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Troy Baker Won’t Return For Borderlands 3

by on April 11, 2019

What’s going on with Borderlands 3? And what’s this about Troy Baker?

Borderlands 3 is finally coming out after a LONG delay and many issues behind the scenes. But apparently, those issues have continued with the VO cast, as one of the stalwarts of the series, Troy Baker, won’t return. He’s been Rhys in the series, and many fans expected him to return for the third main game. And many felt that maybe it was Gearbox who made it so that he couldn’t return. But when asked, the director of the game noted:

You’ll have to ask Troy. I was told by the audio director that he turned it down. Fortunately, with how Rhys appears in the game, I don’t think it actually matters at all. You’ll see for yourself when the game comes out and you may disagree with me on that or not.

That alone may be the reason he didn’t return, as Rhys wouldn’t have a big role. Either way, Borderlands returns this September.

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