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XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen Wins Best Expansion Award By PC Gamer

by on December 23, 2017

Is War of the Chosen getting any praise? It deserves an award don’t you think?

It’s awards season for video games, and with it comes appreciation for titles and games that have pushed the limit, or just did something really good. For XCOM 2, the expansion “War of the Chosen” brought new life to the game in a big way. So much so that PC Gamer has named it the “Best Expansion of 2017.” Here are some of the thoughts from the editors of the site:

 In just five years Firaxis has successfully resurrected XCOM and explored a bunch of different takes on the formula. War of the Chosen is the most inventive yet, filling out the world with new friendly resistance factions and bitter rivals in the form of the Chosen themselves. ”

“War of the Chosen took one of the best games of 2016 and made it even better—by adding campy, moustache-twirling villains that mock you at every turn.”

” I love that the Chosen taunt you at every turn of the campaign: in the menus, mid-mission, after they kill or wound a soldier. They permeate the game, but you can also take them on mostly at your own pace.”

Congrats on the award Firaxis.

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