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Unnecessary Censorship Makes Skyrim Sound Much, Much Dirtier

by on September 18, 2014

One of the funniest bits on late night TV has, for years, been Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Unnecessary Censorship. It’s a brilliantly juvenile concept. Simply censor certain words in video clips with bleeps and our brains, accustomed to hearing the bleep blot out bad words, will fill in the blanks with the most outrageous obscenities.

Unnecessary Censorship Central has given Skyrim this treatment, and the results are quite giggly in a schoolboy way. It even managed to make Cicero sound more perverse, if that’s possible. Heck, every Skyrim citizen does with just a few well-applied bleeps.

And yeah, we’re aware that this isn’t the first video to apply the concept to the game. NormalDifficulty’s versions are still classics, for example.


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