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Zenimax Says It Will Have News About ESO on Consoles Next Year

by on December 4, 2014

Working for this site, I check for Elder Scrolls Online news every day. And just about every day, I see one or more sites promoting fake release dates for ESO on consoles. It’s like a cottage industry of lies.

Well, here we finally have some real news. ESO won’t be out this year on consoles. ZeniMax doesn’t even plan to make more major announcements about it until 2015. Yes, that is way past the six months they promised they’d have to wait after the PS4 and Xbox One versions missed their June launch date.

This official announcement comes from Matt Firor’s The Road Ahead column, which promises “lots of news” in early 2015 and shows a screenshot, above, of the console version in action on a PS4.

Firor said there’s more work to do on the console versions. One of the reasons the console versions are being delayed is that the team wants to implement two major changes to the game that are coming in a big January update in all versions.

In the sixth update ESO will add a Champion system, which a post-level-50 veteran upgrade system that lets you keep buffing your character with new passives and ability changes. The update also brings the first phase of the Justice system, which will allow your characters to commit crimes and be punished for them.

The first phase of the justice system will be a lot like Skyrim, where you can pickpocket or murder NPCS and get caught by guards. Firor said they want to make sure this system works well before they add the PVP elemetn, which allows players to become enforcers and punish criminals.

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