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Dragon Bones And Update 17 Coming To ESO This February

by Peter Paltridgeon January 5, 2018
What’s awaiting ESO players in Dragon Bones, the new DLC pack coming next month? Bones, probably, and dragons as well, but what else? The pack’s main attraction is the addition of two new dungeons, Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair. Inside you’ll find disease-ridden cultists who serve a Dragon Priest, an army of necromancers, and the […]
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New Fallout 4 Update Expands Codsworth’s Vocabulary

by Peter Paltridgeon July 5, 2016
Update 1.6 has arrived for Fallout 4. Among the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, this update increases the number of names your robot butler, Codsworth, can call you. Fallout 4 launched with over 1,000 possible names for Codsworth to say out loud (including several immature ones they knew people would try). With Update 1.6, […]

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Fallout 4 Updates To 1.5.4

by Peter Paltridgeon June 24, 2016
A new patch is now out for Fallout 4, and here’s what it does. A bug was discovered in the Contraptions expansion (released three days ago) where players were losing weapon and armor mods or Legendary status when removing them from the armor and weapon racks; upon applying the patch that shouldn’t happen any longer. […]

Latest Fallout 4 Update Overhauls Survival Mode

by Peter Paltridgeon April 20, 2016
Bethesda is about to issue Update 1.5 to Fallout 4. Part of the reason is to lay the groundwork for the game’s next DLC pack, but there are other changes on the way. The most anticipated part of this update is the rejiggered Survival Mode. Players have found it lacking in difficulty compared to past […]

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A New Fallout 4 Patch Is Coming

by Peter Paltridgeon February 23, 2016
Fallout 4 will be updated to version 1.4 shortly. Though this version has the usual amount of bug repairs and performance tweaks, its true purpose is to set the coding groundwork for the game’s upcoming DLC content, which has been expanded since it was originally announced. In fact, the season pass now costs $49.99 — […]
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Elder Scrolls Online 1.6.5 Update Out Now

by Shawn Hopkinson March 3, 2015
The Elder Scrolls Online entered a new era today, rolling out an update that will transform the game from a subscription-based service to a buy-to-play game. The 1.6.5 updates adds a new Justice system, a Champion system for high level character improvement, a cash shop and much, much more. It clears the way for ESO […]

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The Elder Scrolls Online Tests Another Patch Before It Goes Subscriptionless

by Shawn Hopkinson February 11, 2015
Before The Elder Scrolls Online drops its subscription requirement and becomes The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited March 17 on PC and June 9 on consoles, PC players are testing the new version of the game. The test, running on the games public testing server (PTS) was recently updated with a brand new version. Update […]

ESO Patch Kills Bambi

by Shawn Hopkinson January 13, 2015
Before the big 1.6 update adds the new Justice and Champion systems, Zenimax has pushed out one more minor update for The Elder Scrolls Online. This latest update focuses mostly on gameplay tweaks, but it also bizarrely eliminates deer and torchbugs from Cyrodiil. Yep, ZeniMax says this was done to reduce server strain. Deer must […]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patches Out Awkward Silences, Gender Confusion and Other Bugs

by Shawn Hopkinson December 10, 2014
Yesterday, BioWare released a patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition that was intended to fix one of the more annoying bugs in the game. When you get the bug instead of having a snappy conversation and moving on to their next line the other player says their line and looks soulfully into your eyes, waiting for […]
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ZeniMax Spruces Up ESO With New Patch

by Shawn Hopkinson November 25, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online has a new incremental patch out now. For such a big game, however, even an incremental patch is a monster. It shouldn’t, however, be a 12 GB monster. There was a bug that pushed it out in that large size. Instructions for dealing with that are here. The patch primarily fixes […]