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Wha? A PS4 And A 3DS Game In The Same Package?

by on April 12, 2017

As you likely know by now, Dragon Quest 11 is due out in Japan this summer. And as we previously reported, Square-Enix is making two different versions of the game: one for PS4 will use modern visuals, while the handheld 3DS version will run partly with 3D graphics and partly with old-school 2D graphics (you choose which you prefer). Now here’s something new: Square will be selling both versions of the game in one package. That’s a combined product from two separate rival companies, intended for separate devices. Can that be done? Apparently.

A handful of retailers in Japan will offer the “Double Pack Hero’s Sword Box” for around $135 in US dollars. Inside a giant-sword-emblazoned blue box are two smaller boxes, each made to resemble an ornate book. And inside the “books” are the PS4 and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest 11. There are no extras like soundtracks or figures here — just the games, in fancier packaging.

This isn’t the end: there will be a version of Dragon Quest 11 for the Switch eventually. Right now it’s unknown if we’ll get a translation of this game at all, let alone three different variants of it. In recent years Square has given up localizing Dragon Quest for the West and has allowed Nintendo to license the games to release themselves. This makes a US version of the PS4 Dragon Quest unlikely. Until we know for sure, though, there’s still hope.

Dragon Quest 11 comes out in Japan on July 29.

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