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ZeniMax Encourages ESO Players to Try Undaunted Daily Quests

by on December 12, 2014

If all you know about Undaunted quests in ESO is that some players get scary monster masks from them, ZeniMax wants to change that. It has produced a guide to help those who haven’t tried the undaunted quests jump in.

The guide explains how to sign up for the Undaunted quests, only available to level 45 and up characters, which involves signing a pledge to take on tough foes. There are two ranks for the pledges, the standard that open up at level 45 and the Veteran Rank pledges that are only available at Veteran Rank I.

And it also goes into actually completing the pledges, which involve running dungeons and completing optional objectives. The loot you get depends on the difficulty of the dungeon and the optional objective, with the best only available through getting the optional objectives on a Veteran run.

Undaunted Gear

The loot itself isn’t straightforward, either. You get the monster helms from the bosses, but mostly you get keys. Bronze and silver for lower ranked missions. Gold for Veteran. These open chests with random loot in them. Although better keys mean better loot, it wouldn’t hurt to say a little prayer to RNGesus before opening one, just in case.

You can see the full guide here.

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