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Top Revelations From The Xenoblade Chronicles Livestream

by on April 24, 2015

This morning Nintendo broadcasted a new Direct specifically about Xenoblade Chronicles X. It mostly consisting of live gameplay from the Treehouse, but a boatload of new info about the game was revealed both in the video and the conversation that followed.

The game is still being localized At one point the players mentioned the in-game log of tasks you’d been assigned to in the field, but had trouble mentioning its exact English name. They called the mechs “Skels” when onscreen they were called “Dolls.” They then mentioned the English version of the game is still going through the localization process…meaning don’t expect it this summer. It is still planned for release in the fall.

Treasure chests work differently In most games, you find a chest and you open it. In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll instead find a weird-looking device that has items you want contained within it. Whether you can open it or not depends on how skilled your character has become. Once you do open a chest, they won’t contain just items: they may also have experience points inside that will level you up faster.

The planet is big The name of the planet that the last human civilization has crashed on is Mira, which is divided up into five elemental continents: a wilderness one, a desert one, a fire-based one, etc. The environments are much more expansive and detailed than in the first game, which is why you have new tools to help you explore it.

New tools to help you explore it The Nav Ball is given to you early in the game. Cast one, and it zooms ahead in the direction you’re meant to travel to. It runs much faster than you can keep up, but you can cast as many as you want. You can also activate a tool at any time that gives you a wide aerial view of your immediate surroundings.

You’re not alone While the city of New Los Angeles may be the only human metropolis on Mira, plenty of alien species have already set up their own towns and communities on the planet. Most are docile (Nopon are back, and cutesy as ever) but one race isn’t going to like you very much and become your main source of conflict. That and the random monsters in the field that might decide to attempt eating you.

You can lose your mech There will be mech-on-mech combat in the game, and it will be as cool as you assume. However, if your Skel takes too much damage, it may actually explode and become unusable. If you jump out of the mech before this happens, you’ll be able to get the Skel repaired. But if it explodes and you’re in it, your insurance will only cover the damage three times before you lose your mech for good. Then you have to buy another one, and they’re crazy expensive. Always know when to bail!

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