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Next TESO Update Might Include Scaling Dungeons

by on September 26, 2014

A bit more replayability for The Elder Scrolls Online’s dungeons is something fans have been asking for since launch, and it looks like they might be getting it.

In response to a thread on Reddit criticizing ESO and asking for cross-faction grouping, the game’s creative director, Paul Sage, said ZeniMax is looking at some changes for the next game update.

Just wanted to chime in with what is hopefully good news. First, we aren’t opposed to cross-faction grouping for dungeons, but it is something that will take a while to accomplish. However, what you are seeing may be a result of the back-end of our LFG tool not working as well as it should to put groups together. For update 5, this tool is getting an overhaul and should make it easier to form groups.

There is also a big reason to make sure this works for update five which is dungeon scaling and Undaunted Daily quests. Dungeons will now scale to the group leader’s level. Once you’ve reached the appropriate level for a dungeon, you can go back and play it at almost any level. Further, the Undaunted are issuing daily challenges with rewards commensurate to your level, including a decent amount of experience. So when you log on, you can get a quest that takes place in dungeons available to you.

Hopefully this will address some of the concerns about dungeon repeatability and LFG.

Although Sage doesn’t promise this will be in the update for sure, it would be a positive development from a gameplay perspective if it was. We’ll have to wait and see if there are more official announcements about it. It might be mentioned on the Elder Scrolls Live livestream, which is today at 4 PM EDT here.

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