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Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Movie, With Comments By Square

by on March 7, 2020

What’s better than getting to see the full, uncut opening movie from Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Finding out exactly why they made the narrative choices they did. What does the team at Square reveal?

The official Playstation blog has published a new interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi on the cinematic that opens Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the choice to add new material to it. First, watch the video:

You notice the opening minute or so is completely different from the original 1997 opener, right? Kitase and Hamaguchi explain the reasons behind their choices in the interview. You can read it in full through this link, but here are some of our favorite insights….

“We did refer to Advent Children and other previous series’ work when rebuild[ing] Midgar,” says Hamaguchi. “But one of the main things we actually set out to redo was the scale of the city itself. The original wasn’t that realistic if you consider the size of the individual buildings and how big they were in comparison to the overall city. It was quite condensed; we really set out to make Midgar realistic. The size between the buildings, the density… that’s one of the big things we set out to change.”

“The original version went straight into the bombing mission. We wanted that feeling that things were already underway, you were in the middle of the action. Yet if you immediately went from there into the panic caused by the bombing mission afterwards, you wouldn’t understand the impact it had on the inhabitants’ everyday lives before that event interrupted them. That’s why we started with this domestic kind of scene.”

“Within each sector you’ve got the difference between rich and poor. Each plate is its own city,” states Hamaguchi. “There are some areas within those that are older, beaten up. The playground is used to show there are downturned areas that aren’t so well off in the city areas too.”

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