Atesa, whom he married soon afterwards. She took the buisness on the sea, as Cruven took the land. As time passed he became feared as the bandit lord of the north, and along his wife, he is planning on ruling the sea and the land in the north for as long as they live.

    Atesa Hawklight
    Nord Archer Captain
    Basic Information
    Name: Atesa Wolfswift
    Alias: Atsy
    Age: 26
    Birth Place: Whiterun, Skyrim
    Birth Sign: Lady
    Origin/Race: Nord
    Class: Markswoman
    Gender: Female
    Laterality: Left Handed
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Marital Status: Married
    Properties: Hawk's Claws (frigate)
    Affiliations: Companions, Blood Horkers, Bloodbound Marrauders, The Demon of the South Seas. The Imperial Navy
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Afflictions: Lycantrophy
    Religion: 9 divines, Hircine
    Patron Deity: Hircine
    Family: Husband
    Positive Traits: Forgiving, Nice, Tolerant, Friendly, Caring
    Negative Traits: Easily Jealous, Seductive, Greedy
    Likes: A good story, Jewlery
    Dislikes: Arrogants, Politicans
    Fears: Death
    Quirks: Glumps when nervous

    Light Armor, Speech
    Enchanting, Sneak
    Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, One handed
    Height: 1.73 meeters
    Weight: 48 kilograms
    Build: Skinny
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Skin Color: [Tan, Pale etc.]
    Tattoos: Tatto on cheecks
    Armor: Elven armour, fur gloves and boots, fur hood with cloak when cold.
    Weapons: Neckhunter- An enchanted imperial bow( damage stamina), a backup glass hidden inside her quiver
    Misc: Even if she is an exceptional markswoman, Atesa uses light bows, and so she can't shoot on far distances. She fires arrows quickly and rarely missess her target.
    Atesa was born on the companions, and as she grew up she happened to be remarkable with the bow. She entered the circle when she was 17, a was a werewolf ever since. On a job in Dawnstar she met Cruven, whom she felt in love with. She left the companions back as she became a pirate, spending more time on sea then on land. Even if she has her temptations, she tries to remain loyal to Cruven and follow his wisdom, wherever it leads her.
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  • Xavriel Darksbane Dec 2, 2013


    Xavriel Darksbane - RPs: Fatality
    Basic Information
    Name: Xavriel (No last name)
    Alias: Xav
    Age: 93
    Apparent Age: 25
    Birth Place: Alinor, Summerset Isles
    Birth Sign: Lord
    Race: Dark Elf/High Elf Halfbreed
    Class: Shadow (agile battlemage)
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed, however he knows to write/eat/etc with both hands
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: A manor ,a bakery and a stable in Summerset Isles
    Affiliations: The Shadow Order- Leadership
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Afflictions: Full Blindness
    Religion: Atheist
    Patron Deity: None
    Habits: When he is bored, Xavril holds his hands togather and meditates.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Philosophy, Writing
    Family: None
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Smart, Generous
    Negative Traits: Easily Angered, Not Tolerant, Not very chatty
    Likes: Skooma, Women, Luxury
    Dislikes: Racists, Alchemists, Thieves, Assassins
    Fears: Loosing a battle, Dragons
    Aspirations: To remain undefeated until death.
    Quirks: When he dosen't like somone, his expression changes to a rather agressive one, however with the binding on his face, its really hard to see this expression.
    Philosophy: Xavril beliaves that anything is achieveable, and altough he agrees on the daedra and aedra existing, he refuses to worship any of them, as well as he refuses to listen to someone's commands, since he finds himself his own master.
    One Handed, Light armor
    Restoration, Enchanting.
    Sneak, Lockpicking, Speech.

    Height: 1.93 Meeters
    Weight: 80 Kilograms
    Build: Athletic, Muscular, Tall
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Stubble(rarely) or None
    Skin Color: Yellow-Ash Brown, simmilar to the first pic.
    Scars: None
    Face: Slim
    Tattoos: Tribal Band on both forearms and chest

    Armor: He usually uses glass armor, no helmet, and empty between shoulders and forearms. When he's not armored for battle, his top is completely naked, while he has expensive fine pants. His armor is enchanted in such way that it provides reduction to destruction, bonus to one handed damage and bonus stamina.
    Weapons: Two glass twinblades, one enchanted with absorb magicka and the other with damage magicka.
    Misc: Xavril is able to use a total of 4 thunderbotls (expet spell) before he completely runs out of magicka, due to his somewhat low magicka rating. However he can absorb the magicka back by simply attacking. Being raised in the shadow order, he has inhuman agility, able to reach 35 kilmeters/ hour while running, he's also really hard to hit due to his evasive skills. His senses are also sharp, he's able to hear and smell danger coming from close or from range, which makes him hard to backstab. However never forget that he is blind, it takes him a large ammount of time to spot the exact location of an enemy if he's too far away.
    Childhood/Teenage: Xavril was an orphan for as long as he knew himself. His parrents, which he never met in person, threw him away on the streets for being blind. After all it would hurt the image of a noble if he has a child with such disfunction. As an infant in the streets of Alinor, he was taken by a man named Taurnil Darksbane, the leader of a group of elven battlemages that fight for the Thalmor and that represent the Summerset Isles and the Dominion- The Shadow Order. Xavril considered Taurnil as a father, and he trained to become a good "Shadow" for as long as he can remember.
    Adult: When he was 20 years old he had finally became a shadow, he had taken to duels, fighting the fabled warriors of other races, members of the shadow order as well as fantastic creatures. When he reached 50 years old fought and accidently killed the leader of the Shadow Order, thus becoming the new leader. At that point he was in a moral crysis, not understanding what he truly wanted. However he soon continued his life the way he lived it before, taking the name of his fallen master as his surename.
  • The Joke Dec 2, 2013

    The Joker
    Isn't that funny?
    Basic Information
    Name: Fenves Dres
    Alias: The Joke
    Age: Over 100
    Apparent Age: Looks like he's in his twenties, due to elven aging
    Birth Place: Morrowind
    Birth Sign: Serpent
    Origin/Race: Dunnmer
    Class: Alchemist/Assassin
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: None
    Affiliations: House Dres, The Morag Tong, The Dark Brotherhood
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Afflictions: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia(in short, he's insane)
    Religion Sheogorath
    Hobbies: Brewing Poisons
    Family: Parrents, sisters.
    Positive Traits: Funny, Brave, Smart, Cunning
    Negative Traits: Deceitful, Impulsive, Irritable, Aggresive, Irresposnable
    Likes: Laughing, Women, Food, Watching people suffer,
    Dislikes: Unfunny, Arrogant, Shy people
    Fears: Nope
    Quirks: Will always try to make jokes, Will always laugh
    One Handed, Sneak
    Two Handed, Pickpocket, Archery
    Lockpick, Speech, Block
    Just like in the pic, without the warpaint
    Height: 1.79 meeters
    Weight: 73 kilograms
    Build: Slender, Agile
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Beard
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Color: Pale
    Armor: Purple Jester suit, a lot of satchels
    Weapons: He always keeps a small shiv on him, and a lot of poisons, besides that, nothing else.
    Misc: Fenves has legendary stamina and endurance, he can whistand a lot of punnishment and run large distances without tireing himself. If he's engaged in battle, he wont use his shive to fight, besides he will try and disarm his enemy and use his weapon against him.
    Fenves was born and raised in house Dres, one of the great houses of Morrowind. He had loving parrents and two little sisters. From a very young age, he always had to live up to his parrents expectations, thus reading lots of books, learning to brew potions and swordsfight. Wheh he was 20 his uncle was assassinated by the morag tong. Fenves was close to his uncle which is why he fought the assassin after the he made the kill. The assassin abducted Fenves and he was turned into a member of Morag Tong. Leaving his past life behind Fenves was forced to walk a dark path. As he was bouncing from a contract to another, Fenves grew a liking to assassination. He was no longer the man he was before. Five years passed since he joined the order, and he accepted the contract to kill a madman, a follower of Sheogorath. The deadric prince of madness wasn't fond at all to such a deed, and in order to show his domminance, he trapped Fenves in the Shivering Isles, where he was to survive all madmen and creatures that lurked the daedric realm. He survived for some time, however he couldn't go on forever. He had decided to end his life. He took a strange plant from the Isles, and mixed it with a nightshade. He was hoping the poison will kill him, realising him from his punnishment. Instead, that poison turned him into what he is today, a madman, traveling to each corner of Tamriel to spread his madness. Though he never entered in contact with the Dark Brotherhood, he took contracts that were meant for the assassins. He took onto his nickname- The Joke - tribute to his signature kill. He would poison the target with a concentrated version of the poison that he drank. The target would laugh, and laugh, until his hearts stop beating. Only the strongest of souls can whistand the poison. Now Fenves will seize any chance he gets to kill somone, not for money or fame, but for his own pleasure.
  • Garret Rendon Nov 22, 2013

    Garret Rendon
    "When you have nothing less to lose, you only have everything left to gain"
    Basic Information
    Name: Garret Rendon
    Alias: The Cold Benefactor
    Age: 28
    Birth Place: Evermor, High Rock
    Birth Sign: Tower
    Class: Thief/Expert Swordsman/Alchemist
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: A cave made to look like a home, in a mountain north of Markarth
    Affiliations: Thieves Guild, East Empire Trading Company, Houses of Morrowind, Multiple Nobles from Cyrodiil, High Rock and Hammerfell
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Afflictions: Lost sight on left eye
    Religion: Nocturnal, Agonostic
    Patron Deity: Nocturnal
    Habits: Plays with septims
    Hobbies: Alchemy, Drinking, Whoring
    Family: None left
    Garret is very social, as he spends most of his free time in inns and pubs. He has developed an expertise of speechcraft, as he can be both persuasive and intimidating. Garret likes to think he is funny, as he will always tell jokes no matter who hears them, he is quick to make friends but he can also anger the wrong people.
    Positive Traits: Temperate, Friendly, Tolerant, Funny, Persuasive, Cunning
    Negative Traits: Greedy, Ill-Mannered, Overly Confident, Competitive, Alcoholic, Curious
    Likes: Female company, gold, mixing herbs, alcohol/skooma
    Dislikes: Judgemental People, Soliders, Sailors/Pirates
    Fears: Assassins, The Thieves Guild, Falling from large heights
    Aspirations: To become rich, To uncover all alchemy mixtures, To regain sight on his left eye, To make up with the guild.
    Quirks: Will always make jokes, and people won't always find them funny.
    Philosophy: Garret is not a man of principle, he dislikes solders and people who throw their life away on an idea. Garret lives live for what it's worth, enjoying the small things and ignoring the big ones.
    Alchemy: Garret was mixing ingredients since he was a kid, and he kept doing it for his entire life. An alchemist as skilled as him is hard to find in Tamriel.
    Stealth: Garret has spent enough of his time in the guild to understand how one can blend in with shadows, crowds and foliage. He can be very sneaky and hard to detect.
    Fingersmith: Having spent most of his time as a thief doing fishing and heist jobs, Garret is a Master pickpocket and lock picker.
    Light Weaponry: Even if he will most likely try and avoid combat, if the situation calls for it, Garret is a master Swordsman, as he had spent countless hours training in the art of dagger and sword.
    Speech: Garret has developed an expertise in Speech Craft over time. He can barter with you and make you give your most precious and expensive item for almost nothing, he can persuade you into doing what he wants and if you don’t seem to be able to handle yourself, Garret can also be quite intimidating.
    Free Running/Parkour/Climbing: Garret dislikes riding horses, you would rather find him in a carriage rather than on a horse. However he has enough stamina to climb and run, as sometimes he is forced to escape certain situations.
    Light Armor: Garret never wore a plate mail, as he finds the weight of such armors too big for his liking. He has used light armor as a mean of defense for as long as he’s been a thief.
    Marksmanship: Garret understands how strong an arrow can be. It can apply a strong poison, it can trigger a trap, it can open a door, it can distract, it can kill. Even if he’s not the combat archer type, Garret won’t hesitate to use his bow at any given point.
    Enchanting: He enchanted his own equipment, although his enchantments are weak, they do their job, and Garret couldn’t ask for more.
    Illusion: The only illusion spell you will see Garret use is clairvoyance, which he will use if he ever gets lost or is looking for something.
    Height: 1.86 M
    Weight: 85 Kg
    Build: Fit, Athletic
    Hair Length: Short
    Hair Color: Crimson
    Facial Hair: Short Beard
    Eye Color: Green
    Scars: Large scar on left eye
    Armor: Just like in the pic, however the color is dark green instead of black.
    Weapons: Ebony Bow, Ebony Longsword, With a dwarven dagger hidden in his boot for harsh times.
    Misc: If engaged in combat, Garret’s left arm will be empty, leaving him space to disarm, break defence or grab a potion.
    Childhood: Garret was born in Evermor, High Rock. He dosen’t know much about his past and he is always looking for more, although the hunt went terribly so far. His mother, Felicia, was a Breton alchemist and his father was a forsworn. At his birth his father was assassinated for betraying the forsworn, and Garret took his father’s only known name. After giving birth, Felicia started to suffer from a terrible disease, and she died when Garret was only 10, leaving him the alchemy shop.
    Teenager: His teen years started tough, as he had to take care of an adult’s business. That, however, strengthened him, making him much more mature for his age. As he grew up, he became quite popular among the youth at the inns, as he always had money to spend, his alchemy paid off well.
    Adult: When he reached adulthood, Garret sold his old shop and went to Markarth, To set his new shop there. He encountered the Thief Guild in that city, and he left selling potions behind, and became a full on thief. In the guild he learned a lot, and made many good friends. After a couple of years with the Guild, Garret was already rich. He was building a manor next to Riften, he was engaged to a lovely maiden, and life was good for him. However Garret is a curios fellow. He heard rambling in the guild about nightingales, and he went to a temple of Nocturnal to check it out. There the daedric princess revealed him the truth about the Guild and how the nightingales were formed. Garret wanted to share this information with his fellow guild mates, however the leader didn’t share his enthusiasm. He was framed for betraying the guild, his house under construction was burned down, and his future wife left him. He had nothing left, and so he went back to his old business - Alchemy. He gained quite a reputation, as his years in the Guild did nothing but empower his alchemist abilities. Garret became renowed as The Cold Benefactor, and contracts from around Tamriel started using his services.
    Garret's theme song
    (Listen to it while you read the bio)