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Witcher 3 Gets Its First Patch

by on May 29, 2015

For those who’ve run into annoying glitches in their new Witcher game, fear not. CD Projekt Red has released its first patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The patch is now available on PS4, XBox One and PC.

Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any patch notes for the XBox One version, so we can’t confirm any of the most important problems that need fixing have been fixed — chief among them the deadly save-corrupting bug that was discovered last week. Projekt Red is aware of the bug, but if the patch fixes it, they haven’t told us.

What the XBox patch DOES do is lock the rendering to 30fps. This version of the game was given the freedom to go at higher rates if possible, but this led to some jerky and disorienting experiences. So….never mind. 30fps for you.

The PS4 patch fixes a glitch that creates an infinite loading screen during a certain part of the game. It also increases the size of the font in places (which people complained about) and tweaks a few graphical errors. Happily, there are patch notes for the PS4:

  • Corrects a bug where the player was able to shoot bolts at friendly NPCs.
  • Corrects an issue related to Stamina regeneration while sprinting.
  • Corrects a bug that could cause spontaneous combustion of gas clouds.
  • Reduces spawn times for certain groups of NPCs.
  • Blood particles will now properly appear on water surfaces after foes are killed.
  • Corrects a visual effect in the Wandering in the Dark quest.
  • Improves foliage behavior in scenes.
  • Reduces foliage shadow popping.
  • “Melltith” sword is visible again.
  • Fixes some minor graphics bugs in gwent.
  • Corrects some missing translations in localized versions.
  • Improves performance, especially in cutscenes and during gameplay.
  • Introduces a number of minor improvements in SFX.
  • Fixes an issue that could have caused an infinite loading screen in certain circumstances in Wandering in the Dark quest.
  • Corrects an issue in the dialogue system that might have caused rare instances of dialogue looping in certain scenes.
  • Improves stability in gameplay and the UI, especially during games of gwent.
  • Upgrading items included in gear sets no longer destroys rune sockets on said items.
  • Fixes an occasional bug in the Journal in the Fake Papers quest.
  • Enlarges the loot pop-up window in the UI.

One bug has not yet been fixed in either version: the XP bug. Basically, if you fight an enemy that’s six levels lower than you or less, you may not get any experience out of it. The simple remedy is to stick to monsters that are around your level. Another patch, that will fix the XP bug, is coming next week,

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