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Zero Escape Trilogy Will Be Complete On PS4 This August

by Peter Paltridgeon May 17, 2017
Aksys Games’ Zero Escape Trilogy boasts one of the finest narratives in modern videogamedom. But perhaps you never played it because you prefer console to handheld. Good news on that front: Zero Time Dilemma, the third and final game in the trilogy, now has a Playstation 4 port in the works. It will be ready […]
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Inside The Zero Escape Watch Problem

by Peter Paltridgeon September 14, 2016
I know this is hard to believe, but Zero Time Dilemma is back in the news again. The game came out months ago, but there was one part of the release that took this long to process, and technically still isn’t resolved: the watch problem. For a limited time, a special edition of Zero Time […]

Zero Escape Trilogy To Be Available On Multiple Platforms Soon

by Peter Paltridgeon July 4, 2016
Last week the concluding entry in the Zero Escape trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma, was released on 3DS, PS Vita and PC (and you’re lucky I was able to tear myself away from playing it long enough to write this newspost). The release of Zero Time Dilemma marks the first time any Zero Escape game has […]
zero time dilemma

If You Ordered Zero Time Dilemma’s Limited Edition, I’m Sorry

by Peter Paltridgeon June 29, 2016
The final chapter in the Zero Escape trilogy is out! Now millions of fans can finally enjoy the story that was nearly denied to them….unless they purchased the Limited Edition of the game. Those who made that choice are still waiting. Like with the other two Limited Editions, the special version of Zero Time Dilemma […]

We Now Know When Zero Time Dilemma Comes To Steam

by Peter Paltridgeon May 30, 2016
The latest Nonary Game commences on dedicated game handhelds June 28. We knew that much. We also had the vague promise the game was coming to PC, but no concrete date. Now that’s changed: Chunsoft and Aksys told the website Polygon today that the PC version of Zero Time Dilemma would launch June 29, one […]
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Zero Time Dilemma’s Boxart Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon May 26, 2016
It’ll be about a month before the Zero Escape saga finally wraps up with the third title of the trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma. Now the last bits of prerelease info are coming forward….like what the box will look like. As you can see, we’ve got another M rating, not that we expected anything less. In […]

zero time dilemma

Zero Escape Creator Has No Idea Why His Series Is Popular

by Peter Paltridgeon March 22, 2016
The third game in the Zero Escape trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma, nearly wasn’t made due to poor reception to the second game in Japan. Once news broke that progress on a third game had been suspended, developer Chun Soft and American publisher Aksys Games were flooded with concerned comments and demands to save the remaining […]
zero time dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma: New Trailer And Release Date

by Peter Paltridgeon March 16, 2016
A lot of information regarding Zero Time Dilemma, the conclusion to the Zero Escape trilogy, has been released in the past week. The one thing we haven’t had is a release date, until today. Aksys Games announced Zero Time Dilemma would be out June 28, 2016. Aksys is the one publisher of Japanese titles that […]

Info About The Characters Of Zero Time Dilemma

by Peter Paltridgeon March 10, 2016
In addition to new screenshots, the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu has also provided bios for each of the nine players in the third and likely final Zero Escape game. Gematsu translated these bios and laid them out for us…. The story is set about one year after 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors in […]

Zero Time Dilemma Will Sport A New Art Style

by Peter Paltridgeon March 10, 2016
The first screenshots of Zero Time Dilemma, the third game in the Zero Escape series, have been released to the wild courtesy of Weekly Famitsu, as well as a bounty of additional information and an interview with director Kotaro Uchikoshi. The info was translated by Gematsu. Uchikoshi confirmed that Zero Time Dilemma takes place one […]