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Fallout Fan Told To Destroy His Special Edition To Get Refund

by Peter Paltridgeon February 8, 2016
Bethesda recently came out with the Fallout 3 soundtrack on 4-disc vinyl, and superfan Paul Watson was first in line to get one. However, when the records finally arrived, Paul opened the box to find one of them was missing from the package. He called up the company to see if he could get a […]
randy savage

Snap Into This Fallout 4 Mod That Replaces Enemies With Randy Savage

by Peter Paltridgeon January 4, 2016
A while ago, a modder who calls himself “FancyPants” created a mod for Skyrim that would replace every dragon in the game with Macho Man Randy Savage. Recently, the man was playing through Fallout 4 and thought to himself that it was time to Randy-fy another game. When roaming through the commonwealth, I ponder many […]


New Skyrim Mod Adds Splatoon Gun

by Peter Paltridgeon August 26, 2015
Elements from Splatoon have been modded into various other games over the past few months, and now it’s Skyrim’s turn. A Japanese modder who goes by the name Higeyoshi has developed and released “Peryitoon,” a modification that adds the Splattershot gun from Splatoon to the weapons arsenal in Skyrim. It really works and it really […]

Fallout 3 Wazer Wifle Rap Will Get Stuck in Your Head

by Shawn Hopkinson January 6, 2015
Still no Fallout 4, sorry, but here’s a fun look back at Fallout 3. This catchy rap song is dedicated to one of Fallout 3’s most interesting weapons, the Wazer Wifle, and the person you get it from in Little Lamplight, a sad little boy with a speech impediment named Biwwy. The Wazer Wifle is […]


Never Fall in Love With a Mudcrab

by Shawn Hopkinson October 24, 2014
Seriously. You get mud in odd places, her parents will never really accept you and there’s that whole hassle of deciding what religion to raise the kids as. It’s just common sense. But common sense is no match for the power of love, so here’s the story of one proud Khajiit who was humbled by […]
Huge Pile of Junk

Hoarders: Buried Alive, Skyrim Edition

by Shawn Hopkinson October 10, 2014
This is what happens when your obsession to steal all the things gets way, way out of hand. According to this Reddit post a guy took every item in Solitude, leaving no piece of junk lying around. His plan was to take it all and stuff it in his house in Whiterun, but the game […]

Skyrim Stealth

Skyrim Player Demonstrates Ninja-Like Stealth

by Shawn Hopkinson October 9, 2014
Svekmestaz’s enemies will never see him sneak by. He’s an absolute master of Skyrim stealth mechanics, exploiting every last shadow and hiding place to move about unseen, as if a ghost. They may feel some welts on their heads the next day, though. Do you have funny Skyrim moments? Post about them on our forums.
Skyrim Long Fall

It’s a Long Drop From the Top for One Unlucky Khajiit

by Shawn Hopkinson October 7, 2014
Sasha Striker makes the mistake of messing with a Greybeard near High Hrothgar, and it’s all downhill from there. Boy is it ever. Sasha’s Khajiit, legs frozen, rolls pitifully down the mountain for more than a minute. Over and over, silently enduring a high fantasy recreation of the end of the Springfield Gorge scene from […]


Unnecessary Censorship Makes Skyrim Sound Much, Much Dirtier

by Shawn Hopkinson September 18, 2014
One of the funniest bits on late night TV has, for years, been Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Unnecessary Censorship. It’s a brilliantly juvenile concept. Simply censor certain words in video clips with bleeps and our brains, accustomed to hearing the bleep blot out bad words, will fill in the blanks with the most outrageous obscenities. Unnecessary […]
Deadly Dragons

When Skyrim Modding Goes Wrong: Too Many Dragons Edition

by Shawn Hopkinson September 12, 2014
We recently showed you what can happen when you overmod Fallout: New Vegas. The same thing can happen with Skyrim as well, as this video demonstrates. Ethan Ketell installed Deadly Dragons, Dragon Combat Overhaul, and ASIS on his copy of Skyrim, then found himself be swarmed by an entire armada of dragons. You can hear […]