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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Update: Famitsu Reveals Characters And Plot

by on November 18, 2015

Yesterday we reported a new Valkyria Chronicles was in the works from Sega. At the time only the game’s existence had been revealed, with the promise that more information would follow in Weekly Famitsu magazine. The VC issue has now been released, and the information in the issue was reported by My Game News Flash.

First off, you can forget “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution” because the actual English title will be Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which is saying the same name with fewer words. The game is being handled by Media Vision, who put together Valkyria Chronicles III. It looks to be somewhat different in appearance and may be a prequel, given the lack of guns or any technology. The original page is in Japanese, and Google Translate failed me, but here’s what Kotaku could eke out of it:

The Rus Empire became developed and grew powerful thanks to a blue crystal called “ragnite.” The Rus Empire put an economic blockade on Uteland, a smaller country demanding independence from colonial rule and carrying out attacks against the imperial forces. It’s against this that the game is set.

The protagonist is called Amleth. He’s the commanding officer of Uteland’s elite anti-Valkyria forces. The heroine is Ophelia, the princess of Uteland. They’re going up against Brynhildr, a Valkyria for the Rus Empire.

Actually, we may have to stop calling it Valkyria Chronicles 4 because Sega’s Youichi Shimosato explained to Famitsu that Chronicles was lopped off the title for a reason. He intends for the first three games to be the “Chronicles” series and this new game, plus any sequels that might follow it, to be the “Revolution” series.

The Valkyria Chronicles series has a cult following of devoted fans, yet its future was up in the air due to low sales of its last two games…the third never even made it stateside. If Sega decides to give the series a second chance with this one, we’ll let you know.

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