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chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger Would Translate Pretty Well To 3D

by Peter Paltridgeon November 26, 2015
Recreating some 16-bit games with modern graphics might result in something being lost in the translation. That’s not the case with Chrono Trigger, which adapts pretty well. This 3D model of the Millennial Fair from the beginning of the game feels and looks exactly the same, only in three dimensions. The Millennial Fair was recreated […]

Fallout Fans Make Own Vault for Post-Apocalyptic Birthday Party

by Shawn Hopkinson November 20, 2014
One Fallout fan was turning 30, so he poured himself a stiff drink and reflected on the end of his youth, right? No! He and his wife rebuilt their garage door into an elaborate recreation of a Vault-Tec Vault Door, christened their home Vault 30, and had a huge birthday/Halloween party for all of their […]

Ebony Armor

Is it Skyrim or is it Real?

by Shawn Hopkinson April 29, 2014
This is not an image from Skyrim. This is not, either. This is a real-life costume created by folkenstal. It’s made from craft foam and thermoplastics and paint instead of Ebony Ore, but it looks just as nice as the real thing. You can see folkenstal’s step by step process for making the armor here.
Skyrim Forge Picture

A Song for Smithing as Skyrim Burns

by Shawn Hopkinson January 24, 2014
For all of those who’ve felt the seductive call of the forge and the iron dagger, Redditor t4br1s recently uploaded an original song that might make you chuckle. “Anvilporn (The Skyrim Smithing Song)” is  a lighthearted look at the absurdity of spending hours at a forge upgrading your smithing skill while dragons tear through the […]