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What XBox Boss Has To Say About JRPGs On XBox One

by on May 18, 2015

Recently on Twitter, XBox head Phil Spencer was asked if there was anything coming the XBox One’s way that was in the way of a JRPG. His reply was that if people want the genre, they should “keep asking.” The tweet in full stated, “It’s a good and fair question. Keep asking until we show you something you like. I can’t share specific plans now, sorry.”

This is not the first JRPG-specific question Spencer has received or replied to. In November 2014 he outright promised a tweeter that “you will see JRPGs on XBox One.”

Maybe Phil knows something I don’t, but from this perspective, the XBox One is unlikely to be host to many JRPGs no matter how many Americans beg. The XBox has never been a popular console in Japan, selling at numbers that are outright embarrassing. Consequently, very few Japanese game developers will even entertain the notion of spending money developing titles for the machine. If you’re making a game primarily intended for a Japanese audience — which is what JRPGs are — it stands to reason you would make them for a console they’re more likely to own.

If JRPGs are really what you want, you would be far better served buying a PS4 than begging Phil Spencer to change Japan’s attitude.

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