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TESO Loyalty Rewards Start Next Month With High Hrothgar Wraith Pet

by on August 22, 2014

It’s fair to say that The Elder Scrolls Online has received mixed reaction from both the Elder Scrolls and MMORPG communities. People either love it, hate it, or think it’s just okay.

If you’re one of the people who liked it enough to pay to play it for three months, ZeniMax wants to say thank you, and will be rolling out loyalty rewards in September. One caveat is that the three months has to be paid game time. The free month included in your purchase and any other free time doesn’t count.

The first loyalty reward is a¬†High Hrothgar Wraith vanity pet. Okay, it’s not mindblowing, but at least it’s something, and ZeniMax says it will keep the loyalty reward coming. The next reward will be for six month or longer subscribers.

More about the loyalty program here.

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