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Fable Legends Will Be Free To Play

by Shawn Hopkinson February 27, 2015
Lionhead has announced that Fable Legends will be a free-to-play game. That’s not really hugely surprising if you look at the gameplay. The four vs. one multiplayer battle game looks a lot more like recent hits Dota 2 or League of Legends (hmmm, even the titles are similar) than a traditional narrative-drive Fable quest, so […]

More Australian Retailers Yanks ESO From Shelves

by Shawn Hopkinson January 14, 2015
In a move that will not quiet the rumors that Elder Scrolls Online is going free-to-play, another Australian retailer is reportedly pulling the game from its shelves. Following a similar decision from EB Games, Australian retailers JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman are also getting rid of its ESO stock, according to a report. This coupled […]

Rumor: Elder Scrolls Online Pulled From Retail Store in Australia

by Shawn Hopkinson January 9, 2015
Rumors that The Elder Scrolls Online will soon go free-to-play keep getting additional fuel. A report says a major Australian retailer is pulling it from its shelves entirely. EB Games says this move is part of a normal stock recall, but it’s pretty weird to pull an online game that’s still selling and functioning. Kotaku […]
The Elder Scrolls Online Emperor

Here’s a Strong Hint The Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Free-To-Play

by Shawn Hopkinson January 2, 2015
Is free-to-play the future of MMORPGs? After experiencing some free-to-play MMORPGs that get dangerously close to a “pay-to-win” model, I’m not so sure. But some people certainly think so. And The Elder Scrolls Online was heavily criticized by those people when it launched last year with a traditional subscription model instead of a free-to-play scheme. […]

Deep Down, Capcom's New F2P RPG

New Trailer for Deep Down, Capcom’s Gorgeous Free-to-Play Dungeon Crawler

by Shawn Hopkinson December 31, 2013
Capcom recently released a new prologue trailer and screenshots for its upcoming free-to-play PS4 dungeon crawler, Deep Down, showing the game off in all of its impressive shininess and stabbiness. The game has an offbeat sci-fi twist. Instead of dropping you straight into a medieval world, it takes place in New York in 2094, where […]