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Watch The Total War: Three Kingdoms Launch Trailer

by on May 17, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms launches in one week! What does the latest installment of Sega’s hit historical strategy look like in motion? You can find out by scoping the launch trailer below.

A hero rises as a nation crumbles. With Han dynasty blood flowing through his veins and a heart that beats only for the good of his country, Liu Bei stands unwavering against incredible odds. His foes have more money, money troops, more weapons, and more land. But Liu Bei? He has the people…

In just one week, this underdog and his sworn brothers will face off against the cruelty of Dong Zhuo, the might of Sun Jian, and the cunning of Cao Cao for control of Ancient China. Join him – or fight against him – when Total War: THREE KINGDOMS releases for Windows PC on 23rd May.

Three Kingdoms, the new chapter in the Total War series, is now the most pre-ordered title in the history of the franchise. It’s a dramatic recreation of the Three Kingdoms conflict from 3rd century China, one of the largest and bloodiest battles in history. The game can be experienced in two modes: Records mode, which sticks strictly to known history, and Romance mode, which embellishes the story. These differences do affect gameplay: if your warlords aren’t “romanticized,” they’ll succumb to wounds fairly quickly, as a real person would.

But enough chatter…you came for the Launch Trailer, and here it is. Total War: Three Kingdoms launches for PC May 23.

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