• TESO Imperial Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Officially Announced Along with New Trailer TESO Imperial Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Officially Announced Along with New Trailerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVMNQozxqos
    Today Bethesda Softworks made it official. That snazzy “Imperial Edition” of The Elder Scrolls Online that you’ve been seeing pictures of is real, it costs $99.99, and you can pre-order it now for your platform of choice.
    Various retailers are already taking pre-orders for the standard and Imperial editions of the game,  and Bethesda also announced the opening of an online store where one can pre-order the digital versions of the standard and Imperial editions.
    According to Bethesda’s release, your hundred bucks gets you these extras in the “extremely limited” physical edition.

    Molag Bal Statue. A 12” statue featuring Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of ...

  • Amazon Leak Shows “Imperial Edition” of TESO With Playable Imperial Race Amazon Leak Shows
    God bless Amazon.com. Its tendency to jump the gun when posting product images is an unending source of interesting leaks. The latest seems to show a The Elder Scrolls Online special edition with some cool swag and some gameplay additions that might be even more sought after.
    As you can see for yourself by clicking on the above image, the “Imperial Edition” has a fancy box, a wicked foot-tall statue of Molag Bal, a map of Tamriel, and a 224-page guidebook. Cool stuff, but the digital content includes the chance to “play as an Imperial in any Alliance.” Imperials are not ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Won’t Need PlayStation Plus for PS4, Will Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One The Elder Scrolls Online Won't Need PlayStation Plus for PS4, Will Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox OneDo you plan to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4? Good news! On Xbox One? Uh-oh.
    A post on the PlayStation Blog revealed that PS4 players will not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play, as with other PS4 MMOs like DC Universe Online. On the Xbox side, though, Forbes has confirmed that Xbox One players will still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.
    The difference wasn’t completely unexpected. Xbox Live has historically hid more features away under the Gold subscription than PlayStation Network has restricted with Plus, even the popular Netflix app requires Gold. Gold can cost $59.99 a year or ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Voice Cast Announced The Elder Scrolls Online Voice Cast Announcedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na-Jun_uRFQ
    The Elder Scrolls Online team just announced the voice cast for the upcoming game, and they haven’t skimped on the star power.
    The cast list includes some big celebrity names whose faces you would recognize such as John Cleese (“Monty Python,” “A Fish Called Wanda”) and Kate Beckinsale (“Underworld”), as well as some voice actors whose voices you would recognize from prominent animation projects and other video games, like Jennifer Hale (“Mass Effect” series, “Tales of Symphonia,” you name it she’s probably in it).
    According to a post at elderscrollsonline.com:
    “John Cleese plays Sir Cadwell, the cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul who is ...
  • Reddit Users Spill on The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Reddit Users Spill on The Elder Scrolls Online Beta If you’re anticipating The Elder Scrolls Online, there’s a thread on Reddit you should probably check out. Beta users are talking about their experiences and impressions of the game.
    Does some of this break the beta’s NDA? Honestly, it’s so specific that I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t, and Reddit moderators have already removed some posts that went a little too far. But that doesn’t mean you can’t read it, if you don’t mind potentially being spoiled a bit. Just keep in mind that these are far from official sources and that elements in the beta might not reflect the final ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Sends New Round of Beta Invites The Elder Scrolls Online Sends New Round of Beta InvitesCheck your e-mail, and your spam folder, too, because The Elder Scrolls Online team just sent out a new round of beta invites.
    According to a post on elderscrollsonline.com, the new invites were recently sent out to registered e-mail addresses of those that signed up for the beta. The post warns that the invites might get caught by spam filters, especially in Gmail, which automatically sends them to the promotions tab.
    If you didn’t make it in, don’t lose hope. The site promises that more invites will be sent out as the beta continues.
    And if you haven’t signed up for the beta ...
  • $200 million? Rumor Swirling About The Elder Scrolls Online’s Budget $200 million? Rumor Swirling About The Elder Scrolls Online's BudgetThe Elder Scrolls Online kicked off the new year with a little controversy. Kotaku columnist Superannuation Tweeted that The Elder Scrolls Online has a $200 million budget, then quickly deleted it.
    If true, this would make The Elder Scrolls Online one of the top three most expensive games to develop ever, below the $265 million Grand Theft Auto V and roughly tied with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Of course, there’s no way to know if this is true unless Zenimax reveals the numbers, but that hasn’t stopped columnists, like Forbes contributor Paul Tassi, from taking the opportunity to declare the ...
  • More The Elder Scrolls Online PVP Questions Answered More The Elder Scrolls Online PVP Questions AnsweredThe Elder Scrolls Online’s lead PvP developer Brian Wheeler dropped a lot of juicy info at the Elitist Jerks forum recently, and today a new blog post at elderscrollsonline.com offers even more details about crushing your enemies in the game’s PvP content.
    The blog post answers questions from fans, including questions from fans at the German site ESO-Schatzsucher and the French site JeuxOnline. Not all of the info is new, but it adds to our developing picture of the complexities and mechanics of the PvP.
    The post reveals that there will be 50 PvP ranks with 25 titles and grades. A higher-ranking ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online PVP Designer Answers Questions During Q&A The Elder Scrolls Online PVP Designer Answers Questions During Q&AThis week Brian Wheeler, lead PvP designer for The Elder Scrolls Online, dropped into the Elitist Jerks forum to answer questions during a live Q&A.
    Wheeler took a number of questions from forum members about the PvP content and other elements of the game. Some highlights included:
    On how much the PvP will be based on skill:
    “Skill is a tricky thing to measure as when most people talk about skill in Elder Scrolls it’s referring to headshots with a bow, blocking, power attacks or dodging at the right time.  In Elder Scrolls Online we have many opportunities for players to show their ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Emperor’s Armor Revealed The Elder Scrolls Online Emperor's Armor RevealedIf you manage to claw your way to the position of Emperor in The Elder Scrolls Online, then you deserve some bling. The Elder Scrolls Online team has revealed concept art for the only-for-the-Emperor armor that will be your reward for conquest of your server. Start salivating now.

    Click to see the armor in all of its glory.
    This is how the team describes the armor:
    The one who sits on the Ruby Throne cuts an imposing figure, driving enemies to flee in fear and inspiring allies to even greater deeds of conquest. When the emperor strides onto the battlefield, everyone takes notice–and ...